WIW (and outfit lab): Vince dress!

So, we had warmer than usual weather today and I decided to wear the Vince dress to work. I teach, and walk about 2 miles to get to the site, and then walk back. . 

Guess what? It was very comfortable and pleasant to wear this way with tights or skinnies, a cashmere cardigan, and scarf. (And a puffer for outside, obviously!) Who knew? 

But comfort is one thing. Flattery's another. I did not feel flattered. I'm not even sure it was JFE. 

For whatever reason I do not feel that tunics look good on me. At all. I keep trying and trying them and then dismiss. Is it because my legs and especially my calves are relatively short? Because my rise is long? Because my legs overall are relatively muscular in comparison to my overall frame? I don't know. All I know is that ordinary tunics never, ever feel flattering. The only kind of tunics I can wear are asymmetrical -- and those, magically and mysteriously, do seem to work, proportionately. Oh-- and sometimes -- a trapeze style sleeveless with a short skirt and flats can work in summer. If proportions are right. 

A short dress is a slightly better look on me, I think, than a tunic -- but only slightly.  This AM I wore the Vince dress with merino tights and flat boots and it felt awfully short -- shorter than it feels with no tights! But I wasn't indecent, and the tights were super comfy and cozy.

This afternoon, I tried it with skinnies. Normally, I don't like wearing pants under dresses due to the bunching at the waist, but this was surprisingly okay. I also have side zip ponte pants that I could wear with it. 

I could also try kick crops. But it has to be a bit warmer for me to wear those. 

Anyway, I still think the proportions are a bit "off". I tried it with booties that have a small heel as well. Not that I could have worn those today, given the slush and ice I was combatting. Mid-calf or moto style boots might be better. But I don't happen to have any right now. 

So...I don't know. I am wondering if I should alter the dress. Make is shorter, or asymmetrical. I'm unlikely to wear it as dress but did enjoy the feel of it as a blouse/ top. And anybody who understands my aversion to regular tunics, help me understand....


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Denim pencil skirt and toile sweatshirt

So, the quilted denim pencil skirt is more casual than Angie's examples...but the toile-patterned sweatshirt (which is actually part of my loungewear capsule) is, arguably, "dressier" than a slogan sweatshirt. Add a plaid scarf for warmth and pattern mix, merino tights for warms, tall flat boots, and here's my version. It was fun to wear this for a change up. The skirt did cling to the tights some, but not to the point of discomfort, and I was toasty warm for teaching and walking to class. 

Please excuse bloodshot exhausted eyes. I've got an allergy to something. 


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Hectic pattern, calm colour (and sweater as a 3rd piece)

Apologies as usual for the photo quality. Argh, winter light! 

Casual at-home day for me. I usually wear this sweater on its own or under a jacket because unlike many sweaters, all by itself it makes a statement. But today I threw on a favourite shirt and thought  -- why not wear them together? After all, what's wrong with checks, snake print, and florals combined? :)  


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The Bold

I loved the vibrant colours in Angie's ensemble! I didn't measure up to that voltage today, but here's my boldest outfit, in terms of colour, in the past year. Red boots, burgundy jeans, multicoloured (cream, black, purple, orange, red, citron) sweater set, red scarf. Cognac belt. 

As for the ball, I need some time to consider, but if I had to whip an outfit together on the spot out of my Finds, here's what I'd wear! What I like about this outfit -- it's extremely elegant, yet economical, and right in my comfort zone. I'll bet I would feel perfectly relaxed and happy, wearing this. No fuss, no bother. 


Double plaid, side zip pants, & bling

On my way to a casual-festive event and decided to use Angie's inspiration. Double plaid, green and red (seasonal colours -- oh my! -- this is a tiny bit out of my comfort zone, I admit....) and bling again to bring in the shine. 

BrieN's thread on side zip pants was a great one for me; Marilyn directed me to the Best. Pants. Ever. I was sooooooo lucky to snap these up. They were literally the last pair in my size pretty much anywhere (in Canada, at least..). There were none online and none in the Toronto stores or anywhere in the area in my size. The first SA told me they only had them in a 14. Miraculously, I discovered a pair in another part of the store, hiding under some other items, and in my own size. They told me these pants just flew off the shelves, and I can see why. I have Sloans (and even side zip Sloans) from other seasons but none are as nice as this. A really decent weight for my cold weather, nice but not excessive stretch, a smooth side zip, perfect full length on me (they are cropped on the model, of course). I bought them on Sunday and have already worn them 4 times. They're that great. I will keep my eye open for more Sloan side zips this winter in hopes they do a similar fabric in a different pattern. 

The only reason I found myself in the store was Mr. Suz had his eye on the little military jacket that LisaP brought to our attention. (ha!) He thought (correctly) that it would make a long-lasting piece to use for presentations and such -- I like the idea of a bright near my face sometimes and this will travel well because it's a kind of ponte. I could not resist. Everything was 50% off, soo...

Plaid shirt and boots and bling from previous years. Thanks for inspiration, Angie!

ETA, you can't really see much of the shirt here, alas, but I may take off the jacket when I arrive. It is really cold here today and I need layers for now! But my hostess's house may be warmer. (Obviously I will be wearing a massive puffer, etc. for my trip there!) 


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Colour, pattern, texture, shine

Those of you who remember Transcona Shannon will recall that Colour/ pattern/ texture/ shine was one of her mantras. How I miss her!! And her fab outfits. 

I managed to snap a few more pictures this weekend in my travels that just happen to illustrate the principles! :) 

Texture! in the form of a fringe scarf, pom pom on hat (and the hat is cable knit.) Imagine fuzzy gloves, too -- I just couldn't wear them to take the photo. :) Suede booties, but a smooth wool melton coat, smooth stretch wool pants, lightly pebbled but mostly smooth leather bag (with incorporated shine.) Colour in the coat! Subtle pattern in the scarf -- it has white flecks running through it that aren't so visible in the photo. Oh -- and patterned socks!! That actually showed a bit because the pants are cropped. Can't find an online photo, alas...

Pattern/ colour/ texture/ shine in what's underneath...dark cranberry cashmere cardigan, denim shirt with silver and mother of pearl buttons, silk butterfly patterned scarf with tassels, silver accessories. Not visible much here is a cognac belt with snake print sections and silver buckle. 

Wow, two posts in a week! It was easier for me to take photos on the fly than it has been lately at home! 


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True blue and bling

Quick fly by. Sorry I can't be here more these days -- I miss you all! 

Do you have an item in your closet that never lets you down? My David Meister sheath is that item. I know for some it would seem too corporate for dressy wear, but somehow I don't feel that way about it -- the neckline does it, I think. Plus a great fit combined with comfort, so that I never "fuss" in it. I got lots of compliments on this last night from the wait staff and my date and even from a stranger on the subway (commenting on the coat). 

Out for a city dinner with Mr. Suz last night. Had my cashmere sweater with me in case of chill but did not need it in the place. I also wore a great fringed blanket scarf from Ms. Mary!!!. Oh, and sheer grey hose. 

Every item here except the hat is from previous seasons. Didn't matter a bit. 

Sorry for the quick and incomplete bathroom pics! It's that or nothing these days. Wishing you all happy holidays! 


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Blazer, knit top, and pile of pearls for daytime date

I worked all weekend so I'm off for a daytime date with Mr. Suz -- driving  through Prince Edward County to see the foliage and enjoy a delicious lunch. Here is what I am wearing for mixed sun/cloud, and a high predicted of about 16. 

J. Crew Wool Blazer. I still haven't got around to changing the gold buttons on this so I am wearing with gold earrings -- a rarity for me these days -- and have to leave the watch at home. 

Lands' End knit short sleeve top -- from my mother's closet. (Sorry, no Find). 

BR crop flares with released hems. 

Ecco sneakers. 

J. Crew pile of pearls! 

It feels like a nice combination of feminine, casual, yet polished. 

I'm off for the day, yay! A lightweight cotton or merino knit is one of my favourite things to wear under a blazer. 


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Little Blue Dress

Summer has arrived with a vengeance here and my planned outfit (with summer scarf) will have to wait for another time. Today, to go outdoors in a scarf would be foolish. Not only is it extremely hot and humid but it is also very windy and this little silk oblong would not stay on. 

But here are some iterations of a new dress from Everlane. I already own a heavier cotton knit shift dress that I wear in spring/ fall and on cooler summer days. This one is for crazy heat like today's. I can wear it casually at home but I can also make it "date" worthy if I need to, with different accessories. It will be good for travelling. It also works over jeans because it is cut loose through the middle. I wouldn't wear it to an office because it is a bit sheer, but for my lifestyle it is ideal -- exactly what I wanted in a casual summer dress. 

Apologies for the lighting here. I am doing my best. DD still has the DSLR for projects. 


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Tomboy casual with a twist

Quick pic -- I don't have a silky bomber but I do have a new silky kimono so I wore that today to book club. 

Bonus pic of my new ring from Iceland. I did not buy myself a sweater but did treat myself to this instead. 

Sorry the light is so poor for the photos. One of these days I will get my DSLR back from DD. :)


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