My reviews and report. ETA Team Wear

I came home from an overnight trip to Toronto with a cold. :( The consolation is I also came home to some boxes! :) 

The good news: Most of what I ordered works! 

The bad news: The price of it all. :)

I stocked up on bras and undies as I always do, but won't model those. :)  All worked well. Thanks to Kkards for the suggestion to try the Chantelles -- I like them. 

For the clothing, one of my goals was to increase the representation of red in my closet. I ordered the Halogen cardigan and kick flares. The cardigan is, as Angie reported, very lightweight, and on its own would not make a good winter sweater. But or spring and fall, or layered over a more substantial knit top, it will work well. The pockets don't sag as much on me as in some of the photos, though they do sag a little bit. It's not expensive and adds some punch. 

I love the kick flares. They fit more or less like leggings up top on me in this size, and do make me a bit self conscious about my thighs, but even so, I enjoy them, and almost prefer the red to the black -- somehow the red seems to go with the kick flare style and make it extra fun. I might even bring them on a trip I'm going on tomorrow where temps may be variable and a warmer pant might come in handy. 

Next up, the CoH Cara jeans and the Cece bell sleeve top. The jeans are going to be my new favourites. They are ankle length on me. They are high waisted -- they come up to my navel. I love the CoH denim -- it is cotton rich with a bit of stretch -- and this is a nice dark wash. 

The bell sleeved top is a gorgeous colour for me, which doesn't quite show in the photos due to the light. It's nothing extraordinary but it's fun and not expensive. I haven't had any sleeve detail clothing yet during this trend and this will be a nice way for me to enjoy it. The sleeves are not too long, as sometimes happens for me. 

Scarves: I'm keeping the very inexpensive BP grey and white. Love it. I am sending back the Kate Spade and the Halogen Vintage blooms. The Vintage blooms is nice quality but a bit too twee for me, and the Kate Spade is pretty but the fabrication is not worth the money, IMO. 

Next, the fun BP crushed velour tee. LOVE this! It will be so much fun to wear. And later it will make excellent loungewear. 

Boots! The Aquatalias actually work on me -- not too tall at all! Whoo hoot!! They are a lovely boot and it will be fun to tuck into them again after several years of mostly wearing booties. 

Earrings -- love these delicate everyday silver earrings. 

Hoxton jeans -- these came from Canada and are going straight back. First, they sent the wrong ones -- without hem detailing. Second, I would have liked another size up anyway. Third, I find the fabric too soft (I like a bit more structure in my denim). Fourth, they charged me $285 CAD (i.e. not the sale price!)

I apologize for the light. The light comes in from behind and I try to adjust for it, but it's not ideal, so the colour representation is not always perfect and the shots are not the best. 

ETA: It's a cool evening so I wore the new red sweater out to supper with DH and brother! Total love. 

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  • jill58 replied 5 years ago

    Wow--you look great in everything! That velour Tee is wonderful.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Wow - everything is terrific here! And I'm laughing at my reaction to the silver earrings: I expected them to be about 3 times the size they actually are. And speaking of earrings, I have ordered that new N&S shape too - love it on you! I cannot even conceive of wearing red pants, but those are FANTASTIC on you . And I agree they are even better in red than in black. Cannot really make out details of the jeans or the boots or the bell sleeve top, but I'm happy that they worked for you. And lastly, I really, really wish my hair looked as good as yours.

  • Gretchen replied 5 years ago

    Wow - what a great haul! The color on the CeCe top is amazing for you, and I love the look of the velour tee too. Great job!!

  • texstyle replied 5 years ago

    That CeCe top is fantastic!  Love the velvet tee as the next fav. But everything looks great and lots of fun with those kick flares.

  • Sal replied 5 years ago

    I agree with your assessments!! I must look out COH jeans here as I like my denim thus way- the fit is great.

    The tops are fun statements and I think red pants are fun- perfect with greys, blues and neutrals.

    And the boots are fab- my only caution is will you wear them outside as I know you had boots last winter that didn't get worn as much as you hoped. If these are good walking boots they seem like a winner!!

  • Mainelady replied 5 years ago

    Your new items look gorgeous on you! Love, love, love the red sweater, kick flares, bell sleeved top and the Aquatalia boots, especially.

  • skylurker replied 5 years ago

    Sweaters : gorgeous colours on you (the fluted sleeves would drive me batty, but they're pretty :)
    Love the coh, aquatalias and #3 scarf.
    Find the halogen intimidating : body con and red, you're brave :)
    I'd like to see the velvet tee a size up. Fun texture to jazz up your blazer, it looks like fur.

  • Chris987 replied 5 years ago

    What a fabulous haul! The red items are wonderfu on you. I love those earrings, and like Lisa p I imagined them to be larger. Love that you found some great boots. Also love your thoughtful assessment of price vs quality vs how useful items will be to you. You rock NAS!!

  • Jenn replied 5 years ago

    You did really well, Suz! The velvet tee is my absolute favorite. It's great on you, and will add a really fun element to your fall/winter style.

    I also really like the vintage blooms scarf on you, but I get that it's a style preference...the colors are just so good with the bell-sleeve top!

  • gryffin replied 5 years ago

    Suz - gorgeous haul!!  Congrats!!  Does anything get better than aquatalia boots!  Love the top so uber elegant.  The silver crushed velour tee is fabulous and can really swing dressy or casual.  What fun you will have with it!!  You look wonderful in everything.  Enjoy it!!

  • Diana replied 5 years ago

    I LOVE the bell sleeve top.  The drape and drama of the sleeves is really excellent.  I'm glad I get to live vicariously through you - I love long dramatic bell sleeves but they are super impractical for doing lab work & associated frequent hand washing.  (I can get away with them on a sweater or jacket that I can take off when necessary, but not on a top.) 

    Aquitalias look great, although it's a bit hard for me to see details.  I really like that slightly pointed toe - very elegant and a little bit different from your typical riding boot shape. 

    Velvet tee looks like a super fun wildcard piece.  I love that it matches your hair!  I particularly like it under the blazer.

    The red pants and cardigan are also great.  Love the color on you. 

    I'm having trouble seeing details of the CoH jeans but from what I can tell the silhouette is great on you.  You know I'm also a fan of the cotton-rich denims .  And hooray for them being the right length right off the bat! 

    Looks like you really scored this time!

  • Barbara Diane replied 5 years ago

    You look great, your choices are fantastic and work so well together.

  • Debora replied 5 years ago

    Suz, it all looks great! Thanks for the comprehensive review. So happy the boots worked out for you. You are going to have so much fun with the crushed tee and red pants. Love that you are adding red to your wardrobe. So fab!

  • Banoffi replied 5 years ago

    Thanks for detailed review! The red kick flares and velour tee are both great fun. I am so glad the Aquatalias work on you. You will especially appreciate them on wet, slushy and snowy days.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    I am sorry that the light makes it difficult to see details of the boots and the jeans. Frustrating. I am off for a trip tomorrow so can't get better photos right away, but I will look into it when I get back for sure. 

    Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions -- more soon-- my brother has just arrived. 

  • Joyce B replied 5 years ago

    Nice haul, Suz! I love the color of the Cece top on you! I am glad the Aquatalias worked for you.

  • Aquamarine replied 5 years ago

    Super haul! Everything looks fab on you! The velvet T is so fun, and I agree you are brave to get red kick flares but I know you will rock them.

  • Beth Ann replied 5 years ago

    Love seeing your loot! I had missed that you were adding more red --- I'm seeing lots of bright tomato red at the moment.  Do you have red shoes?

    My only NAS purchase was a pair of kick flares -- I tried black and navy, and am keeping the black.  I love the fabric, although the extreme stretch does lead to a bit of a legging look.  I like the high waist, too, for it's bit of structure in the midsection.

  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago

    These are all great!  I really like the red pants.  I also love the bell sleeve top and the velour tee.  Such great items.  Like LisaP, I was also expecting the earrings to be bigger <laugh>.  

  • merwoman replied 5 years ago

    Great review - thanks for sharing your assessment with us! The red (everything) is amazing on you! Who would think that more red is simply better - at least on you it is! The  boots are amazing and I know you will get lots of user out of them - that Aquatalia is built for our climate and wears like iron. So glad that there were so many winners for you!!

  • DonnaF replied 5 years ago

    Great haul!  So glad that most of it worked out for you.  That red is a wonderful color on you.  Suz lemming that I am, I also ordered the velour tee.  Seeing the tee on you and the stock photo, I think the neckline is probably slightly too high for me so it will probably go back; we'll see.

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    Great reviews! Go Team Red and Berry.

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    What a great NAS you had! I ordered the silvery velour tee but it has not arrived yet. I also think I managed to order the Hoxton jeans but think they were back ordered. We will see what I get. Thank you for your review.

  • Peri replied 5 years ago

    Nice! I love that bell sleeve top on you and also the velvet one! 

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    WOW. You had a great NAS already, Suz. I hereby crown you Queen Fire Engine Red. That colour is Killer Sublime on you.

    LOVE everything that you got. Aren't those earrings amazing. Very under-loved on YLF. 

    As far as bright red pants - I'm a fan - and happy to see you back on Team Non-Neutral Pants. Truly, red is a "neutral", and looks good with most colours. You wear them splendidly. Adore the looks you put together in #4. KILLER. Relaxed Radiance. *smiling*

    The bell sleeve top is a fun on trend look. A playful experiment. CoH jeans are super cute too. 

    YAY FOR THE TALL BOOTS. A biased MAGICAL from me. They've moulded to the length of your lower leg like I thought they might because of the stretchy panels and excellent quality. The pointy toes are divine, not to mention the comfort. 

    And AT LAST, someone is modeling the velour tee. It's sooooo fun. The colour is perfect with your hair, Suz. I do have to ask whether you think the size is right. Do you need to try a size up, perhaps? 

  • Marilyn replied 5 years ago

    Wow.....what a great haul, Suz.  I'm happy that you had good luck......I know you like to do big seasonal shops.

    I tried a pair of COH high waist jeans a while ago and they actually worked on little 5' me.  The young SA couldn't understand why I was so stoked about high waist jeans actually fitting perfectly at my waist.  LOL   Something magical about them.

    I've had the kick flares in black in my cart since the sale started.  Black doesn't seem like a popular colour if availability is any indication.  The red is so fun!

  • replied 5 years ago

    Love the red pants!!
    I like how you've styled them.

    The COH Caras--look great. They are tempting.

    I love the gamine silver top. I sense workhorse in it.

    And wow, the boots are awesome. I hope, hope, hope you walk many miles (kilometres) in them.

  • JAileen replied 5 years ago

    I thought the velvet top would look great, and I was right! I like bell sleeve top too. When I looked at the pictures, I thought the scarf looked really pretty, but what do I know?

  • Windchime replied 5 years ago

    I love the velvet top on you! All your keepers are fab on you; the red crop kick flares are going to be a fun style update; something about the red seems very you.

    Along with LisaP, I was expecting the earrings to be about 10 times larger! It must be the proportion of earrings to white space in the description.

    The Halogen vintage blooms scarf arrived at my house yesterday. The fabric certainly feels lovely, but I'm not yet completely sure if I'll keep it.

    Glad you're pleased with your items!

  • Column replied 5 years ago

    You slay! How you manage to get such variety out of a limited color palette is beyond me! Must study--and the bell sleeves SUIT you!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Thank you all for your enthusiasm and advice! Super helpful.

    Lisa, Sara I thought these earrings would be larger, also, but I like them this size for everyday wear. I wear silver earrings daily and these will be a nice alternative to my "quotation mark/ comma" earrings. 

    Re the velour tee -- Isabel, Angie, others -- I will check on the size. Honestly -- I see in the photos why you might say this, but I think IRL it's probably the right size. It's perfect on the shoulders and quite loose and boxy/ baggy overall. It looks much snugger in the pics than it is, in fact, due to the reflective qualities of the velour and the way I was twisting to get a side view. Plus the fact that it was a bit muggy/ sticky today so the fabric wanted to cling. 

    However,  I got it in Canada and could order a size up for comparison without incurring costs, and then do an exchange if the size up is better, so I will attempt that. 

    Either way, I know I will adore it. It's perfect with my hair and so easy to dress up or down -- a super item for my climate and lifestyle. I am actually tempted to order the navy also. 

    Re the Aquatalias -- yes, to Sal -- they will get worn here! They are waterproof!!!! That is key. My booties that went unworn are suede and delicate silver toned leather with thin soles. These have a thicker weatherproof sole and waterproof leather -- I will wear them to death, just as I wore my Aquatalia weatherproof booties! I do still need a more rugged lug soled super casual boot for non-gear walking in bad weather. But that will be a second shop. 

    Re the red flares -- Isabel, Lisa, Aquamarine -- yes, they do intimidate me, too...but I know from experience that this style loosens up a bit with wear and feel quite streamlined and okay. Plus, I will often be wearing with a long cardigan or longer-in-the-back sweater, which does mitigate the body con effect. 

    Beth Ann -- these kick flares will be AMAZING on you. I am so glad you got them. Perfect for your job, too. Someone, I think it was LIsaP, mentioned that they had not become the workhorses she expected when she got them last year and she thought it was the waistband. I get the point -- it feels a bit thin for the weight of the pants, almost. But for me, the reason they weren't workhorses at first was the lack of front pockets. Once I paired with a cardigan that has pockets, everything changed. I think you might feel the same, Beth Ann, esp. for work. ETA -- I do have red booties. :)  So I can create a column of red if I want to be really bold. :) 

    DonnaF, maybe if you size up in the velour tee it will be a looser neckline. That might also be good for me -- we'll see. 

    Merwoman, Gryffin, Banoffi -- high five on the Aquatalias! And thank you. .

    Thank you, Unfrumped & Peri-- the berry top would be lovely on you! 

    Diana, thank you!! I know the top will be a "special occasion" kind of top for me, too, but its being knit makes it easier to wear and for dishes etc. the sleeves just fold back. :) 

    Joy, you are going to love the velour tee!!

    Angie, thank you! I accept the crown! I adore red and always have. :)  Tomato is still a bit on the warm side for me but fire engine has come back into its own now that I am grey. I wore it for years as a child/ teen/ 20s young woman but in the past decade it didn't work with my complexion / dyed hair. Now it works brilliantly again. Cranberry is still also wonderful. 

    Smittie, JAileen, Gretchen, Joyce, Debora, Barbara Diane, Jenn -- thank you for your thoughts! 

    I will order a size up on the velour tee for comparison and am considering what else I might send back or order anew! :) 



  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Column, Windchime -- I was writing while you wrote -- thank you! 

  • fathenry replied 5 years ago

    Hi Suz, The gray velvet tee shirt is so much fun! I think it looks good in the size you have it. The red kick flare pants are fun too. Everything looks great on you!

  • shiny replied 5 years ago

    Adding the CeCe and velour top to my wishlist... how would they fit on 5'0 me?

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Shiny -- the velour top would probably fit but it might be longer on you. Then again, it might not. You're an IT and have more of a bust I do and that might take up some of the extra. I would say order up in size, though. I'm going to order up to compare -- this is an XS. And while it is in no way as snug on my arms/ torso as it may appear in the photos, you can see that it tends that way. 

    The Cece top might fit if you can take it in a small size. This is XS. It fits me perfectly in the shoulders. If my bust were bigger it might be a problem. The sleeves are perfect for me and I do have short arms so it's worth a shot. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 5 years ago

    Suz, you scored, big time! How you came away with so many winners is truly impressive. I am wowed by how great you look in red--love the whole column of red with the cardigan and pants together, too. (And your going out to dinner outfit with the new cardi is super fantastic--the print tee, the booties--all of it!)
    I love the new bell-sleeve pullover on you, and I can tell it's a really gorgeous color for you. I'm sorry to see you're passing up the blooms scarf--I think it's so pretty on you in the closeup, but you know what your comfort is with prints. So I'll give you a break here.
    So frustrating about the Paige Hoxtons, but man, those CoH look and sound just perfect. (Now I want to try them. But I hardly need another pair of jeans at this point, so I'll refrain.)

  • Keix replied 5 years ago

    What a great NAS haul, Suz. You're seriously tempting me on that bell sleeve top -- fuchsia is also a good color for me, although my coloring is totally different from yours. What kind of a polyester is the fabric, and is it really machine-dryable as claimed?

    In less expensive temptation :) I have a pair of very comfy black tall boots in good shape that I brought with me to CA 3 years ago and proceeded to rarely wear, due to the mild weather and being "off" tall boots. So I can shop my closet to try out tall boots again!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    KL, that's fantastic about your boots. Pull them out! :) 

    I will check the top. It's a sort of knit fabric that feels a bit like a woven, if that makes sense. A knit crepe? Sounds like a contradiction in terms. but that is how it feels. Not the nicest fabric in the world, but hugely practical, I think. One thing I will say -- I was wearing my Natori feathers bra and it showed the outline of the lace. I'd probably wear a cami or a different bra under it IRL. 

    I'll definitely wash in the machine on the delicate cycle, hang dry.

    Sharan, thank you for the nice words, and I think you'd like the CoH the next time you need a pair of jeans. ;) 

  • Eliza replied 5 years ago

    What a wonderful and productive NAS for you. Great to have the tall boot box ticked; those can be challenging. I love Aquatalia's quality and how they do their waterproofing is amazing.

    I am tickled to see you in red from head to toe- so good with your hair and love the column of color. The proportions of the bell sleeved top are lovely on you and probably will provide a fun update to many outfits. Glad Angie drew attention to that crushed velvet top- it was a "sleeper" as an online item, yet amazing on you.

    Smooth travels and enjoy your new pieces!

  • Staysfit replied 5 years ago

    Mission accomplished Suz! You have some great red for your wardrobe. I really love the velvet top and the red Cardigan. I think those are my two favorite pieces from your NAS purchases.

  • Style Fan replied 5 years ago

    Fantastic items Suz.  I love the C of H jeans.  I have always loved their jeans.  I also love denim rich jeans.  I might give them a try.  They would be very cropped on me.
    I love the all red outfit.  Looks so good on you.  The velvet tee is a great piece.  Navy would be a good addition too.  :)

  • Scarlet replied 5 years ago

    Glad to hear you found some great pieces to work for you and that you have accomplished your goal of reintroducing red into your life. It's interesting to see how the cardigan hangs on you (fantastically) because I was put off by how the pockets seemed really floppy and open on the model. So weird about the inconsistency with the sale pricing. That would drive me batty. Your going out to dinner outfit is beautiful! Love the red with the floral on you.

  • kkards replied 5 years ago

    Suz....once again i bow to a knew what you wanted and picked the perfect pieces to achieve your goals! love the red on you! beyond fab with your hair

  • skylurker replied 5 years ago

    I love your outfit, so stylish, the cardi is fabulous with the florals and dark denim and your hair looks fantastic. Also love the earrings with the red cardi.
    (I don't find the velvet tee clingy, it's the fit of neckline and shoulders-armholes that look off to me)

  • Laurie replied 5 years ago

    So much to love here.  Just want to say that your outfit in the last shot is real perfection.   

    The cardi is tempting - thank you for styling it with a skirt and with jeans. I think it would be versatile.  

    The velour tee is fabulous tucked in and under the jacket. I would not have looked at that item in a million years if you hadn't styled it for us.   It IS just great with your hair.

    Very well done! 

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    FAB that you are reunited with Fire Engine Red. And I believe you when you say the size of the velour tee feels right. Photos can play tricks with your eyes.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Suz - what is the top you are wearing under the sweater in the last pic? Which I assume is your out-to-dinner outfit?  And what are the booties?  I'm feeling quite over my summer clothes - already - and am in the mood for some kind of change. Can I have this whole outfit?  lol.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    I missed the last outfit too. KILLER.

  • LaPed replied 5 years ago

    Wow, you make those red kick flares look like a million bucks! From the stock photo, I never would have expected them to look so amazing! 

    Those CoH jeans look great, too. I mean, it all looks great, but seeing those jeans on you makes me tempted to splurge. ;)

    And I think the grey scarf is the right choice -- perfect support act for your bold colours. 

  • Jaime replied 5 years ago

    Wow what a great bunch of new favorites - I love the red flares, the bell sleeve sweater, the new jeans, the silver velvet top and probably everything else shown too! 

  • Susie replied 5 years ago

    Suz, you did chose some really nice things and they look great on you! LOVE that last picture; the floral top with the red cardigan is lovely and the whole outfit is smashing on you. Who knew red pants could look so good?!

  • replied 5 years ago

    My goodness, your decision to add some red to your wardrobe was BRILLIANT! I love that you had the opportunity to wear the sweater immediately!
    Everything you are keeping is fab, but I do particularly like that velour tee on you - it is so Suz!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Travelling today so was having trouble answering -- again, many thanks!

    Re the "Team Wear" outfit -- Lisa, everything except the red sweater is old here. Jeans last year's CoH Agnes crops. Shoes, last year's Franco Sartos. Top, part of the Land's End twinset I bought my mother about 5 years ago and kept after she died. Earrings last year's Nickel and Suede. 

    I'm still going to check on the tee -- no harm in ordering another size for comparison. It might shrink, too, so could be worth doing anyway. I do adore it. The silvery crush is so fun. 

    The red sweater has come with me on my trip -- I am writing from Quebec City where I'll wear it tonight! :) 

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    WOOOHOOO. Go Team Wear. I've worn my CoH jeans a few times already too. 

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