Giving Angie the Gears

Or rather, the Gear Award for 2018. 

What? You're scratching your head about now. But Angie doesn't like gear! She only wears it when necessary! 

Still, she managed to lead me to my best-fitting, most practical, and most comfy gear shoes since -- well, I don't know, maybe forever? 

I got the Goretex version so I can run in the woods nearby in rainy Vancouver, but I also wore them on hikes in the Grand Canyon this fall. They are an excellent shoe, in my opinion -- lightweight, grippy, easy on/ easy off. (Note, the photo seems to indicate wide width -- mine are not, but perhaps they also come in wide? Worth a look for those who need that.) 

No photo of them on my feet, alas. They look like...gear. 


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