Eyes on eyelet (and some wild cards)

Following on Janet's and Chris's posts, I'd already made an order to Zara for a blue eyelet top to try. Here it is, along with the barrel leg jeans in Ecru that I also ordered.

The top is all cotton, a bright sky blue, and slightly cropped. It can be worn untucked or tucked, though untucked is probably the intention. The sleeves are full length with a sewn narrow band -- I am wearing them pushed up, which is how I would wear IRL.

I like it a lot. My sole hesitation is the puff sleeve, which is a bit femme for my style as a rule. But I think I'm ok with it. :) I am also keeping the jeans. They are a nice lightweight cotton, just cropped enough for ankle length on me, and easy to wear. They are not true white, but near-white ecru. 

Wildcards! Star recently posted about wild cards and items waiting in the wings. My wild card waitlisted (until hot weather) item is a sandal in neon orange (!!!) from Cole Haan.

I'd been looking for a bright sandal for about 4 years, no joke -- ideally in red or fuchsia. But none to be found. Orange is one of my most unwearable colours, but on my feet? Why not? It works with blue and white, right? These are comfy and exactly the kind of style I was after, and were on super sale --  so I decided to keep. 

But what, apart from blue and white (which is basically my whole summer closet) to wear them with? 

How about a little scarf in orange and ecru? Is this a nutty idea? 

Oh, and how about a cotton voile top? It looked a lot more cream in the stock photo -- IRL it is more yellow. Maybe too yellow. But talk about a wild card for me -- orange and yellow!! 

Have I truly gone wild and lost my mind? 

To be clear: the jeans are a keep, the blue top is most likely a keep, and the other items are maybes. Would love your thoughts! 


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  • Angie replied 2 weeks ago

    I love the way you're thinking, Suz

    You wanted a change from blues, greys, silvers and whites - THIS IS GREAT CHANGE! - and, the items work well with your blues, greys, silvers, and whites :)

    My two cents:

    • Do you need to size down in the blue eyelet puff sleeve blouse? 
    • The orange scarf with LOTS of white blends beautifully with your hair, and complements the sandals. 
    • KILLER orange sandals. Why not, indeed :)
    • Jeans look good! The rise feels comfortable, right?
    • The festive Hawaiian shirt is my favourite of the lot! LOVE it with the white jeans and orange sandals. It doesn't look too yellow in the pics. It also blends well with your hair. Its fluidity is fab for hot weather. 

    You also seem to be more tanned at the moment - (gardening!) - which is making the patterned shirt work extra well. 

  • Suz replied 2 weeks ago

    Angie, thank you for jumping in! Responses:

    Don't think I can size down in the blue top -- shoulder seams are at shoulders. It has a boxy fit. Does it look too big? 

    Glad you like the scarf -- it is for sure a change for me but is fun and not a big investment. 

    Glad you like the sandals! Orange crush!

    The jeans are very roomy, esp. on the waist. In truth, I could probably go down a size (rise is fine) -- but I like them extra loose. 

    I am glad (if both surprised and not surprised) that you like the Hawaiian shirt. It is definitely different for me. I do have a bit of sun on my face -- yes -- despite SPF and a hat, I always get a slight tan in summer. Also it is hard to get the lighting true -- there's a grey wall, green plants, sunlight, yellow light inside, just -- ugh.I do not have a very good photo spot in this house -- it is very bright but not much wall space for mirrors. 

    By the way, I also ordered a white t-shirt which is going back. They recommended medium and I was SWIMMING in it!! I disregarded their recommendations for the other tiems and ordered my usual size, which fits much better. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 weeks ago

    The jeans are fantastic on you. I like everything about the blouse (color, fabric, length, fit) except the sleeves. To me, they overwhelm the look. I much prefer the tropical print blouse on you. I like the little tie detail on the sleeves, and from your photos (including the closeup) the colors look terrific. Yay for the orange sandals. Fun wild card. I think the scarf is a fun addition, and something that you can use to bookend the sandals when you think you need it. I find that orange surprisingly good on you, Suz.

  • Angie replied 2 weeks ago

    (Your mustard Coach bag will go well with these looks!)

    Suz, the shoulder seams of the blue eyelet top are actually my point, so great that you mentioned that :)

    With puffed sleeved tops, the shoulder seams don't actually align with your shoulders. They come in narrower. That's how the pattern is usually constructed. Because puffed sleeves add shoulder width - the shoulder to neck point seams are shorter to balance that out.

    This size does not look bad! Fashionably boxy. I would have liked to see a size down too. I like to compare sizes ;)

    A smaller size on the jeans would probably be too short in the rise, so glad you're sticking with these.

    A fun and festive Summer stash!

  • Suz replied 2 weeks ago

    Interesting about puffed sleeves! I will try the top again! It is not necessary for me to keep it as I am well stocked with blue shirts already (this doesn't count the denim shirts, or the patterned blue ones!). 

    It may also look overwhelming because I have pushed the sleeve up. I know I won't wear it with the sleeve down -- just not my thing -- but I can test the effect that way too. 

    What I really like about the top is the neckline. The mandarin type collar with the very narrow open V. 

    Sharon, thanks for weighing in. I am quite fascinated by this yellowish top. Maybe it proves that I'm a light summer after all, or at least that bright, cool, light is right! Some yellows and even coral oranges in this palette. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 weeks ago

    I think the size down in the blue blouse would be worth a try. You seem to have room, and bringing the shoulder seams a little higher would improve the way the sleeves hang, imo.

  • Dee replied 2 weeks ago

    Eyelet top is darling, a little different from your usual style. I like it best untucked, it flatters its boxy style more. Interesting what Angie says about shoulder seams for puffed sleeves. I never knew that and it may help explain why some puffed sleeves seemed better on me than others.

    The Hawaiian top is just so fun, looks fab with the ecru jeans and those orange sandals. Why not to some orange on your feet.

  • Sal replied 2 weeks ago

    I love the sandals!!  Bright sandals are easy to wear and so good with all your colours.  And I really like the patterned shirt - what a good look on you.  A fun wildcard indeed.

    Jeans look awesome, the scarf is probably worth an experiment with.  

    I do like the eyelet blouse but I don't love it as much as the other pieces. 

  • Jaime replied 2 weeks ago

    Love the pop of orange shoes! Unexpected but works beautifully. Interesting about the blue top shoulder seam, I had never thought about that. I do love the color and the collar on you. Jeans, scarf and colorful shirt are great.

  • cat2 replied 2 weeks ago

    Love the sandals and print blouse. You could tie the scarf onto a purse to make it work with the sandals.

  • Runcarla replied 2 weeks ago

    I like the Hawaiian shirt the best!

    DH has silvery white hair and blue eyes (like you).  Most of his closet is comprised of black, various shades of grey from charcoal to a grey so pale it is almost white, and light blues.  He also wears lilac, highlighter green - and orange!  The last three are kind of wild, but look great with his colouring.  He has one yellow sweater that somehow works and looks great paired with grey.  

    FWIW, after a discussion about shoulder seams on the forum, I’ve re-thought where mine should fit.

  • Brooklyn replied 2 weeks ago

    I like the eyelet top. If you decide later that the sleeves are too much, you could always have them removed.

    Jeans look great.

    Love the sandals! I don’t think you need to repeat the colour at all. I think they look great with the first outfit. (By the way, you can always use Tarrago to change the colour of your sandals. I do it a lot now. It’s just a polish, not a paint, so it’s easy. I usually re-apply about twice per Summer.)

    Love the Hawaiian top too. Different for you!

  • Star replied 2 weeks ago

    I love the orange sandals, especially with the printed shirt.  I would treat the orange sandals almost like a neutral but in reality they can be a stand alone pop of colour.  I like Cat2s idea of tying the scarf to your purse if you really want to follow through with orange somewhere in the outfit.  For me orange also works in non-traditional combinations, like orange/burgundy, orange/pink, orange/lavender.  So lots of options.  Not totally sold on the puffy sleeve top.  If it is the neckline you are keen on why not look for an eyelet top with that same particular neckline but sleeves that are more your style.

  • unfrumped replied 2 weeks ago

    Super outfits !

    I hear you on the orange shoes. I’m kicking myself for not duplicating an EF ankle-strap, that I have in black, in the dark orange color it also came in, a year or so ago. Was hoping it’d come out again in a more neutral tan. But no, this year there was a similar, but worse fit & quality. So very hard to find one as good for fussy feet. Because as you say, it’s not a face color, but as footwear , works with so many cool colors of bottoms, plus khakis & olive, which I will wear in pants colors. . And I know I love bits of orange for summer, being a fan of combinations like raspberry and orange.

  • unfrumped replied 2 weeks ago

    Also I am not sure about puffs. I have had some puff sleeve tops, usually not very puffy, and have offloaded them after awhile. I do have a flannel shirt with a small gathered puff which I love still & think works because of the juxtaposition. For eyelet, cropped I’d wish for a regular shoulder , even if sleeve itself were more “ romantic “ style. But, for me it’s also hard to find some of the shorter tops I want to wear untucked with midi skirts or high-rise pants—high-hip but not showing midriff—so it’s hard to tick all the boxes at once, if you find a lengt, fabric, color that works.

  • RobinF replied 2 weeks ago

    Ooh, yes from me! Love the print top the most but these are all great finds. The orange sandals may be surprisingly versatile. 

  • LJP replied 2 weeks ago

    Love those jeans - so much so that I've placed an order , lol.  I've been looking for a lower rise, looser fit /barrel leg maybe white or ivory jean, and this looks perfect!  The orange sandals are really great too.

  • Janet replied 2 weeks ago

    Oh, this is great, Suz! All the pieces work, and are great together. I like the orange and have been tempted by orange sandals in the past! Taking note. :-)

  • Suz replied 2 weeks ago

    Thanks, all! I have sent back the puff sleeved top and will debate about re-ordering in a smaller size. IRL the colour as well as the neckline are fab...but....let's be real. In the end, I'm not sure it is a "need" so much as a "want" anyway, what with all the blue already in my closet. However, I am wearing the jeans and I will keep the Hawaiian shirt and scarf and have fun experimenting with those. 

    I have a few other tops with coral (that picks up the orange) or bits of orange in them, or that I can wear as Star suggests -- for fun and unexpected contrast, i.e. lavender, burgundy etc. This is in addition to the blue and white and silver/ grey. So I won't have any shortage of items to wear with the sandals, for sure. 

    Lisa, I hope the jeans work for you! 

    unfrumped, I wonder if you can pick up those EF sandals at the Rack? Sometimes they have back season items there and sounds like they would be well worth it! 

    Brooklyn, thank you for that reminder about the Tarrago! I need to remember that. Can it really change a dark shoe to a light? That would be a miracle! I love the idea of working with a cream or white. Of course I would also wear those colours as is, so that probably explains why I forget about the dye/ polish option to switch the colour. 

  • kkards replied 2 weeks ago

    love the jeans and the Hawaiian(ish) shirt is a fun change.
    love the blue in the puff shirt, but i have a personal dislike of puffy sleeves because i find them limiting and so hard to layer over. 

  • Brooklyn replied 2 weeks ago

    Suz, it’s a bit like dyeing, the original colour can affect the final result. I did change my black sandals to gold but the black does tend to come through in places. I actually like that because of the patina effect. But if you want a more consistent look, I would go with a colour that has a similar value. Or go for a metallic finish. Metallic finishes are super easy. I imagine any grey, taupe or blue coloured shoe could be made silver.

    I would just keep it in mind as an option if a shoe is almost perfect but the colour is not quite right. (And don’t try it if the shoe is already a metallic, the metallic surface seems to repel the polish.)

  • Suz replied 2 weeks ago

    Thanks, Brooklyn -- that is helpful. I think doing a shoe metallic would be great and makes a ton of sense. If I find a bone or grey sandal that I like a lot but wish were silver -- well, there it is! 

  • slim cat replied 2 weeks ago

    Fun new things - love the joyful combinations! Bright red/orange sandals are the best in summer ( I've got red ones from Walking Company - they were the only color on sale ;-)  ).

  • Laura replied 2 weeks ago

    Here to applaud the addition of orange. Cheery for summertime. I used to have a Kate Spade purse in a similar shade and it went with so much of my wardrobe - looks great with blue as you say, and also black and white, and greens, too.

  • LJP replied 1 week ago

    Back to report that I ordered the Zara jeans, they came right away ( I love how fast their shipping is !) and they are PERFECT!  Guessed at my size as at best their sizing is inconsistent but got lucky and they fit beautifully.  I love that they are a move forward from my old crop-flare standby.  

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    Oh, that's wonderful, Lisa! And yes, their sizing on bottoms especially is so weird! I used to be pretty consistent in their tops, but no longer, and now ehty keep giving me recommendations that are wildly off. In bottoms, I never found them consistent, LOL, but I took the size they suggested, this time, after some consideration of the chart -- and while the waist is loose on me, I like the baggy fit of them overall and they have not stretched out at all Glad they are what you needed, too! Not a bad price, either. 

  • Helena replied 1 week ago

    I love it all Suz, especially the scarf ... It's a perfect way to incorporate a new-for-you colour!

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