Angie's Challenge: Day 2

Another sunny day here, with a crisp bite to the air. I'm off to get a haircut (thank goodness!) and have a few other errands to run downtown later this afternoon. 

I'm wearing skinnies, western-inflected booties, western belt, an "Out of Print" tee featuring Poe's Raven, black watch plaid blazer, and RM grey bag. 

Why it's me: Jeans, booties, jacket -- my all time favourite combination. When in doubt, this is what I reach for; it has been a staple of my style since I was a teen. I like the juxtaposition of dressy with casual. 

I'm a bit "off" skinnies but I still wear them. I especially like the rise of the Rockets and haven't found a slim or straight jean that works quite as well from that perspective. I think the proportion works for me. 

The jacket is a workhorse bought on sale last year. It doesn't wrinkle, is cross-seasonal, and is part of a suit. Wearing the sleeves pushed up and rolled back is very "me." I almost never leave my sleeves long. I love the structure of jackets but not if they feel "precious" or "uptight." This one never does. 

I don't wear tees very often but this one works for me because it's all cotton (comfy), it makes a literary reference, and the grey coordinates with my hair, pulling the outfit together. It's very "me" to emphasize the grey and make it stand out as a deliberate choice. 

I adore RM bags. I own 3 and I would almost say I am loyal to the brand. This one is so perfect for me. Bought on sale in the fall. 

When I go out I'll be wearing my pea coat with the collar popped. Also a very "me" move. 

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  • JAileen replied 12 months ago

    Yes, very you. Peacoat, booties, blue and grey. You look fab!

  • torontogirl replied 12 months ago

    Love this, and the Poe t-shirt is so perfect for a Ph.D candidate! Polished and creative. Love it.

  • bj1111 replied 12 months ago

    so interesting that you and bella can take the same elements (jeans, jacket, top) and have renditions that are so uniquely you (both of you).

    i was on ylf when you first joined.  i've tried to model my style evolution on yours but clearly you were an A student and i was the laggard texting at the back of the class.

  • gryffin replied 12 months ago

    Suz - awesome outift.   I would wear this in a heartbeat, but can I have it in black?!!  I have a special love of black watch tartan.  I really like the graphic tee with it.  I could actually duplicate the feel of the entire outfit - I have a black coach leather backpack (ok usually worn to roadie my son's band) but otherwise I could approximate it and die happy!  Love the belt and booties!!  I would usually swap out for skinnies which is a typical weekend outfit but the coach drifter bag rather than the backpack.  But love it.  You look great!!

  • Cardiff girl replied 12 months ago

    How can you make what is essentially a T-shirt and jeans outfit look so fab?

  • taylor replied 12 months ago

    VERY you and very FAB.
    Why are you a bit off skinnies? You look awesome in them ...don’t give them up...ever!

  • Angie replied 12 months ago


    How can this be anything but KILLER :)

  • The Cat replied 12 months ago

    You look so fab! Colour combo, lines and details all look perfect on you.

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    I love this. And it is very you!

    Where is the tee from? Is it really 100% cotton? So many graphic tees are poly cotton. Total HEWI for me.

  • bella replied 12 months ago

    Ver polished, very you! 

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    This is one of my favorite outfits on you ever. A jacket ( blazer looks best IMHO) with a great graphic tee and great jeans always looks great. I would wear this and you may see a version this week if it is warm enough.

  • Staysfit replied 12 months ago

    You look great! The Poe tee is extra special, and the blazer and jeans make me think of you as soon as I see them. If I saw these items together in a lineup, I would know right away they were yours. In fact, that would be a fun game, to submit outfit items in our style and then guess who it belongs to without having a personal picture accompanying the items.

  • Nomad replied 12 months ago

    Beautiful all around, but I especially love that blazer. You look totally polished, and totally relaxed, all at once.

  • karen13 replied 12 months ago

    Just quintessential you. All the pieces work together so well, yet you have combined them with a bit of surprise and fun. I love the black watch plaid - thanks for reminding me I meant to find the right item in the fall but didn't have any luck. 

  • bonnie replied 12 months ago

    What a fun outfit. The touches you add make it "you". 

  • Xtabay replied 12 months ago

    Angie is right on -- Quintessential Suz.  Perfect!  

  • April replied 12 months ago

    I am such a fan of Out of Print tees, Suz -- thumbs up!

  • Alicewonderland replied 12 months ago


  • SarahD8 replied 12 months ago

    Fantastic look and yes, very you! Your comment about using gray deliberately made me realize that I often use that neutral as a sort of fallback/default. I don't have the gorgeous hair to match of course but still, you've got me intrigued and wondering how it would be to use gray as more of a focal point.

  • Suz replied 12 months ago

    SarahDB, in your case, you'd use tan or taupe -- the point is to "marry" a colour to your hair colour in an outfit. Ever noticed how well most black (or very dark haired) people wear black? That's my idea with grey. 

    Brooklyn, it seems I was mistaken about the tee. It's 60/40! But the company is great. This is one of the unisex ones, so it's sort of loose on me, which adds to the comfort factor.

    Taylor, I guess I'm just a bit tired of skinnies. My favourite silhouette is actually a "relaxed" skinny. If I could find something like that, I'd be in heaven. 

    Thank you all for the compliments. Glad the outfit is recognizably me. I'm really enjoying this challenge, seeing what we all get up to! 

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    Thanks Suz. I’m sad now :( But it looks great on you.

  • shevia replied 12 months ago

    You are right - those jeans are the perfect fit on you. I totally get your take on the tee. I don't wear tees as a rule, but once in a while I find something that I can't resist. But isn't it a bummer that your hair looks so perfect the very day you are about to have it cut ;) ?

  • RobinF replied 12 months ago

    Agree, this is a great outfit. I don’t know how you do it, sounds like it should look plain but it’s really a fabulous outfit. Love the tee and jacket combo.

  • suntiger replied 12 months ago

    @Brooklyn the tie dye top is 100% cotton though!
    @Suz, yes that outfit looks totally you :) And I have a neighbor who says hes related to Poe!

  • Jessikams replied 12 months ago

    Oh, from the text I was expecting a black tee, but that gray really freshens the outfit!

  • RainB replied 12 months ago

    You always look so effortlessly polished and fab!

  • Sal replied 12 months ago

    You look fantastic here.. the shapes and colours are just so right on you.

    The jeans are great - isn't it wonderful when you have a pair that fit so effortlessly.

  • Suz replied 12 months ago

    Brooklyn, circling back: The reason I was mistaken is because some of my OofP Tees really are 100% cotton. E.g.

    I have the library stamp in women's white, and also my teen has it in grey (and I steal that one regularly). I also have a few others in 100% cotton. So.....

  • Cee replied 12 months ago

    *Thumbs up*

  • Eliza replied 12 months ago

    Slam dunk: totally fresh, Suz. Love how you bring the polish to a casual look.

  • Firecracker replied 12 months ago

    This is a great look, Suz. Very you! And you remind me I need to get out my RM backpack bag again soon!

  • Katerina replied 12 months ago

    Gorgeous Suz! And of course very you! You are fabulous.

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    Thanks Suz! I am checking it out now.

    Suntiger, stop taunting me with that tie dye top!

  • lyn67 replied 12 months ago

    Yes, so Suz's! But this wouldn't be that gorgeous without the silver buckle belt (and perfect silver  pixie)! Oh, and can we find out what literary reference it does (the grey graphic tee)?

  • rachylou replied 12 months ago

    Jackets are truly signature to your style, Suz.

  • UmmLila replied 12 months ago

    My day 3 post is very like this, by coincidence (I am posting outfits one day after I wear them). You look beautiful!

  • Bijou replied 12 months ago

    I have to agree with all of the above - you do look beautiful and so perfectly you, even in a t-shirt (but it is a very appropriate t-shirt)!

  • Christina F. replied 12 months ago

    You know I love this! I broke out a blazer and tee today, myself.

    Big surprise - RM is my go-to for bags, as well. I have more, but am currently carrying that buff colored one I put in the Finds here.

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