NAS Last Chapter: Controversies and Conundrum

Thank you for all your help so far with my NAS-related questions. You must have thought we would never get to the end of this saga! But I believe today's is the final chapter.

So. Get your cups of tea. Settle in your chairs. Prepare for a long set of questions. Here we go! 

Another item that met with some dissension from the fitting room floor was the striped Pleione wrap blouse. Some felt the cut or the pattern or all of the above were overwhelming for me. (Pics 1 and 2)

Well, I love the style for me, full stop. I need to ensure the V of the neckline on tops like this gives enough coverage, but as long as it does, I think the cut suits me, and it feels good. So let's put that out of the equation, please. It might not be everyone's cup of tea. (If you don't like loose fits, look away!) But to my eye, that aspect works, and I'm not worried about it.

But let's consider the actual wearability for my life. Sveta, who saw it in person, liked it. And we all know how great her judgement is!

Despite that, I worried that the stripes' contrast might be too high for my low-contrast colouring. But because I liked it, I brought it home to experiment. It can be returned at some point. Tags are still on. 

Here are a few potential stylings. And Sveta, please give me a break on the colour thing. Most of my bottoms are denim or black! Unless I keep that cobalt skirt, of course!  :-)

Pic 3: showing volume with volume (Leith track pants). 
Pic 4: Tucked with a pencil skirt (and Pliner booties). 
Pic 5: Worn with Theory moto skinnies. 

What do you think? If I keep this blouse it will replace a black button down with puffy sleeves that I do not care for any more. 

Next, we return to footwear. This time, we're looking at the Aquatalia quilted moto boots. These boots, if you recall, got very mixed reviews from the fitting room. Most people felt that they did not work so well for me. (Pics 1 and 2)

But the comfort -- as well as the refinement -- plus the fact that I was striking out with waterproof knee-high boots and I NEED boots -- persuaded me to bring them home to try with outfits, just to be sure. (I can always return on my next trip to the US if they aren't right.) 

In Pic 6, Here they are with my black Theory moto skinnies tucked in. I have lightened the photo up so you can see a bit better. (Pic 7).

Pic 8 -9: With a skirt and sheer hose. Note that I would probably wear with more opaque hose in winter, but I wanted you to be able to see them more clearly here. 

In Pic 10 you can see them with dark denim. And then in Pic 11, with lighter denim and a coat (which is how the proportions would usually be seen). 

If I keep these, they would replace my Doc Marcies (Pic 12). I am not feeling the Marcie's funky style so much any more, and have never been able to deal with the migrating tongues in those boots, which drive me batty! These boots are admittedly a very different style. But they are both mid-calf boots.

Note: I do not own any other mid-calf boots. But this is a pricey item. Is it practical enough/ versatile enough/ useful enough? I would like to be able to wear it with pants, mostly, but with a skirt in a pinch (especially if I am unable to find tall boots that fit me.)

Also up for review, and not an NAS item, in Pics 8-10 , is this J. Crew foulard print Tippi sweater. I like this sweater a lot; anything with this type of detailing (tipping, contrasting lines) seems to work well on me.  But while it technically fits, I wonder if it would look better in a more generous size. Thoughts? 

Finally, we come to the big conundrum: the Only Mine dot sweater. You will see it on me and wonder how there could be any question. It lights up my complexion and will obviously work in my wardrobe. (Pics 13-15)

So what is the problem?  Well,  I got it home and put it on, only to discover a HOLE in the sleeve!! 

I am very sad about this. Reordering will be tricky -- it's not like I can just order an item for exchange. So I'm not too sure what I will do. 

If I keep or exchange, it will replace this thrifted taupe sweater that was not a great cut or fabrication that I've already put in the donate bag. (Pic 16) 

Thus endeth my saga! 

If you have come this far, you deserve a prize for shopping valour. Thank you for helping me to think through these purchases and make wise choices!! 

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  • ramya replied 7 years ago

    You will not return both period.

  • DeclawedJaguar replied 7 years ago

    Suz, you demonstrate the power of styling perfectly. I was one of the "nay" votes on the Pleione top, but it looks great in your pairings with trousers. I'm not keen on it tucked in, but like it a lot otherwise.

    The boots look versatile, especially since they are waterproof. Keep!

    As far as the holey dotty sweater, did you say you were going to be in the States again in a few weeks? Could you exchange it and have it held at the store that you'll be able to visit? Or perhaps have Nordstrom send it to one of the stateside YLFers, who would then ship it to you? I would even volunteer to be one of them. :)

  • Glory replied 7 years ago

    Boots - YES they are perfect for our climate and temperatures, and waterproof. You will not come across many pairs that do all of that, look good and are comfy. I know they are an investment but in our neck of the woods boots are worn daily. I am not convinced about dumping the docs tho. I quite like how they look. Isn't there room for both? 

    Shirt - I love this on you = especially with the black bottoms. I can also see it with jeans. 

    The sweater. Oh man, that is so sad. How big is the hole and what do you think caused it? Of course if you were in the US I would say return or exchange. But the Pita factor is quite huge. I am thinking that if it is small enough you can easily darn it and it would not be visible then do that. However, if it is larger and a repair would be difficult and visible then you might consider R/E.

  • Linda replied 7 years ago

    Hi Suz!
    Funny thing about that Pleione wrap blouse.  I was very interested in trying it on when I saw it on Angie's list.  Our local Nordstrom store didn't have it so, I passed on it.  I had the same feeling that the stripes might overwhelm me.  Seeing it on you, makes me feel that that is the case.  I think that the stripes do overwhelm you and your coloring, I vote pass!  It works with all of your items, you've don a terrific job styling it, but it's just not right. 

    The boots, fabulous, keep! You'll get tons of wear out of them, they look good with skirts, and they are waterproof.

    The J Crew sweater is adorable, but I think it might look better in a larger size.  It's funny, I can never tell what size to get in J Crew. Sometimes I'm an XS, sometimes XXS, and sometimes just S.  I mentioned this to a salesperson, and she said "Tell me about it, the sizing drives us crazy!".

    You have GOT to get that sweater replaced.  Even if it's a pain, you need to have that sweater!!!!!

    The End!

  • Parsley replied 7 years ago

    I love the striped top on you, and think that you should keep it without a doubt! I'm not so crazy about it tucked,but I love all the other ways you've styled it.
    The boots are also a big KEEP in my book. They work well with pants and skirts, and their height is very flattering on your legs with a skirt. They're waterproof and practical for your winters. How can there be any doubt?

    I also like the J Crew sweater, and think the size is good. I like the sleeker fit on you. If you would prefer a more oversized fit I don't doubt that a size up would look good, too, but really it's just a matter of what look you want.

    The Only Mine sweater is DARLING on you! That is such a shame about the hole in the sleeve! I think you should exchange it if at all possible- of course Nordstrom will replace it for you still at the sale price. I know the logistics are the tough part about ordering from the US. Will you be going back to the US any time soon? You can always gamble that they'll still have it in your size the next time you go.

    I think you did a fantastic job with your choices, Suz. Your fall/ winter wardrobe is looking stellar!

  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    I can understand your hesitation but like all these on you. You chose carefully with Sveta's help.
    The Pleione crossover blouse is a fabulous piece! The high contrast is probably not nearly as evident in r/l as the camera tends to emphasize these things. I like it best untucked with both pants and skirt. It adds that modern arty element that feels a part of your style. Keep.
    Keep the Aquatalia boots too. Seen styled, I like this height on you showing a bit more leg than knee high boots. The proportions feel right with both pants and skirts. Plus you can't best them for your winters.
    The JCrew sweater looks fine in the photos. It doesn't seem tight and will layer well. I guess it just depends on the look you are after. Sizing up, it may look more casual.
    I love the Only Mine Dot sweater on you and know how soft and light they are. Returning and maybe not having one at all sounds a hassle and heartbreaking. Is the hole small enough that it could be mended invisibly? I love it with the hazy purple pencil skirt. I'd probably keep and mend unless this would demote the value of the sweater for you.

  • donnat replied 7 years ago

    Love, love, love the boots! Absolutely keepers. The tippi sweater, my first thought was it would be nicer in a larger size. Looking closely at the pictures, it does fit nicely. I guess I am no help here, it must come down to your rl eye and the comfort level.
    That is too bad about the hole in the other sweater...

  • pil replied 7 years ago

    Taupe really is your neutral - I'm in love with both of your NAS sweaters and the ways you have styled them in these pictures. What a shame about the hole, I was thinking the same thing as Glory. Could you live with a mended hole if they made a price adjustment? My guess is no though. I was admiring the J Crew sweater in your other posts. The boots are so handsome!

  • Gaylene replied 7 years ago

    I'm voting that you KEEP everything. And I'm even rescinding my doubts about the cobalt skirt now that I've seen it with the Pleione blouse. The stripe has the right amount of impact to work with that cobalt color in the winter.

    I actually like Aquatalia quilted moto boots better than the Doc's for adding a bit of edginess to an outfit. And, I'd venture to say, they are more practical as well.

    The sizing on the Tippi looks fine in the pictures, but you need to feel comfortable in it. For what it's worth, I think it is nice to have some variation in fits because some bottoms work better with a more fitted top, while others embrace a looser fit more gracefully. The Tippi has a ladylike vibe that works with for a more fitted look.

    It's too bad about the hole in the Only Mine sweater. I had exactly the same issue with a linen J Crew sweater that I ordered a few years back. The color and fit were perfect but the sweater had a small hole in sleeve next to the wrist ribbing. I debated sending it back because it was a pricey sweater, but I also wanted to start wearing it that week. To keep the story short, I did a quick repair that was invisible to everyone (except me, of course!) and wore the sweater the next day. I checked on the website a day later only to find the size and colour had sold out, so I was glad that I hadn't opted to return for an exchange. The sweater has been a total workhorse for me so I've never regretted my decision to keep it. If the hole is small and in an inconspicuous place, it might be worth fixing because, as you've stated, reordering from Canada is time consuming and tricky.

  • cobaltblue replied 7 years ago

    This is the ultimate Suz NAS post, in more ways than one! I love all of these, as is (minus hole). The Pleione is amazing on you. Whatever you lack in contrast you more than make up with in personality, so the sharp top isn't wearing you, not a bit! And how could you pass up the perfect v? I actually quite like this top tucked - a whole different look!

    Too bad about the hole in the sweater, but I think it's worth it to go through the hassle of exchange if you'll be in the States anytime soon. Too perfect with your taupe. Please explain to me why you look so good in taupe AND black.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Urrrrgggghhhhh. The hole in the dotty jumper. SO annoying :(. Return and demand they find you a new one. Stamp that cute little foot.

    There is no question in my mind. Blouse and Boots are KILLER deluxe. Such a slam dunk. End of story.

    I vote keep the size of the Tippi. It's a nice change of fit to the rest of your tops. xo

  • texstyle replied 7 years ago

    You look so great in all of these (again) it would be hard to nay say. I think I do have hesitation on the stripes but maybe it's my own aversion to such a high contrast stripe. I do love the shape of that wrap on you so if you love it as much as your smile indicates, I'd def. keep it. What a great NAS haul you've had!

  • deb replied 7 years ago

    I vote keep on the boots. They are the same height as the Docs but without the irritating factor. A good replacement. Can you call Nordies and see what you can work out? They must deal with this periodically. Just a thought.

  • Vildy replied 7 years ago

    I don't think the striped blouse is too strong for your coloring at all, in pix 3,4,5.
    Does look it in 1 and 2 but who cares about that. :D

    Boy, do I hear you about those annoying slipsliding tongues in lace up boots.

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    Oh, noooo. I know the dotty sweater is sold out in some sizes, so you are right that it may be tricky to find a new one. You could ask someone to keep checking for returns, though. Even if it is gone now, there are always returns coming in from people who ordered the wrong size, etc. I've found multiple items for customers this way. 

    And if you are looking for something to return, you will find no help here! :)

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Vildy, so I am not the only person who has experienced that with the tongues? I posted here about it when I got them and nobody else seemed to have the problem. I wondered what the heck was wrong with me! 

    Interesting what you say about the difference between 1/2 and the other pics. I think the fitting room lighting played a role, plus camera angles. 

    Deb, Angie -- thank you. I think I will call Nordies and see what they can do about that sweater. And Angie, interesting to see you like the Tippi in this size. It's less a layering piece this size but its very light weight makes it a good top. 

    Tex, I hear you on the contrast issue. I think I waffle. Or rather...truth is...I like sharp contrast but in smaller doses than this top -- as a rule. I think the ONLY pattern I'd dare this with is stripes. 

    Becky, thank you. It's really no mystery how someone could look good in taupe and black. They're both on the cool side of the spectrum. Black really isn't my best colour because it's awfully strong for me and especially in winter (when I am more pale) it can make me look tired. But it's also far from being my worst colour, and if I wear it mindfully, I think it can work. 

    Gaylene, I was wondering about mending the hole. I don't think it would be visible and there is even a bit of yarn supplied to do it. I have a seamstress who can do invisible mending. In the end, it might be the easiest solution. Interesting that you like the cobalt skirt now with this top. And I am glad you approve of the boots. I know you are a footwear expert. 

    Thank you, Pil. I think I could live with a mended hole if it didn't show; it's not in an obvious spot (sort of the middle of the arm on the side...I have no idea how that would happen!)

    Donnat, thank you! 

    Joy, I agree the blouse looks better untucked. I think it would tuck okay into my slouchy trousers. I didn't try that yet. And I think maybe mending is the right choice for the Only Mine. I am glad you like the boots and the proportions. I really don't feel like a good judge of that. 

    Thank you, Marcy. So glad you like these items, because you have impeccable taste!

    Linda, it sounds as if we have similar concerns when we shop! And amazing about the J. Crew sizing. I usually have no problem with their shirts, but I had not tried a sweater before. Now I have a benchmark for that. 

    Glory, you're right. I need to remember that boots are worn absolutely every day in our climate from November until the end of April, so even though these cost a lot, they are very likely worth it. I'll have them for at least four years and will get my money's worth for sure -- even if I have five other pairs of boots to alternate with them! (Which I don't, at the moment, LOL.) 

    DCJ, thank you. I won't be in the states again for a while, least I wasn't planning to be, although I could possibly arrange a trip. It's a hassle, though. So maybe mending the sweater is my best bet. 

    Ramya, you made me smile.  :-) 

    Rae, LOL!! We cross posted. I suspect I will be keeping it all....


  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    Cross over blouse - YES!
    Mid calf boots - YES! (I know how much the Marcie's drove you crazy)
    Sweater - YES! But definitely exchange for one without holes if possible.

    Suz - you did INCREDIBLY well with your first NAS. Your items were carefully thought out and chosen and you have kept the best for your wardrobe, style and flattery component. Well done :)

  • DeclawedJaguar replied 7 years ago

    Suz, since you're unable to exchange the sweater, could you contact Nordstrom and ask them for a discount? That would cover your expenses for getting the hole mended.

  • unfrumped replied 7 years ago

    I like the faux wrap top with the Leith's best, and then tucked into skirt, but also maybe long over an at/above knee black skirt, and probably with a variety of long pants including skinny jeans (not me) or other slim trousers. I think the proportions are not as good with midi-semi-midi-skirt, because blouse is long and skirt is long. So I'm planning long over short or long over longer, but you've inspired me to try full-tucking to get yet another look, of a drapey tucked blouse. Also not as much a fan with bare legs and mid-boots, again due to proportions, but if you wear black tights in winter then that is not an issue.

    The Tippi does look too snug to me, probably due to the shift to larger sizes, but even now it's not even out to your shoulder edge. It would layer well under a jacket as-is, but worn alone I think would be more flattering if not as fitted.

    The boots look fab with pants tucked in, and I think work with skirts and tights. I am so not a boot person for advice, and especially for snow country, so I can't advise about what are the best styles available for the weatherproofing needed, or what is PPP for that. They are obviously not as refined as some other boots, but then that may make them better for serious weather wear.

    The dot sweater deal is a shame--don't know what to do there.

  • Eliza replied 7 years ago

    Oops.  I wrote a detailed reply and lost it in cyber-space.  In the interim, I see that what I wrote was identical to Angie's and some others input.  Go for those boots and if you want to play with the Pleione , go for it.  I like the proportions of it better with pants.

    Your hard work has really paid off for fall and winter.  YLF.

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    Love the crossover blouse on you, and I totally think you can pull off the dramatic coloring.  I'm not crazy about it tucked, but like it the other ways. 

    I like the boots too.  I don't like the proportions in the original styling, with bare legs and the midi skirt, so that may be where the nay votes were coming from. But I love them with the tights and slightly shorter skirt!  It's interesting, they actually look shorter (and hence hitting a better point on your leg) in the tights outfit than they do in the bare legs outfit.  I like them with pants too.

    Bummer about the holey sweater.  I'd definitely call and see what they can do about an exchange. 

    The Tippi sweater looks good.  But do you really need two polka dot sweaters? ETA: If you do think you need 2 dot sweaters, I'd keep it in this size because then it's a bit more different from the Only Mine. 

  • AviaMariah replied 7 years ago

    I like the b&w shirt  in #3 the best.  It's an oversized look for sure but if you're ok with that I think it looks very dramatic on you.  Is it something you'll get plenty of wear out of in you cooler weather?

    I'm a little on the fence about the boots considering the price.  Mainly because I think you're looking for more of a streamlined look (?).  I like them best with jeans and the more fitted black pants (6/7 & 11).  On the other hand - my guess is you will get a ton of wear out of these over the next many years with your winters.  But what if you find the perfect pair of taller, more refined boots?  Would these just sit in the back of your closet?

     I LOVE the Only Mine sweater on you and can't believe Nordie's won't work with you.  I would think they'd send you a replacement at the sale price and then you can return that one at another time.

  • Peri replied 7 years ago

    My tailor has a sign in the window about re-weaving for things like moth holes, etc. I bet you could find someone to fix the sweater for you if you like it so much. I'm not sure what the exchange problems are, but it may be less trouble to fix it.

    And I love the fit of the dotted looks cute and boyish!

  • Mona replied 7 years ago

    Suz, keep keep keep the striped blouse.
    If you think, the boots will be practical then definitely keep. I am not smitten with their style as they look a little bit chunky to my eye but I think practicality and comfort has more weight in this case. Oh, and if you are giving away the doc marcies, I will be one of the candidates.
    The size of Tippi sweater looks good on you. I would not size up.
    so sorry about the hole in dotty sweater. I hope they will replace it for you and then you can wear it in fall and winter and make us all faint with your gorgeousness in it.

  • Betti replied 7 years ago

    Get a repair quote for the sweater, then call Nordstrom and explain the situation. They are fabulous for bending over backwards for their customers.

    I love all the pieces, I vote to keep them all. ESPECIALLY that holey sweater!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Mona, I'd be happy to give you my Marcies!! In fact, delighted. Let's discuss! 

    I hear you on the boots being a bit chunky in a sense (around the ankle, for sure.) They do have a very refined toe shape -- an elegant almond shape -- so in person they look less "tough" if that makes sense. 

    AviaMariah -- these boots would not sit unworn if I found the perfect tall boots. They are actually a great style and shape for my life here in Kingston. Easy to pull on and off at the door (I walk everywhere) and not too bulky to leave in our small entryway. So the tall boots would be for one purpose (mostly skirts, to tell the truth) and the shorter boots would work with jeans. I am confident I would wear them, as long as they look good enough. 

    Diana -- I wondered the same thing about two polka dot sweaters! In person they look quite different, though. The cuts are different as well as the design and the colours. 

    I think the boots look shorter in the current pics due to camera angles. I (and Sveta) took the fitting room photos from above, foreshortening my legs. Home camera shows more accurate proportions. 

    Unfrumped, I was worried the Tippi might be a touch small in the shoulder, too. I'm going to try it on again to consider. 

    Thanks, Shannon and Eliza! 

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    You don't expect any more encouragement from me, do you? I think all my arguments "pro" were conveyed loud and clear in that memorable dressing room! :-)
    I think boots work well enough with skirts and black hose (sheer or tights) to be keepers. I am not as fond of them with bare legs or hose but thankfully bare legs are completely out for us when these boots are called for!:-)
    Tippi sweater is nice, I like this size for a change.
    Too bad about the hole! If it is mendable I would call Nordies to get a discount and get it mended - I love it on you! Depending when you are going to US exchange may be an option too but I would not send it back unless Nordies covers the shipping cost...this is a tough one Suz, I am sorry!

  • unfrumped replied 7 years ago

    suz, I do like Angie's comment that we should not go all-out with just one shape of clothing. "Big" tops do not always layer well, that's for sure. If you have the ability to try the larger size, that's what I would do and see if it's just the ticket, or changes it so completely that it's a different top. I really like to play with sizes, because it's so unpredictable as to whether the next size is a lot different or just a smidge, and because when aiming for  "normal fit" I still like a bit of ease--too small and I'm twee, too big and I'm  swamped--that's one thing I really like about B&M shopping and get frustrated with on-line even though at times I order 2 sizes. Also I am "hoarding"  a few tops in different fits for just these reasons--sometimes you just need a different proportion.

  • Gaylene replied 7 years ago

    Just so Angie, AviaMariah, and some the other US forum members understand Suz's reluctance to ship the Only MIne sweater back for a replacement, it's the shipping costs  and what can go wrong with the delivery service that make us Canadians so leery.

    Nordstroms usually charges a "nominal" cross-border shipping fee that runs around $15-$20 in Canadian funds. Since Suz could theoretically be hit paying this charge both ways because it is assessed by the shipping agent, the cost of the sweater would increase by $30-$40, almost half the sale price. That's why we Canadians find ourselves in a conundrum; unless Nordstroms agrees to cover the shipping costs both ways, exchanging isn't the slam dunk that it is in the US.

    Our shipping is also much slower than in the US; the exchange could mean Suz's replacement sweater might not come for 3-4 weeks and, to add insult to injury, sometimes parcels "disappear" into a void. I don't know if Suz ever received a Nordstroms' order that she made last year just before Christmas. Nordstroms is very good about reversing the charges for orders that disappear into that void, but you still don't have the item you ordered.

    It's these factors that make returning and exchanging a much more difficult decision. That's why it makes so much sense for Sveta and Suz to travel to a US store to pick up their orders, try them on in-store, and then leave whatever they didn't want at the store. Once you cross the border, returning and exchanging become much more hassle and often quite costly.

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    I'm not sure I've commented on any of your NAS posts, but I've enjoyed reading your saga.  I like all these items and I appreciate reading your careful analysis of fit and function.  I hope it's possible to mend the sweater in an unnoticeable way since exchanging sounds like a lot of trouble.

  • MsMary replied 7 years ago


    You know I am a HUGE fan of the striped blouse!  And you have completely won me over on the boots, too!

    But ZOMG!!  Photo 6 just slew. me. dead.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Gaylene is spot on. It is a nightmare dealing with the shipping! 

    As a matter of fact, I never did receive that the bulk of order, Gaylene. (A few items made it through in separate packages -- a belt and some boots. They were very SLOW to come, but they did come...eventually.) 

    Nordstrom's was prompt to reverse the charges and did not argue with me a bit about the clothing items. And I liked the belt. Phew! 

    But now I am dealing with another issue. The boots ordered at the same time did not fit. I finally got around to returning them a few months ago. And guess what? They have disappeared into limbo, too. Worse yet, I was not home when the DHL guy came to get them, and DH did not get any slip from the DHL guy proving that we had sent them. So I have no evidence. I haven't called Nordstrom's yet about this, but I fear we've lost a couple of hundred dollars on this. 

    Which is why I will never order online from Nordstrom's for Canadian delivery again. ALL my orders will go to that Michigan store and I will be picking them up! Even if it costs me 2 days, train fare, and some careful planning to do it! 

    ETA: Thank you, Sara, and Mary!  

  • Lisa replied 7 years ago

    You had a great NAS this year.  I was one of the nay sayers to the striped blouse when I first saw it.  Since then, I actually ordered and quickly returned it on myself (it was too much volume on me).  But now that I know how it fits IRL and I've seen how other items I had are fitting on you compared to myself, I can comfortably say yes, keep!  I like the high contrast look with this top.

    The booties, I like a rugged style boot and it works well with the jeans.  I'm still not a fan of them with the skirt, just because the skirt looks streamlined, so I want a streamlined bootie here too as the other purple booties you got were style wise.  But for jeans, big fat yes from me.

    The JCrew top, I'm in a slouchy mood this season so I vote for more slouch.  But after seeing the pink dots sweater, I prefer that one over this one actually.

    And the pink dot sweater, I mentioned in my last NAS post thread that I returned mine.  But it is a great piece and not only lovely with your coloring, but I also really like how you styled it with the shirt.

    Super successful NAS this year!  Enjoy all your new fab things!

  • ManidipaM replied 7 years ago

    My phone has swallowed half-written replies twice. So short version: keep the lot! All look great though the #2 proportions are unusual for the picky prince. But hey, I would've worn happily and only wish I could take the docs off you! Only suggestion is to size up in j crew if you will mostly wear as such or layer under, this fit being better for putting under other toppers. As for last dotted sweater, I would've called for a discount and mended any tear smaller than my little fingernail, were I in your fab boots!

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    You have to keep the cobalt skirt and Pleione blouse. They both look so incredible on you.

    If you need the quilted boots and they're for rain and snow, that seems OK to me. Although I think a pair of Sorel's would look better, less kid-like.

  • Ariadne replied 7 years ago

    I just caught up on all your NAS threads.  I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said, but I'm so happy for both you and Sveta that you found so many slam-dunk items.  I love everything you chose.  Does it feel great to have your closet in such beautiful shape?   I hope so!

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    Since you already have so many comments I am going to write this before I read them so I remember my first impressions.
    1. I love the crossover blouse every way but tucked and think you are right to keep it. 
    2. The boots look great with jeans but not sure about them with skirts, at least with the sheer stockings.
    3. Regarding the sweater, your dilemma reminds me of what happened with the Funktional blouse I ordered a couple of months ago. Try writing or calling Nordstrom's customer service and see what they suggest. I was pleasantly surprise when I finally did that with Shopbop (they told me to keep the blouse AND refunded my money!)

    I don't remember your other questions but will add more if I missed something when I reread and check the comments. 

  • Firecracker replied 7 years ago

    I vote keep the blouse and boots; not sure what I'd recommend on the sweater. It looks fab on you, so if you can find a way to resolve its holiness, it would be best kept in your wardrobe.
    I just adore the blouse each way you've styled it, including tucked. I do see that the high contrast is different for you, but I don't think the stripes overwhelm you; I see still you in the outifts, not just the blouse.
    The boots are simply awesome on you. They are a fantastic replacement for your Marcies. They are a sleek tomboy look, and I think you could probably wear them most days of the week. Definitely with skirts as well as pants.

    Oh, I love the sweater in that size on you, too. As long as it's comfy, keep. It does not look too close-fitting to still be current. (ETA: I mean the J. Crew sweater here)

    Great finds, Suz.

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    So sorry to hear about Dottie!  It is possible to darn or mend a hole, as long as it isn't large.  If you can't return, you might consider trying a tailor for this.

    I think the J. Crew sweater works at this size.  It looks lightweight, and sometimes sizing up in a lightweight item can look saggy, rather than roomy.

    The blouse is high-contrast for your coloring, true, but it is clean and graphic, and that makes a difference.  Also, it suits your style and makes you happy.  And the happy shows!

    I love the boots with pants, a little less so with skirts.  I have some mid-calf boots, but I find they look best on me when the top of the shaft is a little bit below the major curve in the calf --- so the calf isn't bissected.  Now, you mention that you usually wear more opaque hose, and that might well make a big difference, creating a longer leg line.  I certainly know what you mean regarding the challenges of finding waterproof tall boots!

    I second Shannon.  You did brilliantly on your first NAS!

  • Echo replied 7 years ago

    I must be the odd one out because I LIKE the striped top tucked. Indeed, I think it helps make it less overwhelming on you and brings the pattern to a more manageable scale.

    The boots are PERFECT. They look absolutely perfect with everything you have posted them with here. Love, love, LOVE them!

  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago

    I've missed some of your NAS reports, but am glad you have decided to keep the striped top.  I really like it on you with all of the pants as well as the black skirt (tucked).  I would just trade out black tights for the nude leg to create more of a 1/3 - 2/3 proportion rather than a 1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3.   Or is it a 1/2-1/2?  Can't recall the guidelines exactly. 

    I love the mid-calf boots on you!  Especially with all of your pants options or the black above-the-knee skirt outfit.  

  • Hil replied 7 years ago

    I echo Echo (haha) in that I actually like the top tucked... and I love the boots and pretty much everything else! Awesome shop Suz!

  • Jjsloane replied 7 years ago

    You've converted me to keeps on the stripe blouse (much prefer with pants and untucked) and the boots (with pants or hosiery). 
    DHL might be able to track your pickup since they came to your home. Otherwise Nordstrom will likely believe you sent them - they've refunded me for an item I never received (I suspect a neighbor kept a misdelivery).

    Can the hole in the sweater be repaired? Ask Nordstrom for a refund to make the repair if so. 

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