Denim on denim, the faded version

You've seen a few of these items, mentioned in today's blog post, already, but for fun, I wanted to show you the piece de resistance! The Scotch and Soda denim jacket. 

This was pricey for me but a felt like a smart splurge, if that makes sense. When I first joined YLF in 2011 (I think?) one of my first purchases (on sale, from the Bay) was a lightly distressed mid-blue cropped denim jacket that I still wear all the time. You've seen it in countless outfits. Later that year I bought a white denim jacket in the kids' department at Old Navy. 

Despite wearing these two items constantly, I had not updated/ upgraded to anything a little fancier. Both are looking a bit tired, TBH. They fit fine, and I really do prefer the cropped lengths to the longer oversized fits of recent years. But the one from Old Navy has some stains on the collar. (So if you see a great, cropped white denim jacket with silver hardwear, let me know, LOL! Or a blue one, for that matter!) 

Anyway, in the meantime I tried this lighter wash with the blousy cut and dropped shoulder, and it is a a really fun change. It seems to work best so far with wider trousers (denim or otherwise). It is so generous that it will fit over a big cotton sweater, which makes it versatile. 

But it's the details that really make it fun and special. See photos. 

Just trying it here with the ON wide legs (perfect match!) and the GAP wide leg crops -- for fun. These weren't real outfits. But I will probably wear it like this if it ever warms up!  

I haven't worn this light a fade since 199-what? 

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  • Carol replied 7 months ago

    Love the hue of the denim, and love that popped collar! I had a denim jacket that was cut, oddly enough, like the red Mary Poppins jacket. It sort of came alive when I put it on. Sometimes it is the things you don't even think will work that work best. 

  • Cardiff girl replied 7 months ago

    Gosh ,the jeans look like they were sold as a suit with that jacket,what a great match.l totally approve of jeans jacket purchases,they always get worn so why not upgrade if you can.

  • Star replied 7 months ago

    That is an interesting fresh fit.  I like it!  I also have denim jackets from goodness knows when, and although there is nothing wrong with them last summer I did not wear them.  I have been a denim jacket girl since the 80s.  I thought maybe I am growing out of them but you making me think that I am just a bit tired of their styles.  Yours is one that inspires me again.

  • Angie replied 7 months ago

    #1 with the full length wide legs is KILLER to the Power of KILLER


    ......excuse me while I faint after my launch in orbit......

  • Dee replied 7 months ago

    Oh this jacket matches so perfectly with what you already have, fun script on the back of the jacket too. Totally “Cool girl”

  • Irina replied 7 months ago

    Lovely jacket. I’m curious, These weren't real outfits. But I will probably wear it. So, they are future outfits? :)
    Interesting to see a different approach, I wore this trend myself but I prefer to combine different denims in one outfit, not to match them. 

  • suntiger replied 7 months ago

    I like the first version more- second one has too much pockets for my preference! Good color for you though!

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 7 months ago

    That jacket is the bomb! I love it on you. I was drawn to it in Angie's post, too, thinking maybe.... But I don't think I can really use it. I will enjoy it on you.
    Super fab with the two pairs of jeans here, and I vote for them to become "real outfits" in the near future!

  • BlueJay replied 7 months ago

    Love the light denim with light denim! Not sure why when I think of double denim I think dark wash or medium wash. Maybe because it has been since 199? that it was a thing! I bought a cropped denim jacket from Mango a couple of years ago and I wear it more often than my other jackets because it is cropped. 

  • replied 7 months ago

    Very cool! Great look :)

  • Sal replied 7 months ago

    Great jacket on you! Very fun print too- I do love Scotch and Soda but haven’t added any of their clothing. It’s beautiful quality.

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    I should clarify -- the "Summer of Love' appears on the INSIDE back of the jacket -- it's not visible from outside. Which is extra special, really. It's just for the wearer -- or if the wearer takes it off. Details like that make it so unusual. 

    Scotch and Soda quality seems lovely, Sal, you are right! The prices are on the high side for me, for sure, but they do have seasonal sales. One of my step-sons has been dressing himself in S&S for the last few years and does he ever look fab! 

    Irina -- yes, I mean I might wear these as actual outfits...if it ever warms up enough, lOL -- still 10 degrees here -- but I would probably switch out footwear or make some other small tweaks.

    This was just thrown on to show the colour match, really, and to see how it looked.

    I'm always a bit careful to say whether I am trying it on as I would wear it or just to see the fit/ proportions etc. because I notice that when we ask one another for feedback, we get more helpful responses if people know exactly what we're doing. 

    If doing a keep or return, I think it's best to style it as we would wear it or at least one of the possible ways we'd wear it. It can be awfully hard to judge those pants if you are wearing them with a pajama top or the length of the dress if you are not wearing shoes, just for example.  OTOH, sometimes we just want to play around and show what we bought or we don't have time for a full try-on session, in which case it's important to say that or we might get comments that are beside the point. 

    Re denim on denim -- yes, I have usually mixed and matched, too -- dark with medium or medium with white are my usual combos. My comfort zone is more with those, but I would try a version of this. 

    BlueJay -- good idea to try Mango!  I will have a look. 

    Sharan, Nikki, Dee, Suntiger, Angie, Star, Cardiff Girl, Carol -- thank you! The very light wash denim does feel like a fresh change! Medium wash is still most flattering to me personally (near my face, at least) but this feels great for summer! 

  • Indigoprint replied 7 months ago

    Love this on you Suz. So blue!!!
    Your posts are influencing me to re-examine full length jeans. I am tall so length has always been a challenge for me but WOW those ON jeans are Fab and perfect color for warm weather.
    Love the pocket placement on the jacket. Pockets with flaps on the chest are the only thing about denim jackets that I do not love, so I think the placement is genius...Do they access on the side in addition to the top?

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Indigoprint -- Thanks. I can imagine that finding long enough pants if you are tall must be a pain. Janet and a few others here like Staysfit can relate! It is the opposite for us shorties, of course. I am used to hemming just about anything. But sometimes hemming spoils the line, so it's not so simple. Anyway...these full lengths would make taller people or those with long legs/ short torso look all legs for a thousdand miles! My legs are on the short side even for my height...

    The pocket placement on this jacket is genius. And they are kind of 3-D. The access is just from above -- not the side. But they are very architectural in person -- not a simple patch but a deep patch. 

  • Jaime replied 7 months ago

    #1 is just WOW! 

  • slim cat replied 7 months ago

    It's all works great - love all the pieces!
    I love medium to slightly darker denim but truthfully the pale blue denim looks the best next to my face ( pale skin ) - totally envy on your denim collection!

  • Bijou replied 7 months ago

    Suz, it is always fabulous to get a detailed review on one of Angie's top picks.  The apple and Summer of Love details are so special - I appreciate that you have shown these gorgeous features.

    I love the jacket and it looks amazing on you. The perfect denim jacket update that your wardrobe needed. 

  • Tanya replied 7 months ago

    The denim jacket is perfect on you, Suz!  And how fun that it matches you light denim bottoms.  Both outfits should be worn out.  Your spring wardrobe refresh is going spectacularly well!

  • lyn67 replied 7 months ago

    I  didn't ever have jeans in this light  wash in my closet -I only play with different washes in denim jackets and think I have one kind of in a classic style-but love it on the wide legs and crops for You-goes great with your hair! My fave is the first outfit, for the second I would envision rather some flat shoes to it. And really, I couldn't agree more about: "If doing a keep or return, I think it's best to style it as we would wear it or at least one of the possible ways we'd wear it." So, I say keep!:-)

  • AndiB replied 7 months ago

    These are so great! Ugh I do not need another denim jacket but I am sorely tempted. What are those white sandals??!!!!

  • RobinF replied 7 months ago

    Love the details on the jacket - adds some fun character. I am not in general a light denim lover but these are great pieces that tempt me to try it again. 

  • Kyle replied 7 months ago

    Oh, my. That jacket is about 1000 times better on you than on the model. 

  • Cee replied 7 months ago

    *Golf clap applause !*

  • Murph11 replied 7 months ago

    Wow! These looks are all kinds of wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Thanks, all, for the kind words. I highly recommend a look at Scotch and Soda, I think the ON and the Gap jeans are especially good this season, and the sandals are older Sorel Kinetics, a style that is still going strong so very available, Andi!  They come in many colours and different styles now -- this was the first version. 

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