BR jeans, BR flannel shirt, new merino sweater.

Hi, all! As I contemplate yet another rainy day, I decide not to wear my Paige bootcuts; even though they are the new full length, not floor sweeping, they still would get wet! So here I have some ankle straights by BR up for review. 

The question: Are they okay, or do they just look like flood pants?. I mean, it's true, I need flood pants. But, you know...

TBH, I don't think a straight silhouette works as well on me as a tapered one. But I want to try. I've been canvassing lots of different jeans and have been on an order and return cycle all fall. More on that in another post when I get a chance. 

My review of these: nice "denim-y" denim, not too much stretch. Felt snug when I first put them on in my normal size but seem to be adjusting (tags still on, just in case). True ankle length on me (I got the short ankle). High but not too high rise -- to my bellybutton (so probably about 10.5 inches). A slim straight style.

Meanwhile, I also got the lovely flannel shirt that Angie modelled in a berry shade. That colour is not available in Canada, so I went for the white, which I really like. It's a lovely, soft shirt with nice details like a placket to hide the buttons and a deep cuff. 

The sweater is part of my ongoing merino search. The Bay still had a couple of old Lord and Taylor things hanging around, so I picked up two for a mere $22 each. This leopard print V-neck has already become a workhorse. I love a patterned sweater! 

Worn also with the new Bloomie's cardigan. 

Thanks for looking and for your thoughts! 


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A few updates and a tale of 4 grey cardigans

Hi, all --

Life continues busy busy busy with three days of on-campus work (and all kinds of prep and grading and meetings from home). But I've continued to shop for replacements for worn-out essentials. A few reviews and observations: 

As some will remember, I've been on the hunt for simple merino sweaters, particularly in navy and grey. I ordered from (and returned) items from Marks & Spencer and Club Monaco (via the Bay), and considered but ruled out a few more. 

Met with success at last when J. Crew restocked some of their Margot crewnecks. This sweater is like the Tippi of yore, except long sleeved and a little more fluid in fit. I already own two (in true red and a paisley print) so I purchased two more in navy and "frosty berry" (shown) which IRL is more or less my lip colour and is a colour I'm always happy to add to my closet. 

 The grey looks too warm in tone, so I didn't bother with that and am still on the hunt for a grey crewneck merino. But will live without it just fine. 

On my feet, Ecco's Modtray Chelsea boot. I was in need of a waterproof easy-on/ easy-off boot for suburban winter walks that might involve the odd patch on the trails. A lot of the lug-soled boots I canvassed were simply too chunky for my frame and for my needs— more fashion boot than actual walking boot. I tried Blundstone's, which I love, but as usual, the fit was off for me. (I own and love the women's heeled boot, which works great, and I've worn the chisel toe successfully in the past-- but neither of those has a rugged enough sole for this purpose, and the Blundstone styles that do have the right sole just don't fit my foot.) Anyway—black is a bit boring, but that's okay -- it's also undemanding. Very comfortable, a bit higher shaft than some, room for an insole (for me), very easy on and off. An excellent boot if you have similar needs and feet! 

Finally, a tale of 4 sweaters. As many of you know, a grey duster cardigan is pretty much essential to my style. I'd worn through a couple over the past four years. I wanted to upgrade to a more luxe version than my old, pilled up BR duster (pic 7), and tried Club Monaco's cashmere cardigan (Finds), but it was both ridiculously thin and ridiculously large on me and shorter than I wanted. Then I found (on sale) an exact replica of one I'd worn through a few years ago (pic 8). But I wasn't thrilled because I knew it would pill quickly, too, and the fabrication did not give me joy. Anyway, before I cut the tags, Mr. Suz suggested one on sale at Bloomingdale's in cashmere, so I ordered that one to try, as well. The Bloomie's sweater is the winner (pics 4-6) -- I have returned the other one. 

If you are in the market, I'd recommend the Bloomingdale's cashmere. The quality feels quite good, although I can't vouch for whether it will pill easily, of course. This particular sweater has a raglan sleeve (making it easy to layer) and a nice rolled cuff. Deep slits in sides and pockets, and not too long for short me. 

I can't wear cashmere as a pullover in my current climate -- I find it too hot, and it makes me itchy with the humidity out here. (Hence my search for merino pullovers, which I do find wearable here.) But I can and do wear cashmere as a cardigan and I adore the luxe feel of it. 

No high fashion here, just a regular work from home day! 


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Returns updates: Good customer service at Kit & Ace

Hi, all -- I've been scarce here due to heavier than usual workload. But I wanted to update you on a nice returns moment. 

Remember the Kit & Ace returns I needed to make? One was final sale. I knew I had no recourse, but decided to take it with me for in-store returns, just in case I could wheedle an exchange. Ooops! The store is GONE. No more Victoria Kit & Ace. 

I had a bit of a hassle organizing a mail return, as their website returns process was broken. But I reached out and got a label and sealed the package -- only to remember that the final sale trousers were still inside! Oh well, I figured. At least they'd be able to resell them. 

To my immense surprise, they returned my money for the regular priced items and sent a gift card for those trousers! Must have been someone's kind deed for the day.