Packing for London

We fly out tomorrow and the weather looks...unpredictable! 

Highs will be between 18-20 and lows around 11, but for the rest it looks like thunderstorms, sun, cloud, showers, and everything in between -- on all the days we will be visiting! 

We're no strangers to variable weather, but it does make packing and dressing for a day/ evening out a bit of a challenge! 

I am checking a bag. I have several dressy evenings, several urban-casual days, several slightly dressier urban days, one day-into-evening that has to be both casual and more dressy, with no opportunity to go back and change between times, and, as I mentioned, I am going to need clothes for different weather eventualities. 

Below is my tentative packing list: 

Footwear: blue flatform oxford, white oxford, silver slingback, silver eneaker. (I had wanted to take the red Mary Janes but in all honesty don't think I would choose them for a long day of walking). ALL shoes waterproofed. If it really does rain a lot, I'm likely to wear the navy oxfords and the silver sneakers the most. 

Toppers: Packable raincoat, denim jacket, Paul Smith linen/wool blazer, jersey military jacket.

Gilet: Burgundy Theory (part of co-ord set, but also works as a sleeveless top with the pants and/or coordinates with jeans and Dries pants). 

Knitwear: Cotton t-neck, silk/cotton leopard cardigan, cotton mariner tee. 

Shirts/ blouses, LS: Denim shirt, striped cotton shirt, blue silk popover, silk cat print shirt,. 

Tops for layering or warmer than expected weather: Ecru Everlane, navy BR sleeveless. 
Evening/ dressy tops: Vince l/s silk popover burgundy blouse (not a dress, as in Finds photo). Blue peplum top. Silver sleeveless top. 

Bottoms: Navy wide legs, Curve jeans, burgundy Theory pants (part of co-ord set, navy skirt, Dries cotton/linen pants (good for warmer weather). 

Bags: Silver Pom Pom London, Burgundy hobo. 

2 scarves
Packable umbrella/ rainhat

Am I neglecting anything, missing anything? 

Here are a few try-ons mostly without any bags, jewellery, etc -- so partly but not wholly styled, if you get my meaning. I did not try everything with everything but it pretty much coordinates in a wide variety of combinations. 

QUESTIONS: Should I bring merino pullover as well?

Anything missing? 

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  • Sisi replied 2 months ago

    Sorry, I'm in a hurry now, only one thing to say:  I always recommend a woolen sweater ! 

  • Mirjana replied 2 months ago

    I agree the weather looks unpredictable. I don't know how long are you staying in London but it seems to me that you are fully equipped. You have so many items to layer if you need.
    I adore your dress #19.
    Have a good trip.

  • pirouette replied 2 months ago

    You look like you have all eventualities covered. I am in Dublin and weather is much the same here as in London. It’s very changeable even within the day so bringing your new packable coat is a great idea. Also there are plenty of shops if you’re missing something vital and everyone loves an excuse to shop !

  • Dee replied 2 months ago

    Oh you’ll look very stylish in London. Seems you’ve got all your bases covered. Enjoy your trip. We hope to be going there come the fall.

  • Star replied 2 months ago

    Looks very organised to me.  Wishing you a wonderful trip!

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    Looks like you're set. Rather than a merino pullover, I would bring a merino base layer tee. Less space, more versatile.

  • Angie replied 2 months ago


    The weather will make you feel right at home! Hopefully just showers here and there - with lots of sunny and dry spots!

    Your outfits look KILLER PERFECT! 

    I'd bring along your red bag too. The Pom Pom London that we both have. It will make you feel more Spring-y, and add the brights to the blues, whites, silver and dash of burgundy! It will match the red shoes and rain hat. I think you wore that in the new coat thread? Maybe instead of the burgundy boho - unless you need o travel with that? (I don't see it in the Finds).

    I'd also pack one more sweater and maybe another pair of jeans. JUST IN CASE :) 

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Also, can't see the skirt in your Finds!

    Pack the Paige Premium flared jeans! (Good hem hack on the new Everlane jeans too). 

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    Ok. I am off to see what actually fits into the bag, LOL. 

    Skirt's below, Angie. It should be in the Finds.... 

    I was going to take the Pom Pom red bag and the red shoes but really wonder if I will use. However. Let me check. Also maybe considering this jacket. Possibly instead of the blazer, though the blazer is a really great piece for warmer temps -- summer-like temps. Whereas this jacket is spring -- too warm for summery air. And it's tough to know what it is truly like there. Last people people were in sleeveless and shirt sleeves on the streets. 

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Take the red bag instead of the silver, maybe! Scarf to match. 

    I meant the skirt and hobo are not in your FINDS on this thread - and neither are the blue oxfords! Sorry to be unclear! ;) 

  • catherine replied 2 months ago

    I’m in London right now and have been for three weeks (with a quick five days to Amsterdam and Antwerp).
    Always carry-on only for me, but our trips are generally quite casual.
    I think you’ll look lovely in each of your planned outfits. I would say a sweater is always a good idea. Also, I always bring my Uniqlo ultra light down jacket and keep it in my purse for an extra layer.
    Have a safe and relaxing time.
    Can’t wait to see your outfit posts.

  • Olive Green replied 2 months ago

    The burgundy pant and vest set looks really good on you, and fab skirt. Hope you have a great time! And everything fits in the bag ;-0

  • JAileen replied 2 months ago

    Wow - great, great outfits!  I’m envious - instead of London, we’re going to the Prairie.  And instead of cute clothes, I’ll be wearing gear. 

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    JAileen, your trip will also be great. I'll bet there will be some beautiful plumage to see! :) 

    Thanks, OliveGreen. I like the burgundy set. It's very cross seasonal! 

    Catherine, wow, you are a star if you can do it all carry on! I suppose I could...but given the stuff I am doing, I prefer not to. 

    Angie, I think you have to click on the link at the top of the post (maybe?)  to see all the items in the collection when you post about a collection. It doesn't show the full thing in the thread until you click.

    I added the checked jacket and some red accent stuff. Not an extra pair of jeans. I think with burgundy pants, Dries pants, 1 pr jeans, wide legs and skirt that ought to be enough bottoms for 10 days. 

    I'm not done with the packing though and might still put something in and take something out! :) So far, it is fitting....

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Suz, YES! Now I see all the items :)

    Sounds like you're sorted!!! 

    Stylish, elegant and practical! 

  • Runcarla replied 2 months ago

    Looks great, Suz.  The burgundy vest and pant set and the full leg long trousers are standouts.  Capsule looks tight.

  • Suntiger replied 2 months ago

    Love the burgundy set especially! Haven't been there, but looks like a great capsule!

  • Jaime replied 2 months ago

    I would bring the sweater I think. Otherwise you seem to have covered all the eventualities and are set to have a wonderful time, while looking fabulous! Bon voyage!

  • avicennia replied 2 months ago

    All outfits are lovely. The packable raincoat is a good choice. Yes to the sweater. I’d be tempted to take the Mary Jane’s, but shoes are my weakness. Fun and safe travels!

  • Sal replied 2 months ago

    Looking great - I think you are covered!  Shoes are always the hardest - I think with four options you will be fine.

    I hope you have a brilliant trip.

  • Brooklyn replied 2 months ago

    I’m kind of terrible at packing, so I have nothing to offer. But I hope you have a wonderful time!

  • lyn67 replied 2 months ago

    Be prepared the girls will all be sleeveless and bare legs when sunny- no matter the temperatures-not saying you should do that but instead I would perhaps  pack a lighter wash jeans, too. I kind of love what Angie suggested with the red bag! Otherwise, good to go! Have a nice trip! 

  • birdie99 replied 2 months ago

    Gorgeous items and I love your scarf! We’ve just returned from a trip to London and while I admit that my Australian bones make me more exposed to the cold than my North American friends, it was definitely variable weather so I’d pack the merino just in case …

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    Thank you, Birdie! I have compromised with a merino shell that I can wear under things -- layering! I'm also taking Catherine's suggestion and bringing a puffer. :) 

    And, the red shoes are in the bag, because, well, they fit. :) 

    Lyn, good point about sleeveless/ bare legs. I do have a skirt along, cropped jeans and trousers, and several sleeveless tops! 

  • RobinF replied 2 months ago

    I love London! Sounds like fun!

    Your capsule looks like a lot of nice variety but easy to mix. Hopefully you get nice weather. I was thinking of a puffer too but see that you added that. 


  • Cardiff girl replied 2 months ago

    Welcome to my world!l have already changed once today as l was too hot….then l had to find a cardigan as l was too cold,such is spring inthe uk.Your collection looks lovely,enjoy your trip!

  • notsaf replied 1 month ago

    My favorites are 7, 14, and 17! Have an amazing vacation!

  • madeline replied 1 month ago

    You are all set! But bring the extra sweater for real!

  • Bijou replied 1 month ago

    Wow - you look fabulous. Your planning will really pay off as every day you will have something lovely to wear that suits the activities and weather conditions. Loving that you have good footwear options that will go the distance. I would also pack an umbrella. I am sure the wonderful shops in London will provide a great souvenir if there is any additional item you need. I hope you have the BEST time on this wonderful trip! xxx

  • CocoLion replied 1 month ago

    I really admire how you keep up on trends without preventing the individual you from shining through.  Have a great time in London!

  • MsMary replied 1 month ago

    Wowzers! What a great capsule! Have a wonderful trip!

  • Dana replied 1 month ago

    Wow, Suz! You're an amazing packer!!! All of the different levels of dress you say you need can be so challenging, but you've nailed it. (Are you doing some business + pleasure?) The only thing you might possibly missing is one outfit in case it turns out to be absolutely boiling. I'm always an optimist that it'll be warmer on my trips than I think, LOL.  

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