Fragments of Fall, indeed

I had to laugh at myself, getting ready for this event yesterday. It was something between a "gallery opening" and a lecture, held in our country's oldest synagogue. (Friends were part of the study group that responded to a rabbi's lecture series with works of art in different genres/ forms.) But, ahem, I didn't exactly show April's New York sophistication and aplomb and drop dead killer style.

Sigh. Instead I reverted to blue and white type, which made me think of Kkard's recent post about how consistent her style has been over the years. I guess I am similar in that way. I felt similarly preppy yesterday, too, and wondered at how that translates into this west coast setting. 

But honestly, it was hard to know what to wear. I knew the event was not going to be dressy. (Nor was it -- the rabbi was in jeans and tee.) The temperature was still summer hot (daytime exhibition and no AC). I tried on and discarded a bunch of options before deciding just to be comfortable and neat and not worry too much about it. 

So here's what I wore, my "fragment of fall" being the transitional shoe, the loafer that I kept from the NAS. And the sweater thrown over my shoulder (and then stuffed in my bag, unneeded.) 

Loafers are always a near impossibility for me. And I only walked about six blocks and stood for a while. But so far, they pass the test!! Mind you, I did not wear socks. If I tried to walk further, I'd have blisters, for sure (and yes, I did use bodyglide). And if I wear socks, they will likely flip flop off my feet. But for this occasion, they worked and felt like a fun update of my usual jeans and shirt. 

I really like these super baggy Old Navy crops. They are fun to wear. Baggier on me than on the model in my regular size. 

Jeans: ON, this year.
Shirt: J. Crew from....I dunno, maybe 2012? 
Sweater: Diane von Furstenburg, consignment
Loafers: Franco Sarto from this year's NAS


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