Parachuting in! Styling ideas?

So...I think I finally found my parachute pants! 

These are Aritzia's TNA "Supply" cargo, and it's a good thing they fit because they were final sale. 

Trying them here a few ways. First (1,2) with new top -- more on that in another post. 

Styling attempts. Suggestions more than welcome! 

#3 Trying with a blazer...not sure? 
#4 With a cashmere hoodie. 
#5 Just the striped tee & sneakers
#6/ 7 with denim jacket
#8/ 9/10 leather jacket
#11 Rails shirt -- double plaid with footwear.  :) 
#12 with white denim
#13 trying with a more substantial sneaker (only ones I have -- coral) and top with coral to tie in. I don't think I like the pants with these shoes. 


1. Are the white boots too clownish with this or are they okay? 
2. I think I prefer the plaid combat boots to anything else I have. Should I look for another pair of combat boots in navy or. a different colour? These are an item that would get real wear, so I don't have to fret on that score.  
3. White sneakers -- these feel too insubstantial somehow. But maybe my eye will adjust? Maybe a platform sneaker for spring? 
4. I tried with my black Blundstones, too  in #10 -- they are okay, I think, but maybe not the best. 

I didn't try with sandals yet because those are still packed away. 

I hope the consensus is positive here because, well, final sale, but more because I'm totally in love. These are a very substantial and soft cotton. They have pockets up the yin yang. They are advertised as having a slight "sheen." I don't see that, but they do drape nicely and feel good on. 

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  • Angie replied 10 months ago


    KILLER new cargos! And RIGHT on trend!

    Just in the middle of something - but try your white NAS top with the white boots. That will create more visual balance!

    I’ll be back to chat about the styling! :)

  • Elle replied 10 months ago

    Love the pants on you! Fun and fit you well.  Great buy.  I like 4, 5, and 11 best and prefer the pants with dark shoes.  

  • ChristelJ replied 10 months ago

    What a wonderful color and fun shape the pants are, very cute! I like 4,5,8,9,11,12 best. I think the plaid combat boots look outstanding here, and the moto jacket and the plaid shirt.  So many possibilities, though! I can't wait to see what your favorites end up being.

  • replied 10 months ago

    Very cute! Burgundy looks lovely on you. I like the white boots, striped tee, plaid shirt, blue denim jacket and blue leather jacket :)

  • Dee replied 10 months ago

    Ouu.. super cool parachute pants, fab colour. I agree that the red plaid combat boots seem to look the best, I’m sure sandals in the summer will look great with them too. 

    I like the striped and plaid tops best with them, they add a nice graphic edge to the look and the white denim jacket looks really cute with them too, but I will defer to Angie about the correct length and shape of the third piece with this type of pant.

    I think this will be a real fun addition to your wardrobe and a real hoot to wear.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    I like #3 best of all. KILLER

    4, 5, 6 and 11 next best!

    I like the white boots more than any other shoe with these pants, so there you go :) 

    The white denim jacket needs white sneakers - more Summery to my eye.

    I like the plaid boots too! Super cute with the plaid shirt! And the white sneakers work well!

    .....looks like you might need a white sneaker refresh though ;) 

  • rachylou replied 10 months ago

    What great pants! I like the white boots the best actually, because they have equal visual weight with the pants.

  • Janet replied 10 months ago

    LOVE! Burgundy?? Now I’m envious! I would love burgundy ones (just smack me, I already have grey and a sagey-olive, but I would love burgundy pants!).

    I like all the stylings but I prefer the ones with the darker footwear.

  • LJP replied 10 months ago

    Well aren’t these cute ! Lucky score - especially on the final sale front . Aritzia has the least customer-friendly return policies ever . Anyways , from what I’m reading and hearing , the low-profile sneaker is the way to go moving forward and I do like your white sneakers best with these pants . The white boots are too much here , in my opinion . The visual is bottom heavy with the full pant and big boot when you’re wearing a more fitted top and with your sleek hair . I do like the plaid combats too . I think they’d look great with a multi coloured sneaker- or something with a gum sole like the Adidas Sambas or Gazelles ….which come in great suede colours . I just took an on-line enneagram test and am feeling quite opinionated ;)

  • jussie replied 10 months ago

    Oh my goodness they are a keeper if I ever saw one! Perfect! Am at school but will reply properly later, at a glance all your stylings seem to be working well to my eyes :). (Of course I’m no expert though so take me with a grain of salt).

  • kkards replied 10 months ago

    Agreeing with Lisa, I like the sneakers best…and I think the denim jacket is perfect with them as well.   I don’t love the white boots but if I was going to do the white boots I think I would try to balance the look with a “heavier” or more substantial top, maybe a chunky sweater or an oversized hoodie. 

    So much to think about as I’ve got cargos on the brain.  

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Thank you all! Super helpful, and I especially love it that opinions are mixed. I usually find when that is the case it's about tweaking the more controversial options a bit...

    I do think I need new white sneakers this spring, for sure, or maybe multicoloured would be fun. Or lilac, like Carla's. Except I can't wear Cons, alas. 

    Janet, I don't know how many burgundy jeans, cords, and other pants I tried this fall and winter! My old burgundy Dres bit the dust (alas) and I was missing them SO much. Burgundy is such a great colour for me if it is on the plummy/ aubergine side or the red side (not so much brown burgundies). Anyway, I digress -- it's a colour of pant I really enjoy wearing and I have a lot that works with it in the closet. 

  • Brooklyn replied 10 months ago

    YLF and these are definitely keepers!

    I got some cargo pants in Spring too and have been playing around with them. These are my thoughts about styling (YMMV of course):
    * I like them best with sneakers or sandals (summer of course!) because to me that is the most fashiony look
    * I tried them with Blundstones but did not like. Here cargo pants with heavy Blundstone boots is a very popular tradie look. I have nothing against tradies (in fact, I worship the good ones) but I don’t want to look like I emerged from a building site. Aside: my husband’s favourite casual look is Patagonia cargo pants and heavy Blundstone style boots and he is constantly being asked if he is in the trade (which he takes as a great compliment).
    *I am still experimenting with combat boots but I think mine are a little too high in the shaft for my looong pants. Also, it might skew the look a bit too army-ish. But my pants are khaki and taupe so I’m more at risk of that. I think burgundy is a great choice because it looks more obviously fashiony. I think the plaid boots work really well.
    *I’m not wild about them with a longer jacket (have tried myself). Something about the look being too busy in the thigh area (with the pockets). I like the shorter jackets better. But this could be an eye adjustment thing.
    *Try with a high neck jumper! I love mine with anything high necked and I know you like a high neck too.

  • LJP replied 10 months ago

    Interesting to read words / terms you’ve never come across before : tradies . I actually thought Brooklyn meant trendy until I read it again ! Lol.

  • Sal replied 10 months ago

    Pants are keepers! My favourite footwear are the sneakers and the combat boots. Sneakers to me make them look transitional season and the plaid boots more winter/fall. The other two are fine as well that’s just my preference.

    Haha- I know what Brooklyn means- in fact I have had two tradies here all day putting in a new heat pump system. Wearing sturdy boots and cargo shorts.

    I think these will be an awesome addition Suz!!

  • Jaime replied 10 months ago

    Love them on you! #3 is also my favorite but among many. Shoes wise I like them with the red and with the white sneakers and I would also go for the most refined boot you have. I like #10 for example. (I would immediately try them with all my pointed toe boots.) Really fantastic pick!

  • slim cat replied 10 months ago

    Great new pants in fab color! Love sneakers and leather jacket with it, Rails plaid shirt, white denim jacket ( something like #8 to #13 feels a bit lighter ;) ). As it's one of favorite colors - you have enough options to play with them!

  • Brooklyn replied 10 months ago

    Haha! Yes, sorry Lisa.

    Tradies = tradespersons.

    It’s a term of affection!

  • unfrumped replied 10 months ago

    Oh these are too great. So lucky because I would not know what size to get with final sale.
    I think white or dark footwear just give totally different vibes which is good, as gives different ways to wear in different seasons. I do like the printed tops a lot - more feminine juxtaposition. . But then a dark top & boots looks kinda garçonier- punk in a good way.

  • Runcarla replied 10 months ago

    I’m in the same camp with LJP and kkards and like the sneakers best.  Of course, I adore the striped T look, but my favourite is the plaid shirt. 

    do want to say that these make your legs look really long, even when you are wearing high contrast footwear!

  • cjh replied 10 months ago

    Cool pants! I like the color and they look like a fab fit. I like 3, 5, and 6 best. I favor the striped top over the print or plaid. Maybe it calms down the red a bit?

  • Kyle replied 10 months ago

    The pants are a great find for you, Suz. They look so good on, and will be really fun to style. I like them most when you lean into their casualness by wearing them with a sneaker, or their — I’m not sure of the right word here — but their ability to look a little more edgy, maybe. So I also like them with the boots and the leather jacket, or the plaid shirt, for example, but less with the elegant looking scarf, if that makes sense. As you suggested, I agree that you would likely get a lot of wear out of some platform sneakers. I’ve found these to be comfortable and versatile.;width=m

    Also, I know you enjoy wearing silver to bookend your beautiful hair.;width=m

  • Zaeobi replied 10 months ago

    Ooh these are great on you - what a steal! The colour & shape is wonderfully balanced.

    Are the coral trainers knit, by any chance? I'm inclined to agree with you that they don't work as well as the white ones, but having a hard time putting my finger on 'why' exactly - whilst the white ones aren't 'chunky' per se, maybe the sole is more substantial?

    I've also run into this issue with my cargo pants - whilst I like mine with combat boots, they look a little too 'tradie' (as Brookyln mentioned) with pullon boots, yet they also tend to overwhelm my flatter soled flats (like my pointed toes & loafers). It sure is tricky to get right - maybe 'mid' footwear is best, lol?

  • Synne replied 10 months ago

    So cool! Great color too!!

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Thanks so much for all these suggestions! They are great. I've tried a few more stylings as per your ideas and will post more photos tomorrow. 

    Kyle, those are exactly the kind of sneakers I think I should be going for -- both pair! 

    I will say that these pants will be a fall/ winter/ spring item. They are cotton, but substantial weight -- too warm for summer here (most days). I am hoping Aritzia will do the exact same style in linen, though. I will be lining up for them! They'd work really well in 100% linen or a cotton/ linen blend. Anyway, all that is to say that in the end it is unlikely I'll wear this particular pair with sandals. And realistically, they won't even get a ton of wear with sneakers except in later spring and early fall. I tend to wear my sneakers most heavily from mid-April to -mid October with an emphasis on April/ May/ June and September/ October. 

  • Star replied 10 months ago

    Stunning on you - first pair of parachutes I really love.  For me best with the plaid booties, excellent pairing - you do not need a navy pair. Moto jacket, denim jackets, striped and plaid tops all great pairings!

  • suntiger replied 10 months ago

    I like them most with the plaid boots by far! To me, the sneakers seem too lightweight for the volume of the pants. Like big pants over tiny little feet in comparison. They definitely need a substantial looking shoe for balance!

  • Olive Green replied 10 months ago

    My first ever Aritzia order is coming Monday. I splurged full price on the wool Mosaic scarf, a hat, and ordered a long sleeved t in the bright Copper colour. I am now looking at these pants and wondering how I missed them
    They have short lengths, too. 
    Anyway, I nearly lemming these this morning after seeing how great they look on you, then slapped myself, as I have some  light weight Lemaire Uniqlo ones in both sage and grey. Drab but fab, eh, and not a single piece of burgundy or red in the closet. 
    Like you, will be looking for a lighter weight version next season. 
    I do like them with the white boots. 

  • lyn67 replied 10 months ago

    Love their color, it makes such a diff!!!! And love-no exception- all the stylings!! Wow!!!!

  • RobinF replied 10 months ago

    Great pants! The fit is perfect. I also like the sneakers. I like the red boots too but not sure I like them covering the top of the boot - weird I know. I was so focused on the shoes that I had to go back and look at the tops again. I quite like all of them but especially the moto, very cool look.

  • Bijou replied 10 months ago

    Simply stunning on you, a perfect wardrobe addition that is practical and fun.

  • Jenn replied 10 months ago

    I LOVE them! Seriously, Suz. So so so so good.

    My favorite combo is with the combat boots and moto jacket.  Perfect blend of trendy and classic. Love the sneakers too, and I don't think the white boots look clownish at all. I even like the Blundstones.

    These pants are so versatile and a great color for your wardrobe.  HUGE WIN.

  • Jenni NZ replied 10 months ago

    I think they look great! I like them best of the parachute pants seen on the forum so far. My matchy matchy self likes them with the plaid combat boots best.

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Thank you all. I posted some new stylings here. 

    Jenni, I hear you on "matchy matchy." I like matchy matchy too. And I think as a few others have said, the colour makes these feel a bit more "fashion" than "fatigue." Not that there is anything wrong with fatigues or olive or khaki! But those colours don't work on me so well and it was nice to find a colour I like in this style. 

    Thank you, Jenn. I do think they are going to be in constant rotation. I already want a linen version for summer! 

    Bijou, thank you! 

    Robin, that is a really interesting point -- I'll have to experiment with the tieups and lengths. 

  • Tanya replied 10 months ago

    They look great on and you are making me what a pair.  I like them with the plaid boots and mot the best, but all the looks work.  Off to look at the other stylings!

  • Jonesy replied 10 months ago

    I am very late here but my faves are the blazer and denim jacket! I guess my eye likes the juxtaposition. It seems like just about everyone has a different favorite :). Re. footwear: they all look good and I echo Jaime in suggesting a refined, pointy toe option as well, just to mix it up!

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