Does your approach to food mirror your approach to wardrobe building?

Over on Astrid's fascinating thread about minimalism (well worth a read), thimbelina made a point that really resonated for me: 

I think a lot of the current small 'capsule' wardrobe blogs & systems mimic North American food neuroses around purity, shame and, ironically, asceticism via consumerism. 

And it made me wonder, do our attitudes towards clothing and our wardrobes  more generally mirror our attitudes towards eating and nutrition? 

I think in my own case, it might be true. 

For example: 

  • I don't like counting calories; I prefer to estimate portion sizes. 
  • I don't really want to aim for a specific set number of items; I prefer to "guesstimate" my wardrobe size, based on my storage capacity (which is relatively small). 
  • I don't really like tracking what I eat, but I have done it for short periods in order to learn something specific about my habits and needs. 
  • I don't really enjoy counting my clothing or tracking CPW, but I am doing it now in order to learn something specific about my habits and needs. 
  • I like variety with some consistency, i.e. I love to eat lots of different veggies but I often eat them in the same or similar combinations and don't mind some repeats; I have FFB meals. 
  • Same is true in my wardrobe. 
  • I will spend extra for quality and even luxury if it is within my budget. 
  • Ditto for clothes. 
  • I tend to focus on nutritional "essentials" and don't pay much attention to trends.  
  • I tend to focus on wardrobe essentials. (Although I hope YLF helps me pay more attention to trends here.) 
  • I don't like "diets" that make me feel deprived. So ruling out foods is no good for me. I will only eat more of them. 
  • I don't like "shopping bans." They make me feel rebellious. And tempt me to shop more. 
  • I don't like an overflowing or stuffed fridge or pantry. I like to shop often for smaller amounts and use up a lot of what I have before going shopping again. 
  • I don't like an overflowing closet and prefer to edit out what I'm not wearing. 
  • I sometimes feel guilty if I have to discard spoiled food. I hate to feel wasteful. 
  • I sometimes feel guilty about passing along "spoiled" (i.e. unloved or infrequently worn) clothing. 
  • I want to enjoy and take pleasure in what I am eating every day. I don't want to "save up" for a special occasion and eat dry toast in the interim. 
  • I want to enjoy and wear my beloved clothes as often as I can. I don't want to save them for special occasions. 
  • I prefer to eat fresh, homemade food, but I'm not above eating leftovers and often prepare a big meal with the understanding that we'll eat it again later in the week, perhaps with something else to update it. 
  • I definitely show a preference for my "fresh" brand new items, but I'm not above wearing them with my old things. What's more, I'll even wear somebody else's "leftovers" on occasion. 
  • I don't really read food blogs or the like except if I am looking for recipes (often how to use a specific ingredient). 
  • I don't really read fashion blogs (apart from this one) unless I need specific inspiration for a new item. 

I am sure I could come up with other parallels, but that is a start. It actually surprised me to see these overlaps! 

How about you? Do your attitudes to your clothes and wardrobe reflect your attitudes towards food, eating, cooking, nutritional habits in general? 

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  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    I have one. My wardrobe is getting bigger.

    Need I say more?


  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Ha! Elizabeth. You win the comedy award!! :) 

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    This is very interesting...I think I share a lot of these traits with you with the only esception that I don't like to shop for food often and buy little: I prefer to do  weekly grocery shopping and not to do it again during the week (now, it may have ben different if I could shop for food online like I can for clothes...
    :-) )

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    It's an interesting corollation, but it doesn't work in my case.  I haven't done as much analysis as Suz but I can think of a few ways that food and clothes are dissimlar for me.

    1. I like a mix and match wardrobe and tend to avoid repeat outfits.  However, I'm happy to eat the same things day in and day out.  I vary what I cook for dinner, but breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same almost every day for me.  I can eat for breakfast a bowl of cereal or a bagel every day for months and be perfectly happy, but I can't wear the same outfits over and over or I get bored.

    2. I get most of my produce from a weekly harvest box from a local farm and I enjoy the surprise of what I'll get and figuring out how to use everything.  However, I don't particularly like to get clothes as gifts because I'm pretty picky about what I'll wear.

    3. I read a bunch of fashion blogs but only one food blog and that's my sister's blog ( if anyone's curious). 

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    I'm much like you, Suz (except I'm bigger and noisier).  Well, I'm noisier because I sing, instead of write, as my creative outlet.  I think with food I stuggle with the idea that every meal has to be "special," both for the novelty factor, and to please my family.  I think allowing myself a food routine, with some variation for interest and nutrition, would be awesome!  I've been working toward that recently, although it's harder during the holidays.  For now, I'm just doing one of three or four breakfasts, and eating soup daily.  I'm having trouble keeping enough veggies in the house to keep the salad going, but next week quiets down a bit.

    I think that "every meal has to be special" carries into fashion, too, although my budget and space limitations keep me from going too crazy here.  Mostly, I just feel a bit boring with repetition.  I need to rethink that!

    Now I'm hungry, and I want to change clothes.........

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    YES. Great write-up, Suz. I echo EVERY bullet point.

    I run the food, cooking and nutrition analysis at the Cox Castle and take it quite seriously. We are healthy eaters, but do not deprive ourselves of less healthy options because that's no fun either. I do not eat mammals so I do not cook them. 

    We spend a lot - (good grief food is expensive) - on quality ingredients and I LOVE to cook and have dinner parties. (I have high-low style and love to shop). We also love to eat out and are big foodies. We like a large variety of food - lots of Asian, Mediterranean, South African and European - and never order take out. I cook most of it from scratch and run a very tight stock (like my wardrobe). I know exactly what I have in the fridge and pantry at any time - like I know exactly what I have in my wardrobe. Hardly any waste, but there is always yummy stuff to eat - I feel that this strategy reflects my wardrobe. I do not go to Costco and buy in bulk (I don't purchase lots of clothing items at once, and I'm not a big bargain shopper). I do the Euro thing - that's how I was brought up - of buying small portions of groceries frequently from specially places. That's how I shop too. 

    We never skip a meal, and I cook most evenings (unless we go out). I believe in LOTS of veggies and protein, and a balanced amount of carbohydrate. My wardrobe essentials are key, but I must have variety in them through colour, fit, pattern and texture. 


  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    My thoughts on this are much the same as yours. I could add that I try to buy local food, although much of that is seasonal. I also like to buy clothing made in the US or Canada. The problem can be finding what I want to wear or eat, as the case may be.

  • Peri replied 6 years ago

    When I read your title I thought "huh?". When I read your post I thought WOW!

    I am a very happy outfit repeater...and I eat the same breakfast every day. For several years now.

    I make up for plain and simple meals by eating lots of chocolate...I make up for repeating outfits by wearing lots of jewelry.

    I am easily overwhelmed by fashion and if a change looks too hard or requires too many new things to make it work, I give up on it...if I see a recipe that looks yummy I get initially interested but if it looks the least bit complicated, involves a lot of chopping and measuring, or has ingredients I have to go find, I give up on it.

    And of course...what Elizabeth P said!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Oh, Joy, ain't it the truth? Especially in our climate! We also prefer local for our food....

    Sara, you reminded me how much I love the surprises from our local CSA -- but like you, I am not too crazy about gifts of clothing. I might like them more if all gifters were YLFabbers! 

    So, yes, I guess these parallels only go SO far.  ;) 

    For example, here's one that doesn't work for me. 

    • I love all kinds of hot, spicy food! 
    • I do NOT love to wear "hot" bombshell fashion.   :P

    Angie, as I read your response and Sveta's, I realized that I am privileged to live where shops are in walking distance, so that affects how I feel about frequent shopping. Also, to be fair, Mr. Suz does a LOT of our grocery shopping and he adores it so makes it an almost daily project! Which means I get the benefits without some of the work. 

    Beth Ann, I like to think every meal is special if it includes fresh delicious ingredients and lots of spicing! But it can be similar to the last meal and still be wonderful. 

  • Alassë replied 6 years ago

    Interesting... I have a number of similarities to Suz, but my outfit repeats (or lack thereof) don't reflect my love of tried 'n' true meals/eating tasty leftovers. Point to work on? 

    I occasionally allow myself food treats, but too many and it gets to be a habit (therefore less appreciated). The wardrobe also gets treats (impulse buys), and too many are unhealthy; it's better to stay with the list, buying basics and essentials. 

    Also, I prefer to shop all at once and not buy for a while, which isn't reflected in my wardrobe buying strategies (yet). I would like to do so.

    I prefer discount clothing; groceries need to be on the cheaper end as well. 

    I like a number of different cuisines, but am not terribly adventurous with food (not a try anything person). In clothing, I like numerous silhouettes but prefer not to experiment too far outside my comfort zone.

    LOL at Peri's use of chocolate for sprucing up meals. :) I'm very good at avoiding complicated meals, too.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Oooh, Alasse, that is a very apt parallel between food treats and impulse buys. I fear I may have been indulging in a few too many of both kinds lately!!! 

    Peri, super interesting!! I am amazed at how well this really works when you think about it, but maybe I should not be. If you are what you eat, you're also what you wear, at least to some extent -- and how you wear it. BUT, having said that, in your case, your repeats are so lovely there is no reason to worry about doing something different. If it's not broken....

  • Astrid replied 6 years ago

    I do see some parallels in my own life. I'm into old favourites and repeats, so I have a certain amount of recipes (combinations) and love to eat (wear) those again and again. I'm not really into experimenting much and prefer simple looks (food). I'm also loving outfits (meals) cointaining only a few pieces (ingredients). I shop clothes (food) in between, on the way and in small amounts. I'm not into building reserves, but replace (replenish) when necessary... I'm sure I could go on. This is really fascinating, Suz!

  • Vicki replied 6 years ago

    Suz, this is fascinating and I would agree, after reading your wonderful comparisons, that food, and the way we choose to eat, and fashion, and the way we choose to dress, have many similarities and there could be a wonderful correlation between the two.

    I am a consistent eater and wearer of favorite foods and clothing, respectively. I often make and eat hearty soups for breakfast and lunch in cooler weather and I grab the same FFB outfit of jeans and jacket or moto.

    I do like to eyeball new recipes to try as much as I do trends, but not overly so. Attached is this week's new one, a wild mushroom risotto, which was delicious.

    I don't weigh myself, ever, simply because I don't think about it and use my clothes as a judge or scale. I also don't do CPW or track my clothing usage, although I love reading about it from others who do.

    When I dine out, I often select the same or similar items from the menu (salmon, salad, sushi and sashimi items, etc.).

    Shopping is done in small trips, based on a menu that covers a day, two or three. I don't shop bulk.

    I'll put some more thought to this wonderful topic and will check out Astrid's thread, too.

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    I think the one common point between my food and fashion habits is that I am a snacker and grazer.  I am happy with small amounts of food, but at fairly frequent intervals.  In terms of shopping, I do a little bit of it constantly.  I bought 2 items at SSIF and that was a lot for me.  However, I did miserably at the shopping ban in August.  Just as fasting for me is difficult.  

    I love sweets and do not deny myself something in this category, every day.  My love of sweets reflects my impulsive, emotional side which is also the way I shop.

    Thimbelina's statement is brilliant btw, I had to go back and read that several times.  As a restaurant /small business operator I also see what I call a desire to "game the system" to achieve advantage or extra value.  It's almost as if American business has trained consumers to be this way -- always hunting for the bargain.  I also think the internet and technology are contributing to this system gaming mindset.  For example, why purchase a movie or tv show when you can find it somewhere on the internet for free.

  • gradfashionista replied 6 years ago

    I'm terrible with tracking, either cost-per-wear of clothing items or ood. I do try to track protein because I take my weighlifting somewhat seriously, but having consumed thousands of pages of nutritional/biochemical/endocrinogolical literature, I believe that it's a pretty futile exercise.

    The most apparent similarity is the amount of effort I will undertake in front of company. No company means less effort. For dress, that means more comfortable shoes and less attention to hair/make-up. For cooking, that means single dishes, fewer curries, no main carb options.

    I try to minimize my ingestion of fake food, and strongly prefer natural fibers over artificial ones.

    Quality ingredients and quality clothing are important to me within reason. Fast food and fast fashion? Pass.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 6 years ago

    I don't think this theory holds true for me for a number of reasons:

    1.  I often skip meals - I rarely go out naked.
    2.  I like variety in clothes - I eat the same favorites for days on end.
    3.  My shopping for clothes and food are inversely proportional - I buy more clothes when I am eating less food.
    4.  I shop recreationally for clothes but try to get in and out of the grocery store quickly. 
    5.  I make a list for groceries but buy clothes more randomly based on aesthetics rather than need - more impulsively with clothes.
    6.  I mix and match my clothes but as a child, didn't like my food to touch on my plate.  I have loosened up a bit on that one.
    7.  I will gladly loan a dress or shoes to a friend but don't like sharing dishes in a restaurant.

    I am joking (mostly) but I do believe that our dietary needs are to a great degree a function of genetics and family history.  My family has high incidence of obesity, diabetes, and cardio-vascular disease.  I have challenges with food and am not able to "have a taste" of something I love without craving it. It is all or nothing for me.  I am able to buy a new piece of clothing without buying a closet full but if there is ice cream in the fridge, I can't leave it alone. 

    This is a very interesting topic Suz.  I definitely see a correlation between my home decor and fashion but not so much food.  I did order myself a sous vide and have an actifry so perhaps I am more into the food related gadgets than the food itself.

  • Inge replied 6 years ago

    Excellent analogy, Suz, I really enjoyed reading your take on this. And was nodding along with everything you wrote. Which means that my approach is indeed pretty similar, I just hadn't thought about it like that before.
    One exception: I do read other fashion blogs (partly for work), and I love to read food blogs, cook books etc.

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    LOL at Elizabeth. I am so right there!

    I'm going to have to give this some more thought, but a couple came to mind right away:

    • I am OCD meticulous about organization of my closet and the pantry/fridge/freezer. Things that I want hung do not get folded. They do not hang in the wrong section. The colors are not mixed up. Absolutely nothing has ever been tossed on the floor in my closet. (My husband and I stay married by having his and her bathrooms and closets:)) I am the same way about food. In fact, I have an entire custom closet system in my pantry! All products on the appropriate shelves and facing forward. I had to give my son and husband each a shelf where they could put their own snack foods back in whatever wonky way they wanted. Other than the laundry room, I am not this way about any other part of the house or my office.
    • When I hit a food rut, I tend to go way overboard finding new recipes, new foods, etc before I eventually make my way back to the things I know I love. Some new things will have been added to the regular menu, but I can find a new happy medium. Same thing happens with my wardrobe.
  • replied 6 years ago

    I guess I can say that I grocery shop and wardrobe shop  when needed. I stock up when the price is right on quality stuff. I only buy the best quality and I never let anything go to waste.

  • rachylou replied 6 years ago

    Whoa, nice breakdown, Suz. Very illuminating and thought-out. And after reading through your examples, I conclude that it's true: I have only one way of being in the world and I apply it to all matters.

    One example that comes to mind: I browse cookbooks and mags, then go look in the kitchen, and approximate recipes. I love to do this with clothes too - approximate outfits seen. However, I note that food left overs are a lot easier to deal with than outfit leftovers.

    Another example: In the day-in-and-day-out, I mostly cook by technique. I think that's true of how I get dressed as well. It's all very plug and play. I rely on the how more than the ingredients. Formulas rather than recipes.

  • replied 6 years ago

    I ruminated over this one while driving today.....and now that I have made my correlations, or discovered some discrepancies, I'm trying to decide what to do with that information:)  What does it all mean??

    1.  I am not a terribly creative (if at all) cook. 
         I am not a creative dresser.  

         But interesting to me: I wish I were more creative with food, but I do not wish to be a more creative dresser.  

    2.    I shop for groceries in a disorganized manner, and make tons of mistakes .  (oooops, that was LAST week's list in my purse and turns out we already had 2 containers of milk  )  I forget things, and buy things I already have . (see milk episode)  I have a list , but you'd never know it by how incomplete it usually is.

             I shop for clothes in a disorganized manner, often with nothing in mind and make tons of mistakes . (oops, I already have 2 pairs of black ponte pants and hardly need a third ) .  I forget what I already own and buy things I already have.  I have a mental list but it goes right out of my head the minute I get into a store.

    3.  I don't eat cheap, mass -produced food of inferior quality.   
         I don't buy cheap, mass -produced clothing of inferior quality.

    4.  Food to me is just fuel and nutrition. I happily eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every single day.  I don't care to deviate and variety isn't an issue. 

         Clothing to me is coverage and an expression of how I care to present myself.  Once I find what I like , I can wear it every day quite happily.  Variety isn't an issue in my wardrobe.  

    5.  I read tons and tons of cookbooks, food magazines and blogs - I love cooking and baking and the visuals in cookbooks
          I read tons and tons of fashion magazines, books, and blogs - I am certifiably obsessed and always have been. 

     and here's where the two  discrepancies are:

    6.   I have no interest in luxury food - not quality, but luxury;  but I do have huge interest in luxury clothing .   The best wines, the best steaks, caviars, foie gras etc - all of that stuff - I could not care less.  The best clothing though?  Yes please.  

    7.  I have been known to binge-shop a few times in my life , but I have never binge-eaten.  

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I am loving your answers! You're all making me think about the subject anew. 

    Rachy, that's so interesting -- I definitely have a "formula" approach to cooking (technique over recipe). I do look up and read recipes but then typically improvise with what I have. I'm not sure I am as confident with my wardrobe yet, and I tend to copy more exactly, even after a few years on YLF. 

    Lara, it sounds as if you are enviably self-possessed in both realms! 

    Carter, you and Mr. Suz would be a good match. Actually, he and I are both pretty OCD but in different ways....and right now I fear our cupboards could use a serious tidy and sort. My closet is in much better shape. 

    Inge, after I said that I don't read food blogs, it occurred to me that I used to read cookbooks religiously and with great love. I don't do it as often now, but perhaps it's because I'm more confident improvising. I definitely look up new recipes and like to try them, though. And I used to read fashion magazines, too. Maybe it is the online format I like less rather than the subject. 

    Dianthus, what you say is so true -- our attitudes towards food are very dependent on history and genetics. I daresay that might be true of clothing, too, though, just in different ways. And I laughed out loud at the thought of you going naked while skipping breakfast! Esp. in Winnipeg.....

    gradfashionista, high five -- I lift weights, too. Or at least I did until this past two months of illness! Scared of going back and I will definitely need to increase protein! 

    Denise, the grazing analogy is very apt. I am less of a grazer and more of a three meals a day person -- and, lo -- given my druthers, I would prefer a couple of seasonal shops. As it is, since more of my shopping is online, I do "graze" a fair bit -- but even there, it happens in bursts, not all the time. 

    Vicki, that risotto looks yummy!! I don't weigh myself either -- interesting point. I do sometimes weigh food when I am cooking, though. :) 

    Astrid, it sounds as if you are super consistent, like me. :) 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Lisa, that is fascinating!! Lots of parallels and differences. I think maybe the shopping parallel can be helpful to recognize. Maybe it will make it easier to give yourself a break about what was going on in your closet. Maybe it's not a clothes issue, it's about shopping generally.

     It sounds like maybe you get overstimulated or distracted in stores -- which happens to a LOT of us, including me. I sometimes can't bear going into a grocery store, one of the big ones, and the same is true for department stores. And other times I am like the proverbial kid in the candy store.

    But I can't help but think you are being really hard on yourself. If you read cookbooks, etc. and fashion mags -- I don't believe for a second that you are not creative in those realms! (Plus, I have seen the evidence in your outfits....) 

  • thimblelina replied 6 years ago

    Hahaha! My ears have been ringing in my special ed class all morning Suz...

    I would say for me there are some similarities & some disparities.

    Let me start by saying I have a small closet but I am not a small woman! I don't own much of anything: sweaters, shoes, motorized vehicles, can openers, DVDs, etc. I'm much more fond of experiences: trips, restaurant dinners, cooking food, growing food.

    My pantry looks a lot like my closet: well organized, somewhat austere, weighted heavily toward basics.

    I pretty much cook local organic food 5-6 nights a week. It is a well established rhythm that my family appreciates & anticipates. On Mondays I cook the Latin & Hispanic foods I grew up with (I'm not Latina but grew up in a SoCal Latino neighborhood); Tuesdays I cook something you would find at a dinner or bistro, so comfort food; Wednesdays I cook something Asian like Thai, Indian or chinese;
    Thursdays we cook my husbands italian heritage food; Friday we eat whatever local fish is in season; Saturday we grill red meat; Sunday we eat a chicken dinner of some sort.

    Remember? Self described aspergers? So in that way I guess my wardrobe & food issues are related insofar as there are few surprises.

    But I am flexible! Tonight we're eating out because my father is in town. On Friday I'm making him christmas tamales early. I'm not a TOTAL whack job! Heh heh

    I will say I do run a zero or .0001% food waste household. We share/can/freeze virtually everything. I think food waste is shameful. It is my pet peeve. So probably you could say I like little waste in my wardrobe too.

    Carry on... You guys have a great conversation going!

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    I thought of another parallel between food and wardrobe. For the holidays I have special recipes that I make every year. I also have a small holiday wardrobe capsule, including snowflake and shiny star earrings. These come out mostly between Thanksgiving and New Years, then get put away again.
    After the holidays I am ready for simple foods and simple clothes, especially neutrals.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Ah, yes....the "holiday capsule." Which, given how much we enjoy our holiday treats, may be in a different size than the rest of the wardrobe...

    thimbelina, thanks for being a good sport. Your comments really were very interesting. And I would love to come eat at your house! 

  • deb replied 6 years ago

    I have food issues and feel it is a waste of time, much like sleeping. If I could do without I would. Now clothing I love. It does not go in one end and come out the other.

  • DonnaF replied 6 years ago

    Brilliant, Suz!  I, too, see a lot of parallels although DH is the family cook and shopper.  Our breakfasts tend to be of the Fast Fallback variety, but we like to try new things for dinner.  I also just bought three different brands of steelcut oats to see if I like one better than the others since I eat it five days per week!  If I were the cook and shopper, I would plan meals and shopping around what was on sale that week that we also like to eat.  We don't scrimp on food spending (time to buy Dungeness crab again!!!), but also rarely have food go bad or have much waste so I think it averages out.  I also really, really hate clothing mistakes and want to have *just enough*.

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    I love food. I like growing it. I like creating new recipes, making things look pretty on the plate, cooking new interesting international flavors, watching cooking shows, shopping at great grocery stores and farmer's markets, the whole deal. I've always been focused on eating healthy and was a vegetarian for a very long time so food to me is not about overeating, junk snacks, etc. It's about the passion of creating really great meals and sharing them.

    Fashion...I like a lot. But I don't have the same "love" for it that I have for food. In fashion, I like more of a uniform. My most comfortable times and when I feel my best I am likely in jeans and a tee. Great fitting jeans and a great tee mind you, but still. I just wish everything I bought to wear could make me feel as good as I sometimes feel in that darn tee and jeans!

  • Staysfit replied 6 years ago

    Genetics, health and family history are definitely a major player in the food arena for many people, and this is certainly the case for me.  It's been interesting to see how my food life compares and contrasts with my clothing life.  So, here it goes.  

    Similarities:  I don't follow a budget (So true in every part of my life, my DH would love me to change this).  I spend a lot of money and I insist on the very best quality (for food this means no preservatives, fresh, organic where relevant, and locally grown if possible - we use community supported agriculture) for clothing this means natural fibers and high quality construction.  I know when I am done ( I have never spent more than I can afford/I listen to my body signals and stop eating when I am full).  I don't worry about when I make a purchase, or how much or how many.  I recycle and compost, and can always find a way to make space.  I plan ahead with a list prior to making purchases, but when I am actually cooking or dressing I become spontaneous and may change or alter my plan and embellish.

    The big difference is that I feel a real freedom in my shopping and dressing that I do not have with food.  With clothing I am lucky.  Yes, there are certain constraints, like size constraints, and certain styles will not work for my body type, etc.  These constraints however do not trouble me much.  I am still very content with what I have to work with.  When it comes to food, I have major constraints because of several medical conditions, migraine headaches, hypoglycemia and kidney stones caused by the migraine medications.   I have also been what most would call a vegetarian since age 12.  I do rarely eat fish, and I am mostly Vegan. The food constraints greatly limit what I can eat, and where I can eat.  Some examples of the food constraints: I don't eat chocolate.  I don't drink wine or beer.  I don't eat cheese.  No banana's.  I don't eat most nuts.  No MSG.  Nothing from a bottle or a can.  No refined carbs. The list goes on and on.......  The food constraints make life very hard.  I rarely eat out in a restaurant.  I rarely eat at friends houses.  I tend to bring my own food and snacks to parties.  If I travel, I am very careful about what I eat and where.  Leftovers, aged foods and  fruits that ripen can form tyramine which can trigger a migraine.  We rarely have any leftovers - did I mention that my DH is 6'5" and my 16 year old DS is pulling up close to him, he must be 6'2".  They eat everything in sight.  Nothing left over ever.  Never.  No, 

  • replied 6 years ago

    Suz, I'm just like you, it seems. Your summary has "me" written all over it.

  • E replied 6 years ago

    This was fun to read, although it doesn't quite work for me.  I love leftovers (the kind where you just reheat a meal, not the kind where you repurpose already cooked food)/eating the same foods frequently (especially for breakfast; I can eat an everything bagel every morning for months and be just as pleased every time), whereas I rarely repeat outfits. I also cook/eat quite a variety of foods from an ethnic angle, whereas I'm much pickier about my clothing items, preferring to mainly only vary colour & fabric. And I'm a vegetarian who frequently eats vegan meals, whereas I happily wear wool and silk and (less happily but resignedly) leather footwear. I don't like to waste food, so I err on the side of less food and more frequent grocery shopping; my closet definitely errs on the side of more clothes than less!

    Similarities would be adhering to my ethics, even when it means I go without or spend more money, a hands-on approach, and thinking of my own pleasure first, rather than aiming to please others. Oh and in both my outfit & meal creation, I'm terribly influenced by the books I've been reading or shows I've been watching; a rash of English mysteries will have me cooking up vegetarian pub fare and jacket potatoes while my favourite magical realist Latin@ authors inevitably lead me into the realm of lime-y, spice-y, Mexican goodness. And I prefer an approach in both that lets me save money while increasing the quality of the food (farmer's markets!) or clothing (secondhand!) I buy.

    So I suppose I'm a wash. :)

  • gryffin replied 6 years ago

    Wow Suz - this is fascinating.  I never thought to compare parallels with diet, although I find it interesting to compare home decor/decorating choices with personal style.  I am a 25 yr vegetarian now a 5 yr vegan.  I eat a whole food, plant based nutritarian diet and am a huge follower and fan of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat to Live".
    - I am thoughtful in my diet and my clothing choices
    - I prefer to eat in and make my own food.  I adore cookbooks (which I read like novels), menu planning and entertaining graciously - china, silver, crystal etc but never in a fussy way  It's all about making people feel special and welcome.  I can't sew to save my life, so I must buy everything, but I like to feel so comfortable in my clothes I honestly forget what I have on. 
    - I am happy eating the same things and wearing the same clothes for long periods of time.
    - I have a terrible sweet tooth and also love beautiful fabrics and textures.
    - Someday I hope, not only to not to eat animals (which I do not do - no knowing cheats) but I would like not to wear animal products either.  I still own and buy things made with leather, although I draw the line at - no real fur.  Hopefully as choices increase I can get my buying in line with this choice. 
    - I love color in my food (never met a veggie I don't like) but I don't wear them. 
    - love creating food that is a feast for the eye as well as the palate, and I like detail, richness and cohesion in my dress. 
    - I try and eat until I am satisfied, I try and buy enough to fill my needs but never too much.
    - I know what I like but am always open to new tastes and styles
    - I am happy in my food choices and in my clothing choices!!
    - eating a healthy nutritarian diet and dressing well both make me feel good.

  • kerry replied 6 years ago

    What a fascinating read. I don't really have any analysis to add as I'm pooped out and just counting the days to the holiday!

    Suz, I'm blown away by your analysis and Elizabeth P your comment is hilarious and so true for me too!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I've so enjoyed reading your responses. 

    Thanks, kerry. I vote cookies all round!! :) 

    gryffin, that is very interesting about your careful approach to food. I agree that you are very thoughtful and it is reflected in both areas. Also, you are not afraid to go your own way. Very funny that you love colourful veggies but not clothing -- but oh, can you imagine an all-black diet?'s quite a prospect. Especially for a vegan -- you wouldn't even be eating squid ink! Anyway, I admire you for your principled and caring stance. It is good for the planet as well as for you. 

    Same to you, Eva! And I would liken your pleasure in leftovers to your delight in finding "pre-loved" clothing.  :)   Also -- perhaps this makes me a hypocrite myself, but I actually think that there is some justification for wearing silk and woolens if they are pre-loved vs new, even if you are a vegan who is eating that way as a principled matter in defence of animals. The items are already there in the world and no new animals had to be killed for them. Or is that a crazy position to take? 

    High five, Bettycrocker

    Staysfit, I almost cried when I read about your food restrictions. That is indeed very, very hard. I am SO GLAD you have more freedom with your clothing choices!! What a blessing and joy. 

    I thought of another parallel for me....I love trying new foods and experimenting with new combinations; I also love playing with new trends and combinations. Hmmm...the list goes on....

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Deb, I have to confess that I feel sad on your behalf; food is such a big pleasure to me. But you are definitely not alone. So many women have issues around food whether due to health or other matters, and I suspect the same is true for fashion and clothing. And I think maybe you express and enjoy some of the same pleasures as many people take in food in your gorgeous garden. 

    Donna, I am coming to your place for a crab fest! :)

    texstyle, it makes sense to me that you would enjoy cooking and be a good cook. You have a careful and thoughtful approach that somehow fits with time spent in a garden and kitchen. 

  • E replied 6 years ago

    I don't think that's a crazy position to take at all Suz; I'll buy secondhand cashmere but not retail because I don't want to support the current desertification caused by the market demanding more and more goats. Similarly, I'll buy secondhand conventional cotton but if I'm buying retail it needs to be organic and fairtrade and even then I'll probably only buy it if I absolutely need it (aka undies). So I definitely have a different set of shopping requirements if I'm looking at secondhand or retail pieces.

    Giggling at imagining all of my closet as a pantry filled with leftovers now. Glad they don't all need to be 'eaten' right away! Perhaps they're the portions I froze for later meals. heehee

  • K.M. replied 6 years ago

    Best post ever!

    The two are very related to me. Mostly because for me they are about aesthetic and sensual pleasure, about fulfillment that is both physical and spiritual, and about exploring and perfecting something (not that I'm that good a dresser--or cook). They are both about my identity--personal and cultural.

    I read both cooking magazines and fashion magazines; I follow this forum and I'm on and off on Chowhound. I read more food blogs than fashion blogs, but that's mostly because of time.

    (Your post made me think of all the books and stories about French women who know how to dress well on a budget and how to eat well without getting overweight... something there?)

  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    Absolutely. The biggest thing for me in both food and clothing is variety. I get cranky if I have to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, and with repeating outfits too soon. Yet I have my favorites of course. I also have wide ranging eclectic taste in food, so long as it is high quality. I dislike foods that are too bland or beige. ;)

  • Style Fan replied 6 years ago

    This is an interesting post and I have found the replies equally interesting.

    This is my unprocessed rambling about clothes and food.

     I love clothes.  I love shopping for good quality clothing and don't buy anything else (rarely).  I have binge shopped on at least one occasion.  I played dress up when I was a little girl.  I loved dressing my dolls.  I made them clothes.  I have made my own clothes.  I did not pretend cook or feed my dolls.

    DH and I are vegetarians but occasionally eat fish when I feel tired.  I restrict my diet because of migranes.  I rarely drink alcohol but will have a glass or two of very good wine on special occasions.  I have never binge eaten.  Food does not bring me great pleasure.  I like a good meal with friends but it is the company I enjoy. 

    I hate grocery shopping.  I wish I could blink my eyes like Samantha on Bewitched and the groceries would appear in my kitchen.  I do like going to farmer's markets but that is different in my opinion.  Maybe boutique shopping versus big department stores?

    I eat good quality food because I believe it is better for DH and I.  I feed my dog good quality food for her health.  Creativity does not enter into my food choices.  I could eat the same breakfast, lunch and rotate 2 or 3 dinners happily.  DH could not.  I like creativity in my clothing.  I don't think good quality clothes are good for my health.  They are my creative outlet.

    I do like organizing my kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom, dog's supplies, books and anything else I can get my hands on. 

    I would like more clothes.  I don't want more food.

  • columbine(erin) replied 6 years ago

    What an interesting thread, Suz. Thanks. I can echo a lot of your list. Variety with some consistency sums about how I go about cooking, because I have a child with medical issues and this works for us. However, I'm a lot more creative in the kitchen than with my wardrobe and rarely follow the recipe exactly the same way twice, whereas I like certain proportions or colors together and wear the same items in my wardrobe in the same way sometimes. I'll spend extra for quality for both food and clothes. Quality in food is important for health, and especially important I think when raising growing children, and quality in clothes means they last longer. I don't like shopping bans (but am on one, basically, til we have a job again) and I don't like diets. I don't count calories or clothes. I focus on essentials in food and clothing over trends. I don't like clutter and this pertains to both food and clothing. I prefer fresh homemade food too and new clothes but can happily do leftovers and secondhand as well. 

  • replied 6 years ago

    Wow, what a great compare/contrast assignment, Suz! I've loved reading all the comments. 
    I can see some definite correlations in my kitchen and closet.

    • I exercise discipline with my eating and with my clothing. I try to buy conservatively so that nothing goes "stale".
    • I love unprocessed, natural foods and natural fibers (God-made rather than man-made). They both just make me feel better.
    • I feel good when I consume just enough for my needs. I feel bloated when I eat too much or bring too many things into my closet.
    • I take a simple approach to food and clothing. I look for intact ingredients (nuts instead of nut butters) and I'm drawn to simple, well designed clothes without too much detail.
    • I try to be mindful of what I'm eating and what I'm wearing.
    Some differences are: 
    • I love to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, but neutrals reign in my closet.
    • I try to get a lot of seasonal variety into my diet, but look for seasonless in clothing items, wearing many of them year-round. 
    • I eat three well-planned meals a day. My clothes buying does not mirror this; I've been a real snacker. Not sure what my future shopping habits will be, but I need to start shopping in the correct temperature to wear the clothes I'm buying!
    @gryffin, fellow neutrals-wearer and Eat To Live person here! *waving*

    Thanks, Suz, for thinking up such a great question!

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Everyone is on a role. So fun. 

    I thought of a few others: 

    • I LOVE spicy food = I love outfits with a kick
    • I love lemony flavours = I love sour colours
    • I LOVE milky desserts and dairy products = I love white-out
    • I love colourful food = I love bright pops of colour in outfits
    • I get bored with the same recipes after half a year = I get bored with end of season merchandise
    • My pantry and fridge are very neatly organized = so is our walk-in wardrobe
    • I buy both high-end and low-end ingredients = I have high-low style
    • I LOVE shopping for food = I LOVE shopping for wardrobe items
    • I'm always looking at food in some form or another = I'm always looking at fashion
    • I am very nostalgic about comfort food = I am very nostalgic about certain pieces and eras in fashion. 
    • I love global food = I love global fashion
  • unfrumped replied 6 years ago

    Very fun, but maybe not so parallel for me!

    I often work late or on weekends and don't especially like spending my free time in the grocery store , don't like the hauling stuff, so I put off shopping, even though I love having a frig full of lovely foods. Now that we are empty nesters, sometimes we are empty frig'ers! Yet  I love to cook. I (in my own mind) am the master of making something from nothing or a little of this or that, such as,  the last 2 carrots, and something from the garden, and look what I found in the freezer ! Yet I don't use that approach with clothes, I like having a lot on hand, it appears. I almost never follow a recipe (oops! ) but I will plan out outfits and try all the components first and will  use some "recipes" for how to achieve a certain look.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Oooh, Angie, what a great update. Yes, that's it. "Hot and spicy" doesn't have to mean bombshell. It can mean outfits with pizzazz! 

    I could echo every one of your additions. Except I don't look good in sour colours, alas. (I do enjoy them on others, though.) Or maybe I just eat enough lemon to make up for it?  ;)

    Claire, your analysis is brilliant and spot on for you! I hear you on the neutrals...I am mostly a neutrals wearing girl, but I make up for it with my veggies. And I do have to say that without a bright coat (and a few bright sweaters) my winters would be unbearable...

    Columbine, I hope your economic situation changes soon so you can enjoy "fresh" in the clothing department again. A shopping ban is very hard. 

    Style fan, that is fascinating. I was also wondering if (given your trips to Montreal) you might enjoy period "fancy" eating along with "power" shopping? I think it is very true that a farmer's market is quite a different experience from a typical grocery store. The one is alive, thrumming, rich with smells, textures, etc. and the other is frigid and routinized. 

    Diana, I am sure your kitchen is just as much fun as your closet!

    K.M. I am blushing. And I think you are absolutely, 100% right about it all, including the stuff about the French. 

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    (I corrected my typo. I stock a pantry neatly - not a panty neatly). *eyes rolling*

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Suz, if you love cranberries, you can draw that comparison? And eating lemons makes your outfits extra zesty in my book. xo

  • Aubergine replied 6 years ago

    I love this thread so much, since I'm even more obsessed with food than I am with clothes! (I should admit that actually spent a lot of time before I joined here trying to think of a username that had both food- and clothes-related meaning for me, because that just seemed like the most natural starting point somehow.)

    Similarities for me:

    • I don't do well with lists or tracking or intentionally restricting myself in either area. That said, if I had to sharply cut down on clothing budget or wardrobe size for some reason, I wouldn't like it, but could probably deal with it and squeeze some pleasure out of getting as creative as I could within the constraints, but major dietary restrictions would be pretty intensely soul-sucking.
    • Will pay extra for quality in both areas. In both areas, I also try to pay some attention to ethical and environmental considerations, even though I don't go nearly as far as I probably should.
    • My approach to dressing is pretty similar to my approach to cooking in terms of variety vs. routine. For everyday outfits and everyday dinners, I come up with endless improvised variations on a few different formulas, with one in particular (dresses and cardigans/pasta with seasonal veggies) being the one I come back to again and again. I do have some outfits I repeat exactly as is, just like I have some recipes I'll remake repeatedly, but I get sick of both if I rely on them too often without tweaking them. I'll also try to cook something completely new or wear something that's more unusual for me once in a while when I'm bored with my standbys. 
    • I've got very little use for a few categories of food and clothing that are absolute staples for lots of people. I don't wear jeans often, and when I do, it's just the same few pairs of basic blue ones. I also don't eat much meat, and what I do eat is mostly chicken. I don't own a single button-down and can't stand Chinese food.
    • I love aimlessly browsing for both clothes and food and love reading about them both.

    I think the biggest difference for me is that I'm much more adventurous with food than with clothing, especially if I'm comparing it with what I like to eat in general rather than just what I cook (since cooking new things involves not just the desire for novelty, but also time/effort/skill I don't always have).

    With clothes, I'm open to new trends and things out of my comfort zone, but also a little wary of getting them to work for me, and generally can meet my need for variety well enough by tweaking my standard formulas rather than doing completely new things. Yet with food, I actively seek out novelty. Molecular gastronomy? Bring it on! But avant-garde designers? Cool, but not for me. Beer brewed with curry spices? I'll try it! But trackpants made out of luxe silk? No way I can pull that off.

    Also, what Elizabeth P. said.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Angie, you literally READ my MIND (and stomach). Guess what I was eating for dessert? Dried cranberries (with a few chocolate chips.) 

    WOW. People, this woman is totally psychic!!! 

    Clearly I do love my sours! :) 

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Oh...and raspberries are another favourite fruit. Beautiful sour. They work in my wardrobe, too.  :)

    Aubergine, of course this thread speaks to you! You are a sensual person who responds to  textures, flavours, and beautiful rich deep colours. But how can you not like Chinese food?????  (teasing). For me it is as mysterious as not liking button downs. Although equating those two has given me a real giggle. Maybe Mandarin collar button downs....

    I also think our ability to experiment in our closets comes with confidence. I never had ANY, until YLF. Yet I was very willing to experiment with food, both in the eating and in the cooking. 

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    Well, I love food, love to cook and bake. Desserts are my speciality, and I can be very creative with them. I have made fancy cakes for bridal showers and other parties, and I make 3 dimensional things out of chocolate (such as sleighs for Christmas, I fill those with cookies). I also love to go to the grocery store! I am a big supporter of local farm markets and I buy many things organic. I buy meat only from my local butcher, who supports the local farmers. I love to experiment with food -  I often will have company over and make something I've never made before.

    So how does this related to clothes? Well...

    I love clothes, and I love to be/see how everyone else is creative with outfits. I like to get creative and make some of my own clothes. I am always being told how fancy and how nice I dress at work. I love to go to clothing stores! We have mostly big names and not too many boutiques around here, but when I find one I always wander in. I love to experiment with outfits - I went through the entire school year last year with no outfits repeated exactly.

  • Sal replied 6 years ago

    Interesting reading:)  Frantic day here and so I will type a short answer.

    I can be a little haphazard with both my wardrobe and my eating and my pantry.  The big picture is good - but the details can be rough.  For example I never spend more than I can afford but I sometimes skimp on the important things to favour the fun or new or exciting.

    My kitchen is clean and tidy but not everything is labelled.  My sons put things in different places than I prefer but I let it go.  I shop some weeks once a week, the next week three times.   With clothes I can be like that, some years I have lots of success, the next I spend very little.

    I do enjoy both clothes and food, and hate wastage, so I eat what we have and try to never throw food away.  We eat well but not obsessively well.  I mostly wear my clothes, even the ones that are not my favourites or not perfect, I just choose the occasions.  

    Thanks for starting the thread:)

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading all the responses  - great post :)

    The similarity that jumps out, for me, is that I hardly ever follow a recipe & I don't like style rules that tell me what to wear. Mmmm. I don't think have a problem with authority or rules as such :) In fact many years ago I taught myself French cooking then Middle Eastern cooking by following recipe after recipe, step by step & I really enjoyed it. I love it when there are people around I can learn from too.

    The other main thought I had was I never go supermarket shopping or essentials shopping without a list (after checking what is in the fridge/pantry or wardrobe) but I love just browsing farmer's markets, Asian grocery shops or boutiques. Some of my best meals & wildcards have come from these adventures :)

  • Aubergine replied 6 years ago

    Suz, everyone thinks I'm crazy for not liking Chinese food! But it's always just tasted like interchangeable soy-based sludge to me for some reason. Plus, I've never gotten the point of a whole cuisine without tomatoes, cheese, or chocolate.

    And you reminded me of some more food/clothes similarities for me. I love texture in both.  Foods without any texture, like pudding or mashed potatoes, always seem really boring to me, but I love anything chewy or crunchy. With clothes, I love nubbly sweaters and rich leather and complex patterns. And my favorite colors for clothing (minus black) are deliciously food-like. Deep berries, burgundy, cognac/caramel, and of course eggplant!

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    Great thread Suz! DH is the foodie and (extraordinary) cook in our family. Cooking is his hobby as clothing is mine, and we often discuss the parallel between the food blogs he reads and the fashion blogs I read. I would have no idea that there were things like food trends if it weren't for him.

    But in terms of my own personal attitude toward food the parallel falls apart - nutrition is most important to me and I would rather eat the same foods over and over than something that is more delicious that I might regret. With clothing I am all about trying something new even if it means making a mistake. I am against shopping bans, but have no problem banning certain foods from my diet. I won't count my clothing but will track my food intake. And so on. My relationship with food is definitely more tricky for me than my relationship with clothing, perhaps because it developed in childhood when I was pretty unhappy, whereas my interest in clothing only developed in my 40s when I was in a much better place. 

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    What a fun and interesting thread! Suz, my cooking approach is very similar to yours (and Angie's) and after initially thinking there weren't many parallels for my wardrobe/food, it seems that there actually are. Which might explain why a recent need to budget both food and wardrobe took me quite a while to figure out how to deal with properly, the both of them! We generally make something up each night (hubby and I both highly value and enjoy food) but I do have a recipe book where I jot favorites down; when they are made again it's almost always with adjustments. Except for a few things where I've refined and refined, particularly recipes for things that go in the smoker :} And I definitely dress (and build basics/essentials) the same way.

    But I must say that Rachy's comment is what truly resonates with me: I have only one way of being in the world and I apply it to all matters.

    EDIT: Wanted to add to that second thought - If I'm not operating that way, then I feel totally off, you know?

  • Elly replied 6 years ago

    I grew up eating almost exclusively wild game that family members had killed and veggies and fruit we raised on our land. We only bought grains and supplemental veg. at the grocery store. Of course, now I no longer have the land base to live that lifestyle but it has certainly shaped my food world.

    I love food and will eat almost anything. Elk heart? Goats eyes? Durian? I haven't found anything unpalatable yet. The only things I don't eat are certain heavy duty food preservatives because of allergic reactions-- maybe the food equivalent of vinyl pants. I definitely have food preferences but also love to try things and understand the social and cultural importance of food. Sharing food is huge.

    I really enjoy cooking. The SO and I cook together frequently and do a mix of experimentation and our standard fair. I'm more likely to experiment except when it comes to grilling, and he is more likely to request a favorite.

    I'm finally becoming as willing to experiment with clothing as I am with food-- it took me a long time to let go of arbitrary restrictions, but I'm enjoying the heck out of experimenting. I understand that fashion and shopping have a societal impact, but don't particularly feel that my wardrobe is a way I share my group membership with others. I don't enjoy shopping for clothing, but I also don't enjoy food shopping. I do enjoy dressing, which I suppose in some ways is similar to cooking.

    I'm definitely the organized one in the kitchen and the closet --- not labeled or anything like that, but I like to clean as I go and I like things to have a place.

    I love to travel and eat local and absorb cultural elements into my wardrobe.Despite all this I think left to my own devices in a vacuum I would make the same foods over and over and if I worked from home I'd own a lot of flannel shirts, jeans, and boots.

    I also have a very weird love of blue food, and blue jeans.

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    This is such an interesting thread!  I am not sure how to respond:)

    Having thought about it throughout the day, I guess there are parallels:

    I am almost incapable of following a recipe and I don't really like following style rules .

    My wardrobe is immaculately organised and generally so is my pantry.

    I am particular about eating quality foods and happily pay extra for good quality fresh fruit and vegetables and I won't eat supermarket meat. In a similar vein I do prefer quality clothing and don't mind paying for it.

    I follow a gluten free, high protein, lots of veg and low carb diet so I guess in some ways my diet, which is quite defined and I am very committed to, does mirror my wardrobe which is also quite defined and I am deeply committed to it.

     On the other hand, I don't always remember what is in the pantry or the fridge but I do know exactly where each item of my clothing is.  And I often start preparing something to find that I don't have one or two of the ingredients I need... that never happens when I am dressing lol.

    This has been fun to think about Suz, and to read everyone's comments.. thank you.  Another great thread that allows us to get to know one another a little more.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Deb, it does not surprise me that you keep a well-organized closet! And it does sound as if the definition in your diet somewhat mirrors your highly defined style, although I'm glad for the sake of your health that you, along with Gryffin, won't be eating all-black foods! ;)  Although I know that licorice can be tasty. :)

    Elly: Best line EVER: "the food equivalent of vinyl pants." I splattered tea on my keyboard! What an image that conjured for me. ;) But I think it's very cool you are attracted to blue foods to go with your jeans. 

    Aida: "But I must say that Rachy's comment is what truly resonates with me: I have only one way of being in the world and I apply it to all matters.

    EDIT: Wanted to add to that second thought - If I'm not operating that way, then I feel totally off, you know?"

    I couldn't agree more. I was also struck with Rachy's comment -- as usual, she encapsulates an entire conversation in one phrase! And like you, I feel really "off" and inauthentic if I'm trying to be HOW I'm not as much as WHO I'm not. Which doesn't mean I don't sometimes try to push the boundary a bit for the sake of self-improvement. (How I am first thing in the morning is something nobody but my long suffering loved ones should have to share...) 

    Shevia, it sounds as if food and clothing have very different places and meanings in your life -- clothes are a happier form of self-expression. But how wonderful to be married to someone who loves cooking the way your husband does, so you get to enjoy his productions. And meanwhile, he (and we!) get to enjoy yours! :) 

  • anne replied 6 years ago

    Such an interesting thread. I read it a few hours ago and am returning just to comment.
    My "food approaches"  below are more what I would like to do rather than what actually  happens in my house, because right now shopping and most cooking is done by DH and he has his own methods!

    I shop for both with a list and am pretty difficult to persuade to buy anything off the list
    I am an under buyer. With food especially I will scrimp and eke just to make it through without having to go back to the shops. I currently really need more knickers  and have to go into my sort of reserve collection ( girls sizes and thus a bit snug, which I hate) and have I yet got around to buying them? No!

    Until I went GF when diagnose with celiac disease, I was happy with one of 2 breakfast options everyday. I don't mind having my favourite meals pretty often. No problems with leftovers whatsoever
    I don't mind repeating  outifts and have a smallish wardrobe

    I love reading some recipes books especially if they have lots of text -Nigella Lawsons How to Eat is a great favourite.
    I read YLF, Inside Out Style and Mo's new blog  only when it comes to fashion blogs so - a certain, but not excessive amount of reading on each

    I don't forget what is in my pantry nor what clothes I own

    I can get overambitouus with cooking and exhausted by the end of the washing up. Shopping is also exhausting!

    I rarely buy the more expensive version of food (store brands are fine for me and I never get organic). I do however buy relatively expensive orthotic shoes, boots and some midrange clothing items.

    I like trying out new recipes, but try out only a tiny percentage of the fashionable looks

  • Helena (Torontogirl) replied 6 years ago

    Suz, what an interesting question - I think my food philosophy and clothing philosophy also have some similarities:
    1. I don't like fancy food and I don't like fancy clothes - I'd much prefer a really nicely-done hamburger to something gourmet with all sort of sauce and garnish.
    2. I try to buy only what we'll use and abhor throwing things out ... same with clothes (although I'm not as good at it with clothes).
    3. I am not overly adventurous with food, nor am I with clothes (although moreso with good than clothes).
    4. I don't like trendy diets and I generally don't like trendy clothes. Occasionally I will try one or the other and quickly remember they are not for me.
    5. I like following recipes and I like following style formulas. I'd rather have one or two of these that I get really good at than playing around with many. Once I am good, I might add and change something, but only rarely and generally only one thing - not an overhaul.
    6. I hate grocery shopping and I hate clothing shopping - unless I have a specific list and know just where I am going.
    Come to think of it, I could say all the same things about my decor style too!

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    I am always trying new recipes. I am always trying new outfit combinations. In the past, I hardly ever repeated meals (DH has commented on this. "Could you please make this again?" "Why do I never eat the same meal twice?"). As I said earlier, last school year I never repeated outfits.

    I have begun repeating meals. I have begun repeating outfits. Started doing both concurrently (this school year).

    One of my favorite fruits is the good 'ol apple, and the other, my very favorite, is Bing cherries. My favorite color is - you guessed it - red, specifically dark red.

    I am both adventurous and trendy with food. I'll try anything. Sushi? You betcha. The latest fusion restaurant? Make a reservation. However on the flip side, I'd like to think I'm adventurous and trendy with outfits and I know that my friends/family/coworkers think I am, but amongst all the fabness here on YLF I don't see myself as particularly adventurous or trendy.

    I am adventurous in life too. A bona fide adrenaline junkie!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Karie, you are definitely adventurous. And wow, that is so amazing that you started repeating outfits and meals at the same time! 

    TG, you sound very consistent! So you bear out Rachy's comment. 

    Anne, very interesting -- your need for orthotic shoes might be likened to the need for gluten free food -- but not so much if you are cooking from whole ingredients. It would be more the case if you were buying packaged stuff. (That tends to be expensive.) 

    It seems this topic has given us all some "food for thought."  (Terrible, I know. Forgive me.)  

    And, on that note, I need to fix some supper!  :)

  • bj1111 replied 6 years ago

    Yep...classic binger (purger) with regard to acquisition. I love to eat and it physically hurts to stop eating something yummy. Then I get on the bandwagon purging all the unhealthy foods from the cupboards and fridge then we're off again. Similarities also extend to how I also use clothing...I have cravings, wear the same things over and over, then I need a new menu.

    I'm sure everyone has a core set of behavioral responses with dissimilarities in the fringes, like lisap's desire for clothing luxury but not luxurious food.

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