Casual boot update

Some of you probably remember that I was looking for a pair of super-casual boots earlier this season to replace my old Blundstones that had always been too big on me (and that my daughter had permanently "borrowed," anyway.) 

I got some great suggestions. I particularly liked gryffin's suggestion to hunt for a pair of paddock boots, and I think I may still do that to add to the casual boot collection! (Thanks, gryffin). 

A number of people also wondered why the heck my Aquatalia Sweeties wouldn't serve this role. I didn't really have an answer to that; it just felt as if the Aquatalias were too "good" for the purpose I had in mind. (Mainly light hiking and tramping through parks on the way to my gym.)

My update: I tried the super fun kids' Blundstones with the pink inset that LisaP recommended (#1 in Finds), but alas, they don't come in my size. So I ended up going down a size in the brogue style chisel toes.

This style turned out to be a good choice. They fit more snugly than most because the brogue styling adds an extra piece of leather, which was actually a benefit to me. I had to try a few pairs, but managed to find a good fit in the new smaller size. They are a bit difficult to get on and off, but that is usual with this style until it's fully broken in.  

Meanwhile, I also brought the Sweeties out of hibernation and I've been wearing those like crazy as well! 

In fact, over the last two weeks, I've worn each boot at least six times.

So clearly I wasn't imagining a need for this type of footwear. I had a real hole and the boots will earn back their cost. It's nice to have the option between the slightly more "citified" quilt-detailed black boot, and the shorter, dark taupe-y brown nubuck boot.  

So, all's well that ends well, and as Angie would say, all sorted!  :) 

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  • Jenny H replied 5 years ago

    How cute are the pink inset ones! All lovely boots here. Glad it is all sorted for you!

  • Ingunn replied 5 years ago

    I'm glad to hear this, but not really surprised! Having a variety is equally important when casual shoes are in question as with the dressy ones, - maybe even more when one's lifestyle is mostly casual, like yours and mine. This is something I'm finally embracing, and I reduce my dressy shoes options in favor of the casual ones now. This was never the case before. I adore both the Sweeties and the Blundstones. The latter reminds me a bit of the Orinoccos from Clarks, which I have myself. I bought the first pair in 2010 and am now on my second. Clearly essentials for me, completely indispensable. I'd like a pair like the Sweeties too. Tamaris has a model that looks like them, but I didn't like the feel of them up close - they reminded me too much of children's lined rubber boots. 

  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago

    Glad you got it sorted!  I had no idea Blundstone makes slip resistant soles, at  least the "TPU" kinds are slip resistant to organic fats… just what I need!  I'm always looking for alternatives to the homely but effective Sanitas.  Wondering if you can stand in these for 6 plus hours at a time.  What do you think?  How much does your foot slide around in them?  Is the footbed solid or cushy?

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Denise, time will tell with these Blundstones. I could certainly WALK in them for six hours at a stretch, but I find standing to be much harder on my feet and legs. So it might depend on the amount of movement you are doing. 

    The problem might be sizing. They are Australian sizes, and unisex, and tend to be a bit on the wide side. My feet were swimming in the size I originally bought, even with an extra insole and thick sock. So I sized down. Now I can't wear an extra insole (yet) -- probably once they are broken in I will be able to. 

    They're not cushy, but they are not rock hard, either, I would say. The do have one insole with some light cushioning already in place. 

    My feet used to slide around like crazy in my old (larger) ones. They don't slide in these, or not noticeably. 

    I'd say they would be worth trying on. If I lived where you do, I might be wearing them outdoors and around the property, even if they didn't work as a "work" shoe. 

    They've always been hugely popular in Toronto. And they are hugely popular in Kingston, too. 

    I saw in a Toronto fashion magazine that they are considered "normcore" to the max, but I don't really care one way or the other. The reason everybody wears them is that they are so incredibly practical for our climate and slick roads. 

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    I think it's good you're giving your Aquatailias more wear, too. I want to try to have more overlap between types of clothing capsules and just find items that I really like to wear in various ways.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Glad you ended up with a pair. I really like the brogues too .  My husband wears a pair, otherwise I'd be all over them for myself . I will not be a "couple" in matching boots :)  

  • Style Fan replied 5 years ago

    Great boot capsule.  Blundstone don't fit me.  My feet either swim in them or they are too short.  I found a good substitute that I like and very few people have so I am happy -- El Naturlista.  They are Spanish and are very comfy.  Come in lots of colours.  I hike in them, etc.  DH wears Blundstones. 

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Everyone needs great practical boots if they are going to be going much walking in cold weather. I have held onto some oldie-but-goodies with squared off toes for that reason. La Cannadienne's are fab even if no longer stylish.

  • shedev replied 5 years ago

    I like the brogue ones.

  • thimblelina replied 5 years ago

    Very cool Suz! My frye campus boots have chisel toes; it's an under appreciated classic. I might have to consider these when my lucky brogue style boots bite the dust.

  • gryffin replied 5 years ago

    Suz - glad you found nice and comfy boots!!  I really understand how you feel about the aquatalias.  I also tier my boots.  I have the aquatalia undy knee boots and two booties (via 6 pm at 1/2 price) and I know they are waterproof but I can't bring myself to really take them out in bad weather because I like them so much and want to keep them nice.  I would never take them hiking.  So I bought the LA saras (still baby them but less) and wear the ariat heritage II lacers (I posted that on your thread) and the ariat zip paddock h20 - which are waterproof, comfy but not as cute.  But Suz, question do you have real hiking boots?  I have had merrell, keen and eccos and honestly they are so much more comfortable and stable for real hiking and of course, they're made for the terrain.  Just a thought on something else for the boot collection!! 

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    A happy ending with happy feet! Will you pair the brown ones with black and taupe and camel? :)

  • Tanya replied 5 years ago

    Glad to hear you are all sorted, Suz.  I think that there is place for both pairs of boots in your wardrobe.  Love those Aquatalias, and the Blundstones look cozy.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    gryffin, good question. I do have real hiking boots for serious hikes, yes -- or rather, I have trail runners for warmer weather and a pair of winter hiking boots for cold weather.

    But the kind of "hikes" I'm talking about where I would wear the Blundstones are not real hikes. More walks, but often lengthy ones, on grassy strips or gravel paths as well as city sidewalks.

    My city is a small one and there are lots of "cut through" paths in the parks, etc. And the roads are often in poor shape with potholes, etc. So it's a bit like country walking on paved roads, maybe, with the occasional foray into a meadow. I guess the reality is, I want to be able to do something almost-but-not-quite requiring gear, but not look as if I am wearing gear. 

    I'll wear the Aquatalias more for true urban hiking. On city streets when I am travelling (they just got a workout on my last trip to Toronto and I even ended up wearing them in the rain -- and they did fine!!). Or when I am walking in town here but strictly on sidewalks. 

    Aida, I'll absolutely pair the brown ones with taupe as well as black and denim. Great suggestions. 

    Thanks Tanya and thimbelina

  • gryffin replied 5 years ago

    Suz - makes perfect sense - suburban hikes!! Looks like a perfect boot for that task. Enjoy them!

  • Aziraphale replied 5 years ago

    Nice! I really like both pairs of boots. I like having the option of dressier black footwear vs. more casual brown footwear, too. And you can't go wrong with low-heeled chelsea boots. They are so comfortable and useful.

  • Neel replied 5 years ago

    Who else could we trust when it comes to not imagining things! Glad you are all sorted. I loved reading through your analysis :). Fun boots and I can see you rocking them!

  • replied 5 years ago

    I'm so pleased that you're getting sorted for lifestyle appropriate footwear Suz. The Blundstone and Sweetie look great. I can just picture you in one of 'your'  stylish casual outfits :)

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