September Tracking

I didn't take photos often but I did keep track of what I was wearing. It was an unusual month because I moved and have been setting up house. 

Some of my wardrobe remains in Ontario. I left items that I felt I'd be unlikely to wear due to different weather conditions. My current numbers (excluding gear and sleepwear and undies) are around 133. 

Here's what I wore: 

  • 4 of 7 bags  (just over half)
  • 5 of 23 footwear. (I didn't have most shoes until mid-month and then the weather changed.) 
  • 2 of 9 coats  
  • 3 of 10 dresses  (stopped wearing summer dresses and had no occasion for truly dressy items)
  • 2 of 6 skirts  (stopped wearing skirts due to weather shifts)
  • 0 of 7 pants. (these are mostly late fall/ winter items or high summer linen)
  • 8 of 9 jeans (it's jean season!) 
  • 0 of 3 shorts (too cool)
  • 6 of 11 toppers  (beginning of topper season)
  • 4 of 4 cardigans (easy to wear and carry)
  • 7 of 17 shirts/ blouses 
  • 5 of 12 sleeveless tops
  • 8 of 18 knitwear (some knits still too warm/ bulky)
  • 7 of 9 scarves (good transitional items)

61 items  -- or close to half the working wardrobe! 

My most repeated items at more than 10 wears were my silver sneakers and 2 of my bags. All jeans except one got at least 5 wears. My most worn topper was my grey cardigan (about 10 wears) and my plaid jacket (5 wears). My utility coat got a lot of wear also. 

I'm surprised that I wore so many items but perhaps I shouldn't be since it's a transitional season. It's clear that I wear different clothes in my new climate -- long sleeved shirts get much more play than they ever do at home. I repeated each one I wore multiple times. Jeans remain a true staple. 

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  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    You have had quite a month. The long sleeved shirts and blouses remind me that mine get a work out where I live now and we're hardly touched in the previous place of no real transitional weather.
    Your silver sneakers really bring out the silver in your pretty.

  • jussie replied 2 years ago

    Gorgeous outfit pics!! Lovely.

  • shevia replied 2 years ago

    I was just thinking about my silver sneakers! You have had a big month and it is impressive that you managed to track anything! You look fab and I am eager to see how your new location affects your choices - weather and otherwise. Great to see you!

  • LaPed replied 2 years ago

    So excited for your move! Big hooray again. I hope the new place is starting to feel like home.

    Your numbers and habits sound very similar to mine. I really had my entire wardrobe in play this month, from swimsuits and sandals to cashmere and coats. I didn't touch my insulated boots or long down puffer, but everything else was fair game. September is a funny month to track!

    The silver shoes combined with the long heathered cardigan looks superb on you!

  • Cardiff girl replied 2 years ago

    Oh the challenge of moving to a new climate!Im surprised that you managed any tracking at all with a move as well.l hope that all is well and you are managing time to unpack.You look lovely as always.

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    I like the way you counted, the way you broke it down category by category.

    It makes me realise I have a lot of sweaters... and many are sitting in a pile waiting to be de-Lilypupped. Maybe I shouldn’t be too hasty to give sweaters away...

  • lyn67 replied 2 years ago

    Wow, you had an exhausting but full fashionable month! Love the dress and the culotte jeans are amazing with the long cardi and sneakers! 

  • Mirjana replied 2 years ago

    You look amazing Suz as usual, I especially love the culotte jeans and long cardi with sliver sneakers, terrific.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Great thoughts. Remind me - are you in Victoria?

    I LOVE #3/4, Suz. KILLER to the Power of KILLER. Very 2018. (And to think the forum was against those stunning top pick NAS culottes. HAH!). 

    Wanted to add that I've been wearing the heck out of our gillet over the last month - weather was perfect. Amazing over dresses. It's NOT car friendly though. It's perfect for a walking and shopping on foot day. Urban life. I walk Sam in it too. I take it off in the car. 

    SOON you'll be wearing all orphaned booties :)

  • Janet replied 2 years ago

    Nice work, and great outfits! 

    No surprise the silver sneakers are such all-stars, especially with your hair. I have been so into my sneakers lately that I impulsively bought a pair of silver Cole Haan sneakers and immediately wore them to walk 10 miles all over NYC this weekend. 

    It sounds like you are adapting to your new climate nicely! I'm STILL waiting to break out a jacket and get some wear out of my long sleeve tops. I'm so over warm weather. :-P

  • Helena replied 2 years ago

    Yay for a Suz outfit post!! You are always as casual-chic as can be. Always an inspiration.

  • Greyscale replied 2 years ago

    I’ve been wondering how your wardrobe was working for the new climate. Seems like a great start, without much confusion.

    Your hair looks great!

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Thanks for the compliments and insights. I've noticed that I feel really "over" skinnies in a new way. I do still wear them, and will probably wear them even more in winter, but I'm enjoying my wider leg jeans much, much more. And re the silver sneakers...I've been wondering if I should seek to duplicate. They are last year's model and may not be available any more. Also thinking of duping my Elodie boots in pewter. 

    Angie, I definitely need to break out the gilet! Now is the time, for sure. Am planning to wear it very soon. 

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    How do you like your new climate versus your old one? It looks like your wardrobe has worked well. I really like 3/4. The long cardigan looks so cozy. Is this move permanent?

  • krishnidoux replied 2 years ago

    Every outfit shown here is delightful Suz. #2 is my favorite but I have a penchant for extra long cardigan worn over skirts or dresses like this. Congratulations on your move!

  • Joyce B replied 2 years ago

    It’s nice to see how your style evolves for the weather of your new hometown.
    Your outfits are fab and it looks like you love your weather already and it loves you back for sure :)

  • lisa p replied 2 years ago

    Nice to see you again !  Glad to hear you are getting tons of wear out of these will be an interesting fall/winter for dressing , that's for sure :)  Love the wide leg jeans on you  too, by the way. I am really tired of skinnies too, and hope that I can get the right pieces together (pointy-toe flats, belt etc) to wear with a pair of flares I bought which are still sitting in their little Gap bag unworn .  It snowed here in Wpg yesterday , still bit on the ground this morning . Happy Fall?

  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    These are beautiful outfits. The grey cardigan is stunning on you. I like duplicating workhorse footwear, so I vote buying another pair of solver sneakers.

    Can’t believe that it has already snowed for Lisa P, that is a quick start to winter weather.

  • karen13 replied 2 years ago

    Suz - you look amazing as always, even with a partial wardrobe and moving challenges. That long cardi and wide legs is a great outfit. Looking forward to seeing how you adapt your style to the new climate.

  • Barbara Diane replied 2 years ago

    I like the outfits a lot. And you are getting good wear out of your wardrobe. I like how happy you are that it is jeans season.

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