Fluidly tailored: #1 and #4 mashup

I saw the post before I got dressed, so here's my mashup of #1 and #4. 

The top is a portion of my mother's Land's End twinset, the one I bought her and that looked so gorgeous on her. I saved it after she died and wear it quite regularly, especially this part. But I need to juxtapose it with something less sweet -- hence the denim jacket with distressing. 

Jacket is one of my first purchases on YLF. Still going strong. Shoulder fit is neat and it is cropped but it is not at all tight. 

The skirt is from Comrags. It's hard to tell, but there are stripes of pink, purple and lighter blue/grey in the navy background. The style is interesting -- it has stitched down but asymetrical and wonky pleats. It's just slightly "off-kilter" -- a person not looking carefully might not notice. 

Anyway. A little pattern mix for the fluidly tailored set today. :) 

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  • Irina replied 8 months ago

    This skirt looks wonderful on you, Suz! Great outfit!

  • smittie replied 8 months ago

    You’re a pro with the pattern mixing, Suz! I love the skirt!

  • suntiger replied 8 months ago

    Looks great- love that top!

  • Mirjana replied 8 months ago

    Beautiful Suz, great pattern mixing
    Love the top.

  • kkards replied 8 months ago

    Love that you’ve saved and are wearing your mom’s twin set. 
    And i love a denim jacket with a skirt, FAB 

  • Christina F. replied 8 months ago

    Beautiful! This is a playful, spring-y combination.

    I'm wearing those sneakers today too! *high five*

  • rachylou replied 8 months ago

    Fabulous pattern mixing! The small touches of white are just right.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 8 months ago

    I really like this creative combo on you!

  • Roxanna replied 8 months ago

    You know I ADORE that skirt. And I love the print of that top too! Off to check comrags sale section ;)

  • Cardiff girl replied 8 months ago

    Great look and how lovely to be able to keep your mum close in this way.

  • Isis replied 8 months ago

    This looks fab!  I love that it combines your mom's sweater and one of your first YLF purchases - lots of sentiment there :)

  • Angie replied 8 months ago

    A KILLER radiant, sentimental, and Spring-y look! Chic fits and proportions. Creative pattern mix :)

  • Jonesy replied 8 months ago

    What a lovely outfit with such meaning! That skirt is really interesting, and I love how the sneakers tie in with the white on your mom's top. Your denim jacket looks perfectly tailored to you, like you had it custom-made. Pattern mixing FTW!

  • slim cat replied 8 months ago

    I love it - going to try to use the same logic doing outfits with my polka dotted skirt ( having some trouble mixing it with my other pieces).
    It’s a fab look on you - perfect mix!
    The hair looks wonderful!

  • Suz replied 8 months ago

    Slim cat, polka dots are great for pattern mixes. Similar to stripes -- they are easy to mix if the scales work together and the colours. 

    Jonesy, thank you! It was fun to wear. But then I had to change because it got too hot! :) 

    Christina, high five back! 

    Roxanna, yep, you and I are Comrags sisters! I haven't looked at what they've got this year, but this skirt as a great purchase last summer (on sale, older season). Their stuff never dates, though, so it's always good to check those sales. 

    Thank you, everyone, for the nice words. It really is a sentimental combo, which can be nice once in a while, right? 

  • Runcarla replied 8 months ago

    N-I-C-E!  Oldies but goodies worn with flair.

  • Karie replied 8 months ago

    What an interesting skirt! I love that the top was your mom’s, and that you still have the first thing you purchased on YLF. Except for shoes and a Gap sweater, I think I still have everything I’ve purchased on YLF.

  • Joy replied 8 months ago

    What a great skirt. It looks like so much fun. So is the pattern mixing.

  • Sally replied 8 months ago

    That is a great combination of the two outfits.  Great skirt and I love it worn with the patterned shirt and white sneakers.  

  • nemosmom replied 8 months ago

    These are fab, Suz!  I wish I could rock a denim jacket as well as you do!

  • Jaime replied 8 months ago

    Excellent combination of great pieces that are even better together. 

  • Brooklyn replied 8 months ago

    I love that skirt. Great pattern mix too. YLF!

  • Laura replied 8 months ago

    The sweater’s print is charming and the skirt adds just the right amount of edge. Love this on you!

  • viva replied 8 months ago

    Such a cool outfit, Suz. I am really intrigued by that skirt and just love how you have styled it. Tres chic.

  • lyn67 replied 8 months ago

    I've known the story of this twin set and is such a great tribute to your DM continuing to wear this top -you styled it  such in a fresh way here, lovely skirt as well-the pleats sound so interresting!

  • Bijou replied 8 months ago

    I really love this, and so lovely to have something of your Mother's to wear. I have quite a bit of my late Mother's jewellery and just feel closer to her when wearing it. To me, this is such a great representation of your style: shades of blue, denim, great colour and pattern mixing; dressy edge from that skirt, practical footwear -  looking polished, authentic and relaxed at the same time. 

  • Eliza replied 8 months ago

    Wow- love this combination. Special in every way. Suits you perfectly; unique and wonderful skirt.

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 8 months ago

    You look incredible!   The skirt reminds me of Vivienne Westwood, and I love the touch of whimsy, with the floral.   It all feels wonderfully and authentically Suz.

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