Feeling shirty. And how to shorten the skirts?

As requested, some more photos of the BB shirts.

# 1- 3 I chose to put on the white shirt, thinking the contrast would show you better how short it actually is...but the jeans are so dark I'm not sure it worked out as well as I had hoped. I would say there is WAY more than 3 inches between the bottom of the shirt tail and my..ahem...crotch. It's not wearable as a shirt untucked with pants.

Apologies for the wonky collar. I did not realize it was standing up in that mad way. I was moving quickly so as not to tax my photographer.

# 4- 7 I am wearing the striped version tucked into a skirt. It is the perfect length for that. Not a lot of excess fabric to bunch around. I love the way this one can be made into a little pretend "stand" collar. And the backs of the cuffs, and placket are in a soft blue ditsy floral pattern - so fun!

#8-9 Tucked into the boyfriends....not intended as an actual outfit, just to try tucking again. Honestly, it does not work. the final button of the shirt falls above the beltline. You can't really see it because of all the tag action, but there is exposed skin there in the front! SO...these shirts do not work for tucking into trousers, except maybe higher waist trousers. I do have one higher waist jean, but the BFs are hitched up here a bit, so with low -rise, it's a no go.

What do you think? Worth keeping, or should I keep trying? It feels awfully extravagant to me to think I might need separate tops for skirts and pants. Am I living on a strange planet? I mean, I don't have much space in my closet. Do others have separate button downs for skirts and trousers? Or do I just need the darn regular size vs. petite? The fact that the arms would be too long would be...well...my old normal.

Now: the skirts. I really love these and would like to keep them. I have tried them with tights and they will work with a slip. They are easy to dress up or down, a fun shape, they don't wrinkle (and I travel a lot) and they just feel "right" to me. The question is, how to shorten them.

1. Do I just clip off the hem? Is that safe, or will I lose the curve of the skirt? I need to take off about 2 inches to make the skirt the length you see it.

2. Do I have the alteration done at the waist?

3. Do I do as I have done here (and Denise suggested) and simply roll the waistband up? I've got two rolls here.

Thank you for your considered opinions and thoughts!


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K/R: The Shirts

You thought you were done with me, didn't you?

Alas, my poor friends. The K/R drama just goes on. And on. And ON!!

Sadly, here I don't really need to ask your advice, but I post these for possible educational value.

Up for discussion, 2 BB fitted shirts in petite.

And here is the problem.

They fit me in the arms. They fit me in the shoulders. They fit me in the waist (I am short-waisted).

But they are TOO SHORT.

They could be worn reasonably comfortably tucked into a skirt. And I would, in fact, SOMEtimes wear them that way. But I need more versatility in my shirts. Here I have put on my lowest hanging jeans (the BF) and the shirt threatens to untuck with every move.

I feel like Sveta. Ordinarily, that would be a GOOD thing. Sveta is one of my style icons!

But. Um. I am 5'4". Too short shirts is usually not my problem.

Sadly, these are going back, assuming they will take them back. I have to look at their returns policy.

The weird thing is, I tried one of these on in NYC in the spring and it seemed (then) to fit perfectly! I don't know what is up with that.

Ah well. PPP, right. PPP.


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K/R: The Bags

I think I am seriously striking out here.

The shoes are unlikely to be comfortable because of the lack of arch support (though I am still debating on those).

One VC top is too big, and the other one just doesn't feel like "me." - the pattern feels too strong for my colouring, though teal in itself is a good colour for me.

The VC skirts are the wrong length and the alteration I thought might be so easy could in fact spoil the line of the skirts: Krish points out that the curve would disappear if we just cut them off at the bottom - a very smart observation. And it is the curve that makes the skirt. I'm still undecided on these, however, because they could be shortened at the (elastic) waist.

Up for review now: two bags. In the coat pics, please imagine me with tights on, and gloves, and maybe a hat...not walking around as I am.

First up, the Elliott Lucca snake print bag. For winter, I have this coat and my grey puffer. I have mixed feelings about this one, but I have never had a bag like this, so I will be interested in your impressions.

The second is the Halogen mixed media tote. It is HUGE, far bigger than it appeared in pictures. And it really dwarfs me, I think. But it also tempts me. I don't have a tote. This one has a very clever design; you can fold the handles completely inside and collapse the bag down somewhat, or you can wear the handles on your shoulder. It's really more like a piece of luggage on me than a handbag. I can see how it might be very useful for travel, though. But I'm feeling ....confused.


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K/R: VC tops and skirts

Pardon me for prevailing on you all so much in the last few days with so many posts. But my stuff has arrived and I could really use your considered judgements and thoughts.

Up for review, two VC banded tops and two of the tube skirts.

#1-5 shows the black top and the lapis skirt. The top is in XS regular. The skirt is XS. It is a bit loose around the waist but I don't think this necessarily matters. My concern is the top; as several others have said, the bands do not lie flat.

Interestingly, my husband, who was so annoyed at the little bump in the portobello skirt, does not find the bump in this top a problem at all! But it bothers me, so I think it needs to go back.

However, what do you think of the style and cut for me? Okay, or not? If it comes back into stock in XS petite, I could perhaps try it.

And the skirt. Do you think it would be better shortened? It is an easy thing to do with a good pair of shears because it's not finished on the bottom. If shortened, to just below the knee (as I show) or a bit longer than that?

#6-9 show the banded top in XS petite. This fits better and the bands do not bump out. But what do you think of this colour/ pattern for me? I will reserve my thoughts until I hear yours.

The skirt again in ink blue. This time I am showing it with booties so you can see how that looks. I probably wouldn't wear this with bare legs and dark booties (I'd probably add tights to tone it with the booties) but I wanted to see and show the effect and get your impressions on what length would work best.

#10 shows this with my black jacket. One interesting thing I noticed as I played around the closet was that the black jacket was the ONLY one that I could see wearing with this striped top. I simply don't have another that would look good with it. Hmmm.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts. I really only want to keep stuff that I am going to love and that moves me forward. So please give your honest thoughts.

By the way, in terms of comfort factor, these are all 10s. Super easy, comfortable pieces to have on.


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WIW and K/R VC leopard pumps

Oh boy. The Nordstrom's order came. Lots to discuss with you lovely ladies and gentleman.

First, the easiest bit. WIW today, plus the VC leopard print pumps, an Angie pick.

For a pump, they are comfortable. I say "for a pump" because pumps usually refuse to stay on my feet. These have elastic so they DO, miraculously, stay on. The heel's a wedge, so no problem to me. In fact, I typically find wedge heels the most comfortable footwear for me, full stop. More comfortable than any flat, more comfortable than any heel. I wore these for about an hour this afternoon and found them good.

The only issue? I don't think it really shows in the pic, but basically, my arches rise over the top of the shoe on the side. I mean there is no arch support for my foot. Does that matter? Maybe not. But esp, on one foot, it looks a bit odd.

I don't know if I could put an insert in there...it would probably show. What do other people do about this? I am sort of pump challenged since they typically do not fit me.

A side note: I LOVE my Kut from the Kloth white skinnies. In fact, one reason I was considering dyeing them is I find them so comfy and I know I would wear a coloured pair more often. Does anyone know if the other versions (other than the white, I mean) fit the same? Perhaps that is a separate thread.


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Taupe Breaking News: Celia Sends Silk! (and some questions)

I have been laughing myself silly over the ridiculous puns we have all been making, and couldn't resist yet another.

Just when I thought my wardrobe couldn't be tauped, the sweet, generous, and thoughtful Celia sent me a package. Inside, this beautiful taupe silk top from Cassis.

Thank you, Celia!! This is a really beautiful top, in a style that I didn't previously own, from a store that I am so sad to have lost! Cassis had the BEST things, and when they still existed my budget was such that I never could buy from them. So I am triply thrilled to have this piece.

Here it is; on the front it looks like a stain but it just shadows there for reasons unknown.

As you can see, it is longer in back than in front. The back view shows why I find tunics tough to wear. They shorten my already short legs. Would this work better with darker jeans not cuffed, do you think, or is it just too long for me, period?

I am also showing it with my Halogen seamed skirt, and here I have another question: Which booties work better? Could I wear the black ones sans hose as long as I am wearing my glasses (or add a scarf with some black up top?) Would the blonde ones work better when I am not wearing my specs? If I wear the black ones with hose, I assume I would need to bookend with something up top, correct?

ETA: while I don't love the back view, isn't it interesting the way my hair actually matches the shirt?


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WIW for Angie: TipTaupe!

Angie suggests, I follow.

Here is the taupe linen sweatshirt paired with the leopard print scarf and white skinnies. I risked Angie's displeasure to roll them up boyfriend style, because it's such a beautiful sunny day here, and because it is easier to wear them that way with the Reports.

Thank you, Angie! This feels like a perfect transition-into-autumn look! (Though I must admit I will be switching the white jeans for darker ones when I go walking with my friend and her big, slobbery, Newfoundland dog!)


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On Taupic (plus shrunken fuchsia jacket)

You met my new taupe sweatshirt and skirt combo yesterday.

Now, in Chapter 2 of the Taupe Tales, I show you how well taupe plays with every colour in my wardrobe and why it will help me form a great trip capsule.

By the way, in my last thread, a few people mentioned that they were surprised to learn that blondes can wear taupe. I'm not sure all blondes can. I happen to have a lot of charcoal and greyish brown in my hair, as Angie recently pointed out. And my skin tone is very cool. Right now I have a bit of a tan so I look more neutral, but this colour, like charcoal grey, works just as well in winter when I am more pale. And as you will see, in choosing blue and taupe for my neutrals, I'm just following Angie's advice to repeat my colouring in my outfits: http://youlookfab.com/2012/08/.....r-outfits/

DUH. Why didn't I think of it before??

Please note: these are not styled outfits. I just threw things on to show the way this colour invigorates my whole existing closet and opens up a wealth of possibilities, drawing together all that sometimes seemed mixed up and incoherent to me in the past.

#1 and #2 Taupe skirt with new consigned sheer leopard print tank and new sweatshirt

#3 with one of my denim jackets

#4 with a navy jacket

#5 with a black jacket

#6 my consigned taupe glen plaid jacket over my smoke blue grey jersey cowl neck dress. I probably wouldn't wear the tank with the jacket IRL, looking at the pics...but I would fill in the neckline some other way, with another top. Otherwise it is not flattering to me. And the tank looks great with the dress on its own, or with my white denim jacket.

#7 Taupe and teal. The shirt doesn't really pull like that IRL. I did up one too many buttons and was all sweaty from so many quick changes, so it looks much tighter than it actually is.

#8 making it a "suit."

#9 Trying a tuck. I would never wear it like this IRL but I wanted to see what it might look like. Just an experiment.

#10 with ink blue and the $20 shrunken fuchsia knit jacket from H&M. This is also for my trip capsule. Won't wrinkle, works with jeans, is easy to wear.

#11 with MaryK's scarf of wonder.

As Mary's scarf suggests, I could have shown you dozens more possibilities. Taupe with charcoal. Taupe with burgundy and cranberry reds (delicious). Taupe with rose and orchid. Taupe with white (gorgeous). Honestly - this neutral works with every colour in my closet and magically unifies them.

Thanks for looking, and thanks for helping me celebrate my newfound love!


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Introducing the TAUPE capsule: Round One, Debombshelling the Pencil

So. Assuming I can find a way to make the portobello pencil skirt work, either by exchange, alteration, steaming, or simple acceptance, let me show you why I am SO galvanized by this whole "taupe" as neutral 2 epiphany.

I actually have a few posts to make but will spread them out over a few days so as not to bore the pants off you all.

For now, here is the skirt with another new purchase: a taupe linen "sweatshirt" from H&M. This is my first H&M purchase ever. Normally I go in there and feel overwhelmed, discouraged by the poor quality, and lost. But on this most recent occasion, I knew what I was looking for, and armed with my list I felt much happier. I wasn't after a sweatshirt in particular, but I was after a loose drapey top of some kind, in taupe. And voila! It's almost a perfect match for the skirt.

The sweater needs a steam, and I have just thrown on (not arranged) the scarf (my photographer was losing patience), but I think you get the idea.

How have I done, proportion wise? Does it work?

Happiness factor: HUGE. In this loose on top, slim on bottom silhouette I feel "myself," the way I feel in a good tailored jacket, which is sort of ironic, but there you go. It is what it is, right? I seem to have two loves -- waist defining, and waist surrendering.

By the way, I was very amused when my daughter noticed and pointed out that the sheer top underneath the sweater and the scarf are both leopard print. It seems my insidious fashion education is working on my fashion-despising girl!


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What Shevia Sent: Rag and Bone top

I apologize for taking up the forum today with so many posts. But this arrived in the mail all the way from Israel today and I just had to show you.

Shevia found this lovely Rag and Bone top at her consigners and picked it up. When she saw my musings on my aspirational style a few weeks ago, she thought of me, and offered to send it.

So here it is. Lovely light cotton with satin collar, placket, and cuffs. It fits like a dream.

It is not pressed or styled yet; I just wanted to show you all!

I would probably wear it with my BFs and other jeans, with my black crepe jacket, with my black pencil skirt or my new cobalt one (if that works out) and my black booties. Other styling suggestions welcome!

Shevia, here's an added bonus. The little picture that I am standing in front of is actually from Israel! My husband brought it back on one of his trips. We have quite a bit of art from there, actually.


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