Soft edge silver and grey

I've been enjoying Lana's posts so much and taking inspiration from her colour scheme (or maybe I should say her neutrals) since like me, she wears a lot of grey, blue, silver, white in various combinations. And I realized that I snapped a pic of my own "softer edged" version of her "grit and minimal glamour" look the other day. 

Nothing out of the ordinary for me and nothing new but I was so excited to wear white sneakers on a rare sunny day (last Saturday). As ever, sorry about the light. My bag's not in the photo but I did carry it. Scarf  and mask not in Finds. 

Sidenote -- in version 2 I am wearing 3 patterns! 


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Black & Light Blue

As I wrote in the blog, it should come as no surprise that I got through the 90s mostly wearing this combo. But I also happened to wear it the other day -- or a version of it, at least, spiked with red rather than white, which is my other favourite way to wear it. This was the last official day of masking for a while in my district, although I will continue to wear one while classroom teaching and on transit, etc. for a while. 

Sorry for the poor light -- it is what it is. 


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White shirt

There's nothing new here at all but I am trying to post an outfit once in a while just for the joy of getting dressed again in real clothes! 

Here I am layering a button front white shirt and braving yesterday's PNW atmospheric river to dine at the Legislature. Yes! Who knew you could do that? Not me. My reporter friend from out of town had to reveal this well-kept secret. 

This shirt is of the soft rather than crisp variety. (I like both). This one doesn't need ironing but is all cotton, which is a treat if you are travelling. 

I love white with my silver hair and love patterns with white in them. In fact, I've stopped buying any pattern that does not include a bit of white or very pale grey or blue or silver. One reason this scarf works well for me is the white. 

I got my hair cut last week and am back to classic pixie while I consider next steps. That meant shorter back and around the ears and even a shorter fringe while we aim for a bit more length on top over time. 


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