All things old, nothing new: easy tube skirt outfit

Nothing's new here, everything's old, and that's ok with me. 

Not the best photo but best I could get. I am on a short trip to the mainland for the first time since October!! Yippee! But the weather is hot and dressing needs to be easy. 

Earrings: Nickel and Suede 
Top: Zara
Skirt: One of the famous tube skirts
Sandals: Sorel, the newest thing here at a year old (and barely worn due to pandemic.) 


WIW: Date Night!

Mr. Suz got his second shot! To celebrate, we went out for dinner for the first time in about a year. BC is slowly reopening. Yippee!

It felt amazing to put on REAL CLOTHES for a change and to be out in the world!! Social distancing and masking remain in effect because it will be some weeks before most of us are double vaxxed. The rollout feels slow compared to elsewhere,  but on the positive side, it is very organized, everyone is super kind, and uptake across the province is extremely high. 

Nothing new and nothing fancy here, but I did get a compliment from a complete stranger on the dress. :) 

Said dress is several years old from NAS (waving to Angie, my dress twin). 
The jacket is a consignment find from Paul Smith -- I love it so much. 
Bag is Rebecca Minkoff, aged to a fine patina, LOL. 
Shoes are Earth or some comfort brand. They went the distance; I walked a ways in them. 
Earrings are from Comrags, by a Coast Salish artist, and part of the proceeds benefit an Indigenous resurgence fund. 

I got my hair cut last week. This is my second cut with this stylist. He went shorter this time and more textured. With the right product I can get it to stand up in some fun ways. I think it will be good for summer. 

Bonus shots of Victoria Harbour, which was beautiful and quiet tonight. 


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