In isolation...

Well, I finally succumbed to Covid.

The workshop I attended last week turned out to be a superspreader event.

I seem to be getting off with a light case (no doubt due to a recent bivalent booster) but my eyes are weepy, I'm a bit congested, I'm coughing a bit, and today I feel like I need a long nap.

Will be isolating for several more days at least.

I got these ON step hem faded and lightly distressed dad jeans for $27 primarily for my WFH wear. They are the same style as the baggy white jeans I also own. Super loose and super comfy. Echoing others in feeling zero tolerance for anything constricting right now. 

The sweater is from consignment. 

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  • Inge replied 3 months ago

    Ugh, I'm so sorry, Suz:-(( Really hope you'll feel 100% again soon, but in the meantime take it easy AND take that nap!!
    You look amazing, the animal print cardigan is such a good piece to add easy visual interest, and I do so love those loafers!

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    Thanks, Inge. I was really interested in the reviews of the loafers which say the are too wide at the heels and too narrow at the toes. I think I'll do a separate post about them. 

  • Dee replied 3 months ago

    Oh darn, sorry about the covid diagnosis. Those jeans look great though but take care, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • kellygirl replied 3 months ago

    So sorry but man, love this outfit. Jeans are terrific!!

  • Janet replied 3 months ago

    Well darn! I hope you feel better soon. I have a cold for the first time in three years. Hubs is sick too. We tested for Covid just to be safe but both are negative.

    Great outfit to rest and recuperate.

  • Angie replied 3 months ago

    Sodding COVID :(

    Rotten luck Suz, and feel better soon! Sending healing thoughts. Rest up and take extra long naps with kitty Max. 

    YOU LOOK KILLER FABULOUS, despite feeling ill. What a great WFH look. Nothing needs fixing ;) 

     I'm loving the BF jeans you are craving at the moment - like the other pair of white. Ease, fludity and structure in all the right places, FTW. 

  • Sal replied 3 months ago

    Well you look fab even if you don’t feel fab.

    Please rest a bit more than you think you need to. It’s a weird virus.

  • Xtabay replied 3 months ago

    Please take good care of yourself.  Happy to see you’re not too sick to look fabulous!  Get well fast.

  • rachylou replied 3 months ago

    Aww, bummer! But you look fabulous! Great ensemble.

  • Roberta replied 3 months ago

    Take an extra long nap! Its time to get lots of rest and drink lots of tea. I sincerely hope you have no lingering symptoms.

  • Helena replied 3 months ago

    The jeans look fab Suz!! Rest well and lots! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • Indigoprint replied 3 months ago

    Good look.
    I like how the sweater meets at the waist. Did you leave the last button unbuttoned or is that the cut of the sweater? Nonetheless to my eye you achieve the same advantages of a semi tuck without the bulk....
    Rest well

  • Irina replied 3 months ago

    You look good despite Covid, Suz! I feel like my family is the only people who didn’t have it so far. 
    Wishing you fast recovery. 

  • unfrumped replied 3 months ago

    So sorry! I figure I will not avoid for much longer.
    Great jeans! I love the loafers too. I have about given up on loafers that are soft enough but stay on, but still am thinking that laceup combats & perhaps an Oxford will still work for me— love your tartan boots too.

  • Sloper replied 3 months ago

    I do hope you feel better soon.  

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    Thanks, all! I am about to take that afternoon nap, now. :) 

    Indigoprint, I left the last button open. The sweater is quite fitted. I'm wearing a camisole underneath as well. So I could open it more at the top if I wished. I love this sweater -- made of a silk/ cotton blend and so comfortable. It was new (with tags!) at consignment, so if feels pristine. A lucky find for me. 

  • Cardiff girl replied 3 months ago

    Sorry to hear it got you in the end,fingers crossed it stays mild and that you make a full recovery soon.

  • Runcarla replied 3 months ago

    So sorry you got Covid.  Hopefully it will be of short duration and only a minor inconvenience. It’s interesting how just a little silk in a fabric mix can luxe up the comfort of a garment.  Looks like you hit the jackpot with your sweater.

  • slim cat replied 3 months ago

    Sorry to hear about the Covid - get better soon! 
    On a bright side - you look fresh and pretty ;) .

  • LJP replied 3 months ago

    Those jeans are all sorts of awesome ! Did you size up a few to get that slouchy fit ? I need these in my life . Sorry about Covid - hopefully no lasting effects .

  • CarolS replied 3 months ago

    Ugh -- sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope it's a mild and short-lived case....

    I also wish I could look that good when ill...My moping around home feeling lousy outfit is all kinds of shlumpy. :-)

  • cjh replied 3 months ago

    Oh, sorry you have Covid! A couple weeks ago, I felt stuffy, had a little cough at night, and was SO tired it felt harder than usual to run, but I did run because I didn’t feel sick! I had trouble sleeping a couple of nights because I woke up hot. Hmmm. Never thought it might be anything except the harvest air, full of dry dirt and super dusty, so I did not test. 

    Your outfit looks good for a sick day. Remembering the times I was sick, many years ago, it felt better to get dressed rather than stay in pajamas all day. 

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    cjh, that's exactly it -- I got dressed and made myself presentable because it feels better to do so. 

    Lisa, I did not size up. These things are cut huge. They are very loose on the backside and thighs. 

    I managed a short rest and a walk, so I'm not doing too badly. Compared with many, I'm getting off lightly. 

  • Eliza replied 3 months ago

    Wishing you a comfortable and smooth recovery, Suz. Like those easy fit jeans; you look casual polished and that is an accomplishment. Totally get dressing for how you wish you felt.

  • Jaime replied 3 months ago

    DH and I just got another booster. Lots of people we know are getting covid for the first time or again. Anyway, you look fab, love the cut of the jeans and new sweater and still loving the loafers. Get well soon!

  • Zaeobi replied 3 months ago

    Ahh I'm so sorry to hear you caught it - I succumbed for the first time just last month, after having managed to avoid it for 2.75 years! I suppose I was pushing my luck a bit though, being in a room full of ~20-30 students regularly - even with 4 doses :P

    I'm glad to hear your symptoms aren't too severe - you look much more fab than I did during the throes of it, lol! Those jeans look comfy but trendy, & the cardigan looks 'softly graphic' comfy too.

    Seem everyone is affected differently by COVID - I'm mostly recovered now, but I still feel terrible brain fog at times (work takes much longer now)... I agree with @Sal that you should take longer than you think you might need - my symptoms fluctuated! :(

    Anyway, enough about my woes lol - here's wishing you a quick recovery!

  • Jonesy replied 3 months ago

    Well, what rotten luck! I'm sorry to hear you've succumbed, but you do indeed look fabulous! I love the jeans, and your outfit looks luminously garconne to me :). Fingers crossed for you that your case continues to be mild.

    My SO and I haven't gotten Covid, but both of my young adult kids have. I'm getting another booster on Wednesday to hopefully stave off this latest version.

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    It is SUCH a wily virus. 

    I was careful, had my shots, wore a mask in most public indoor situations, and so on. Wore a mask to teach last year (uncomfortable as that was) and the students also masked, so I got through the first round of Omicron here unscathed. But I sat beside someone who was positive and didn't know it for an entire afternoon class, passing papers back and forth, talking with her as part of a small group -- and voila. Here I am!

    6 of 13 workshop participants have come down with the virus (so far) plus that person's husband. Phew!  We were supposed to test immediately before coming but I guess she forgot to do so due to some truly difficult personal circumstances that distracted her. She had tested negative the day before. 

    My whole family had a virus in the spring that we couldn't be sure about -- we tested consistently negative (in my case, 10 times) but had the usual symptoms. In retrospect, though, I am pretty sure it was not Covid that time -- just a "regular" bad cold or flu, because this time the RAT test went BING to positive right away. I don't feel anywhere near as bad as I did in the spring, with whatever I had.

    But I know it is hugely variable. My child also had Covid two weeks ago, also for the first time, somewhat miraculously, because they work with small children, hang around with people who are not that careful (they are 22) and ride public transit all the time. They are obviously much younger than I am, and they were much sicker. Ditto a couple of my Vancouver friends. One had a very high fever for over a week and had to stop work for two weeks; another is still coughing more than a month later. It's the luck (or bad luck) of the draw, it seems. 

  • Bijou replied 3 months ago

    Suz, such a lovely WFH outfit, that cardigan is outstanding on you and is also a lovely layering piece under a blazer or peacoat. I hope you have the opportunity to rest up.

  • Joy replied 3 months ago

    Feel better soon and look out for lingering affects. A dear friend who got a light case now can't think of the word she wants to saw and can't finish sentences.  

    DH, who is never sick was down for 2 days with fatigue and headache after his fifth Covid shot ( booster).  I have not had mine yet but it is scheduled in November.  I will have a few days to recover. I am wondering if I should try for something sooner.

  • anchie replied 3 months ago

    You look wonderful, love those jeans, they look so comfy but still fits you great.
    Sorry to hear about Covid, hope you got a mild case and recover soon. It is such a strange virus hitting everyone differently and unpredictably. When I got it this summer, I was very sick, could not work for 3 weeks, and was coughing and feeling fatigued for long time, and it took more than 2 months to fully recover. On the other hand, my mom, who is in palliative care in nursing home, with colon and liver cancer, parkinsons, diabetes and heart disease, had it so mildly, just a little cough for few days. We both had 3 shots before getting the virus. And my father who is also very sick and bedridden got covid twice already, both times completely asymptomatic. He did not have a booster. Second time he got Covid in hospital while treated for sepsis.

  • Mirjana replied 3 months ago

    You look gorgeous, lovely cardi. Best wishes for a full recovery soon.

  • Zaeobi replied 3 months ago

    You can be very cautious but still catch it - HK has only just started easing up on its 1restrictions (e.g. my flight was cancelled this summer due to COVID (not mine) & I had to isolate for a week as soon as I landed - after testing negative both before & after the flight, mind you!) but we're *still* instructed to wear face masks everywhere (except to exercise & eat).

    So despite being quadruple vacced (the current maximum here), wearing my mask the entire day (when teaching), it just took my husband's deskmate to come back to work a *week* after testing positive (since he 'felt fine' by then) for me to catch it too :(

    This all to say please take the time you need to recover! I tested negative after 6 days but, like Joy's friend, I'm still finding I'm forgetting stuff & my work output has slowed, even now... (forgetting words can be very disconcerting when it's your livelihood!)

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 3 months ago

    You look great, over there in your iso chamber! Here’s hoping for a rapid and full recovery.

    Zaeobi, I’m glad you’re feeling better, but sorry about the lingering effects. Fingers crossed that they clear up. As a person who relies on the written word, I hear you on how disconcerting memory failure can be. In my case (age, not Covid), I don’t expect it to come back. Best wishes for an eventual complete recovery!

  • Star replied 3 months ago

    Well you still look super cute.  Good vibes to you for a speedy recovery.

  • kkards replied 3 months ago

    Sorry about getting covid, hoping it’s mild and passes quickly 
    but…I’m LOLing on your WIW. When I’m not feeling well, I feel a win if I match my sweatpants and sweatshirt, and here you are in ‘real’ clothes 

  • ChristelJ replied 3 months ago

    An outfit that cute has to have healing effects! Hope you feel better very soon.

  • RobinF replied 3 months ago

    Sorry to hear about Covid but glad it is a mild case. I suspected that I had it a few months ago but tested negative. My symptoms sure matched what everyone else had so I don't know. Coughed for a month afterwards.

    I love your outfit and jeans. I definitely do not look like that when I am down sick! The sweater is fab!

  • Angie replied 3 months ago

    Glad it's a mild case, Suz. What a relief! And I'll bet money you didn't have COVID in the Spring either. Hoping you feel 100% soon!

    The virus has been VERY unpredictable. Hitting people in all sorts of ways - boosted or not. Some have barely been ill. Others in bed for two weeks. We have not had COVID yet either, and are getting the updated booster in ten days. 

  • Bonnie replied 3 months ago

    I'm sorry you are sick but glad you posted because I've got a similar sweater, in navy and white, and olive pants and I'm going to try them together today after seeing your great casual outfit.

  • JP replied 3 months ago

    I hope you'll feel better soon! Great to have WFH option. Your outfit is great, I like every piece.

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    Thanks for all the well wishes and stories, everyone. I know it is so, so variable how this hits a person. A bit freaky and mysterious, really. 

    I'm feeling much better today, far less congestion. So I'm crossing fingers that recent vaccine is acting as strong armour. 

  • JAileen replied 3 months ago

    If it’s been less than five days since your positive test you should get Paxlovid, an anti viral.  It can prevent your symptoms from getting worse.  I hope you continue to feel better.  

  • Suz replied 3 months ago

    Thanks, JAileen. In Canada (or at least in my province) I do not qualify for Paxlovid. There are criteria for qualification here and I don't meet them. I'm not high-risk, have no chronic conditions, don't meet the age criteria, am fully vaccinated and boosted. 

  • sarah replied 3 months ago

    Darn, Suz. Sorry to hear it. At this point, I think it's just a matter of time for all of us. I'm glad you're not TOO sick, but it's still a bummer. Can't believe how stinking cute look while you have COVID!

    I'm back to teaching after sabbatical and am still wearing a mask, although none of the undergrads in my class are. Interesting, most of the grad students are, but that's probably because they are all biologists ; ).

  • JAileen replied 3 months ago

    Oh no.  Well, I guess it’s good you don’t have any preexisting conditions, and aren’t old, either.

  • Aquamarine replied 3 months ago

    Suz, kudos for making the effort *and* for looking so good despite the virus. Hope you recover quickly, with no lasting issues.

    COVID hit our home recently for the first time, too. Pretty sure DH was infected at our college reunion, but somehow I was not. He then passed it on to our son but no one else in our home got sick. Fairly mild for both but DH tested positive for 11 days and stayed isolated.

    We had avoided all crowded indoor gatherings until this reunion. We received the bivalent booster just 3 weeks prior (so 5 shots for each of us) and really felt pretty safe and did not mask for the first time ever (no one was masked). I do think the scrabble varients have arrived in our neck of the woods, and the latest booster is not such a good match. It’s disheartening.

  • BlueJay replied 3 months ago

    You look great, Suz! I'm glad you're feeling better today. Wishing you a full and quick recovery!

  • Peri replied 3 months ago

    Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon!

  • gryffin replied 3 months ago

    Suz - You look amazing. More so that you are under the weather and in quarantine. Glad you don’t feel too unwell and hope you are feeling great soon. I have miraculously dodged this bullet to date. But I just had the 5th bivalent jab and other than work remain in hibernation of the grid. It’s very tough to avoid!! Just hoping you soon feel as fantastic as you look!!!

  • DonnaF replied 3 months ago

    YLF; hard to believe you’re sick. I salute you. That DVF sweater was quite a find. I hope you recover 100% very quickly with no lingering effects.

    DH and I have managed to escape Covid so far. Locally folks still mask up and quite frankly we don’t do much but go to the supermarket (masked up). DH is a super highly vulnerable extrovert who is not the best about washing his hands so I constantly worry.

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 3 months ago

    Lots of love and virtual hugs!   I hope you're feeling better already.   You look beautiful even with COVID.   

    We have, so far, not had COVID (to our knowledge).   I just got my third booster yesterday.     I still mask when I go into stores or places with a lot of people.   We're going to EPCOT this weekend for the Food & Wine Festival.   I plan to mask anywhere there are crowds in closed areas.   Fingers crossed!

  • lyn67 replied 3 months ago

    YLF Suz, love the fit of those  pants! &Get well soon!! (so happy it seems a mild case only). My small familly  hasn't succumbed yet- which is a miracle as DD(25) is now for the 4th year in medical scool- and she  volunteered a lot for testing COVID all these years.

  • Nadya replied 3 months ago

    So sorry, Suz! Your outfit is cute and cozy and hope you're quickly back to 100%

  • Karie replied 3 months ago

    Very nice WFH outfit. So sorry that you aren’t feeling well, hopefully you’ll be better soon!

  • citygirldc replied 3 months ago

    Sending get well wishes to you. I succumbed about 3 weeks ago and the first 2 days were pretty miserable. The next 5 days were pretty much nasal and chest related cold-like symptoms. Wish you the best. Hubby has yet to get it, go figure.

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