Blazer with tulle skirt

I was inspired by Angie's tulle skirt/ blazer looks to try a couple of my own. Tonight we went out for dinner to celebrate my child's successful semester (and year) -- straight As! 

When I got the tulle skirt in the fall, I thought of casualizing it with with denim jacket, graphic tee and sneakers (no photo, but I wore it this way in the early fall, and here's a version with stompy boots that I also wore, pic 5) and semi-casualizing it with a knit military jacket, sequin cami, and booties (wore it this way, too, pic 4.) 

Tried it today with 2 blazers -- shocking pink J. Crew and red Hobbs. 

There is hot pink in the plaid but it works well enough with red, I think. I ended up wearing the red jacket version with the stompy boots (pic 1)  because rain was in the forecast and it was cooling down a bit when we headed out. Plus I think the proportion of the shorter jacket is a bit easier to work with. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Angie! I'm going to try it with other blazers, too!! 

Edited to add -- my dressed up version also included a blazer -- I'd forgotten! I did take the jacket off for most of the evening but the photo shows it. 

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  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful way to wear your skirt!

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    There *is* something sharp about the shorter jacket, but the hot pink and navy is such a vibrant combo, I’d say it works pretty well.

  • Star replied 2 years ago

    Looks amazing - all of them.  I would never have imagined a blazer and tulle skirt could look so good together.  Angie is a style genius for sure.

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Love the short blazer with the skirt!  The longer blazers are popular right now but I agree the shorter gives really nice proportions. Maybe there’s some trick with tucking the top I don’t know about to make the longer work.  

    This skirt looks less poofy than other tulle ones, in fact it’s kind of sleek. Is the tulle soft or stiff?

  • Janet replied 2 years ago

    It’s fun with the pink! Yes, I’ve noticed that little pink stripe in the plaid too, which can pick up red shades nicely without having to match exactly.

    I love that you’ve had so many chances to wear this skirt. Mine has only had two outings, and I’m a little afraid to try it on right now because let’s just say my eating habits on my big road trip were not stellar, even though I was hiking a LOT. That waistband is not forgiving. But soon it will be too hot to wear it, so I’d better get my sweetie to take me out for dinner so I can wear it! LOL

  • unfrumped replied 2 years ago

    I like all of these!
    I agree shorter jackets are easier for midi skirt proportions, but for the longer jacket, I think a lower- contrast top would look great- making it look a bit more like a solid dressy dress with the hot pink blazer.

  • unfrumped replied 2 years ago

    PS: do you mind saying what size you got? My waist is not what it once was, but I love structured waistbands in skirts and want them to fit as snugly as tolerable ( if skirt zips to allow getting it on!) and the swishy skirt not be overly voluminous. So from their sizing and that I’m now in about a sz 6 skirt I'm not sure re: sz S or M depending on how fitted are their measurements.

  • Janet replied 2 years ago

    Umfrumped, I found the waistband to be quite snug on my post-menopausal midsection (sob! What happened to my waist?). I’m a size 8-10, more 10 these days, and even the L is a snug fit. No give in that waistband at all. I recommend measuring to be sure — maybe Suz can measure hers, as she may be closer to your size.

  • CarolS replied 2 years ago

    Is there nothing that doesn't look good with that skirt? Glad you found another way to wear it - and had another occasion! YLF as always!

  • Aquamarine replied 2 years ago

    So pretty! 

  • BlueJay replied 2 years ago


  • merwoman replied 2 years ago

    Well congratulations to your daughter!! Fantastic reason to celebrate, and every iteration looks sooooo good! Slight preference for the versions where you’re sporting stompy boots or booties.

  • Laurie replied 2 years ago

    My favorite is 4, you look terrific, and big congrats to your child and her Mom for a fantastic year.

  • Bonnie replied 2 years ago

    All versions look great. You are inspiring me to try different jackets with my skirts.

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    Super outfits!  These all look great on you.

    I love your library check out tee.  We don’t use them anymore at our library, but older books still have them, and it’s interesting to see how far back some of them go.  

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    Congrats on the straight A's - especially during these trying times!

    I like the first photo best, but am trying to figure out why - I think with just the sliver of skin showing between the boots, it feels the heaviness is 'balanced' throughout (i.e. at the blazer shoulders, skirt hips & the feet). But the version with the regular flats feels a little 'bare' in the leg due to the volume of the skirt in comparison, if that makes sense?

    Not to say you don't YLF in all of the versions though - agree with Lana it looks sleek on you! This is just my two cents :)

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Zaeobi, I agree with you, 100%. The proportions (tucked top, shorter jacket) with the red jacket are better and the boots balance the weight of the jacket better than the flats do. Plus, the one inch. heel probably helps balance proportions a bit, too.

    A chunkier flat might work better but I own no such thing! (Except sneakers). Flats tend to fly off my feet so are not the best bet for me. I will be able to wear it with a chunky sandal, though. 

    Lana, the skirt fabric IS soft -- not stiff. Not like a 50s crinoline at all. And it has pleats instead of gathers. Plus it is asymmetrical. So it is a bit less "poufy" than some similar items. It's a Canadian based company.

    unfrumped, I found the sizing accurate. I have a S and they say the waist is 27, which is correct. It is not snug on me despite my expanded post-menopausal middle, but I wouldn't want my middle to expand too much further, or it might be! The waist band does not have much give to it, as Janet says. However the skirt lining does have some give and is quite comfy for a tummy. 

    unfrumped, great idea to try a lower contrast top with the skirt and the pink jacket -- I will do that! 

    And maybe I need a chunky pink shoe / sandal of some kind. Hmmmm!! 

    Just for fun, the "dressed up" version I wore to a friend's wedding in the fall. Ha! I see I wore it with a blazer then, too! 

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    Hmm now I'm even *more* befuddled, since YLF in that wedding version even though the top is untucked & the shoes aren't chunky... What sorcery is this?? Lol :P

  • slim cat replied 2 years ago

    Gorgeous - all of them! Soft spot for pink jacket - so fun!

  • unfrumped replied 2 years ago

    Suz, thank you!
    Hmm- I might be in between !

  • Jenn replied 2 years ago

    This skirt is a doppelganger, going so effortlessly between punk rock and pretty and even a little preppy. My favorite is #5, but I love that you can bring it to a more professional look with the blazers.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Jenn, I know -- it's chameleon, right? Such a great piece for that reason. 

    Zaeobi, my explanation -- the top in the dressed up version is low contrast, not high contrast, so while it's untucked, the horizontal line isn't severe. Plus, it is a smooth peplum so reveals the natural waist where it is. The jacket is also low contrast and quite short (not cropped but hits at high hip). And I'm wearing toned in tights and 2.5 inch heels! 

  • Karie replied 2 years ago

    I love it - all versions! It’s a great item that can go with many different styles.
    Congratulations to your daughter!

  • Cardiff girl replied 2 years ago

    Congrats to your daughter, obviously takes after her mum!
    l love that pink on you,it lights you up and l very much like the #5 tough look,it’s very rock and roll on you.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Congrats to your brilliant child, Suz! How fun to celebrate - AND with the perfect skirt :)

    It's ALL KILLER. Wooohooo!

    #1 is my fave from the blazer options. Our short Hobbs jacket is excellent with skirts! I like the short top too. Grounding with the boots. You can try the printed tee with that too - the one in your Finds.

    #2 is very creative! Try it with your white boots.

    #4, #5 and #6 are slam dunks! 

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, Angie! I don't have white boots any more, alas!  Just silver and snake. Maybe I need to rectify that. :)  

  • RobinF replied 2 years ago

    Who would guess that skirt could be so versatile! It just makes each look special. Love it with the red.

  • Brooklyn replied 2 years ago

    These are fantastic looks. I like the denim jacket version best.

    I personally think it’s better with a shorter top, because that makes the skirt look longer. I like a 1:2 proportion of top to skirt. Angie’s skirt is longer, so she can wear a longer top and still hit those proportions. But I like both the longer and shorter jacket. To me it’s the top that’s critical. (That’s just my 2 cents of course. You look fab in all.)

  • kkards replied 2 years ago

    So fun!  Love it with the navy, of course, but the red is so good! 

  • April replied 2 years ago

    Pure love, Suz.  I am trying right now to decide on a length to have a tulle skirt cut to (it's floor-length on me but that does not work with my crutches) and I believe you have just supplied an answer.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful, I love Brooklyn's analysis on proportions, as I agree with her that the shorter blazers are the most conventionally flattering.

  • Jaime replied 2 years ago

    That skirt has become an absolute signature for you and deservedly so. I also like with the shorter top/blazer and all the other stylings also. Congratulations to all (including supportive parents) on the fantastic grades!

  • kellygirl replied 2 years ago

    Wow!! This is fantastic. I can’t pick a fave!

  • lyn67 replied 2 years ago

    I love the tulle skirt the most with substantial shoes to toughten up a bit but really all here have their charm and practical use for that matter, my new fave is nr 5!

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Suz, you’re making me want this skirt!  Can you tell me the colors, for example are the light parts white or yellow?

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    Very astute observations - thanks for breaking it down! *takes notes*

  • Jonesy replied 2 years ago

    Very late here, but this looks fabulous! I agree that the shorter jackets look especially awesome (love your stance with the denim jacket :), but they are all good to my eye.

  • PamelaK replied 2 years ago

    Suz, between you, Angie, and Brooklyn’s analysis, I am inspired to look for a tulle skirt that can work on a pear! I love these outfits and can now see wearing similar to all sorts of activities, including professional.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Pamela, I hope you find the right skirt! There are a lot of them coming out this season it seems. 

    Lana, this skirt has yellow, fuchsia, and black, and royal or cobalt blue in the plaid.

  • replied 2 years ago

    Love that skirt on you!

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