WIW: Spring into summer

These are all outfits I wore in my first week home from Banff, as our weather gradually switched from very cool spring to summer. You've seen some before -- sorry for repeats. Just keeping track for myself. 

You'll notice I have borrowed Mo's trick of wearing the same item different ways a couple of days in a row. 

#1 Work at home on a cool day:.

#2/3: Out for supper with Mr. Suz.

#4: Saturday at home: .

#5: Sunday at home.

#6: To a friend's book launch.

#7: To meet with Mona.

#8: Cool rainy day:.

#9: To meet the teacher.

#10: To get a hair cut:.

#11/12: To the garden party.

Thanks for looking! Mostly just trying to keep myself accountable. What I note: tons of white (YLF influence!!), emphasis on comfort, and super happy to be wearing my VC tube skirts again. They are a spring/ summer/ early fall staple for me. 


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Sporty Luxe

The outfit was already planned, I swear! This is actually a "trial run" pic from when I unpacked the sweater. I fixed the grinning with my cami. I am in meetings with colleagues today. This is taking "business casual" to new lengths. But when your business is fitness, it makes sense. :)


The Garden Party: a drama in 4 acts, and a YLF tradition

If you haven't checked out Amiable's challenge to Neel -- and Neel's amazing response, please do it now! A YLF experience to go down in history! 

Neel's fashion transformation will blow you away. And her personal transformation was even deeper. 

In that thread, Neel kindly said she would like to hear about my fashion journey.  Just by chance, this request came on the day of an annual garden party that I attend -- for which I have taken photos during all four years of my involvement on this forum. So, I am able to provide some real pictographic evidence of my style evolution. 

Most of you already know this, so at the risk of boring you:  I lost a substantial amount of weight just before joining YLF. And once the weight was gone, I realized that I knew nothing about fashion or how to dress my new shape. YLF was my entry point for information and inspiration. And I got that information and inspiration in abundance. But I stayed for the community (that's all of you!) and for Angie's incredible example of all-round brilliance, beauty, and grace. 

Neel, I was a much slower learner than you, as you will see here. It has taken me a long time to develop a sense of my own style. Partly it was ignorance; partly it was a lack of funds to buy many things for a long time. Yet, even so, I do see a development. 

The occasion: A "Bergman Brunch" -- strawberries and wine (with other food) on the lawn of my husband's colleague. We are asked to dress in whites if possible. Here's last year's thread.  The photos are the same (just updated) but there are interesting comments about style evolution there for those interested. 

Photo 1: Taken just after I joined YLF.  Happiness factor: Mid-range. Felt a bit awkward.
Photo 2: One year on YLF. I had cut my hair, embraced white jeans, and found fuchsia and blues. But I didn't have a clothing budget so most of what I owned came from consignment, thrift, etc. Happiness factor: Mid-range. 
Photo 3: Last year -- J. Crew Tee, Mexx shorts, Ralph Lauren tote. I was really happy with this outfit except for the footwear (Clarks -- shoes were a poor fit for my foot and too clunky).  
Photos 4 and 5: Today's outfit. J. Crew linen pants and tee, denim jacket from The Bay, Sam Edelman sandals. Necklace a gift from my sister in law. Happiness factor: Sky high. 

Looking at the photos, I definitely feel that each year has brought me closer to my true style. I have simplified, streamlined, and figured out the silhouettes that work best for me. 

:) :) :)

Thanks, YLF, for patiently teaching me! Thank you, Angie!!  


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Casual linen from J. Crew: Tags are off

So, just when I was in the midst of worrying about what tops to wear, I got an order from J. Crew. I had a gift card, there was a sale, and I dove in. 

Sadly, I ordered fewer tops than I might have, had I known the Zara ones wouldn't work out. But I did get a few nice items and found a way to put together the casual linen with sandals ensemble. This one isn't a neutral look, but I can reproduce that from other pieces in the closet (and on their way to me, LOL.) 

First, the linen V neck sweater in garment dye. Love it! I don't usually wear Vs...and it's pretty obvious I can't wear this one without something underneath it...but that is okay. It won't work in high summer here, but it will work for most of June, September, and on cooler evenings through the season. 

I also got some linen drawstring pants. Mine are not petite; that was the only pair left I think when I added them to my "Finds." They're rolled here. Almost full length on me with a little cuff when let down -- I may have to experiment with length. Do they seem okay in these pics? 

The last sweater is a gorgeous Collection cashmere. Too warm for now, but I could not resist it at the price and know it will be great for later. I don't usually like to buy "between seasons" as it were, but this one seemed too great to let go. 

Thanks for looking! 


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Mental block: In need of top suggestions

Ah, yes. That time of year again. I need to replace/ upgrade some summer tops. I've just done an edit and the closet is looking a little sparse. I made an order from Zara, but most of what I ordered is going straight back. So now I am faced with a dilemma. 

I looked into my closet yesterday and felt: I have nothing current. Nothing to wear. 

Now, that is a silly lie. Of course I have some current things!!  

But, I do seem to be lacking in current-feeling tops that I can wear with my jeans (either BF or skinny) or with my tube skirts. 

(I might also be lacking in a suitable topper for wearing with my BF jeans in intermediate temperatures when my wool jackets begin to feel too warm. Angie, suggestions for styles?) 

I think what I'm missing (perhaps?) is some drapey tee shirts (or similar) for my very casual life. But other styles could also work. I feel like I want to shake up the silhouettes a bit, do something different. 

What I have:

  • Several linen tees from J. Crew with boatneck and 3/4 sleeve. 
  • A short sleeved patterned linen tee from J. Crew
  • Half a dozen button up shirts (some of these are boxy or silky/ drapey, and some are more fitted.) 
  • A few sleeveless "tent" or trapeze-like tops for high summer -- it's still too cool for me to wear these. 

Anyone have suggestions?  I seem to have a mental block about what kinds of tops would update my look. 

Note that one reason I haven't found tees is that I need some structure in the neckline -- a lot of the flowing drapey ones have necklines that are far too loose and unstructured for me. I can wear a boatneck but don't look good in a low scoop or a low V. 

Bonus points for items that are available online in Canada. 

(Examples of some of the things I have in Finds.)


K/R Zara shorts & tops

Up for review, a few summer possibles from Zara. 

First, this is not a K/R but a keep -- the combined silk top in navy. I like this so much I am tempted to order it in the magenta also. 

I tried the turquoise all silk one also, but that is going back. The colour is stunning but the armholes are too deep and it feels more flimsy. 

Next (pics 3-5) we have an asymmetrical tee. The cut is similar to the sweater in Angie's blog post this week. I like it, but I do wonder if it doesn't look too "bumpy" across the tummy with jeans. Also, it shows a bit of skin on the long slit side. Not sure how I feel about that. 

Also deliberating about the paint splash print high-low shirt. (6-7) It's poly, but loose and swingy, so probably okay from that POV. The colour is more yellowish than I usually skew, but I quite like the pattern. 

Then, the sarong shorts that Janet bought. They are navy. The smalls are somewhat loose on me and hit at my hip, not waist. I like them but wonder if they overwhelm. Or if they simply duplicate the silhouette of the tube skirt (at least when standing straight, LOL.) Holding up my top in the last pic so you can see where they hit. Are they too long at this length? I am unsure. 

Would love thoughts. 


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WIW: Pink and Olive, at last

Well, it only took me four months to come up with a version. :) 

In truth, I own almost nothing olive. I do have a pair of the GAP broken in straight khakis from last year...but in February it was too way too cold to wear those here. Plus, I don't really like them on me. (Perhaps I will seek styling assistance before finally passing them along.) 

But, lo and behold, we have a genuinely warm day here. Not only that, but my daughter has outgrown her GAP boyfriend shorts from last year. I spied an opportunity. 

Shorts and belt: GAP
Shoes: Angie pick from last year, Reiker
Linen boatneck Tee: J. Crew

In the interests of keeping it real, also shown with my double-plus-uncool walking shoes. They are betwixt and between, not Normcore enough to be trendy. But they have arch support for my feet that otherwise detest flats and I can walk in them with my fussy, hike-brutalized feet. Too much hiking on steep hills in Banff hacked up my toes....tough problem to have, I know. ;) 


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