WIW: white is the new black and salvaging my shopping mistakes

As Jackie so elegantly illustrates, white really IS the new black. At least for blondes. 

Today I am trying to salvage another of my NAS shopping mistakes. Yes, I confess. Not only did I cut those tags too early on the Kenneth Cole drapey sweater (now worn to perfection by LisaP) but I also got a bit too enthusiastic about this overly drapey Pleione mixed media top. 

I'd been eyeing it on forum members for years in various colours. I really, really loved the idea of a drapey, soft, knit shirt for transitional weather work-at-home days. I loved the colour. And it was to replace a less-fab (but also less voluminous) version that I wore the heck out of last year. So, ignoring Angie's gentle advice and my own better judgement, I pulled the trigger. 

 And...reader....I bought TWO of these!! 

Only to realize that all this volume really is too much for me. 

I gave the white version to my daughter. She can wear it. Phew!! 

But the magenta one I am keeping for its colour and trying my best to salvage. I'll never look as great as N-Marie does in hers, but semi-tucking and layering over a white jacquard knit shell does help a bit. 


K/R BR zip detail sweater

I decided that the Kenneth Cole sweater was too drapey in the front for me, which is why I passed it along to LisaP (who wears it to perfection). 

But now I need (or at least want) a grey cardigan type sweater for my work-at-home days. 

I wanted to try the Angie pick long cardigan (#2) but it sold out in my size before I got a chance. They might get more in, however. Then again, it might be too long for short me, anyway. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Suz had a huge discount coupon thing at BR and so I ordered the zip detail open sweater. (Find #1). 

It has a high low hem, so the back covers my rear. The zips on the side can be adjusted wherever you want  -- all the way for a sort of cape-like look, or just partially. 

To be honest, I'm not sure what I think of it. Here it is, styled in a couple of ways. I discovered that if you open up the zips you can wrap and semi-tuck the front for a different look. 

Please forgive bedhead and the darkness. I tried to lighten the pictures a bit. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. 


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WIW: Shirt, shell top & bottoms

I feel like Huckleberry Finn. Or maybe a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. (I AM an Urban Prince, after all.) 

Taking my inspiration from Angie's ensemble, I am off to the dentist. It's our last warm day, so I am wearing the cage sandals! 

Shirt: Hinge doublefaced. Defying the "Jenna roll" because it does not work on this shirt. Too bad, Jenn. 

Cable knit vest: From depths of donation bag, like Joy's. Winners. 

Jeans: GAP Original fit selvedge. Rescued from daughter's donate bag. On me they are like slim BF jeans. I didn't have a super dark wash pair. Score! (And for free, too!) 

Belt: MK

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Bag: Danier. 

Jacket (don't actually need it now, but just in case) -- Elie Tahari. 

Teeth: Kingstown Dental Clinic. 

I have to run but will be back later. :)


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WIW: Denim skirt for transitional weather

I couldn't help myself. One look at that quilted J. Crew denim skirt and I was a goner...despite my vow to Sveta and Angie that I wouldn't buy any more skirts because I just don't wear them. 

What can I say? It went on final sale. 

After some hemming and hawing I bought my regular size. It's quite body con in the hips but still a bit loose in the waist so I pull it down a bit closer to my hips. Super stretchy, and I'll "de-bombshell" anyway with my tops. 

We are having unbelievable weather for this time of year. Still very warm during the day. So my first outfit is what I'm wearing around the house and if I have to pop out while it is still sunny. October 2 and I am still wearing sandals. Wow! 

The second version is what I will wear tonight. My daughter made the honour roll at her school and there will be a small ceremony early this evening. The nights really cool down, so I will trade my sandals for booties, add a merino cardigan (it is navy, not black, as are the booties) and a scarf for extra warmth. Presto chango. :)

This outfit feels very "me." I guess I need to admit it. I'm a modern classic, through and through. 

Skirt: J. Crew
Cardigan: J. Crew (this is my replacement for the sweater I sent to LisaP. For me, its straight lines are more "me." 
Cream silk shell: Ann Taylor
Booties: Zara
Scarf: Old Navy
Belt: consignment


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