Kingston Mini-Meet: Lady Slippers

Mona and I managed to get together today! The weather was beautiful this morning, so we went for a lovely walk. And it is obvious that we are on the same style wavelength. Check this out: We are both wearing white bottoms and pastel tops. In fact, she was going to wear the very same J. Crew sweater, but changed her mind at the last minute.

No matter -- we are style twins anyway. 

Months ago, before her trip to India, I'd told her that I had a pair of shoes for her if she wanted them. These are the ill-fated Roz Hammerson slipper flats that several of you warned me I should not keep when I bought them and wasn't sure they would stay on my feet. Of course in my over-hopefulness, I kept them anyway. Well, I wore them a couple of times around the house, but they kept slipping off. Too late to return.


My only consolation is that Mona and I take a similar size and she has enjoyed a couple of other shoes that didn't quite work for me. 

Imagine my surprise when she came to the door wearing almost the exact same shoes!!! Hers are Steve Madden, and almost worn out. So mine are arriving at just the perfect moment!

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  • Mona replied 6 years ago

    It is always such a pleasure to see Susan in real life. I really enjoyed our chat and walk this morning.
    This is what YLF does to you. You start making the same choices unconsciously. White bottoms are my go-to in summer. Both our sleeves were scrunched and the blue top, I had changed out of last minute for no particular reason. 
    The shoe incident made me laugh. Mine are a couple of years old and I wear them a lot during summer and fall. I have been the lucky recipient of a few of Susan shoes and they have always worked really well for me. I am sure these will be much loved and used after my own pair makes it to the donation pile soon. 
    Thank you, Susan. xoxo

  • carter replied 6 years ago

    Wow! Style twins indeed! It's amazing to me that you two can have such different coloring, yet both of you rock pastels like crazy. Fab picture! I know you must have had a wonderful time.

  • karymk replied 6 years ago

    What!!! You guys are indeed style twins.  Are you kidding me?  I haven't seen anything like this on YLF.  You two are good for each other!

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    So much fun! You both look radiant in white and pastels.
    I wish Kingston was closer than 4.5 h drive for me so I could join you on the morning walk...

  • Debbie replied 6 years ago

    You both look adorable! It's great your shoes are going to a good home!

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    Wish I were there! I am lucky enough to know how delightful Suz is in real life, and I would love to meet you too Mona. Together you look like the perfect cover for the YLF book!

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    How lovely!  What beautiful and stylish ladies:)  Glad you had fun together.

  • SarahTheWhite replied 6 years ago

    Love it! It is always so fun for me to see people from the forum getting together in real life. :-) You both look beautiful! So great about the shoes... It was meant to be.

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    Sounds like you had a great time - wish I was there! Hopefully we will get to meet-up again this summer when I am out that way, meeting last summer in Gananoque was such fun! 

    You both are beautiful and super stylish!

  • jackiec replied 6 years ago

    How fun! You both look fantastic, and of course great minds think alike! Too funny about the shoes; perfect timing.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Heartwarming indeed. The fab quotient is through the roof!

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    What a great meetup story. You two are such adorable style twins! I can't get over the serendipitous shoes.

  • MTBGirl replied 6 years ago

    Style twins indeed! Lovely meet-up and you both look fab! And what a perfect solution for the shoes!

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    Sweet! So nice that you got together again. And what a lucky break to find a great new home for those shoes. You both look lovely.

  • Maneera replied 6 years ago

    You both look lovely!

    Mona, how lucky for you that you're getting a well-deserved replacement for the shoes!

    Suz, I love the blue with white pairing. It looks so fresh and summery!

  • Aubergine replied 6 years ago

    So funny about the similar outfits and duplicate shoes! It's like a fashion mind meld or something.

    And you both look great!

  • tulle replied 6 years ago

    That's almost uncanny--so nice when something not quite right for you turns out to be just right for a friend.

  • merwoman replied 6 years ago

    Fantastic pic of two beautiful ladies! Love that the shoes have found a good home!

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Love YLF meetups!  Both of you look fresh and fab, and the shoe story is marvelous.  Hope you had a great day!

  • annagybe replied 6 years ago


  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    You two are too cute in your matching outfits! :)

    And too funny about the shoes. It was meant to be!

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    That's fantastic!  The meetup and the shoes and your outfits - how fun.

  • Elizabeth P replied 6 years ago

    Oh, you both look amazing, and how funny about the shoes.  A win/win!

    Some day I will be on that walk with you both... ;)

  • Mona replied 6 years ago

    How refreshing to see your sweet comments, ladies!
    Karie, are you planning to visit again this year? I would love to see you again.
    Canadian fabbers, it would be lovely to see you all in person. Perhaps, it is time for another meet up in Toronto.

  • Style Fan replied 6 years ago

    How lovely you both look.  I hope to meet you all.  Perhaps in Toronto if it works out.  We are often on the road.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    A Toronto meet up would be fun. And I hope Karie and others may join us again nearer the border this summer! 

  • replied 6 years ago

    I'm in for Toronto !  

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    So fun! Look at you two lovely ladies in your whites, pastels, and metallics (a colorway after my own heart). Suz -- those short look super on you, perfect length. Mona that peachy sweater is such a delicious shade and really highlights your amazing hair. How serendipitous about the flats ^^

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