Need a wardrobe reset!

I would love some assistance and thoughts and I'm going to pack two problems into one post. 

First, I've just done my spring closet edit. I'd actually have liked to have removed more than I did, but I began to worry that I was getting rid of things I might need. This isn't my entire spring wardrobe -- I have a few items that should be in custom finds but are not. I have a faded denim jacket, a navy tube skirt, a casual navy sleeveless knit shift dress, a Kamalikulture jersey sheath, a few more tops, and a bag or two. But this is pretty much it. 

Some of these items are spring only (so I will use for the next month or so) and some are summer only. Right now, I'm feeling as if I have a hodge-podge of stuff that makes very few interesting outfits.

I do have some crossover items which are in the main wardrobe as well:

I need a wardrobe refresh/ reset, but I am not sure where to begin! (Apart from footwear, which is a definite need -- I had to let go of 5 pairs of worn out summer shoes, so need to replace at least a few of these.) I feel as if I need a conceptual direction or something to guide my shopping and thinking. 

Meanwhile, this weekend I have to co-facilitate a conference in the city. I am moderating a panel and need to look professional. My fallback is always my navy blazer so I will wear that, no doubt. But I can't wear it for the whole weekend. :)  And I need to partner it with something. 

And, just to complicate matters, I go directly from this conference to Vancouver for several weeks. So I will need to pack, and I don't know what I should bring! I will be mostly casual on that part of the trip but I will have a few "date night" events -- nice restaurants, probably. 

The good news is that I will have lots of time for big-city shopping while I am there. I intend to bring my larger suitcase and shop. :) 

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  • Jenni NZ replied 2 years ago

    Right, just drinking coffee before getting ready for work so this is a first quick impression. I love that printed blouse best ( Chypre or something?) as it has a wow factor. Could that go with your navy blazer or with the lovely tweed Chanelesque jacket? I would think any presenter looked amazing in that.
    For the rest of it, the red pants and the two military type jackets look statement-y, but otherwise I am not sure there are enough statements for you? See what I've learned on YLF? :)

  • SarahD8 replied 2 years ago

    Suz, reporting in as a member of Team Color here. You've got a gorgeous and very tightly edited selection of high-quality items -- brava. What I notice is that the color palette is very narrow. I realize that these are your signature colors. But I wonder if you are missing a little contrast, a little pop? Maybe there is a color you're drawn to this season that you could assemble into a little complement, maybe even accessories only (since you have to do some shoe shopping anyway) and that would provide some oomph?

  • Runcarla replied 2 years ago

    Suz, you seem to have a good cohesive collection of items with excellent mix and match potential and a nice balance of classic and trendy items. Pack red, white, and blue (light and dark) as well as silver - but keep your eyes open for new items in one or two NEW colours that suit YOU and that can mix into your wardrobe in a modern way. I'm thinking that light lilac would work with your colouring, is on trend (and available), would certainly work with your blues and whites and would 'clash' in a modern way with your reds. I don't think yellow, but maybe lime? Great with navy and white.

    Audition the colour(s) with a few items - a T or light sweater, a small bag in a trendy shape (round), a pattern (scarf, skirt). FWIW, it seems like you need something discordant to shake things up.

  • Toban replied 2 years ago

    Jeans go everywhere in Vancouver and you’ll always need a topper or jacket.

  • UmmLila replied 2 years ago

    I was going to suggest something along the lines of what Carla said: add some trendy color or pattern to the mix, plus a new pair of shoes  and bag. Everything you have looks like it mixes well with everything else, and it would be easy to choose a travel capsule, but it would be fun to add some new directions. Pink and red together are fun.

  • Sal replied 2 years ago

    I would wear your star navy jacket this weekend. Stick to a known winner!!

    Time to shop in Vancouver sounds fun! I think some new trendy flats - there are heaps of styles at the moment that are fun yet practical. And a complement of a new colour. Maybe lilac but I tend to teal or raspberry. A dress always perks me up - an easy new outfit in one!

    Have a great trip and good luck with the presentation.

  • Roxanna replied 2 years ago

    Suz - you have a tight, cohesive collection here, which is amazing as everything goes with everything. But as others have said, maybe you need to add in a new-to-you element to shake things up a bit and make it feel fresh?

    Maybe revisiting your style moniker and style descriptors might be a good place you start as you get ready to shop. How do you want to look and feel this spring? What do you need to add/subtract to your current collection to feel that way? And could you remix i adventurous ways to make that happen?

  • Roxanna replied 2 years ago

    Also, the BR denim blazer Angie recommended might be perfect for you as it's dressy enough for professional settings but transitions easily to casual, and it goes so well in your colour palette.

  • Helena (Torontogirl) replied 2 years ago

    I don't think I can add much but piping it to say your wardrobe is fantastic!! I agree with others that you may just need a tweak ... A few fresh colors perhaps, as suggested ... Rather than a reset.
    Also, I would suggest that you actually COULD get away with your navy blazer for more than one day, by switching you tops and pants. But that's a personal comfort thing :)
    Looking forward to seeing what your shopping results in!

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, all. Jenni, you might be right about statements. I'm not too sure. I tend not to wear my statements! I have a fairly classic style, I guess. The Aritzia print blouse is a lovely piece and would work under the blazer if I semi-tucked it, which I've never tried. I can do a try-on with that. 
    Sarah, Lisa, Carla, Sal, I will look for a colour to add...maybe. ;) I do love colour, but  hesitate to branch out too will have to be a complement if I do it so I don't wind up with orphans. Lilac would be good but I might struggle for just the right tone. It needs to be a fairly bright mid-tone lilac, not a soft light one -- that washes me out. I love lilac with red, so that would be fun. I love raspberry, too, Sal, and it's one of my best colours. Also fuchsia Another total favourite. 

    I think I need to think in terms of outfits and maybe a particular look that I am after. 

    Here I am realizing an issue -- I don't really have a good wardrobe for transitional (temperate) weather!! I guess I've worked so hard to learn to dress for my own climate that I'm really thin on the ground with stuff you can wear when the weather is around 65 to 75 F or 15-22C. My dressier items are either summer or winter weight. And even my casual wardrobe is a bit lacking for mid-range temperatures. 

    I do have several trench coats, a utility coat, some cotton sweaters/ tops, scarves, etc. I won't forget those, Toban! Plus jeans and sneakers. So for my casual days in Vancouver I should be all right -- it won't be exciting but it will be serviceable. I won't have a thing to wear for going out, except my nice blazer and a silk blouse with jeans. 

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    TG, yes, I'd be okay wearing my blazer more than one day with different tops if need be. And I'll probably do so. I only have to present one of the days so don't need to be as dressy the other times. 

    Roxanna, I was tempted by that jacket but decided it wasn't right for my lifestyle. I'm usually wearing jeans on the bottom. I could wear it with white jeans, true...but I think it's sold out in my size anyway....

    I think you're right that I need to revisit my style descriptors and consider how I want to look and feel. I think this is quite overdue, in fact, which is part of the reason for my feeling that something needs re-setting. 

    Also, the weather thing. That's always the core of my woes, right? ;) 

  • efbgen replied 2 years ago

    Nothing more to add on wardrobe since I think others are a whole lot wiser than I.
    I just want to wish you well with your conference and your later trip to Vancouver ( ah fond memories) and have a fun and successful shopping expedition.

  • jussie replied 2 years ago

    I feel like you could do with a couple more light jackets and scarves. Also what about a pin or brooch for your blazer on one of the days?
    Also I think you could do with another dress or two and a couple of print skirts.
    One or two pairs of trendy shoes...
    And then your wardrobe would be SUPER duper.
    I really like a lot of your pieces btw- and think your starting from such a great base.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with :).
    With light jackets I’m thinking a lightweight cropped blazer in a bright springy colour..... coral, citron, lime, or if you don’t want to branch away from the cool colour spectrum what about duck egg blue or blush?

  • lisa p replied 2 years ago

    I'm always blown away by how great your wardrobe is , never mind the fact that you have it all in finds. Is the second link pieces you own too? I'm even more amazed!   And laughing at the huge tube of concealer ;)  

    I have no suggestions - my own spring wardrobe is a gong show.  But I really like Carla's suggestions, and can't but think a good jolt of trendy colour would be fantastic , and I'm agreeing with lime, or lilac.  

    Question for you:  I see your red BR military jacket and wonder what you're doing with it lately. Can you believe I have not worn mine even ONCE?  I actually keep forgetting I own it, because red is such a not-me colour that I don't think about it and yearn to wear it.  I really can't figure out why I even bought it.  I have a pretty grey cami I bought with it, but cannot figure out what to wear on the bottom other than black!  Although Lisa's lilac/red/pink combo this morning gave me a couple of ideas....

    I'll be in Vancouver on the 7th and 8th , coincidentally. Haven't even thought about what I'll wear .  Gah.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Lisa, I love Lisa's combination - it's gorgeous! I fear that jacket will be too warm in not too long. And therein lies a problem. I am wondering if it makes sense to take it on my trip -- it might be the only chance I have to wear it again this year! I have only worn it twice -- once to a holiday party, when I wore it with my plaid pants, and once to lunch with a friend on New Year's Day when I wore it with blush. I really liked that effect. I would wear with jeans, too. 

    The other link is to stuff I own, yes. It includes the fall/ winter stuff. I still have a few items that are not in Custom Finds. One of these days I'll get my act together and complete that. It's helpful to have it all available. 

    Jussie, thank you. I do have more scarves, but not in Finds. I should put them there! :)  I'm afraid to buy more toppers because in my climate I hardly need them and I already have a lot! But I'm also always tempted to buy them because I adore them. :) I would stay with cool colours -- yellow and lime and coral don't look good on me. The warmest I can go is true red. After that, it's downhill all the way! :) Blush is hit and miss and mostly miss on me -- though for accessories it would work. 

    I definitely need new footwear. Mostly sandals for my own climate, but in Vancouver it would be nice to have a closed shoe that is a bit dressier than a sneaker. Unfortunately, I can't wear slip ons and flats are problematic. I need at least a 3/4 inch heel but prefer 1.5 inch to 2 inch. 

  • Christina F. replied 2 years ago

    This is how I felt last year! I think I went a little too far in a new direction then, but I have the building blocks now to edit down a bit and make sure things are polished enough to suit my current mood.

    Working on the style adjectives seems like a good start, as does footwear. I agree with other above that adding lilac seems good, like it would work well with your coloring. Since you are starting from scratch and going to a place with lots of shopping, it seems like a good opportunity to browse, try things on just for the sake of it, and see what kind of pieces appeal to you. Then you may figure out what you're craving (aside from warmer weather).

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Suz, once you move to "my side" you'll need a HUGE transitional wardrobe - although you have the booties covered :)

    Question: Are the items in the second collection in your wardrobe or merely potential purchases you've got your eye on? 

    You have FABULOUS items, Suz.  All very "you" and I could spot it a mile off. WELL DONE.

    Straight off the bat, I do see holes that are preventing you from creating enough COMPLETE outfits. FWIW, here's my two cents:

    • a lot of your tops look great on their own - a blessing in hot weather - but do not necessarily work as well under jackets. A transitional hole.
    • you need more interesting jackets to wear over layered tops  - (and the RIGHT marriage of layer and topper is important). You don't like the red military jacket as much as you thought you would, so pop it in a holding zone. I love it on you, though!
    • You need a tube skirt refresh
    • Add more dresses while the going is good
    • Patterned jeans/pants
    • Utility pants or dressy chinos to wear with dressier heeled sandals or booties
    • LONG tunics that look like dresses to wear over cropped straights and booties

    To create these types of looks: 

    Outfit formula: white jeans/culottes + layering top + blazer + dressy shoes + accessorized YOUR way

    Outfit formula: dress + jacket + dressy shoes + accessorized YOUR way

    Outfit formula: refreshed skirt style + layering top + denim jacket + accessorized YOUR way

    Outfit formula: utility pants + pretty blouse (which you have plenty of!) + belt + heeled sandals + accessorized YOUR way

    Outfit formula:Tunics (as long as a dress) + cropped straights + heeled booties + accessorized YOUR way. (See pic for inspiration but without the flounces that are not your look and drive you crazy). 

  • lisa p replied 2 years ago

    I like that last picture with the red jacket, thanks for sharing it.  Animal print top , and navy or black bottoms?  And I agree that the jacket will be too warm soon - if not already. I'm a little annoyed at myself for dropping the ball on this one. A blush top is a good idea too , thank you.

    Have you had fun wearing those great new loafers ? (the mismatched embroidered ones? - can't remember the brand and I'll lose my typing if I click back now)  What have you worn those with? Sorry - I'm totally off-topic with my questions .

  • lisa p replied 2 years ago

    Why do you think you need new footwear? I see 3 pair of new mules alone, and some great red suede sandals....

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Angie, good call. I thought I was linking to my Wardrobe but it links to all my Finds -- so no, I don't own all the pieces in the second link -- a person needs to look at my Wardrobe for that, I guess. 

    And you're right -- I'm going to have to do some major purchasing when I move. In a way, this is a good reason to shop in Vancouver, since I will also be there next spring. I know I'll get 2 seasons of use from whatever I buy. 

    You're also right about the booties! ;) 

    I think you're right about tops, too. I remember I wanted to get those Ann Taylor slightly cropped knit tops you got last year but they were sold out. I definitely could use some light coloured lightweight knitwear. 

    Interesting jackets -- hmmmm. Okay. I do like the red military jacket but it's a bit "costumey." It's also a bit heavy weight -- more of a winter item for me. 

    I do need a tube skirt refresh and wonder what style to switch to. The accordion pleat experiment last year was a fail. I notice that Brooklyn got some interesting A-line skirts as a tube skirt update. That would necessitate new tops, too, I think...

    I do think more dresses is a great idea. I'll need to hunt. 

    Patterned pants and maybe chinos or denim in another colour also sound smart. 

    Long tunics, hmm? Well....we'll see....  :) 

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    LisaP, ha -- I was wrong about the link! I don't own all that stuff! I thought it linked to my wardrobe but it actually links to all my Finds. So I don't own any mules or loafers!! :) 

    I'm still glad I bought the jacket because it's good for presentations -- actually, now that I think of it, I might bring it and wear it for the presentation I am giving because Evany Rosen is one of the guests and she has a chapter about military history in her book. It would be fun to do! 

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Suz, YES. You and me both. Those AT cropped pullovers are THREE years old. The navy bit the dust, but the two whites are still going strong. I wish I had them in four colours. 

    We are back to :

    - transitional jackets with the right tops, a skirt refresh (knitted asymmetrical), a few dresses, patterned pants, dressy chinos, and Summer footwear

    And maybe a TUINIC! 

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Christina, that is interesting about your own refresh. I think I'm realizing that I bought a lot of stuff 3 to 5 years ago so it is mostly gone now and while I did replace/ upgrade some of it, I'm ready for a change and not really sure how to effect that. 

  • La Pedestrienne replied 2 years ago

    The hole that stands out most to me is footwear -- something in between sneakers and dressy heels/heeled sandals. I know you have good bootie options that aren't shown here, but I imagine you're feeling pretty done with boot silhouettes at this point in the year.

    I wonder if this might be an opportunity to build a complement in a new colour: a shoe/belt/bag combo in, I dunno, red? navy? blush? I do think you would do well to add a closed-toe shoe that is not a sneaker. Maybe oxfords, low-heeled ankle-strap pump, a t-strap or mary-jane? I know loafers, mules and ballet flats are all tricky to fit...

    I love the idea of lilac/lavender for you; it seems like it would integrate so easily. Also, what about patterned or colourful denim? Or maybe colourful chinos? Might be an easy way to add a less-that-perfect pastel colour and keep it away from your face.

  • greycat6 replied 2 years ago

    I have found olive colored pants and accessories to be very useful addition to my wardrobe, especially during transitional times.  My wardrobe, much like yours, is primarily blues and berry tones with black, white and gray as neutrals.  Olive works with all of these. 

    Olive is NOT AT ALL a good color for my skin tone BUT as long as it isn't next to my face and paired with a top that is more complimentary I can get away with it.  

    Good luck!

  • gryffin replied 2 years ago

    Suz - I was also going to suggest interesting blazers - particularly in navy/ink. Like Angie's ink boden blazer.  Something that is a little special but can act as a neutral.  Also tops for under blazers are difficult.  I would know because I've been hunting although you have some lovely prints.  I'm going to be the spanner and say too much color can be difficult to work with.  Cohesion and theme and variation are what makes choice easier, especially for travel.  I think looking at Angie's wardrobe, although color rich has a tightly curated palate with the supporting accessories to bridge those colors.  What would happen if you pulling everything blue/gray/white/lavender/silver?  That may not be the direction that you want to go but I would think capsules and cohesion.  But feel free to ignore me!!!

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    I love that blazer, Gryffin, and wanted to buy it. I might yet do so. If my size is still available. I debated over it and felt it might be too close to a duplication of my Reiss. But probably not and anyway, to extend the life of the Reiss I need to add options. I remember your plan for doing that for much loved pieces. The Reiss is still great but there are some "bald" or shiny patches on the sleeves -- not terribly noticeable, but it's not pristine any more. Heaven knows I have worn it enough! 

    I also tend to agree with you regarding colour -- I'm pretty happy with my signature colours for the most part although scarves and accessories in other colours could work well. 

    Greycat, I sometimes wonder about olive. It's not good next to my face, as for you, but I do like it. I could experiment with bottoms and accessories. 

    LaPed, I agree -- footwear is key and since I tend to build outfits from the shoes up, I'm often stuck in spring like weather. I like the idea of a low heeled ankle strap pump. 

  • jussie replied 2 years ago

    Yes I know what you mean about blush being hit or miss.... same for me but mostly miss.... I didn't think you would be keen on the springy colours but I couldn't resist mentioning it as they are so fun :). 
    I like how Angie mentioned layering tops too, I agree they would be super handy for you. And print pants! Of course....
    One of the frustrating things about transitional weather is that one does need to purchase extra items, such as light jackets.... kind of feels like a waste I know.   And one has to learn how to dress all over again at every season change I find! 
    I like your wardrobe and I'm sure you will be looking as stylish as ever.

  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    Your wardrobe looks like it is in a good state. I also find it hard to find good cropped knits that work under jackets. These are a HEWI for me too. I hope you find some great tops and items to refresh your wardrobe in Vancouver. I bought the navy and black Boden blazer and it is a great piece and is sufficiently different from a plain navy blazer. Adding a new colour is always a great way to change things up. Do you wear cobalt or turquoise?

  • Style Fan replied 2 years ago

    You have a great wardrobe Suz.  The colours all work together.  I also have a "tight" colour palette and that works for me.  I don't venture from it anymore.  
    New footwear makes sense.  I would stay in the same colour palette that you have.  I also think you need more jeans.  Maybe patterned ones or maybe something trendy.

  • SarahD8 replied 2 years ago

    Suz, I relate to the weather woes. I've been in similar straits -- in my case, a realization that "cold spring" doesn't last as long as "deep winter," but the variability of spring weather here in Seattle means that I need my cold spring/transitional/summer capsules all to harmonize aesthetically. I need enough items for each temperature range to get me through fairly lengthy stretches of a given type of weather, but not TOO much of each. I'm not sure exactly what the sweet spot is in terms of those numbers, and I also suspect that I need to spend a bit more time thinking about outfit formulas for each temperature range. (Otherwise, it's all to easy to throw on something that's either not quite right for the weather, or has that hodgepodge feeling aesthetically.) Anyway, it's a puzzle, and I feel like I haven't quite cracked it yet, but just validating that "transitional" weather -- whatever that means in your climate -- is sort of tough.

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    Your wardrobe is enviable. Of course you need new shoes, you’re a walker and wear your shoes out! I don’t have any suggestions. I hope you get it together, though, so I can continue copying you. :)

  • Sheryl replied 2 years ago

    How about a lilac suit? Could be dressed up or down, and broken up.

  • Sheryl replied 2 years ago

    And J crew has these boatneck sweaters in a few colors that should work under blazers.

  • Greyscale replied 2 years ago

    For Vancouver, will your various ankle booties work? In the mild coastal climates, I don't think of booties as a seasonal thing.

  • shevia replied 2 years ago

    I am so intrigued by this thread. First of all, seeing your entire wardrobe (almost) in finds is so inspiring. Secondly, Angie's prescription is magical. And then so many great suggestions. I will take a step back and ask - reset is a bit more intense than refresh, what do you have in mind Suz? A slightly different direction? A different mindset? Different sense of self? Or am I projecting :) ?

  • Jenn replied 2 years ago

    I can't improve on Angie's great advice, but I find it telling that you chose the word "reset" in your title. To me, that signals that you're bored and ready for some sort of style shift, be it adding a new color or a new silhouette, or experimenting with pattern in a way you haven't before. Your wardrobe looks like it's still in pretty good shape so far as essentials go, so just adding a good dose of one or two new elements could be enough to make everything feel updated and fresh.

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Your wardrobe looks wonderful. I like Runcarla's thought of making up some outfits involving red, white and blue and maybe add a bit of some other colors. Olive can be warm or yellow-greenish or cool and lean more to the blue green. Maybe you have not found your shade yet.
    Outfits I see are the wide denim crops with a striped top and your red or navy military jacket, white pants with the blue geometric patterned top and a denim jacket, ...i'il have to look again and come back to this post.
    Holes are transitional into summer shoes and some basic knit tops. Maybe you need to look for some lighter weight jackets in colors that you have in heavier pieces and extend some tried and true outfits into a warmer season with them.
    ETA: outfits I see other than dresses: grey and red floral sweater with white crops, grey scarf, long red cardigan or red jacket;
    Silver/ grey top with white or dark denim, navy blazer, silver shoes
    Dark blue floral on white sleeveless blouse with the scarf above it in blues, white or dark denim or navy pants, navy blazer
    Vince Camuto print tube skirt, white knit top, Chanel-esque jacket
    BR red dotty blouse with white or blue jeans, dark grey kimono jacket.

  • Greyscale replied 2 years ago

    Do you have an inspiration board of some sort? I don't do enough of that myself, but when I look at the few things I pinned as inspiration on Pinterest, some themes emerge, and I can see how the themes change over time.

  • Cardiff girl replied 2 years ago

    Lots of good ideas here already ,just wanted to say that the temperatures you give as transitional are essentially what we get for the majority of our summer so I thought what do I find useful;cardigans,scarves,lightweight jackets,cropped trousers.Basically things that I can pull on and off as the temperatures fluctuate but aren’t too bulky to carry.(obviously I don’t remove the trousers!)you can get some smart ,funky cardis and denium/cotton jackets these days that will take you most places.

  • Sal replied 2 years ago

    I took another look and re- read your comments too.  I think you have a gorgeous wardrobe and such a good base to start with.  Some of what you feel may be boredom with the dragging end of winter and longing for spring and summer to start.

    A couple of ideas that came to mind
    - a kimono top - something that you could wear with your white and blue jeans over tees and tanks in the evening
    - bright shoes and maybe a bright bag (a bright pink could be fun and would work with blues, silver, white, black, denim and maybe even red - or blush)
    - a great dress - something with a bit of a modern edge that looks great with flats.

    I hope that Vancouver provides the shopping treats that you want.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, all. I'll come back to comment individually as soon as I am able -- I am packing today! 

  • Lynn replied 2 years ago

    Hi Suz- I don't have anything to add to the great advice you have gotten on this thread. I just wanted to thank you for this thread. I have found it very educational. When I have more time I plan to re-read it more closely.  

    Good luck with your presentation and have fun shopping in Vancouver. 

  • texstyle replied 2 years ago

    You have a lot of beautiful items already, but I also know that some of them you've likely worn a lot and maybe you get bored with them (I know sometimes I do this) so if it were me, part of my refresh might be finding new versions of a few of my favorites. A new stripe (vertical is my current fav - I esp. like these grey stripes with dark camo shown in finds). A couple of streamlined short sleeve or sleeveless tops for under jackets as Angie pointed out seems a good idea. I have a couple of very light weight jackets (feel more like a shirt, but styled like a jacket) that work in spring/summer. One is a simple cheap hoodie in navy, another is white slub cotton short unstructured blazer.

    Also, I think I'd allow myself a few fun inexpensive tees or tops (thinking Loft or similar) with interesting sleeves maybe for summer? Maybe I'm just thinking of my own shopping list. Ha! 

  • Elizabeth P replied 2 years ago

    Are you really looking to "reset" Suz? It seems you have fabulous pieces, and defined style.

    How about a statement bag?  I like the idea of citron, which looks awesome with blue.

    I have no good answers.  I'm in a total funk right now myself, I think it has to do with this never ending winter, that wasn't even a real winter (for us, i know you got nailed!).  I did my winter/summer change over on the weekend, and it felt SO GOOD to get my thick winter sweaters and pants out of my sight.  I'm  baring my ankles, d*** it.  I'm realizing this season is so hard not so much due to what's in my closet, but what's in my head.

    Anyway, you'll look fab for your presentation (good luck!) and have a wonderful time in Vancouver.  I think your clothes will be fine for there... it's casual after all.  Jeans and tops.  I hope you can figure out what refresher items you'd like so you can take advantage of the choice!

    Oh, do you still have our BR "pajama dress"?  I enjoy that in spring, when I can bare legs but still need a bit more coverage.  Great with sneakers for casual, or shoes and cardigan/jacket for evenings.

  • Chris987 replied 2 years ago

    Following up on what La P said...I know you are already planning on summer footwear. Your collection shows only two styles; sneakers and strappy heeled sandals. Would any of your lighter colored booties work as transitional pieces? If there is some other style that would work equally well, maybe consider adding that. I'm constantly on the lookout for closed toe warm-season shoes with a fairly high vamp (not low vamp like a ballet flat) and the options seem to be .loafers, flats, pumps.....

    The other thing I see is that while there are definitely items in red (your signature color), perhaps some new red prints would be good, mixed with white, silver, navy...or red shoes or bag. (I've got red/white print dresses on the brain right now so I'm a bit biased)

  • Elizabeth P replied 2 years ago

    Following up on what Chris said, I just got this tee, I wonder if it would slide its way into your wardrobe too?  Goes with everything!

  • viva replied 2 years ago

    The blazer I bought when I was with Angie would work with so much of your wardrobe, Suz. It's an investment but is a great lux statement (and better on than in the picture). Size down.

  • Marilyn replied 2 years ago

    Because I know you like red as I do.....

    I bought this jacket and pant to wear as separates but they look fantastic together as well.  I'll absolutely wear them as a suit.  Beautiful true blue based red.  Linen blend though so you have to be ok with things not being  pristine.  They have a great summery vibe.  The pants are fantastic with the red floral tee that Elizabeth posted above. They're great with my red bag and floral jacket. 

    I bought the same pieces in the lilac posted above but ended up returning it.  The red has so much more personality.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, Marilyn -- I might try on those BR pieces. I'll bet they look fab on you! I did order the tee, Elizabeth, but didn't like it on me for some reason...not sure why. Just wasn't feeling it. And I don't have the PJ dress any more. I wore it quite a lot but it got pilly eventually and I let it go. 

    Viva, I love that jacket. I'll see if they have it at the Vancouver branch. 

    Chris, you're right -- you know how it is here, right? We go straight from boots to sandals. That's why I have so few transitional weather shoes. And sadly, pumps and loafers will not stay on my feet. I will try some on just in case, but I'm sure it's a lost cause. I need straps -- t strap or ankle strap. 

    Tex, trust you to find great stuff at J. Crew -- I love that shirt! 

    Lynn, thank you! 

    Sal, I like all your suggestions, thank you. I have been on the lookout for the right bright shoe for several years, believe it or not! Still hunting. 

    Cardiff Girl, that's helpful. So I have scarves, toppers, and layers down for my casual days. I ought to be fine with that. I'll just need a few dressier items. 

    Greyscale, I don't have a Pinterest board but maybe I should come up with one to see what emerges. Also -- you're right about booties -- I'll bring a pair with me to Van. 

    Joy, you are better than the ROGUE outfit creator! :) In actual fact a lot of these pieces do not work together (even though they work colour-wise) because of fabrication weights. So whoever suggested that I should add lighter weight toppers in my signature colours was on to something. 

    Shevia, Jenn, I think you're right -- reset is a bit more than refresh, and I am feeling like I need that. But still not sure what I mean! ;) 

    Sheryl, thanks for those suggestions. Wouldn't a lilac suit be the very definition of spring? 

    Janet -- the shoes were indeed worn out. Time to replace. 

    Sarah, thank you -- you get it! 

    Style Fan, thanks for the validation. I agree that patterned jeans could be fun. 

  • Petite Marj replied 2 years ago

    Hi Suz,
    Where are you staying while in Vancouver? Will you have good access to the skytrain so that you can wander through Pacific Center or Oakridge. Feel free to message me about shops etc.
    While last week was gorgeous, the last three days have been cool and's hoping we are in for another warm few days ahead.

  • AviaMariah replied 2 years ago

    I don't have any advise to add but just want to commiserate on transitional wardrobes.  I have been trying to focus more on mine but I find it so hard as our transitional weather can be all over the map as far as temp and duration.  Sometimes it will last a week and sometimes it seems to go all summer.  So it's a work in progress.  Also, I've missed that you'll be moving to this side of the country.  How exciting and I imagine a big change for you!

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    And... bam! Angie just looks at the collection and sees not only what’s there, but what isn’t. Has it all triangulated with formulas and everything. Lol. I cannot add to this.

    But it did occur to me to consider the feeling of Hodge Podge. What the antidote is. For instance, I pattern mix All The Time. Some combos come out Pattern Mix but some come out Helter Skelter. Completely random and dispirited. I mean, sometimes one can put on a white tee and jeans and look svelte, and sometimes this results in looking like one has let one’s self go! Why should this be?

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Bijou, alas, I think the blazer is gone in my size. Oh well...I do sometimes wear turquoise, though it's not the best on me. Cobalt or royal blue are better. 

    Petite Marj, I am staying at a friend's house in Kits. I know the city quite well as I used to live there. Thank you for your kind offer of help! 

    AviaMariah, yes -- for now it's just a working holiday, but we will move at the end of the summer. Only on a temporary basis for now. We will see how things go. 

    Rachy, I think that's it -- even though things go together I am feeling Helter Skelter in a weird way. Interesting...

  • Brooklyn replied 2 years ago

    Hi Suz! You might want to think about a wrap skirt for summer (as an alternative to a tube skirt). They still have that casual vibe, and are a bit of a change. And of course asymmetrical skirts are fun too.

  • Colette replied 2 years ago

    You’ve gotten such great advice here and I’m taking notes. I have nothing to add except I’m in the same boat with transitional clothing.

    I can’t wait to see what you find shopping in the big city! Have a wonderful trip.

  • delurked replied 2 years ago

    I liked this skirt as a tube skirt lite.

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