NAS considerations

I'm collecting up a storm but have not ordered yet. Basics (as always -- undies/ bras) and some loungewear items are on my list. Other serious contenders (so far)....

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  • nicoleb replied 10 months ago

    Loving all the navy and deep blues! 

  • Elizabeth P replied 10 months ago

    Great collection Suz.  Can you report back on what you end up trying is available in Canada?  If you go that route?  Lemming minds need to know...  :)

  • Thistle replied 10 months ago

    Well, given your climate and how much walking you do, I think the Aquatalias and Blondos need to come home with you. :)

    The navy, especially the two cashmere pieces, would be cozy and comfy come winter, too. And Navy is one of your favorite colors...

  • replied 10 months ago

    I love all your shoe picks! But are those Blondos ok for heel height?

    Also think the dress, pants and funnel neck sweater look very promising.

    Wish the Aquatalias weren’t for low volume feet because otherwise I’d pounce. I know Aquatalias work for you though, so I’m excited!

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    The Blondos might indeed be too high or the wrong slant of heel, Smittie. I'm waiting for Angie's thoughts. It all depends on the last/ slope. 

    A few more items I've collected...also different colours to show....

  • bridgie replied 10 months ago

    Oh, Suz, you are getting the best dress at the NAS!  I love the dress.  Can't wait to see it on you.  You and Angie are twins.

  • Kathie replied 10 months ago

    Gorgeous items. Really love your tops- I find those so hard to shop for, so it's helpful to see what others find.

  • nicoleb replied 10 months ago

    oh gosh. now i'm kind of digging that red cotton blend blouse! *_*

  • julesegr replied 10 months ago

    The striped Vince sweater is darling - I saw it in person yesterday. As I mentioned on another thread, I tried both the NS navy mock neck and the similar Vince turtleneck on side by side and preferred the Vince. The NS went a little dolman on me. 

  • Angie replied 10 months ago


    Skip the blue Edwardian blouse. I need two sizes down from the XS - it runs that big.

  • kkards replied 10 months ago

    nice....I see we picked 2 of the same items...hoping the hoody and the Aquatalias work for both of us...dress is fab, I've been thinking of it, but think i'll wait and see what Boden has for fall dresses

  • Beth Ann replied 10 months ago

    I thought of you when I saw that funnel neck sweater!

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Thanks for the tip, Angie -- it's off the consideration list. Next! 

    I'm still completely undecided except about the dress and the blue Aquatalia booties. :) 

  • lisa p replied 10 months ago

    Wow - those boots in blue are absolutely stunning .  Good luck - hope they work for you!

  • 3style replied 10 months ago

    Suz, I don’t think of you as a hoodie kind of gal. But then again, Canada. So probably really useful for you? Or is it more about trying a new trend for you?

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    3style, I wear hoodies at home for loungewear and work-from-home wear. I'll also sometimes wear one under a blazer. 

    Lisa, the boots are also gorgeous in tobacco/ cognac (not really sure what the colour is.) Dress and Aquatalias still the only "for sure" items beyond underwear. 

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Suz, the Halogen lace Insert blouse comes in petite and the proportions look a LOT better for a smaller frame.

    These are better than the Halogens:

  • Inge replied 10 months ago

    I am loving everything you picked, Suz (no surprise there;-)!
    Not sure if you need a cold-weather sweater, but I thought of you when I saw this one in the Purple Royal colourway. Such a rich, happy colour, and it would look amazing with your hair! (I want it too, of course...)

  • lyn67 replied 10 months ago

    Wow, so envious, the shoes and that metalic silver top!!! + the others are lovely, too:-).

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Angie, Inge -- thank you for that heads up! I am investigating further! 

  • La Pedestrienne replied 10 months ago

    Ooh, I like the striped cashmere from Vince. Navy and berry -- perfect colours!

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Suz, the Theory pants would be mine if they weren't so good for you. LOVELY fabric and fit. 

    Inge, the cuffs on that purple jumper will drive you crazy. Pass. 

  • Janet replied 10 months ago

    Such excellent choices for you! The boots are great.

    Inge, I love the color of that purple sweater — I looked for some purple in the sale but none that appealed to me. But I’m very particular about purple shades — I like them deep and rich (eggplant and similar shades).

  • replied 10 months ago

    just curious what you would wear the navy Zella hoodie with?  assuming jeans.  I am trying to decide on color--the light grey or navy.  leaning toward navy because of my coloring, fair-skinned and it's one of my neutrals.  

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    CJ, I'd be using that hoodie mostly at home for loungewear/ work-from-home wear. So my bottoms would be mostly denim, yes. I might also wear it with some jogging type pants. 

    Angie, thanks for the tips and info. 

  • Dianna replied 10 months ago

    Fantastic choices, Suz, I hope the dress and the Aquatalias work for you.  Also, that silver Alice+Olivia top is gorgeous.

  • Inge replied 10 months ago

    Janet - This shade of purple is fantastic, isn't it!
    Angie - Thanks for the heads-up. I do love the look of those cuffs, but you know me very well, so I believe you;-) (Anyway, as you know, I'm sitting out the NAS this year, which means sitting on my hands while reading all the threads to resist temptation ;-)

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