Ripskirt goes to a Restaurant

My very first in-restaurant meal since the pandemic began! 

Well, actually, it was outside, on the patio. And it was lovely. It helps that the day here is glorious. I am in Vancouver for our last few days in the rental...

What a great skirt this is. Janet, thank you SO much for helping me to get it. I really love it! And yes, it was pricey at almost $100 CAD (with delivery included in that price) but it's already down to $20 per wear, so it's safe to assume it will earn its place in my closet. Sometimes you look at something and just know it will be a workhorse. 

Hair is wet in these pics. Haircut TOMORROW!!!!! 

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  • Angie replied 1 year ago


    Looking SoCal Casual Chic, Suz! Beachy in an urban way :)

    ENJOY your haircut!! Isn't our weather sublime!

  • Runcarla replied 1 year ago

    Looks like this ticks all the boxes for a high happiness factor, Suz.  YLF!

  • nemosmom replied 1 year ago

    Oh wow, this skirt really can be dressed up! You look great, Suz!

  • Kat Lee Dune replied 1 year ago

    100% stylish!  (And you look utterly happy.)

  • Tina replied 1 year ago

    You have blue sandals to go with your skirt (happy sigh).
    I hope you can sleep tonight, with the excitement of the haircut tomorrow and all. Longer hair has changed your look but it is great in a new way. Hair is just such an integral part of style, it fascinates me.

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    Perfect on you! Can't wait to see the haircut pictures!

  • Barbara Diane replied 1 year ago

    I love an item that works perfectly in your wardrobe and life. Such a cute outfit.

  • JAileen replied 1 year ago

    I LOVE this!  

  • slim cat replied 1 year ago

    Looks so good - love the "wet hair" look ( goes well with pretty earrings 
     ;) )!

  • lisa p replied 1 year ago

    Such a good skirt on you , Suz ! I’m enjoying it vicariously through you ;)

  • unfrumped replied 1 year ago

    This is a great rendition of the rip!

    Mine arrived, and I thought it looked just awful on me. Not sure why but just did not have the right vibe at all.
    So will not get to be Lemming Sisters.

  • Brooklyn replied 1 year ago

    You look wonderful. Kind of urban beachy, like Angie said. I’m very intrigued to see what you do with your hair.

  • delurked replied 1 year ago

    I nice casual style that looks effortless and chic. It’s hard to tell from the pics. Is it a gray/blue? Or just gray?

  • Sal replied 1 year ago

    This is a fantastic outfit - very 2020!

    In the future this skirt will be a travel essential - unless you wear it out before then with the frequent use.

    I am pleased you got to dine out and pleased that you are getting a haircut.

  • Bijou replied 1 year ago

    What a great summer outfit, you look beautiful and really know what suits you to perfection.

  • lyn67 replied 1 year ago

    I often do kind of the same outfit with my patterned tubes! Love your printed monochromatic one adorned with  strong pops of white! Curious to see the new cut! IT's half a year almost  since I hadn't got one from a proffessional stylist (but cutting it myself) and got so used to my longer hair that that now am chickening out to go again-in fears to get an overly too short cut again.

  • Mirjana replied 1 year ago

    Beautiful skirt and beautiful you!

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    Love it! I really need to order mine!

  • Zaeobi replied 1 year ago

    I like how you've knotted your top at the waist to show off the skirt, & also how your earrings mimic the streaks in your hair :)

    PS - The title is great - reminds me of a children's book!

  • RobinF replied 1 year ago

    Sounds like a nice evening! We still haven't been to a restaurant but maybe soon. Love this on you, the print is perfect.

  • Laurie replied 1 year ago

    Seriously fabulous!

    The stock photo looks grey, but it appears to be very blue in your pictures, is that correct? In process of ordering this pattern for me, and the Black Pearl Batik (my first one) for my sister. I might also try the #2 length. I think it will come to just above my knee. 

  • Chris987 replied 1 year ago

    Just perfect. The end. :-)

  • catherine replied 1 year ago

    Suz, you look beautiful. I like the skirt, too.

  • Helena replied 1 year ago

     A perfect summer outfit!

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    Answers to the question re colour: the skirt is listed as charcoal or something, and it is...but it's a very "blue-ish" charcoal, if that makes sense? I think I can wear it with navy tops as well as white and grey and black (and other colours, potentially). The lighter grey is grey -- but again, it's grey with a blue cast. This is perfect for me, of course, with my personal colouring, but might not be right for everyone. I'll try to take a photo with a navy top soon! 

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    In the pic it looks taupe to me!

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    Interesting, Suntiger! I can see hints of mauve maybe, but not taupe. Anyway, it's definitely cool-toned. But not true black by any means and not true navy. 

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    The pic of it on the floor looks taupe, on you blue!

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    Right -- I see what you me it looks a bit mauve on the floor vs. taupe but I get what you are saying. I suspect it was a yellow light for that photo (a stock photo). I like taupe, too, by the way, so that would have been okay, too, LOL! 

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Love your outfit! Lucky you to be able to go out to eat. We can do take out on the deck but it is not the same.

  • rachylou replied 1 year ago

    So smart looking! I like how styled it with the knotted top. That was completely the right thing to do.

  • Preppy Pear replied 1 year ago

    Love you in your Ripskirt outfit! The white and blue looks so fresh and cool. I like the knotted top much like the outfit Janet posted with hers. I hope you had a lovely time.

  • CarolS replied 1 year ago

    Great skirt and it looks like it will be super versatile for you!

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