BEST Booties EVER!!

I am not sure how this happened, but the Aquatalia booties, which were supposed to arrive to me from Vancouver or Calgary, or from Ottawa via one of those, arrived on my doorstep having come from Watertown, CT. I haven't even received a bill for these, so I have no idea what they are charging me. 

And here is proof positive that one woman's "meh" is another woman's "wow!!" Crazyone was not thrilled with these yesterday; she felt the suede was scratchy and they did not give her joy.

Meanwhile, I put these on and thought, I'm never taking them off! They're that comfy, stable, and a beautiful blue grey that will work with all my clothing. Ankle fit is perfect on me. 

Excuse the terrible unstyled dark photos. I was so excited I had to share right away! 

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  • Muffin replied 4 years ago

    Yay Suz!!! So glad you love them as much as I do! Fingers crossed that the price is reasonable.

  • Author Linda replied 4 years ago

    How happy you look! The booties look wonderful, too. I love mine for all the reasons you say: comfort, fit, color, and ankle. So glad you got them, and crossing my fingers you don't get charged some outrageous price.

  • Jenn replied 4 years ago

    Yay! This just goes to show that reviews, while useful, aren't the be-all, end-all. You never know what's going to work for YOU.

  • Inge replied 4 years ago

    They really do look perfect on you, Suz. And they will be so versatile. Yay!!

  • Amy replied 4 years ago

    They do look great on you!

  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    They fit amazingly good at the ankle. Whoa! ;)

  • catgirl replied 4 years ago

    Ooh, these are gorgeous on you!

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    YAY, Suz! I felt just that way about these booties - but they weren't my colour. I'm glad I can enjoy them on you. Killer Perfect. Aren't the fit, workmanship, quality, and comfort factor sublime

  • replied 4 years ago

    Woot! Woot! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

  • Colette replied 4 years ago

    Suz, they fit me the same way they fit you. I keep wanting to find fault with them but I can't. And I'm really-really trying. I'm so happy you received them!

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    YES, Angie -- just lovely. And waterproof!!! 

    Thanks for adding the Find. 

    I tried these on with light wool socks. I would say they fit a tiny bit small and narrow. My best size is an EU 37; these are a 7US and fit perfectly

    Usually my perfect fit is 6.5 in N. American sizes but I often order up a bit in boots. In contrast, my Aquatalia Sweeties are loose in a 7 (esp. in width) and I had to add two insoles.

    These ones fit/ grip my instep perfectly for a beautiful sense of security. I love that in a bootie more than I can say -- it allows me to take big strides and walk briskly! 

    Note, the effect of the colour IRL is a bit lighter and bluer than appears in these pictures. Not quite bookending my lighter hair but more in the same family. 

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Looks like I have many happy bootie sisters here. Waving at Colette, Muffin, and AuthorLinda. 

  • skylurker replied 4 years ago

    Fit like a glove. Great shape for you.

  • replied 4 years ago

    Your enthusiasm is fun - I know that feeling! Can't see the detail or the colour from your photos, and Angie's link didn't work. But - glad you found something so perfect for you, and it will be interesting to see how much you are charged, and in which funds.

  • DonnaF replied 4 years ago

    Those look KILLER on you!  Glad you found an 11 and hope you aren't charged duty etc.  I'm a bit relieved that my feet are a bit too wide for this brand since I'm smitten with the look of these. 

  • Mochi replied 4 years ago

    For details I would love to see them in better light (that seems to be a theme today), but silhouette- and proportion-wise, heel, etc. it's all fab! 

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    Woohoo!  They look like a perfect fit!

  • unfrumped replied 4 years ago

    So glad they work for you!

    They did look gorgeous-- but I've promised myself I'm going to stay with an even lower heel, no more than 1.5 "
    (Except for the rare dress pump)never in the block heel. The great ankle fit is super- HEWI, though.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Yeah, I know the light was crazy bad. I'll snap some pics tomorrow maybe in better light. I assure you all that they are great for me. As for the price, who the heck knows. At some point I will find out, and either need to argue, or not. I do know the Canadian sale price so I should at least get them for that. They will have to do an adjustment if they try to charge more. Or maybe they are offering them to me for free for my intrepid shopping.  ;) 

  • Joyce B replied 4 years ago

    Enjoy them, they are such a great find for your style.

  • Lisa replied 4 years ago

    Yay for a perfect fit on booties.  The really do look perfect on you, I'm with Angie, made for you.

  • catgirl replied 4 years ago

    I am feeling like I need these now - four colors, including navy and patent!

  • Barbara Diane replied 4 years ago

    :) Love that you are so happy with them.

  • carter replied 4 years ago

    Wow. The ankle fit doesn't get any better than that! So happy you're thrilled!

  • crazyone replied 4 years ago

    yay, I'm glad you liked them!  And I warned you not to take that much store in my review :-)  I still have abrasions on one ankle from putting them on, maybe Angie is right and I got a dud pair.  But from seeing them on you versus seeing them on me makes it clear that the ankles  on these Aquatalias are too big for me, whereas they fit perfectly on you.  Do you consider yourself as having narrow ankles or average or large ones?  

    Hmm, maybe there's a reason why I naturally stay away from booties...I actually thought these weren't so bad because the flower pot effect was less dramatic on these than on most booties I try on.

  • Style Fan replied 4 years ago

    I love the sound of them.  Too bad they are not in a colour I am looking for.

  • deb replied 4 years ago


  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    Woo-hoo! They look perfect and hopefully you can get A LOT of wear out of them. You are doing GREAT this NAS!!!

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Crazyone, I think I have average ankles -- not thin, but not especially thick. The ankle fit on these booties is actually a bit looser than it may appear in these photos, partly because of the photo angle, and also, I was wearing socks that I had folded down so they wouldn't show over top. In other words, the socks were taking up some space. But I still consider the ankle fit superb even though there is a bit of space, because I have to move in them after all. :) They follow the lines of my bones very smoothly without that flower pot gap. 

    I wear socks with my boots so tried them first with socks. I tried them later without socks (not that I will ever wear that way) and certainly didn't feel that they were rough. And today is another sticky day here, so if they were going to rub me the wrong way, you'd think they'd do it now. My feet must be super swollen in the heat. So I really do wonder if the fit was wrong in the ones you tried, or the pair was a dud. 

    Having met you in person, I would say that you have a much daintier frame than I do. We are close to the same height and maybe even weight, but my bones seem bigger overall. You have the prettiest wrists and ankles and collar bones (if it is not too weird to say so!) In contrast, my frame is actually a bit bigger than Angie's even though she is 2 inches taller than me. 

  • Chris987 replied 4 years ago

    Isn't it great when you find shoes that you LOVE and that FIT!!! cheers to you!

  • Beth Ann replied 4 years ago

    These are terrific, Suz.  I love that they'll fit your school needs, too -- fabulous, but not too dressy or attention-grabbing.

    Of course, it's 92 degrees here at 6pm......

  • Eliza replied 4 years ago

    Gorgeous booties. Love them for you. When Aquatalia works for you, it really is a great thing. Love how happy you are!

  • marianna replied 4 years ago

    Nice!!! They look great on you. Unrelated, but I love your white shorts outfit here too. Looking good! :)

  • April replied 4 years ago

    Now that we're all talking about booties (yay Suz!), can I just ask a question about online shoe retailers -- why oh why do so few of them show the view of the shoe from above?  That is the view we look at 99% of the time when we're wearing the shoe, and yet even fantastic retailers like Nordstrom and Zappos omit that view.

    Particularly with booties, so many times I have gotten a pair delivered and THEN realized just how round- or pointy-toed they were, or something else that was not apparent on the website because they didn't show the view from above.

    Why not?

  • RobinF replied 4 years ago

    Very exciting! I love boots!

  • Thistle replied 4 years ago

    So glad these worked for you!

    Ah, trying on suede in the middle of July. What we do for fashion!

  • Gail replied 4 years ago

    I love them on you and I am sorely tempted but am still trying to hold out for a slightly higher shaft bootie that I can wear all my cropped jeans with. I have skinny ankles and calves which limits me.
    So happy that you are happy with them :)

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Love them even though I can't see the color so well in the pictures. But fit looks amazing! Yay!

  • crazyone replied 4 years ago

    Suz: they look great on you!  Of course there should be a tiny gap, after all you need to move around :)  And thanks for the compliment--I do have tiny wrists, though I don't think of my ankles as being particularly small especially given my small foot size.  One of the fascinating things about YLF has been learning about the wide variety of human bodies--not just the obvious, but even between two people of similar height and weight like you and me.

    I also had swollen feet from the heat here and was fairly eager to try them on so tried them on with bare feet--perhaps that was my mistake, but I could see wearing them with bare legs in early fall.  So bizarre that mine were so scratchy.  I have a pair of La Canadienne tall boots in suede, I prefer the softer suede of that brand (and narrower ankle fit--that's the only pair of tall boots I own that doesn't slouch in the ankle).

  • tulle replied 4 years ago

    The perfect fit on these is visible, Suz--as funny as they look with your white shorts!  I know just what you mean about boots gripping your instep, the difference it makes in walking, and how difficult it is to find that fit when your feet are narrow and/or low volume.  Wish I'd thought of ordering them--love the blocky heel & slate color, too.

  • Karie replied 4 years ago

    Well they certainly do look like they fit perfectly! YAY for a great fitting bootie. Hopefully the cost will work out too!

  • MTBGirl replied 4 years ago

    That's terrific Suz! They look so good on you and I'm happy for you! I've been clicking on the find since Angie posted about them and they only were showing in a 7 all week and came back in my size about 40 minutes ago and I ordered immediately!  Then I saw you here! I went up a size so I hope that works for me.

  • viva replied 4 years ago

    Such bootie excitement! I just wanted to join in the fun. :) Congratulations!!

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    Okay, so I had to look these up, and they're completely sold out! I had ordered the silver oxfords which did not work on my feet (at all!), and then stalked the AGL oxfords which came up in my size finally, but when I realized these booties were grey (!) I'm a little sad that I missed out. Particularly since booties are probably more practical in my climate than oxfords. However, I'm glad YOU have them because you have real weather up there at the North Pole and my winter is only considered real by people in the SF Bay Area.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh -- I am sorry you missed out, JAileen. But you never know. They do keep floating back into stock, I think. So keep your eye on things. And yes, I definitely need for my winter. Actually, I can't wear them in my winter because the conditions are too rough -- these are a fall and spring (or indoor) bootie for me. 

    Now for the snow boots, hehehehe. 

    Sorry the oxfords did not work for you...that is frustrating. We will have to search for the silvery shoes together. I definitely want a pair of silver or pewter booties as well. 

  • Beth replied 4 years ago

    April, completely agree. So bizarre.

    Suz, these are fantastic and I see see them getting heavy rotation in your closet. Two thumbs (toes?) up!

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    Suz, have you seen these?!/aquatalia-women-silver-shoes/CK_XAUIC-ARSAq8CwAEB4gIEGAEKCA.zso?s=brandNameFacetLC/asc/productName/asc/

    None are on sale and apparently none are waterproof, but they are cool looking.

    I was puzzled by the comment about Zappos. Sure enough, they do show the bird's eye view.

    I should add that I am very partial to Zappos. When I order something, I get it the next day.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    That is true -- they do show the tops!! 

    Alas, they do not deliver to Canada. Ditto for 6 pm. It's a shame. 

    I did see the Yasmines. They are very cool. I think all Aquatalias are weather proof whether they say so explicitly or not. 

    I wish I could wear shoes (understood as oxfords, loafers, etc. -- anything that shows the foot a bit) for longer in my climate. The window for wearing them is super short. We go from boots to booties to sandals almost instantly. No joke. 

    I have one pair of oxfords that I love but I wore them 3 times year before last and not even once last year. 

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    Shoes v booties: that's how I feel, too. It feels like 4 1/2 months of sandals, 4 1/2 months of boots, and the just 1 1/2 months of shoes in spring and fall.

  • Cerinda replied 4 years ago

    Jealous.  But happy someone can love these beauties.  I went to the store intending to grab these as Aquatalia usually fit my high volume feet and wide ankles well.  Nope.  The AGLs proved a reasonable alternative, but just don't have this amazing look.  Lucky you, Suz!

  • Xtabay replied 4 years ago

    They're killer diller.  I'll bet they'll look wonderful with the new gilet.  But wait, didn't you mean to say booTEEES?  :)

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Hahah, Xtbay, yes, the bootEEEES!!!! Hi, Mom!!!

    Cerinda, I am sorry these didn't work for you. I was also tempted by the AGL but went with waterproof instead. I agree with you that these are cut quite a bit narrower than the other Aquatalia boots I have; mind you, those are moto boots, so a totally different style. 

    I loved the AGLs also, though, so hopefully you'll be happy with them! 

  • MTBGirl replied 4 years ago

    :( just received the cancel email.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh NO!!! 

    Donna, do you want me to see if they are available in Canada? 

  • MTBGirl replied 4 years ago

    Suz, that is so sweet of you to offer! I guess it wouldn't hurt to check if you don't mind. I was sizing up to a 10.5 or 11. Thank you!

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    OK -- I will see if they're locatable. 

  • Sara L. replied 4 years ago

    Yay! I'm glad they fit so well. 

  • Susie replied 4 years ago

    Perfect boots for you, Suz! Honestly, could you ask for more?!

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