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I typically use the sale to stock up on bras and undies because I'm a not-easily-available size in Canada and can get good prices during the sale. 

This year I wanted to branch out from my standard Natori Feathers. The Feathers is a great bra for someone like me with small-to-medium slightly wide spaced breasts, but it does fit small and you do have to size up in the cups, or at least I always have. Lately, though, I've been getting annoying spillage even with the larger cup. I'm trying a cup size up from that to see if that solves the problem but those have not arrived and in the meantime I wanted to test a few other styles.

I also ordered a few others. The Cherry Blossom was a no-go; it fit even smaller than the Feathers on me.  I'm also returning the bralette; it just felt too puffy overall and I didn't like the pink. 

The Bliss Perfection fits in my normal Natori size  (i.e. one cup size up from what I might order from a different brand) -- the cup size is adequate, but I do worry that back elastic might stretch out quicker than typical since it is very soft -- that's also what makes it very comfortable, of course. I also tried the sister size (a band size up and a cup size down). It is far too loose in the band, and the back rides up, so it is going back. Note: some reviewers complain the bra is "noisy." This has not been my experience. I think they used plastic hardware one year and that caused problems. The hardware on this version is metal. 

I'm also trying the Rose Dream. This one does fit in the sister size (a much easier size to find...). The elastic is more substantial on the back panel so I think it will hold up for a while, at least. But it gets some very mixed reviews. People say the cups "curl" after washing. It's very comfortable out of the bag, and I'm tempted to order another, but I think I will wait to see if it holds up before doing so. 

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  • delurked replied 6 months ago

    Thanks for the reporting. The feathers bra is a style I have owned, and can relate to the "spillage" that can happen with that one. I will be curious to see if the cup size up works for you. I haven't tried that, but have considered it. I've also owned something similar to the rose dream one, but have found it to not be comfortable enough in the last few years. 

    I didn't think I would try a bra in this NAS, but I ended up ordering this one. It is unlined, so may not always provide enough opaqueness. I just got it and find it very comfortable upon try on, but it's a bit loose on the band, so that I tried it on the tightest hooks. That makes me think it will stretch out, so I've ordered another size to compare. 

    I like having a few different styles for my different needs. 

  • kkards replied 6 months ago

    The bliss is now my go to bra. It’s the one i wear almost every day. I haven’t found that it stretches any faster than other bra’s.

  • Bonnie replied 6 months ago

    I'm a fan of the Bliss bra, too. I've also changed from Feathers for the same reason. 

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    That's really interesting, delurked and Bonnie. I wonder if it's us changing or the bra?! Glad to know the Bliss works for you, Bonnie and kkards. That's good news! I agree about wanting different styles for different purposes, delurked. 

  • Kathie replied 6 months ago

    I can concur with the Rose Dream cups curling. I hand wash my bras, and after too short a time, the top edge became very visible under my clothes. I tried the Cherry Blossom, but it seemed softer/less supportive/more likely to wear out quickly than the Feathers.

    It’s good to hear your, and others, experience with the Bliss. Hopefully it works long term!

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Hmm, Kathie, that is worrying. I also wash by hand, but curling sounds most unpleasant and not worth it! Maybe I will send that one back as well, in that case! 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 months ago

    Interesting to hear your experience. I am becoming a Natori convert. They seem to be working better for me in recent years than other brands I've relied on in the past (Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson). I have not liked the Feathers for me in the past--maybe I didn't size up enough, because I didn't like the coverage--but I did get two Cherry Blossom bras during last year's sale, and I like them. This year I bought two each of the Bliss Perfection and Rose Dream. I got the Bliss Perfection in 32C and Rose Dream in 34B; the latter was my size in last year's Natori bras that I bought.
    I also tried on the bralette in the store, and it was a totally weird fit. The cups seemed to float around, which was especially disconcerting--haha!

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Honestly, bra fitting is so wonky...and so bizarre...the Feathers definitely fits small small small in the cup...but if you do get the right size, it works (or it used to work, for me). Interesting that you took a larger sized band in the Rose Dream, Sharan. After Kathie's report, I think I will send it back. I don't want to deal with curling cups! But I may end up re-ordering later if I can't find some other styles that work. As usual, they are now sold out of everything in my size. I should have ordered multiple colours in all the styles. Lesson learned. 

  • sarah replied 6 months ago

    Suz, FWIW, I have the Natori Zone Full Fit, and it's extremely comfortable and has held up remarkably well. It's not on sale, sadly, but it's now the only bra I wear, except when I need a racer-back style, because it's so comfortable. I had to size up a cup size from my regular.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 months ago

    Yes, it's odd, Suz. The sales associate told me the Bliss Perfection ran large in the band, and it did, I discovered, when we pulled a 34 to try, by mistake. Now I'm leering of curling cups--yikes. Ah, well. I've already worn all of them, so they are mine, now, for better or worse.

  • Echo replied 6 months ago

    Thanks for the reviews. I've been wanting to update bras, but my size has changed and I haven't had a proper fitting. Surprisingly, True bras have been working well - for me the provide sufficient coverage and support, and the lack of proper hooks makes for a truly invisible back. There are no lines or bulges that show in clothing.

    I got the True & Co. body triangle bra at the NAS. I should actually probably order another now that I know it fits!

  • ophelia replied 6 months ago

    I once returned a t-shirt bra because of the curling cup, which was happening on several of my bras. . The SA asked how I washed it. I told her hand wash & hang to dry. She said it is the hanging that causes curl & rec’d drying flat on drying rack & not folding for storage. I’ve had no curling at all since!

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Yes, Echo, once you find one that works, stock up, especially at the sale price!

    Sharan, that band on the Bliss Underwire is definitely looser than on most 30s. And it does make for comfort. I am thinking I might be between band sizes now because of Kettlebells -- 32 is still too big but some 30s feel too snug. 

    Sarah, that style has definite potential -- I can see how it might work for my shape. Alas, they don't carry it in Canada (at Nordstrom's) but I will look elsewhere. It is REALLY hard to find a 30 band in Canada and you have to snap them up when and where they appear. I sometimes see Calvin Kleins in 30 but they don't work for me. I have found the odd Wacoal style that works but most are not good on me, either. Those are typicallyl the only brands available except at speciality stores. 

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Ophelia, that is so interesting! I can see that. I tend to leave mine flat to dry...

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Lots of good info here! Thanks for sharing, Suz and others. Bra fitting is quite an art....

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    An update -- I sent back the Rose Dream due to the reports about the curling cups, although I appreciate the tip about drying flat vs. hanging it -- that does make a lot of sense. Perhaps next time I will try this style. 

     I got one Bliss Perfection Underwire in my size but there are no more available in colours I like in my size. I do think the band on this bra is going to stretch out awfully quickly. But I notice there are four band settings rather than three, which should help as it loosens. 

    I tried the Feathers in my regular band size but (another) cup size up, and in a larger band size, same cup size. Of the two, the one in my regular band size, cup size up was better, because in the larger size the centre gore didn't lie flat and yet I didn't have enough coverage. Anyway, I went with the larger cup size and will see how it goes. 

    The search for an ever better style continues! But at least I have undies and bras now to get me through the year. 

  • DonnaF replied 6 months ago

    Thanks to your review and the additional endorsements, the Bliss will be on its way to me soon! I am a 28 or 30 band, so I am worried that it won't quite fit. I also ordered the Skarlett Blue to try; never heard of the brand.

    Due to a small weight loss, most of my bras aren't nearly as comfortable as when I bought them. When the cups aren't quite filled the straps fall down. I normally buy Freya, so I bought the Freya below (NAS) but in a cup size down and 30 vs. 28. So, so comfy; I'd almost forgotten! I highly recommend the brand for small band, large cups -- that tend to be more functional than pretty. 

  • Staysfit replied 6 months ago

    Suz, thanks for the bra reviews.  I also used the sale to stock up on bras.  I tried the Natori bralette.  It is soft and comfy but did not fit me correctly, the section in the middle front lifted off my chest, so I returned it.  I ended up with multiple Wacoal bras..which fit perfectly and I believe are also sized to fit more petite figures, so ordering a cup size larger may help in some styles.  The styles that worked for me include: Wacoal comfort first underwire T shirt bra, The Wacoal ultimate side smoother, the Wacoal Embrace lace underwire bra, and the Wacoal Brandi, high impact underwire sports bra.  My band size is consistently 32.

  • suntiger replied 6 months ago

    I have Rose Dream and they're ok, even a few years later, but I always hand wash bras. I have had other bras that have curled in the cups though.

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 6 months ago

    Good luck!

    I’ve been bra shoppping over here, seem to have the opposite problem. The Feathers bra I got in the sale a few years ago fits me fine and is in decent shape, but is boring. An Intimissimi 34C has the right size cups, but the band is too tight. If I size up to 36C, the cups are too big. Even the 36B cups are bigger than the ones on 34C—there are folds in the fabric. I don’t understand and just want to know what size is what!

  • Aquamarine replied 6 months ago

    I’ve never used NAS for bra shopping until this year. I tried the Freya Idol in my usual size (32DDD) and it was perfect. Ordered a second (limited colors in NAS) and have a new favorite bra. Agree with DonnaF…if you need a smaller band, larger cup…try it.

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Thank you for the good reports on the Freyas. Alas, they are not sold at the Canadian sale and not even at Nordstrom's at all (right now) so I'll have to find another way to try them on. It is really, really hard to find 30 bands in Canada except in speciality stores and even there the options are limited. 

    suntiger, that's good to know about the Rose Dream. I'll give it a try again since I did seem to be able to use a 32 band in that one and it's a much easier band size to find. 

    I've had Wacoal bras in the past -- a few styles work for me but some do not. And some styles are not sold in Canada in a 30 band. (Sigh). 

    I know just what you mean about the dropping straps if you lose weight -- ugh. Balconettes can work better for that reason -- I get it! And then the "spillage" in the cups if you gain a bit...or even gain a bit of muscle from working out. Oy vey. 

    Aquamarine, Staysfit, it sounds like you did well -- yay!! 

    Staglaire Fash, Feathers counts as "sexy" in my bra world. Such a hard size to find, I take what I can get, LOL. 

  • DonnaF replied 6 months ago

    The NAS Freya I bought just came back into stock! Seems like the returns of early purchasers have made it back into stock.

    You need to know make, model, and size, but I have found bra discount prices by scouring a number of web sites. The options are no doubt fewer in Canada. I think Freya is a British brand.

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Thank you, Donna. I just found a deal that way on a Natori -- it had to come from the US but the price was so low I didn't have to pay added duty and it ended up cheaper even with postage than the Nordstrom's. As you say, once you know the size that works for you, you're in a better situation! I will keep my eyes open for Freyas. 

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