Canadians: Amazon orders

Hello YLF friends. 

You have all been so helpful with my gala preparations. If I can get the trousers shortened properly, I am pretty much decided on the suit. But now I am searching for shoes. 

I may have some shopping opportunity at Yorkdale on Tuesday, but time will be tight. I am going shopping here in Kingston today. So far, in store, I have found an Ann Klein pump.   It looks silver in the picture but it's actually light gold that has an advantage in that it can sort of skew either way. It looks pretty nude with my skin tone. The heel was astonishingly good. It felt balanced, in other words. Nice pointy toe, too. 

The fit...well, there's the rub. The last is a great shape for me and it's surprisingly comfortable except the heel flips out -- my perennial problem. We tried inserts but then the toe box felt too snug. Sigh. 

I love Angie's suggested Bella Vita pumps, and also found a J. Renee pump that looks great. But I am worried about ordering from Amazon. 

Canadians -- have you ever done returns to Amazon or an Amazon seller? I don't have time to do a "my US address" pickup, unfortunately. So it would have to come here, I'd have to pay the duties, etc. and then suffer with the return issues if the shoes did not work. I don't think it is safe simply to order one; my fit issues with pumps are legendary due to my narrow heels. 
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  • Glory replied 7 years ago
    I have ordered from Amazon and yes, had to pay the duties. I haven't done a return. For shoes, unless you know they fit and have tried them, I just think it isn't worth the risk. The ones you have linked to are quite nice but the fit problem...That is what gives me pause about ordering without trying.
    Have you looked at:
    Aldo, Spring Shoes, Town Shoes, The Bay, Le Chateau, The Shoe Company. You may not have them available in your town but they all ship. 
    Le Chateau has some lovely ones online.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    Thanks, Glory. I'm going off to the mall now. We have Le Chateau, but they never fit me. Ditto Aldo. I might have some luck at the Bay. 
  • Zapotee replied 7 years ago

    I think Shannon orders from them without an issue. hopefully she will chime in soon.

  • Mia replied 7 years ago

    Net a Porter has free returns but the shoes are $$$ and usually 4" heels or higher. You did only spend $20 on the fab suit though....
    What about Simons? Gaylene advised re their new online recently.

    Our Bay has better selection now so best of luck there. I have narrow heels so usually wear sling back. Coach fit pretty well and they usually have an evening shoe in the line.

  • replied 7 years ago

    I have ordered shoes from Amazon -- they came really quickly (I have only ordered shoes provided from, not resellers affiliated with them).

    Tey estimate the duties at purchase, and you will get a credit later for any amount over. I haven't done a return so I am afraid I am no help there.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago
    Sorry I'm late chiming in - you all know I've ordered from Amazon dozens of times. As Ceit said, they estimate the duties when you check out and then I always receive a credit about 2-3 weeks later. They tend to over estimate which is fine. The trick with Amazon is to make sure what you're ordering is shipped from Amazon, not from a third party.There are hidden and extra costs when you order from them but the item is shipped from another provider. I will not order from Amazon if the item is not from them. 

    I have been super lucky as I have never had to do a return so unfortunately can't speak to how that works.
  • Suz replied 7 years ago
    Okay, thank you! Unfortunately, the Bella Vitas come from another seller. :-(

    The J. Renees are from Amazon, though, so I could try them if necessary. But I got those slingbacks, which I think will do. 

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