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Many of you may recall that I ordered a lot of Boden dresses this summer and then sent half of them back. By the time I got around to making the return it was early July. I expected several weeks for delivery and processing -- possibly up to 2 months. But when I checked my Visa bill this month and realized I still hadn't received credit for those items I got a bit concerned. Canada Post had told me I did not need tracking because air to UK is so very reliable, and I'd taken them at their word because we pay for returns from Canada, and it would have cost me about $50 more to send with tracking. But that meant I had no record. 

I wrote to Boden on Friday with my order numbers and the items -- and woke up this morning to find my account has been fully credited. They didn't explain what the mix-up was, but dealt with it instantly and efficiently. 

I will definitely be shopping with them some more. In Canada, we don't have the convenience and ease of free returns, so it feels a bit risky. But we do get extremely fast delivery from the UK (a matter of days, seriously!), and all duty, taxes etc. are rolled into the price in CAD so that there are no surprises in the purchase. 

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  • Jenn replied 2 years ago

    That's great! I ordered a backordered pair of boots from Boden earlier this fall and noticed, after a couple of weeks, that the delivery window had been pushed back from a 1-week backorder to several months. Since fall booties wouldn't have been useful for me if they arrived in December, I emailed them to verify the delivery date and asked for the order to be cancelled if it was really so far out. They responded quickly to let me know the problem was a supplier issue and cancelled my order without question. I was disappointed, but the customer service, at least, was very smooth.

  • Runcarla replied 2 years ago

    I will second the fast delivery to Canada. My order arrived 3 days after it was placed. I'm still sorting my Boden size, since I AM tempted by their offerings.

  • Gretchen replied 2 years ago

    I find Boden to be really responsive on exchanges as well. With some vendors it's almost easier to order the replacement as a separate order. With Boden, I've not only gotten the exchange, but they've factored in the discount that occurred between the first order and the exchange - nice!

  • Ginger replied 2 years ago

    I had a similar experience, Suz. I placed my first order during the end-of-summer sale. I returned most of the order, and realized after about a month that I still had not been credit. I was particularly concerned because of their "one week" limit for returns during sales. I was able to use the chat feature to ask about it, and the person who responded handled the refund immediately.

    Also, when I was wondering about dress measurements for a later order, I chatted again. The lady who helped me actually grabbed dresses off the rack to measure them for me! I didn't know they even had that ability. Their customer service is incredible.

  • Staysfit replied 2 years ago

    That’s good to know. I had an issue with a Boden order. They sent the wrong size for a dress and when I called my size was no longer available. They issued me a credit right away and asked me to return the wrong item, which I did, but the credit came immediately.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    YAY. Sooooo fab when a company gives you good service, Suz. Honourable.

    I've put many of fashion dollars into Boden for Fall & Winter - and haven't stopped yet! 

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