I've nattered more than once on here about being a bit tired of my skinnies and tube skirts narrow on the bottom fallback silhouette. Yes, I need to wear skinnies in winter when the weather is truly awful. Yes, tube skirts have been a literal godsend to me at times. But a person does get tired of the same old, same old. And while I managed to get one great A-line summer skirt last year and 2 nice lightweight culottes this year, I just retired my two wide leg jeans for reasons of fit/ wear and only own one pair of winter culottes. I was really in the market for new trousers and also very open to updated denim. 

A side note: In the past three very stressful years I've gained about 13 pounds. The good part: I can wear some V-necks! I fill out my tops and bras! I could even consider a wrap if it were the right one!

The bad news...I do need to wear a new size on the bottom. I used to wear a 26 and now I wear a 27 in most jeans. 

Anyway. Here is what I tried, what I bought, and what I'm stalking. 

I tried the Madewell Emmett windowpane pant. I'd say these TTS. They are a super fun pant and I'm tempted to go back for them. You can see them on Angie in one of her posts. Unfortunately we forgot to photograph them on me. They were really comfy. They'd be good for someone whose winter is fairly mild, I think, because they are mainly cotton. I wasn't sure I'd reach for them beyond September in my climate and you have to commit to the pattern on the bottom. 

The VB Gemini crop pants were sold out in any size that would remotely fit me but I tried on a really large size just to get the sense of them. GORGEOUSLY made pant, wool, and lined. Super comfortable. A slim but not tight tapered fit like a classic cigarette pant. Very flattering. I am strongly considering these if I can find my size. The pattern is very adaptable -- you could pair it with many different colours. 

The EF boyfriend jean was a surprising hit. I bought a 2, which means they run large, as is typical for EF. They are high waisted but not overly high. If you bought them in your regular size you'd get a baggy BF fit. They are not too tight on my calves but fall nicely. They have some stretch but still feel substantial. And they have white stitching! That's what made them for me. Combined with the grey cuffs, this detailing works well with my hair.

The Madewell high waist slim wide leg button fly is terrific. I had to go up to a 28 in these -- so if you have curvy thighs, size up! They are a more substantial feeling denim, not very stretchy, with a certain amount of heft to them. They'll be a great winter jean. And I don't even have to hem them! They are a bit longer than the length Angie typically recommends but we experimented with them and actually agreed that they looked best as is. So that was easy!

Wild card for me -- something I would not even have tried without Angie -- the Paige bootcuts. These are amazing! Super stretchy (which I usually hate, but didn't, in this case), very streamlined and extremely comfortable. These are the only jeans we got a photo of -- you can see them hemmed for flats here. They are TTS, 

I really wanted to try the Perfect Vintage Madewell side slit jean. Alas, not available in my size. I will be stalking. 

I also wanted to try a fun pair of Halogen tie waist pants but there were none in anything like my size and on consideration, I'd probably find the belt annoying. So that is that for now. 

Happy to answer any questions if I can. Sorry for the paucity of photos -- we really tried but there is a lot of thinking and talking going on in the fitting room so we got a bit distracted. I will show you styled pics as soon as I can. 

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  • Sterling replied 11 months ago

    Great post.  I need bottoms and your reviews have been stellar.  Hope your shopping experience has been great.  I can only assume it has been exhausting though.  I couldn't keep up with Angie (or you for that matter).  

  • lisa p replied 11 months ago

    I quite like the EF jeans - and agree that the white top stitching is special . Might have to order these myself .

  • Sterling replied 11 months ago

    If the Paige bootcuts are still available in my size on July 19th, I intend to them.  They look gorgeous.  

  • Style Fan replied 11 months ago

    Excellent reviews, Suz.  I am eyeing the VB Gemini pants.  The Paige jeans look great on you.

  • FashIntern replied 11 months ago

    Thanks for these detailed notes.

    I hadn’t realized the windowpane pants were cotton. That makes them even more attractive to me.

    Last season, I kept tabs on these because even though they have a lot of brown, I thought they go well with my berry pink pieces. Unfortunately, they never came near my price range or made it to the Rack. The VBs might take their place in my wish/watch list (although they are considerably darker).

  • gryffin replied 11 months ago

    Suz - thank you for the reviews! I bought the coh emerson cropped boyfriend this month. But I am looking for full length bootcuts. I will definitely try the Paige they look fantastic on you!

  • Sal replied 11 months ago

    The bootcuts look wonderful on you Suz.  The benefit of shopping in store is the chance to try them.

    I like all the check pants too!!

  • nuancedream replied 11 months ago

    Wonderful post, Suz! Like you, I'm tiring of my skinnies. Wider legs and boot cuts are more appealing to my eye. I've gained a little more weight and muscle over the past 2 years (all good and healthy), so it's farewell to size 2 and 26 waist jeans and pants. I mostly wear 27 waist jeans and pants regardless of the brand. I just ordered the Leith tie front waist pants in burgundy the name of the color! I'll post pics of the pants in the near future.

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for this post, Suz, I see several I would like to try. I like the look of the bootcuts but wonder if they are best worn with heels rather than flats. That keeps me from considering them. What footwear will you wear with yours?

  • Kyle replied 11 months ago

    Wonderful, Suz. So happy for your success. If it helps any tall gals, the EF jeans were way too short on me. So sad! They are fantastic in terms of cut and fabric. Can’t wait to see how you style yours.

  • Windchime replied 11 months ago

    This is a very helpful report. The Paige jeans look amazing on you! I bought Paige jeans from Nordstrom Rack a couple years ago and absolutely love them.

    Now you’ve got me thinking about the EF’s. As you know, there’s a relatively short window of time to wear cropped anything here; I’ll need to weigh that one carefully.

  • delurked replied 11 months ago

    The Paige look very good on you. It’s nice to see them on forum members. I’m trying to decide if I would like the white stitching on the EF jeans.

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Thanks delurked. The Paige were a real surprise. They will definitely work on tall women because I need to hem a lot. I am not 100 per cent sure how I will hem them but this is how they look hemmed for sneakers. If this length will also work with low heeled booties (and it might) that is what I’ll do.

    Kyle, that’s a shame about the length of the EF jeans. I didn’t unroll so I wasn’t sure about the seam allowance. Good observation for others.

  • torontogirl replied 11 months ago

    Those jeans fit you like a glove Suz! Look fab on you.

  • Kathie replied 11 months ago

    Wow! Those look great on you. Thanks for all the details. I was not looking for another pair of jeans, but the Madewells with the button fly are awfully tempting. Looking forward to your stylings!

  • columbine(erin) replied 11 months ago

    These are really helpful reviews, thank you! 

  • shevia replied 11 months ago

    I am so excited about the full length bootcuts. Just before I left I found a pair of bootcuts that look similar or I would be tempted. Can't wait to see them styled by everyone. All the picks look wonderful.

  • Janet replied 11 months ago

    Those jeans look fantastic on you, Suz! I will need to review my denim collection in the next month or so to prepare for f/w, but I expect I’m good for now, since I added the DL1961 full-length straights and the 7FAM Dojo bootcuts last season. I’m tiring of the cropped look being everywhere, so full-length jeans are actually looking fresh to me right now. In fact, I would like the vibe of those button-front Madewells if they were full-length!

  • RobinF replied 11 months ago

    Great items, love the jeans you got. Quite a nice variety.

  • Deb replied 11 months ago

    The VB’s are a standout...very nice.

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    Kyle, I'd like to see the EF jeans on, and did you maybe accidentally try a petite? 

    Suz, you rocked ALL the bottoms. They are a fresh start to Fall 2019. Hopefully the wool VB pants come back into stock in your size. 

    Like you, I'm not into stretchy jeans, but the Paige's are AMAZING - as you're showing right here :)

  • MidwestrnChic replied 11 months ago

    I am intrigued by the Eileen Fisher jeans and cannot wait to see them styled on you, Suz!  Unsure of my size.  Bottoms are so tricky on me and I have never worn Eileen Fisher clothing before, only her shoes.  I eagerly await your photos.  Thank you so much for all of the insight provided.

  • Glory replied 11 months ago

    Suz thanks so much for an excellent summary. I see a couple of items I may try and track down here. At a minimum some new shapes to consider. I love a boot leg and haven’t worn one in years mostly because of what I see as a short wear season between too hot and too much snow.

  • HJ replied 11 months ago

    I initially skipped over the Paige jeans since they don’t come in a petite length (I’m 5’2”) but seeing your picture and reading in Angie’s round-up post that the flare isn’t lost when hemming has me seriously considering them. They look fantastic on you! And thank you for sharing your experience at NAS!!

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    YES. The Paiges worked well on petites! 

  • kkards replied 11 months ago

    Suz..I’ve traveling so little time to post, but trying to read as I’ve had time. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for these excellent write ups and review. I almost feel Like I’m shopping with you and Angie.

  • Elizabeth P replied 11 months ago

    RE the EF jeans:  you said you got a 2, are you normally a 4 now?  You only mentioned your "normal" size in 26/27 type sizing.

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Sorry, Elizabeth -- yes, I'm wearing a 27 or 4 in jeans now. I still tend to wear a 2 in pants at J. Crew and Banana, but the bottom line (ha ha) is that I've gained some weight and I need a bigger size in most bottoms and some tops. 2 or 26 would have been my old regular size on the bottom, with a rare 25 for very slouchy styles. 4 or 27 is my usual now, with the occasional 28 for extra baggage. :)   The EF's are a 2. 

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