Crewsing toward a bigger closet?

My J. Crew order finally came. Luckily, it arrived when Mr. Suz was out. :) With the number of packages that have been coming for me in the past week, I think he would have thrown a conniption had he seen this. Especially since it came in two boxes. 

I don't know what came over me in the last few weeks. I no sooner announced that I didn't really have any summer shopping to do this year...than I went out and ordered more than I've ordered at one time since last year's NAS!! 

Since I'm trying to maintain a moderate closet, I decided that these must be 10s for me to keep. To justify their place in the wardrobe, I have edited out: 2 tees, 3 lightweight sweaters, 5 far-past-their-prime woven tops. Since I did not own any summer weight trousers, I don't consider that I need to purge anything to make way for the linen pants.

I'm inclined to keep everything here unless you tell me otherwise.  

1-5: The linen hi-low sweater and the drawstring linen pants in navy. (I already bought the same pants in white; the navy are in addition because I liked the white ones so much.) 

Angie thought I would need this sweater in XS but this is the S and I think it fits -- thus proving my point about frame size, in Echo's thread.  :)  This pastel blue is not my best, but it's a nice change for me as a summer piece. Better in person, I think, than in the photos.  (It's a very grey day here so you see this with a flash). 

6: The Thomas Mason tux shirt in blue. Viva and Angie and I think Tanya also have this one. This is not quite as purplish in real life, but it's a slam dunk on me and I got it at sale price, so it is staying. It will replace a similar blue linen shirt from Uniglo that is past its prime. 

7/8: A silk top in the floral cove pattern. I'm a little less sure of this one. The pattern is a bit large scale for me, I think. But I like it as a change and it will be easy to wear. I was lacking in patterned tops for summer. 

9: The linen boatneck tee in cobalt. This one is a slam-dunk, too. Tags off. 

10: I got this lightweight merino mesh sleeve sweatshirt to replace my two GAP mesh sleeve sweaters, which always bagged out terribly when I wore them. It was ridiculously inexpensive on sale. 

11: This is a lightweight merino tunic. I had wanted some tunic style sweaters. It's also staying for sure. 

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  • columbine(erin) replied 6 years ago

    Sheesh. I love every piece.

  • rachylou replied 6 years ago

    Me too. The floral top is also my fave. Lively!

  • Eliza replied 6 years ago

    Gorgeous looks.  I have had the same kind of spring and summer season, with a bad case of just one more item.  Then that item would be well set off by another item and then the weather gets humid and there is no such thing as too much linen... and so it goes.  The bounty of 2014.  I need to shut off the faucet, think I have bought enough this season to replace an entire wardrobe.  How's that for commiserating?
    Love a lot of these choices for you.  I just got the navy linen pants and love them.  Very comfy. They look great on you. 
    I agree that the floral top is what I would part with an effort to pare down a bit. 
    Cobalt is amazing and I love those boat necks. 
    The black/white works beautifully and will punch up some items, even though you aren't in black much. 
    Gotta run, but you are finding the keepers. 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Thank you -- and Eliza, thanks for the commiseration! I am glad to know I am not alone! It's been crazy. 

    You're right about the linen pants -- they have fabulous drape. This is not your ordinary linen, folks. It has a very light herringbone pattern and a lovely subtle sheen IRL. 

    The baseball sweater is actually navy and off-white, almost a greyish white. So it fits easily with my other stuff. 

  • Lisa replied 6 years ago

    It looks like you have just nicely freshened up your spring/summer wardrobe!  I cannot wait until mine is all sorted and I can do this too, perhaps next year.  The nice thing about shopping for a lot at one time is, it's easier to coordinate everything together, especially with colors.  And I can commiserate with you on orders.  It happens every time for me, I will not order for a long time and then the ONE DAY that an order comes is ALWAYS the day DH beats me home.  Unbelievable.

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Going on a hike (so I don't go find another pretzel), but wanted to pop in to say that these items are made for this part of your style journey -- perfect for work from home --- sophisticated, but with zero fuss.

    I tried on the light blue and it was just too pale for my coloring (although, really, couldn't J. Crew for electricity in those dressing rooms -- colors were impossible to gauge.)  It looks fab on you -- if anyone wants to know, the XL fit me much like the small fits you.

    I wanted to try the 14 in the linen pants -- but they didn't carry them in the store (grrrrr).  The white are sold out online.  sad.  How are they for size?  Loved the weight and taper!

    I love the print in the silk tank.  Yes, I would probably think it was too large a scale for you if I saw it in a catalog, but the sophisticated and subdued colors make it less overwhelming, and it is stunning.

    I don't think this is growing your wardrobe too fast.  I think each item will make dressing easier for summer and next spring.  Effortless fabness is what we all crave! 

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    Wow. You have been busy! Love them all, but the linen tee is just beyond perfect for you. Looking forward to watching you incorporate these into your wardrobe the next couple months. Done for Summer now? I am so OVER Summer that I pulled out everything I have for Fall this morning to make my shopping list. Super sad I'm stuck in Summer clothes until November!

  • lyn* replied 6 years ago

    #7/8 - that print tank is my hands down favourite; it looks so Suz... 

    I don't think your style is going to change too much over the winter, maybe the feast of this year is a good preparation for the potential famine next year?

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 6 years ago

    The pale blue top is not my favorite on you, although it's not *bad* by any means.

  • Ledonna N. replied 6 years ago

    Well, I am an enabler so say keep them all lol. No really I like the floral top in 7&8. And I like the fit of the pants in Pic1. You are the master of the tuck.

  • Tanya replied 6 years ago

    Love everything Suz!  I think we all have on and off seasons when it comes to shopping, I have also bought a quite a ridiculous amount of items this year, but I love them all and wear them all.  Enjoy your new pretties!

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    I see that you have purged at least 10 items, so I say go for them ALL!
    Suz, I have been busy hearting these fantastic pieces, love your style.
    IKWYM about the floral tank, but it looks Fab and is a nice different top to have for when you are in the mood for it :)
    I would buy those linen pants in a heartbeat if I found them in a B&M store!

  • doubleh replied 6 years ago

    check check check check check...etc.  All look worthy of the closet purge.  I especially like the floral and don't think it's "too" on you at all.  You have a great figure for wearing large scale patterns!

    ETA: I clicked the link in a lemming move and you wear it so much better than the allergy-ridden waif who's modeling it, imho!

  • deb replied 6 years ago

    Suz, this is a great haul!

  • UmmLila replied 6 years ago

    These all look lovely. I get a lot from J Crew as well because I love their colors and can generally count on the fit, but because I might have gone too far last winter, I have now been trying to avoid anything that screams "J Crew!" too loudly even if I really like it. Unfortunately, that's usually the prints and the winter coats.

    If it's less recognizable in Canada that could be much to your benefit...

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, all. It is so interesting that pastels can be as tricky as they are on somebody light coloured and fair. You'd think they'd work easily -- and they really do on some pale blondes (as well as on lots of dark haired, darker skinned women). But mid-tones for sure work best on me, and I can go much deeper and darker than you might expect -- all the way to black. In summer. WITH white. :) 

    I am glad to know that others have had a similar buy season. 

    Carter, I feel the way you do when it comes to winter. Ours just go on...and on...and on. I'm only STARTING to wear summer things here (seriously...just in the last two weeks) and I will wear them until mid-September. Then -- whoosh. Off they go for Autumn/ Winter -- which lasts where I live until April (really pushing it --- still need booties and cashmere but can go lighter in colour). 

    That is why I feel a bit guilty about buying so much summer stuff. I only have about 10 weeks to wear it. 

    Still....I need at least 10 tops, I figure -- one for each day, and a few extras for extra hot days (no air con) and for different types of event. (The fact that I probably have at least 20 tops now...well...just ignore that, okay??)  :)

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    I love it all, Suz! I think you are more of a moderate closet person, really. Your mind wants small but your heart needs a little more than that. :). These kinds of toppers are indispensable. I find versatile tops mean I can wear the same bottoms two or three times more.

    Also I don't know if anyone else felt a little nauseous looking at skinnies and boots in the Nordstrom catalog but I feel like I JUST LEFT THAT BEHIND.

  • NDMom replied 6 years ago

    Oh's all wonderful!  I know the feeling about the delivery trucks coming at inopportune times.  My family all says "Hey, Mom, your best friend is here!"
    These pieces are all perfect for you!

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    Oh I love every single thing here! The tux button down is my fav. I find that some years I purchase more, some years I purchase less, so it's all goodie :) It all evens out in the wash (pun intended).

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    Wow, all terrific. I LOVE the floral top on you, please keep.

  • Makrame replied 6 years ago

    Nice haul! Everything looks great on you.  I like a lot of things on JCrew website lately, especially their linen tees.

    FYI, I looked at the merino colorblock sweater, and one reviewer mentioned that it has to be dry-cleaned, otherwise the color bleeds over the white inserts.  Just wanted to mention it in case you haven't seen the reviews.

  • Peri replied 6 years ago

    I'm not about to tell you not to keep it all! It looks great and I am now a believer in buying up the store when what you like is available. 

  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    So, I promised not to enable . . But these are all truly fabulous pieces that it sounds like you can both use and that fit well in your closet and with your lifestyle. I say pounce!

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    Ahem...this is all? 6 tops and pants? And you call it "going all out"? Come on girl, get a grip on yourself! My JCrew order was in 3 boxes and 10 items total - beat that if you can! :-)
    Slam-dunk all around! The tux shirt is BEYOND GORGEOUS! Wow! 
    The hi-low sweater is good - and it fits you smaller than XL fits me - see the neckline, how low it is on me - yours is much higher.
    Cobalt boatneck tee is  a keeper but we knew it all along, didn't we? :-)
    Silk patterned top is nice and I don't think it is overwhelming at all.
    Love the merino sweatshirt, this is a sporty item I could have sported myself! :-)
    Tunic...I got mine today too and honestly I am not sure about it  on me. It looks great on you - which size did you get? Mine is also XL so maybe it is too big? Color also looks lighter than in your picture (can you see I am not sure about this one) I looks great on you though so I am tempted to try mine once more.
    All in all I am really amazed how you are able to order online so everything fits well and suits you and your style - I am returning the half of my order. 
    you are quite a pro now - can I hire you for my next JCrew spree?:-)

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Suz, I love it all, except for the pale blue sweater in #1. I know I am swimming against the tide but the fit looks a little off to me:(  I would be inclined to either go smaller or larger.  i.e. go for a more fitted shape, or alternately a little more oversized. Just my two cents, feel free  to toss it xx

  • Ginkgo replied 6 years ago

    My favorite is the print top, and it looks much better on you than on the model.  Please keep!  It's good to do something a little different and shake up your style routine.

  • shedev replied 6 years ago

    I especially love the cobalt and baseball style.

  • kellygirl replied 6 years ago

    Holy cow that is a fab haul. I love it all! The linen pants especially--what a great summer bottom option! 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate all comments. I especially like it when somebody goes against the tide, Deborah! So no worries on that score. I will wait until Angie weighs in. I do not think I could go smaller in this and have it fit my shoulders. And larger would create the problems Sveta talks about in hers. So maybe it is not a good cut for me, period. It's hard to be objective because it feels really nice on. :)

    I also love that people have different favourites. 

    Sveta, sizing: My "usual" J. Crew size is XS. The linen boatneck is S. The merino tunic I got in XS. I hope that helps. I think maybe you need your regular size. I also think that ordering up in tops might have worked okay last year but not so much now with your weight loss? Even though shoulders are the same, you are still slimmer in the body. 

    I am becoming a bit better at ordering from J. Crew after a couple of experiences where I had to return things.  :(   I read the descriptions very carefully and peer at the models about 600 times for degree of drape, also taking into account the fabrication. And when I get a chance I try things on in the store. That is only once or twice a year and they often don't have the items I would like in my size, but even that is instructive. 

    Makrame, I read that about the merino baseball sweater and had a moment of concern. But I'm betting if I wash it in cold it will be fine. And if not -- that is when I find out how their customer service is!  :)   At the price I got this for ($17 or something) I was totally willing to risk it. I knew it would be a great sporty luxe addition for my style. 

    Una, I am SO WITH YOU about the skinnies in the Nordie's catalogue. OY!! 
    And yup, I am a moderate closet gal for sure. My HEAD says "minimal" but my heart says: "A bit of variety would be nice."  :) 

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    Well I am glad you inclined to keep it all so the pressure to find something to complain about is off! I love the linen pants and everything with them. What can I say - I am reading about minimalism in design, which interests me more right now than minimalism in closet size!

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Suz thanks for being so gracious. I would like to hear Angie weigh in on it too.  And it doesn't look 'bad' it's just a case of looking with YLF eyes.  We do tend to critque on a level that is not even considered by mere mortals lol

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Yes, Debs - - totally agree! I may not have done a very good job of styling it - I pulled it down in the front rather than semi tucking or such -- I wanted to show the length. Plus I was not wearing a cami underneath. And I have a cold today. So all in all...

    Still, I am with you that it is my least favourite. Except for feel, and for thinking that in actual life I can style it in a way I will enjoy. 

  • Debbie replied 6 years ago

    I love it all. My favorite is the flowered top. It is a different style for you but screams summer.
    I have one more piece coming from JCrew but I wish they would not send it in different packages. How am I suppose to keep a lid on the actual number of packages I receive.

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    I'm here. Sorry for the delay. 

    I LOVE the floral top and the tux shirt most of all. WOW. Those are beyond killer on you, Sensational Suz. 

    The rest of the tops are a slam dunk - keep and enjoy. Casual and pulled together for working at home and casual settings outside of the home. No brainer. 

    As for the fit on the pastel linen sweater - it DOES fit in an S. You'd look as good in the XS though. Just a different fit. My ammethyst went back - *sobbing*. The neck was too wide on the XS after I removed the tag. That has happened to me before and I must be more careful about that in future. The neck on the XXS was perfect, but the entire top too short. 

  • Gracie replied 6 years ago

    A full successful order, yey!  Everything looks outstanding – keep the floral top please, it looks lovely with your skin tone and hair color... something a bit different to reach for when you want variety.  I also do feast-and-famine shopping so I say if the pickings are excellent, well, pick :)

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Debbie, you made me spit out my tea laughing!! 

    And Angie, thank you! That tux shirt is just SO HEAVENLY to the touch. It is a lot of money for me, but so so worth it. Just a joy to wear. And the silk top will be a nice option for going out. 

    That is such a shame about the sweater for you. I guess the tag must pull the neckline a bit to hold it up in front -- and give a bit more structure? So frustrating. 

    I was surprised about the fit on this one, to tell the truth -- after what you and Tanya said, after seeing Sveta's on her -- and after comparing to my V neck garment dyed linen. I bought that one in S also -- but if anything, the V neck is much looser on me than this boatneck one. (Tanya had mentioned that she thought it was the opposite way for her.) I happen to like the V neck oversize, like a boyfriend sweater -- and I have to wear an underlayer to cover the neckline anyway -- so it doesn't bother me. But I expected this one to be looser based on that and based on all your comments. It makes me wonder if the sizing on these sweaters might be a bit inconsistent. Or perhaps some of them have been tried on a lot. Linen can stretch out when that happens. 

    Anyway - you have the idea. The knit tops are mainly for work-at-home, with the tee also being a good underlayer for going out when it is cool enough to wear a topper. 

  • replied 6 years ago

    Well, at least you are switching a few items out when you bring these beauties in! I love the floral top (but then, you know I love a print). I love the baseball sweater and the tux shirt is also gorgeous on you. The duplicate trousers are also a no-brainer. I tried that first linen sweater on in store yesterday in three sizes. The XXS was too tight in the sleeves and shorter than I liked (although the SA liked it on me) The XS was a nice tailored/fluid fit (which I would have bought if I had decided on it) and the S would have been a more intentionally over-sized fit (requiring a bit of sass to pull off). I decided against it because the blue was not like I imagined it would be. I wanted the indigo color and it ended up being quite navy (unless I am talking about the wrong sweater--I don't see the indigo when I click on your "favorite" thingy). 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I think it might be a different sweater, Claire -- this one only came in the light blue/green I'm wearing (I think they call it "pond"), in a sort of taupe, and in the neon amethyst. 

    The knit sizing at J. Crew is a bit all over the place. The linen boatneck tee I am wearing is XS -- and is plenty, plenty roomy. Whereas this sweater is S. Who knows what goes on in the minds of the size-masters behind the scenes?? 

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    How on earth does one do slam dunk with online orders? Ask Suz :)

    Fantastic haul. And I love the tux shirt and the floral tee on you the best! But all are fantastic!

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    I am particularly fond of the baseball top on you.  It shows your shoulders so beautifully.

    As for the light blue sweater, with a piece like this you either fully embrace the ladylike, for example with a full skirt and heels, or you temper the sugar with toughness or the avant garde. 

  • Ornella replied 6 years ago

    Suz, I only have time to skim over threads these days but have noticed you have a great time with the new additions to your already impressive wardrobe. You've mastered the skill of finding the right things for you and your lifestyle to perfection. Without reading much, I hope you're keeping 6, 9 and 11. Those are so beautiful on you I could cry!

    (No idea if I commented on your thread with the out-of-the-suitcase outfits, but OMG!)

  • Inge replied 6 years ago

    And Suz scores again!!-)
    All these are excellent, Suz. The tuxedo shirt in blue is sublime on you, and that floral top is gorgeous (I agree with the other ladies that the scale of the pattern isn't too big).
    I really also like the light pond colour on you. I'd been eyeing it myself, but no, I am not allowed to get that pullover in a third colour (bought the white one in London, and ordered the neon amethyst yesterday). Time to start saving some pennies for NAS;-)
    I can tell from the photos that the linen trousers are beautiful quality and they have such great drape too. 
    The tunic sweater, boatneck tee and sweatshirt are fabulous too.

    Now enjoy your new loot without a ping of guilt!-)

  • Inge replied 6 years ago

    Claire & Suz, FYI: J.Crew lists the indigo separately on the website because they apparently used a different dye process for some of the colours, but I compared them with the zoom function (yep, that's the kind of shopper I am;-) and the styles are the same:

    Indigo, white and flax are here:;Nloc=e

    Neon amethyst, wet stone and light pond here:;Nloc=e

  • Aubergine replied 6 years ago

    Love everything on you! Everything looks perfect for effortless summer outfits. I think my favorite is the floral top too.

    And I just got a giant order from Loft. Only a month after another giant order from Loft that I was thinking would cover me for a while. So I can relate.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Thank you all! 

    Inge, you are, as usual, the MOST amazing shopper. 

    Given Claire's report, I'm almost 100% convinced that the sizing in these sweaters may be a touch inconsistent. Although -- that theory is surely put to the test by your experience, Inge -- owning two? Although maybe not, if you have not received the second yet. 

    Denise, thank you for that bit of styling wisdom. You are so perceptive. 

    Ornella, I'm keeping the lot. After all, it costs me to return it. I can just tell that to Mr. Suz, ha! :)

  • amiable replied 6 years ago

    Love them all - I was surprised to really love the large scale floral - you really glow in it!

  • replied 6 years ago

    Fantastic, all of them! What a fab haul. You look so good in the sweaters and like Amy, I really love the floral, who knew?

  • Astrid replied 6 years ago

    All fantastic pieces, Suz! You seem to have developed a real knack to buy pieces for your wardrobe that are just perfect full stop. :)

  • krishnidoux replied 6 years ago

    My favourites are: 
    outfits 5 -7 -9.

  • Inge replied 6 years ago


    I will report back on the sizing as soon as I've received the neon amethyst version, Suz. I do hope that the sizing isn't too different as my white jumper fits me just the way I like it...

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    What everyone else said ;-). Seriously, it all looks great and perfect for you - great haul!

  • Alassë replied 6 years ago

    #1-5: Not as keen on the colour for you
    #6: I immediately thought of Angie when I saw you; also very Suz
    #7-8: Wonderful on your complexion
    #9: Wonderful on your complexion
    #10: I guessed it would be your sporty luxe top ;)
    #11: Good tunic length, good colour on you

  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    Well Suz, I'm sorry to say it but.... you have to keep it all.  My least fav is the first top, but I think I'll like it a whole lot more with a cami, which it sounds like you would wear.  And the floral tee is wonderful on you.  Heck, it's all wonderful on you. 

    Funny that you had issues with your Gap mesh sleeved sweaters - I've worn my navy one quite a lot, and had no problems whatsoever. 

    My order arrived today, so yet another J.Crew post will do doubt be forthcoming!  Everything in it, you own :)

  • Inge replied 6 years ago

    Hi ladies,

    I promised to post an update about the sizing of the linen high-low hemline sweater. The neon amethyst version arrived today and it's about 0.8 narrower than the white jumper. Length in the front and back are the same though, and the fit everywhere else is also similar. Phew, that means I can keep this one too ;-)

  • replied 6 years ago

    Gorgeous floral top and so flattering on you!

  • replied 6 years ago

    Jcrew is addicting. I seem to be drawn to both it and Anthro  like a Magpie to sparklies. The jewelry just sings my name. As do the sweaters/dresses.

  • replied 6 years ago

    And ty for the boost, Suz! :)

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