BR jeans, BR flannel shirt, new merino sweater.

Hi, all! As I contemplate yet another rainy day, I decide not to wear my Paige bootcuts; even though they are the new full length, not floor sweeping, they still would get wet! So here I have some ankle straights by BR up for review. 

The question: Are they okay, or do they just look like flood pants?. I mean, it's true, I need flood pants. But, you know...

TBH, I don't think a straight silhouette works as well on me as a tapered one. But I want to try. I've been canvassing lots of different jeans and have been on an order and return cycle all fall. More on that in another post when I get a chance. 

My review of these: nice "denim-y" denim, not too much stretch. Felt snug when I first put them on in my normal size but seem to be adjusting (tags still on, just in case). True ankle length on me (I got the short ankle). High but not too high rise -- to my bellybutton (so probably about 10.5 inches). A slim straight style.

Meanwhile, I also got the lovely flannel shirt that Angie modelled in a berry shade. That colour is not available in Canada, so I went for the white, which I really like. It's a lovely, soft shirt with nice details like a placket to hide the buttons and a deep cuff. 

The sweater is part of my ongoing merino search. The Bay still had a couple of old Lord and Taylor things hanging around, so I picked up two for a mere $22 each. This leopard print V-neck has already become a workhorse. I love a patterned sweater! 

Worn also with the new Bloomie's cardigan. 

Thanks for looking and for your thoughts! 

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  • cat2 replied 1 week ago

    Cute picks and advanced layering. I have no idea how you make a sweater over a flannel shirt look so tidy. I end up a mess when I try this.

  • Tanya replied 1 week ago

    Love everything, Suz!   The jeans fit you really well and look great, you just  may not be used to the silhouette.  The shirt and sweater look like slam dunk for your style.  Enjoy your new items!

  • rachylou replied 1 week ago

    They look great!

  • Helena replied 1 week ago

    You look fantastic Suz ... love the straight jeans on you!

  • lisa p replied 1 week ago

    I quite like these jeans on you - mind you I have a sugar eye for a cropped length. They don't look "just too short" to me .  Lovely shirt too - I'm not a plaid or flannel anything wearer, but this is so tempting . The extra details you mention elevate this into a more luxurious look. What happened to the Lord & Taylor merch at the Bay anyways? I was looking for a cashmere sweater and almost always buy one from that table every year.  The Bay is honestly the most confusing store .  Great leopard sweater too - I can see how it would be a workhorse.

    And.....laughing in agreement with  the comment about how you can wear a shirt and a cardigan so well. I'd be a bulky, wrinkled mess ;)  

  • CarolS replied 1 week ago

    The jeans look great on you Suz -- I think the cut flatters and the length looks deliberate. The white flannel shirt and leopard print sweater are wonderful additions for you. The last L&T sweaters at my local Bay store were very tired looking indeed. I'm glad you found some winners.

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    In short - KILLER gorgeous all round the signature Suz-way! And rocking it :)

    Look at the fab V-neck! Isn't it a fab flannel shirt, and very reasonable.

    NOT FLOOD PANTS. Length looks on point, as does your styling! I prefer these straights on you rather than tighter tapered styles - if that is what you mean? Or do you mean baggy styles with tapered hems look better? 

    LOVE your hair too! It looks so neat and sharp compared to mine right now since I'm growing it out. I can enjoy my ex-cut on you! Scarf is SUBLIME with your silver tresses! 

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    Aww, thank you all. I will say, the hair looks better in photos than IRL. I wasn't happy with the last job my Victoria guy did and am going to Vancouver for the next cut. I miss my old stylist there! 

    Angie, the type of tapered jean I like best on myself is not a skinny, but a slim straight with a very slight taper (like a cigarette pant or some "mom" jeans) or a baggier silhouette (like a BF). I find those the most flattering and easy to wear for my body.

    Boot cuts  also work well but at full length, they are useless in the rain. Cropped wide leg jeans are okay (as are cropped trousers) and full length wide legs are also good in a drapey fabric (not in denim). 

    Straight leg jeans have traditionally been a bit trickier for me in all lengths. Often they are cut too. narrow in the thigh for me. And if they are loose enough in the thigh, they are too floppy/ loose in the bottom. A straight leg trouser can work well in the right fabrication. But even then, I tend to like a very slightly tapered tailored trouser. Not a skinny.

    Lord & Taylor is no more, LIsa, so that's why the Bay doesn't have much stuff. They were just selling off whatever hadn't sold and I lucked into this piece and one other. 

    I really like the BR shirt -- it's a great winter addition. Years ago I had a Zara flannel shirt that was similar but this is nicer quality.  

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    The devil is the details! Your preferences make a lot of sense. 

    ALSO sticking up for this straight silhouette that I think is flattering too. 

  • cjh replied 1 week ago

    I’m not sure how anyone could suggest improvements to these combos! I love both the leopard sweater and the white plaid shirt. Perfection. 

    Looking forward to jeans style discussion.

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    These ones work okay (I think) because there is enough room on the thigh and in the rise (also a problem more often with straights, on me) and because they are a darker wash, cropped, and quite slim. I'm pendantic about jeans shape on myself! :) 

    Anyway. I cut the tags and am wearing. They are not my "dream jean" but they will certainly help out during the wet season. I was in serious need of options! 

  • unfrumped replied 1 week ago

    I like them all!

  • slim cat replied 1 week ago

    Fabulous - love it all ( special awe to your perfect hair - gorgeous! ).

  • lisa p replied 1 week ago

    I usually am on top of what goes on at retail - and forgot about the Lord & Taylor situation . This is what being out of the business does to me ;) I was going to mention how great your hair looks too . I love the piecey-ness and how nicely it sits against your head . I went into the bathroom to try to do something with mine after seeing your photos - lol. What styling product do you use to get that separation ?

  • RobinF replied 1 week ago

    I also love the piecey-ness of your hair, when mine was short it always wanted to lay smooth but that isn't what I wanted!

    Great looks, I quite like the jeans. They are nice and slim without being skinny. Love you in that long cardi!

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    Lisa, I think it was still a bit wet, LOL!! 

    But I do use stuff -- often Kevin Murphy Rough Rider (which I need because most creams and pastes don't give me any hold) and sometimes also a kind of gloss. 

    He gave me a very textured cut this last time and the sides are super short, a bit masculine for my taste, but whatever. It's almost grown out to the next cut stage now. 

  • Janet replied 1 week ago

    Suz, I think these look great on you! I prefer a narrow-ish cropped length, rather than flared, but I understand we all have our own specific likes. :-) The length looks good — short enough to be deliberate but not too short, which is my problem with a lot of crops.

    That sweater is great, as is your layering!

  • lisa p replied 1 week ago

    I usethat same Kevin Murphy paste but I swear one extra microgram in my hair turns it into a gluey mess . I want something with some shine too , but that can go greasy easily too . I wish little tester sizes of products were available .

  • Firecracker replied 1 week ago

    Glad you cut the tags, Suz. I really like this jeans silhouette on you. It's a nice change and you wear it well. I have some jeans like this, and they took some getting used to. My favorite way to wear them is as you are here, with a fairly close fitting bootie that closes the gap. (I empathize and chuckled at needing flood pants but not wanting them to look like flood pants!) Great find on the sweater. And the refined flannel shirt is lovely, too.

  • Beth Ann replied 1 week ago

    I like these jeans a lot!  The tiny flare at the end is a great frame for your boots and the length is just right.

    To my eye, the proportions are quite flattering, but I know I'm having the same feelings in my own wardrobe: 
    Bootcuts: yes
    Slim straights: yes
    Boyfriend: Yes
    Looser Straights??? Hmmmmmm....

    Maybe we're just adjusting to new proportions?

  • Irina replied 1 week ago

    I love the straight jeans on you, looks fantastic! How could you have any doubts? :)
    I like all three outfits and wish I looked that good with a tucked in shirt!

  • MsMaven replied 1 week ago

    Your hair and the flannel shirt make a fabulous combination. As nearly always, I like all of your looks. 

  • The Cat replied 1 week ago

    Great looks, all of them. The white&grey flannel shirt looks stunning with your silver tresses!

  • shevia replied 1 week ago

    Jeans length and silhouette look excellent to me. Also your hair! Spectacular with white and has never looked better (just as good,
    yes :) )

  • Bijou replied 1 week ago

    Like The Cat, I cannot get over your white shirt, stunning on you! The jeans are very good too.

  • Joy replied 1 week ago

    Everything looks amazing on you.  I have been enjoying some flannel shirts for the fit store time ever.  Now I want a white one like yours.  Today I am wearing a black and white shirt under a plaid sweatshirt of black, white and red.  The sweatshirt does not really fit smoothly over the flannel shirt.  Maybe I need a smaller flannel shirt or a larger sweatshirt?  It is a little cool today for the flannel under a sweatshirt, but not too bad.  

  • Runcarla replied 1 week ago

    Hmmm… I’m feeling lighter coloured flannel myself this season, and have two new button downs getting a lot of wear (see finds).  I really like your winter white version and how you’ve styled it.  Jeans look fine.  Nice outfits with the new tops.  

    Sorry about your rain.  We are getting snow in my part of the world (and your old stomping grounds).  

  • Indigoprint replied 1 week ago

     You look Fab! Crops are hard for me. It's hard to get past the teasing of "high waters" from high school. But I wear them quite a bit now . Your fit looks as good and intentional as your reference photos.  Sometimes with a crop I will roll up the bottom just a hems width. It does not really affect the length but sometimes reels in the bottom width a bit. 

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    Indigoprint, yes, I do that, too, with pants that taper a bit. With pants that are straight the cuff rarely stays up on me, alas! 

    It's interesting that some people see these are a boot cut or flare -- they are not. They're straight. But this is the fit issue for me. It's because straights always fit snugger on the thigh on me than they are meant to fit or fit on anyone with slimmer legs -- so that in turn can make  the bottom look either flared out (as here, because these are short). The pant, in effect, can't go straight because of my curves, LOL! 

    Carla, makes sense you'd be into a lighter coloured flannel, too. It brightens things a bit! Sorry about the snow. Although that brightens things, too! 

    Joy, flannel can indeed be sticky. I tend to use cardigans if I want to layer over -- or jackets with smooth lining. 

    My verdict on the jeans after a day's wear -- they stretched out just enough (but not too much for me), they are comfy, but the length is a bit uncomfortable. They'll be fine with sneakers and higher shafted boots, but they "catch" on the tops of many booties, even the ones I am wearing in the photos. Not my faves. But useful for the time being as I continue my search. I was down to boot cuts and BFs  and one pair of wide legs, and one pair of light coloured cigarette jeans which are more like slim straight on me. 

  • Katerina replied 1 week ago

    Suz, you look sensational in all these outfits. They are soo good! I really like the jeans on you - I think the length is perfect. And the flannel shirt - just WOW! Stunning gorgeous.

  • lyn67 replied 1 week ago

    I love everything in these picties, including hair-which is WOW, LOVE it textured to so piecey- but I can never  achieve this look for myself. Think is in the cut and that you have a very dense hair  which can be texturised  easy in 3D. 
    You mastered the layering with a long cardigan look, love the new flanel and sweater they are so different-and do a great job with the new jeans-which I find íhere good enough  but I too hold on some styles which worked so well in the past and am very critical with new cuts-even a few cm can change all the silhouette we are after.

  • Jonesy replied 1 week ago

    It's great to see you post some WIWs! I love the jeans on you, but I hear you on the catching-on-the-tops of boots issue--annoying! But they do look really good :). I love the white windowpane check flannel shirt, your new patterned v-neck looks smashing, and your long grey cardigan suits you beautifully. I share your love for merino and patterned knitwear! Your haircut looks immaculate and chic to me, but I commiserate re. the hairdresser kind of doing their own thing rather than exactly what you want!

  • Roxanna replied 1 week ago

    LOVE the jeans on you. You rock the straight leg. And I love the flannel shirt too - you've inspired me to try and pick one up when thrifting.

  • Column replied 1 week ago

    These are great, Suz. Do you still have the awesome BR high waist wide leg crop denim? I think they would work spectacularly with these looks, too!

  • Suz replied 5 days ago

    Column, yes, I do still have those jeans and wear them quite a bit. They bag out at the knee so they require washing about every second wear, which can limit their functionality a bit. 

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