Fashion Forward, 2020

Happy New Year, Fab Friends! It's time for a little planning for the fashion year ahead. 

The good news: I more or less achieved my main fashion goals for 2019.  I bought less, shopped intuitively, and updated my gear

(Takes a bow. Now it is time to actually USE the gear, but that is another story, for this year, ha!) 

I also shopped consignment/ thrift. But I wasn't as successful making purchases that way. In retrospect, it's no surprise -- of the items I purchased, 7 were wear-next-to-my-body knits and summer tops (not something I feel comfortable thrifting, by and large, although of course there are exceptions; and 7 were footwear (ditto). That adds up to nearly half the items I purchased. 

I didn't manage to buy much from local designers until the very end of the year when I took advantage of a Boxing Day sale plus a gift card to buy some Comrags items that have yet to arrive. These, I know from experience, will be very long wearing in my closet. The earrings are designed and made by an Indigenous artist whom I'm delighted to support. See Finds 1, 2, 3. The gored skirt and keyhole top (or 2 piece dress) are blue on blue. Available up to XL, about a 16 in US sizes. 

As per my 2019 goal, I definitely wore outfits that were: Modern, Classic, Vivid, Practical, and Playful. I added a bit more playful this year with bright sneakers, plaid boots, a yellow bag, my fuchsia jacket.

Personal FASHION Highlight of the Year (and of the DECADE): Shopping with Angie at the Nordstrom’s flagship. I got some terrific workhorse items but more than that, I had so much fun! It was wonderful to meet other forum members (hi, Annagybe!) and clients (however briefly) and I felt thoroughly spoiled and taken care of.

For 2020: 

I’d like to continue wearing outfits that are Modern, Classic, Vivid, and Practical. But I'd like to move from "playful" to individual or signature and "arty." 

I'd also like to keep my purchases as low as this year's or reduce them — while still leaving myself with plenty of room for play/ experimentation/ freshening up. Focusing on capsules most in need of improvement might be one way to do that, so my first sub-goal will be to identify any capsule in special need of updating. Last year I was well aware that my gear was very old and needed an upgrade; this year, I suspect my occasion wear will need a refresh. 

In view of the environmental impacts of fast fashion (and my own desire for individuality and "arty" outfits) in 2020, I am planning to thrift/ consign as a first resort for certain types of item -- jackets, some coats, skirts, some dresses (esp. occasion wear), and bags. I do believe the future of fashion is circular and I want to reduce my consumption.

Having said that, if I can't find what I need at consignment, or can't stomach wearing used (this holds true -- for me -- for underwear, socks, gear, summer tops, and knits worn next to body as well as most though not all footwear and denim) I won't let that stop me from purchasing at regular retail if the item is a genuine need, but I'll keep in mind the 30 wears guideline before I buy. Fortunately, these "base layer" basics and essentials almost always get far, far more wear in my closet than the arbitrary 30. 

Meanwhile, I will also have 2 capsules to create (perhaps from scratch). 

First will be a small gardening capsule. I'm moving again in the late spring or summer and my new home has a big garden! I am on a steep learning curve with this one and may need to reach out for help. My previous gardens have been in an entirely different climate, and a lot smaller. My time and energy, and frankly, interest are quite limited, but I’ll do my best to be a good steward of the land and try to preserve and protect the native plants here. I am thinking for clothing, those gear trekking pants/ shorts plus tees, hoodies (for cooler temps) and a hat might work in my temperate climate. These won’t count toward my fashion purchases because there won’t be crossover except with gear. I am very open to suggestions from gardeners. 

Second will be bike-ready clothing. One of the downsides of my new location is that it is more suburban than I'd like, so for commuting I'll be getting an e-bike. For adventures, my gear will be fine (with a few additions) but for city driving I might need a few pointers from bike-riding friends! 

Something that concerns me — returns. One reason I was able to keep my purchases lower this past year was that I did return most everything that didn’t feel perfect. But if it only ends up in landfill, who is that helping? This is so disturbing to me. Because I have the luxury of returning in-store, I think I can be fairly confident that didn’t happen with most items I took back. But I would like to shop even more in person…so returns are less frequent. This may be a challenge since I am moving to a smaller city, but I will do my level best. 

Thanks for reading this long post and wishing you all the best in fashion and in everything else for 2020! 

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  • Gretchen replied 9 months ago

    Kudos Suz! Great job on your 2019 goals. 

    I'm interested to see the change from playful to arty/signature. A more "grown-up" playful? 

    I'm also very impressed with your commitment to thrifting. It's an area that to date I have had minimal interest/success with. DD does it all the time and comes up with great finds at her Eugene, OR stores. I'm looking more at Poshmark or ThredUP as I tend to do better shopping online. 

    So great to see your posts. I always feel like I'm learning from you - both on the style front and at a personal level. Cheers to 2020!

  • kellygirl replied 9 months ago

    I always enjoy reading your posts, Suz. So thoughtful and inspiring. Makes me want to be a better person and shopper! I feel like I'm getting there but it's been a tumultuous year for me. I'm not sure it's going to get any better anytime soon but these year end posts at least make me pause and think--that's a start. 
    Your move and new garden sounds fantastic. I hope you post pictures of it. I come from farming stock so I should be a good gardener--but I think it skips a generation (mine.) Maybe two, because my DD have no inclination...  
    Looking forward to reading about your fashion adventures in 2020! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brooklyn replied 9 months ago

    Great post Suz. I really enjoy your thoughtful approach.

    I’ve had no luck with thrifting, even though I regularly visit a local thrift store (more as a donor than a purchaser). I noticed in the US, where I did have some luck thrifting (thanks Shevia!), the stores seem better organised, with better quality stock. While ours seem to be on the cheap and cheerful side. How does Canada compare? I like your idea about making thrift/consignment your first point of call for certain items.

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    Really interesting pieces from Comrags . They are 2 women whose business I’ve always admired for its longevity in such a fickle market . Great earrings too . Volunteering to come and work your garden for you ;) The pleasure of gardening in a more temperate zone is only a dream for me ! And although I have no idea what an ebike is , it sounds fun ;) Oh , and , I love that you are using the word “arty” and stepping away from playful . Befitting of your stature in the writing community and of your personal and physical grace .

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Thanks, Lisa and Kelly and Gretchen -- those are very kind words. Any time you are on the coast, Lisa, the garden is all yours! :) I know I'm fortunate to try gardening in such a temperate climate. And I may yet come to enjoy the work-- we'll see. The truth is, I do love the time in the fresh air with the beautiful plants...and always have. It's just that gardening has typically been in competition with writing (both being time intensive), which creates inner friction for me. I will definitely post garden pics in off-topic once I'm settled. It's absolutely stunning, and I can freely say that because I had no part in its making! 

    Lisa, I agree re Comrags -- they are a great Canadian woman-owned and operated firm, with fantastic employee relations and excellent ethics. Plus, their clothes do not date and they wear extremely long. So they are kind to the environment.

    An e-bike is a bike with a small rechargeable electric motor that gives you a boost on hills if needed. You pedal as usual but the motor supplements your own power. 

    Brooklyn, thank you. Thrifting and consignment are of course different -- I tend to have more luck at consignment but I have friends who do well thrifting. It depends a bit on your style. In Canada both vary enormously  depending on location. In my former city, the situation was much like what you describe and I gave up completely in frustration. 

    In Vancouver, the consignment scene is excellent, but the prices can be on the higher side. Less than retail for comparable quality but not cheap. I have done well with jackets, bags, and some coats as well as occasion wear. You do have to devote a lot of time to thrifting/ consigning, going often to the same locations. I'm not sure how the scene will be in (smaller) Victoria. So my goal is going to have to be flexible. I won't be able to visit Vancouver often enough to make regular visits to shops there. 

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    Zeroing in on ‘garden capsule’! Are we talking veg? Ornamental? A gardening capsule is a... perennial... on my fashion to-do list. So far the most valuable items have been a pair of garden mules, a trug, Felco pruners, long handled pruners, a spade, and rubberised gloves (!). The shoes esp, for running out to pick beans and watering.

  • Bijou replied 9 months ago

    Suz, your posts are always a treat. Shopping local is a goal for me. As is shopping less and shopping better quality. As for using my gear more, that is definitely a 2020 goal for me too.

    Thrift and consignment shopping is tough in my city, as I live in a city with many students who seem to swoop down and get all the great stuff very quickly. I figure that I have a bigger shopping budget, so it is better that they get the great buys rather than me.

    Lucky you updating your occasion wear capsule, that is always one of my favourite capsules to update.

  • Cardiff girl replied 9 months ago

    Yay for the gardening ,l love it and hope that you find pleasure in it too.lm afraid that my gardening clothes are practical and not at all stylish but then I do not think about what I am wearing when I am outside gardening as long as I am warm  enough.The 2most important things are footwear and decent gardening gloves,then a good pair of secateurs!Then I cover my arms and legs so I don’t get bitten or scratched when I head off into the borders!l look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts.

  • Runcarla replied 9 months ago

    I should comment on the fashion part of your post, but I’m distracted by mention of your future garden!

    Congratulations, Suz!  Gloves, a hat, and a bottle of sunscreen are de rigeur.  The rest can probably be sourced from older clothes you are thinking of demoting or from thrift.  I picked up a pair of Gap chinos this summer ($3) for the express purpose of gardening, but I often wear jeans or shorts from my ‘regular’ clothes, and a light weight t-shirt with long sleeves - for sun protection.  Sneakers are fine for light gardening/weeding, but demoted hiking boots for digging or heavy work.  

  • torontogirl replied 9 months ago

    Suz, these sound like perfect goals; as usual, your focus and progression is an inspiration!

    Two things: do you have the store Style Encore in Vancouver? It's a used clothing store I was told about this year where you can buy and sell. They are extremely picky about what they accept and many items are new with tags on (and many are high end). I also get the heeby-jeebies with thrift, but I would wear anything at this store. Plus, because you take such good care of your clothes, you may be able to sell pieces. Just a suggestion; it's on my list to make that my 'first resort' this year.

    Re the garden - I am not a good gardener, so we had landscapers plant low maintenance plants that thrive on local conditions and neglect :) The nice thing is, when I'm inspired, I can get in there to weed and tend, but everything does fine if I don't (not to mention they don't need an excess of water to survive, which is good when summer is dry) ... And everything survives fine when we go away. I'm sure your west coast climate would allow you to do the same with an even nicer assortment of plants. Anyways, something to consider. Enjoy it!

  • Murph11 replied 9 months ago

    Loved reading your 2020 thoughts here, Suz. I never skip your beautiful posts for fear of missing helpful insights. Victoria is wonderful and we visit every few years. You have Butchart Gardens for all the inspo you need year-round! We visited in late September, in light rain, and had the place to ourselves. So breathtaking!

  • Laura replied 9 months ago

    An e-bike! How fun! We rented e-bikes during a summer vacation this year and had the best time zipping around town. I also really like your move to "arty" dressing. When I think of arty dressing, I think of Artful Home, which is such an inspiration to me. Happy 2020 to you!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Thank you all for your helpful comments! 

    A bit more on the garden: it is mostly ornamental but we also have lots of herbs, a few fruit trees, and a few vegetables. It is a well established, mature garden. It is set on the edge of a small ravine and backed by a small strip of land that can't be developed due to the slope and the presence of protected species (mostly Garry Oak). I'll start a separate thread on it in the spring in off-topic, but a few photos below.  

    For now, I am hearing: sunscreen, hat, on-off footwear for quick ins/outs. And see how I do with my demoted regular clothing. I will try. :)

    Laura, thanks! E-bikes can I think be fun once you get used to the extra weight.

    Hmmm. Now I am not so sure about the "arty" descriptor -- when I looked at Artful Home's clothes, some were sort of what I might think of, but most were not. The loose, drapey, Eileen Fisher-esque styles do appeal to a part of me -- but always on other people, never on me. So i might have to come up with a better descriptor that truly encapsulates my vision. Maybe that will be easier once I find a few pieces that exemplify my idea! 

    Murph, what a lovely thing to say -- thank you! And YES! Buchart Gardens is pretty close to where we live and I'm sure there will be inspiration there! 

    TG, we don't have Style Encore in BC but we do have a chain called Turnabout which is pretty good. 

    Carla, I know you are a garden expert. I will be sure to turn to you with questions! 

    Cardiff Girl -- covering the arms and legs is going to be key, I think -- there are a lot of brambles and vines in the back part of the garden that may need taming before they tame me! I think for me "function" will equal "style" in the garden -- the practical side of my style will rule! 

    Bijou, I really like that attitude -- by buying new (as you can) you are creating joy for others in the long term! It makes sense to me. That's why I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't find what I want at consignment. I'll just be mindful of how much I'm purchasing in that case. 

    Rachy -- really good distinction between ornamental and veggie -- two entirely different types of work and garden visit! Thank you. I also love those rubberized gloves, I know from experience. Fabulous. 

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    Gosh Suz, the yard is stunning ! I’m so jealous ! Anyways , I think I understand your bit of hesitance using the word ‘arty’. Comrags , for example , is less arty than “ cerebral “ - if that makes any sense ? More sophisticated in a sense too ? Anyways ....back to work I need to go - have a great day :)

  • JAileen replied 9 months ago

    Your posts are so interesting to read.  I admire people who think out their plans.  I’m more impulsive.  I hope to change that this year.

    In Inge’s links post, Vildy linked to an article about gardening clothes.

    I had to laugh, though, because our climate is so different from the author’s.  I definitely need a big brimmed hat, and most certainly wear shorts.  Maybe BC is like England in that respect.  It was interesting, anyway.

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    Gorgeous garden!!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Lisa, what a great word -- "cerebral." I think you are getting at something there. Comrags has an interesting aesthetic because it combines retro elements with architectural Japanese-influenced elements -- quite an unusual combination, now that I think of it, and you're exactly right -- it takes thought, both to design it and to "place" the clothing mentally, in a way. Hmmm. Much to ponder there. Maybe "cerebral" is what I'm after. I like that word, at any rate. Thank you. 

    Janet, yes, I saw that article and laughed! My climate will be warmer than most of England's and not quite as wet except for a few months a year. It's warm and very dry here for four months a year, and cool and wet for about four; in between for the rest. 

  • Sal replied 9 months ago

    Love your thoughts Suz! And what a stunning garden.

    I wear mostly old gear or denim for gardening with hats and gloves. What a fun new hobby - it is very rewarding and also good to have a physical hobby for those of us who work at a desk or creatively. Gardening gives us time to ponder and think while we work.

    I loved Victoria on my visit and may have reason to visit again - I hope so!!

    Your shopping goals are very similar to mine - which I am yet to write about. A mix of second hand and new additions. I don’t really look for gear or shoes second hand and won’t. I find jackets dresses and bags the easiest best choices. But I do want to support local retailers in my city.

    I wondered about artisan, sophisticated, creative or avant- garde as possible descriptors? Not sure they are quite right though.

  • Liesbeth replied 9 months ago

    Great plan for this year!
    I love to chime in with ideas for adapting your style to a bike commute as I did the same last year ;). As an aside: here in Belgium-Antwerp (where all the economic centres are pretty close to another when compared to Northern America), e-bikes have become pretty common over the last five years or so. Same where you live or are you an exception?
    Anyways, the most important things for me were:
    - change in outerwear: unbuttoned jackets lost against zip-up coats with at least some rain resistance; at the same time I wear lighter coats now: wind resistance is more important than padding to me as I generate quite a bit of heat myself when cycling
    - I’m choosing trousers over skirts & dressesmore often, and have reached for my tall boots when I did wear a skirt: I find my legs/ankles too cold otherwise
    - a practical bag (or special bike bags to store your usual bag in) is required so as not to have purses flying about, but I’m sure you knew as much cause it counts double with a fast e-bike!
    - OR you could go so far as to wear cycling shorts and change at work ;)

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Liesbeth, thank you! This is exactly the info I need! 

    Yes, e-bikes are becoming very common here. I live a literal hop from two of the most extensive bike trail systems in Canada. People use their bikes all year here and because the area is mountainous (or at least hilly), e-bikes are becoming quite popular. 

    I'll only commute to an actual office or teaching situation occasionally-- more of my rides will be recreational/ to visit friends/ go to an event etc. in town. 

    That's a really good point about needing less insulation against cold and more against wind-- I will keep that in mind! Also, the purse situation -- excellent point! I was thinking I might get paniers but I'm not entirely sure. A bag to hold my bag might be a better solution. 

    Sal, if you visit the city, you are MOST welcome and please let me know if you do! Maybe we could go on a thrift hunt together since we clearly prefer the same items second hand. :) 

  • suntiger replied 9 months ago

    Ear warmers for the biking! I went out biking on Christmas day at 50ish degrees, and my ears were Freezing!
    Looking forward to the arty style :)

  • smittie replied 9 months ago

    I am SO looking forward to your gardening capsule!! 
    Hello sunhats! 

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    The best NAS EVER! Because Suz and I shopped together and had a much needed mutual therapeutic ball. It must become a regular thing :)

    KILLER new garden. WOW! 

    And onto the analysis: 


    As I said to Staysfit on her thread: Unless you rent your entire wardrobe - which has its major drawbacks - there is no easy way out, shortcut, or free lunch to successfully building a fab-for-you wardrobe and style. You put in the work, and reap the reward. WELL DONE! 

    I'm smiling at your new dedicated garden and biking capsules. YAY. 

    You have never looked better, and are in the BEST place with your style. Rock on :)

  • Glory replied 9 months ago

    Suz I have an e bike which I purchased about one year ago. Happy to share information on it. I absolutely love it. I had such a hard recovery from ACL reconstruction it was my saving grace.

  • Classically Casual replied 9 months ago

    Regarding the gardening capsule, I second the advice already given with a tweak or two.  We’re both in the PNW, and slip on WATER PROOF shoes are a necessity 3 seasons of the year.  There’s gardening to be done even in the winter. I personally have a leopard pair of Crocs which are serving me well, and keep my feet dry.  When conditions are really soggy I use rubber boots (also leopard).

    For me winter gardening entails a base layer, hooded sweatshirt, and a warm, durable vest on top. Plus a hat. Nothing snaggable.  I don’t garden in persistent rain.

    Many gardening tasks are repetitive and basically boring. You may be able to create mentally while gardening in the fresh air surrounded by nature.

  • Joy replied 9 months ago

    Suz, your posts are always special. Gardening... I love classic Crocs. They are washable, waterproof and cover the feet to give some protection yet cool when it is hot out. Your garden looks ready made but will need weeding. My most successful way is to have some loose clothes with coverage to pull on first thing in the morning, and go out to wander about spending 15-20 minutes weeding. Then stop and come in and shower. If you have mosquitos, tick and such, you need a good insect repellent and will be ready to shower and get it off when you come in. Getting started in a different climate is difficult. Look at what you like that your neighbors are growing. A gardening neighbor told me to notice even what side of the house plants are growing on, that each side of our houses is a different microclimate. She is right.

  • Bijou replied 9 months ago

    With a fab garden like that, I would buy some Hunter wellies. I have always loved this look on Princess Diana, her outfit from the 1980's still looks good today.

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Bijou, MR. Suz has a pair of those -- from the 80s!!! I think maybe I need some, too. :) 

    Such great ideas, everyone-- thank you! Back to comment more after supper. :)

  • Jenn replied 9 months ago

    Exciting times, Suz! Does this mean your westward move is permanent? Or at least longer-term? Are you all set, wardrobe-wise, for a longer stay in that milder climate? Love the local designer pieces you picked (and thanks for including sizing info!)

    I'm excited about your sustainability goals and the tweaks to your style persona. Can't wait to see how that plays out in your wardrobe over the next year.

    As for gardening, I can't say I miss keeping up a yard, but you may find that gardening is the type of work that allows your writing brain some space to stretch.  It's sort of like Agatha Christie and her dishwashing. The tasks don't take much mental power, so your mind is free to roam.

  • shevia replied 9 months ago

    Oh wow! So many thoughts. Ok, first off, like Jenn I want to know if this move means you are sticking around Canada's west coat. Second, we have a very small garden that was planted by the previous owners of our house, and as much as I enjoy looking and being in it (when there are no mosquitoes around) I don't like to garden and don't. I just thought I should put that out there. 
    Third, regarding wearing second hand I will wear anything that looks like it is in decent condition except underwear (including bras, socks, etc.). My attitude was partially formed by an unfortunate (for other reasons) association with someone in the "shmatta" trade. The chemicals on your new t-shirt are pretty scary. Things close to the body can be washed - it is actually jackets and coats that are trickier because they need to be dry cleaned usually. This is not to change your mind! Just another bit to think about.
    E-bikes are incredibly popular here, only rivaled by e-scooters which are available in Tel Aviv to rent and leave everywhere. (Regular bikes too.) Enjoy the e-bike lifestyle and wear a helmet!

    And now, your actual style post. Your style has just been on an incredible upward trend, and I think living in a more wardrobe friendly climate has really added the icing to the cake of your style. I don't know if you are looking for arty - I appreciate arty like Dayle's style the recent blogger Inge featured, but it is not exactly how I see you (or me for that matter). A long time ago Trinny and Susannah put out a book called "who do you want to be today", which I loved. This was probably ten years ago and it really helped me understand a lot of vocabulary and designers that I was clueless about. Anyway, I believe Avant Garde Intellectual was one category. Again, just a thought!
    Ok, this is more than long enough! Last thought: absolutely love the photo of you, Angie and Anna!

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    YES, we are west-coasters. We sold our Ontario house in the summer and moved the furniture into storage. Bought the Victoria house in the fall but have to wait to move there until our teen has finished their year at school. I have a BC health card and driver's licence and I am paying taxes so I guess that means I live here for real! :) 

    Jenn- to your point -- my wardrobe feels pretty good for this climate. I think I was always trying to dress for this weather, ha!! :) In all seriousness...I will probably pare back a bit on high summer and deep winter items over time (but no huge rush...just as things wear out) and I doubt if I will be buying a puffer for -40C again any time soon....but apart from that I do not feel any need to make major changes (or purchases) apart from dedicated capsules. 

    Shevia...that is interesting info re second hand clothing. I will take it under consideration. And YES -- avant garde intellectual sounds much more "me" than arty. Hmmm. I will have to hunt down that book!! Thank you! 

    I have always had a love-hate relationship with gardening. As a kid, it was pure love. I had a backyard plot of herbs and veggies and adored tending it. I also liked my little pot gardens when I lived in apartments. But when we moved to a larger house with an extremely overgrown garden in Kingston, I was stymied and stumped; it didn't help that Mr. Suz and I disagreed about what to do and a neighbour constantly came over the fence to criticize and carp at me. I was working full time AND trying to write full time and had 3 step-kids and then a baby...I couldn't manage a big, messy, overgrown garden and had zero interest in trying. Our next house had a smaller patio garden and I liked that -- but when my mother got ill and I had to travel all the time to see her, I hired someone to help me, which was the best decision ever. 

    We have built in irrigation here. I'll have to weed, as people have pointed out (if I can figure out what the weeds are...) and someone else will cut the grass until I can get rid of it. I loathe lawns for all kinds of reasons, plus I am allergic. Will be looking for some native ground cover instead for the long run. 

  • Windchime replied 9 months ago

    Your new garden looks beautiful and lush!  This could be a joyous new hobby for you.  For what it’s worth, my gardening capsule consists of jeans and long and short sleeved tee shirts, all of which have been demoted from other capsules.  I get really dirty when I’m gardening, and it’s not uncommon for a shirt to get snagged and torn.  Your idea to buy excellent, sturdy footwear is a wise one; you’ll do a lot of walking as you garden.

    Get sturdy gardening gloves, too; I quickly wear holes into those thin ones.  :)

  • RobinF replied 9 months ago

    Great read! I love your new yard, I am not a gardener myself, hubby does that, but we have had vegetable gardens for years and do better some years than others. I like the fresh veggies but not the weeds :) I have spent a few days in Vancouver and loved it, so jealous of someone who gets to live there - haha!

    Your style works so well for you it is hard to imagine that it needs tweaking but I suppose that's how we stay current. I agree with others that "arty" might not be the right word for your style, I do like "individual" though. Hard to pinpoint I guess.

    The only biking advice I might have is I have seen ponchos made specifically for bikers that fit over a backpack and handlebars. I have always thought if I biked to work I would definitely need one of these!

  • Beth Ann replied 9 months ago

    Sounds like you are hitting your stride in your new location!  I've bought less this year, too. While I am living more sustainability it has more to do with less income and one (next year, it will be two) children in college!  

    I do very little thrifting.  It requires a bit time commitment and the offerings in size 14 are not encouraging.  Still, I like having a pared back wardrobe, except that it is now a crisis when a well-used wardrobe item bites the dust!

    I'd encourage a cargo pant for the garden -- lots of pockets are helpful!  Here's an interesting post with a link to made-for-gardening clothing.

  • La Pedestrienne replied 9 months ago

    So envious of your new climate and locale!! The garden looks gorgeous and I hope you'll start a brainstorming thread for garden gear. I hardly ever buy garden-specific clothes, apart from gloves. When it's cold, I wear old Carhartts or Mountain Khakis and Bogs boots, and when it's hot I wear demoted trail runners and Patagonia Baggies. I have so many grungy old band tees and graphic tees that I save for sentimental reasons; they no longer leave the house but make a fine gardening kit. Duluth Trading Co is worth a look if you want to build a capsule. I want their overalls!

  • taylor replied 9 months ago

    In love with your dreamy’s beautiful.

    Suz,  you have your style and wardrobe down to a fine work of  art, just like your garden/yard.  Your purchases are well thought out and impulsive  crazy buying going on there.  I need some more discipline.

    Your highlight shopping with Angie is a dream come true! Lucky girl :)

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