(Highly modified) shorts suit

Before the trend was even a whisper, way back in 2019, I had some fun playing with versions of this look. For "shorts" I used my knee length sarong shorts, which look like a skirt from the front. For jacket, I wore my thrifted Paul Smith linen blazer, a much beloved summer item. 

The day I wore this outfit I also tried on (in various stores -- I do not own jacket 2 and 3) what were then the new longer jackets so you can see how it looked with those. The proportions are not great for me and would have been even harder to manage with a completely flat shoe -- these sandals have a 2 inch heel. Even so, I didn't mind either look. 

I will definitely wear the first version again this year. 


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Blazer with tulle skirt

I was inspired by Angie's tulle skirt/ blazer looks to try a couple of my own. Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate my child's successful semester (and year) -- straight As! 

When I got the tulle skirt in the fall, I thought of casualizing it with with denim jacket, graphic tee and sneakers (no photo, but I wore it this way in the early fall, and here's a version with stompy boots that I also wore, pic 5) and semi-casualizing it with a knit military jacket, sequin cami, and booties (wore it this way, too, pic 4.) 

Tried it today with 2 blazers -- shocking pink J. Crew and red Hobbs. 

There is hot pink in the plaid but it works well enough with red, I think. I ended up wearing the red jacket version with the stompy boots (pic 1)  because rain was in the forecast and it was cooling down a bit when we headed out. Plus I think the proportion of the shorter jacket is a bit easier to work with. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Angie! I'm going to try it with other blazers, too!! 

Edited to add -- my dressed up version also included a blazer -- I'd forgotten! I did take the jacket off for most of the evening but the photo shows it. 


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...and autumn tones in spring

A friend of mine gifted me this merino dress the other day. She is trying to make room in her closet for a new partner's belongings and had a duplicate of this item in another colour that worked much better on her. It wasn't until I tried it on that I realized it is essentially an upscale sweatshirt dress -- and I had been wanting to get in on that trend -- just had not found my perfect dress!  Win-win!  I prefer midi lengths, but for work-from home this might be better, in fact. And with toned-in tights, I think it works. 

It's from a company called Ibex. They don't seem to make dresses any more but I see some on Poshmark. 

I don't wear earth tones but I do wear burgundy and cranberry a lot in the fall, so here I am in autumn colours my way, in spring. Got compliments on this outfit right out of the gate. 

Showing it as is, with a scarf, and with my cranberry cardigan and bag. We are having a gorgeous day so I was able to go out without an additional topper! 


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