Shopping the NAS: Highs and lows

At YLF we are all about high-low style. But we're also about the NAS!! 
And some of us have GREAT experiences with this sale, and some of us have disappointments. 

Most of us probably have a mix of experiences, and possibly different experiences in different years. 

In my first year on YLF I only watched the sale from afar. In my second year I ordered some items, but apart from some camisoles and some VC tube skirts, nothing really worked out. 

In my 3rd year I got serious and went across the border with the indomitable Sveta!! Wow, did we shop!! I came back with some beauties but returned some because they just weren't "me" -- and also left quite a few others in the change room because they didn't fit or didn't suit my life. 

Year 4, Kingston forum member Mona and I conspired to do a little cross border fun together at our "US addresses" (in a lumber supply store). Boy did we have fun trying on jeans in the dirty bathroom!! 

Year 5 I almost sat it out entirely due to grief. (My mother died in the first days of the presale.) But instead  I engaged in a bit of highly successful retail therapy. I actually returned about more than half of my order, but the items I kept were wonderful additions to my closet. 

This year, well, I got my gilet and what else matters? Seriously -- I have ordered a bunch more highly practical stuff that might or might not work, but I am happy with my main purchase. 

How about you? What have your sale highs and lows been -- this year, or in other years? 


2012 -- everything went back except the shoes and skirt. I still have the skirt. Donated the shoes in the spring. 

2013 -- to Michigan Sveta and I go!! Keepers in photo 2. Still have the booties. Finally sent the top and skirt on to Anne in Oz after 2 years' wear and still looking good. 

Photo 3 -- Tory Burch dress that I loved but did not keep -- had no call for it. 

Photo 4 -- Tahari jacket I also loved but had no use for. Note the skirt -- my NAS purchase from the previous year!! Also the sandals were an Angie Top Pick. 

Photo 5 -- our boxes. (Some of them.) 

2014 -- Photo 6  -- jacket and jeans acquired in a little road trip with Mona. :)

2015 -- the famous Vince dress (with the booties from 2013) and a cardigan also from the sale and the Franco Sarto booties (also available in this year's sale -- super comfy but a bit wide at the ankle, FWIW). 

2016 -- the Great Gilet!! 

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  • DonnaF replied 4 years ago

    2013:  Fairly clueless, but knew enough to ask SA to call around for a heavy sweater jacket.  It was sent down from Anchorage.  I think it was the only NAS purchase that year.

    2014:  Lemming floral sweater, leather jacket, Munro leopard shooties, and maybe a t-shirt that I rarely wear which may have been merely on sale.  Lingerie wash.

    2015: NYDJ wine jeans and VC silk utility shirt. Oh, and lingerie wash tinted moisturizer and makeup I don't wear.

    2016:  I ordered more than I ever have in my life.  Final count not yet available.  I can't bring myself to buy anything *high*, and really, my life doesn't call for it.  Plus, I think I like variety.

  • Staysfit replied 4 years ago

    This is a nice retrospective Suz. Very nice. I used to shop at the Michigan Nordstroms. All three of them that I could get to, Somerset Mall, Briarwood Mall, and in Northville. The best is Somerset. Too bad I rarely get to go there now, unless I'm visiting my shrinking family. It's a long way to go for shopping, he he! 9 hours drive!

    I think this is really my first thoughtful NAS with YLF. I didn't really make any specific sale purchases last year that I recall. If I did, they don't stand out. This year however, I have a large haul. I'm working to hone it down a bit but I think everything is going to be useful.

  • claire replied 4 years ago

    Oh, I'll play! I've has the best NAS experience this year....

    For the last couple of Years, NAS has coincided with dropping off DS at camp, and hubby and I have enjoyed our cross border weekend in Seattle with dropping into the Nordies there. I've picked up Dres, a couple of great cashmere sweaters, a pair of boots, all things I still have and love.

    But this year I went a little nuts. With having our own local Nordstroms it's a whole new experience! But it was the customer service that made it for me. All I really wanted for sure were the Aquatalias and the Vince hoodie. I called ahead to the shoe dept and made an appt with my favorite SA for Monday morning, and told her what I wanted. Then I called upstairs but the SA said they wouldn't have the hoodie in store, so I ordered it from Calgary. When I arrived Monday morning, ,there was my SA, booties in hand, good to go. As I was trying them on, the manager from upstairs came down with the Vince hoodie, they had received it, she remembered my call and that I'd mentioned my shoe appointment, and kept the sweater for me! Who does that, especially during NAS craziness?

    Hubby loved the Aquatalias so much they became my birthday present, and I splurged on another pair of boots for myself, the La Canadienne knee highs. Can't have enough waterproof boots around here :)

    I've bought more at once than ever before at one time, ever (the big ones are below, but there are a few more!). But I'm happy with everything, so I'm done for the winter, and had a great experience.

  • Traci replied 4 years ago

    My brain is too scrambled to remember year to year what I ordered, but this has definitely been my most successful NAS by a long shot!  Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Suz. 

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    A lovely run down, Suz. I think of you AND Sveta as the unstoppable Canadian NAS team. Those are memories engraved into the YLF Haul of Fame. 

    I've been shopping the NAS for more than 10 years. In my first year, I was one of the people who tore down the Seattle Flagship door on the first day of the sale at 7am because there was no such thing as preselections. IT WAS CHAOS. People grabbing, fighting, pushing and screaming. It was like living in post apocalyptic times. 

    Then I remember when I could preselect without a Nordies card AND had to go into the store's stock rooms to try on items. It was hilarious.

    Then the stores put up preselection NAS tents to create mystery. That was quite fun, actually. 

    It's my favourite sale of the year for all sorts of reasons. It's an event because Nordies is Seattle based. I always have a great sale, and so do my clients. 

    (Am I wrong to spell "gillet" with two l's?)

  • Peri replied 4 years ago

    2014: What is NAS? Seriously? Who shops for sweaters in July? 

    2015: Needed a lot, liked a lot, had a ton of fun shopping for sweaters and much more in July. Kept quite a lot and only made one mistake, which I returned after a few months, so not really a mistake.

    2016: Don't need anything, but still want to play! Stalked the Trove sweater in M and pounced today. FOMO...ordered the Vince coat. Packages are starting to arrive but no keepers yet. I'm not seeing as many things that tempt me as I did last year, but that hasn't kept me from ordering what I do see. With no holes to fill I'm in super picky mode. but I'm still open to true love if I find it.

  • columbine(erin) replied 4 years ago

    This is my first time and I was mainly buying business clothes for my husband, but I have a dress coming, too. We'll just have to wait and see how I did!

    Would you remind me what your burgundy booties are? I like the shape in the front but am stymied how to describe them,

  • replied 4 years ago

    Gilet is indeed spelled with one "l".  :)

    2014 - I had joined the forum in late June, I think, and had no  idea what was going on .  I recall thinking you all were crazy. I still think that way .*

    2015- ordered a few things late in the game - no cardholder ,me . My mother was in hospital in all of July and died early August so I was really not interested .  I did buy that Vince dress, which I wore once and then never wore again. Do you wear yours much?  I love it, I just never found the right occasion to wear it.  I doubt it even fits anymore , so  there's that. Also ordered a colour blocked poncho and some fake leather pointy-toe sneakers, and a trouve sweater . None of them met my quality expectations (which are unrealistic at times given you don't know what you're looking at on-line) - I returned the poncho and sneakers and kept the sweater, which I wore once and then gave away. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I think I was just ordering for the sake of participating .  I did enjoy reading Angie's posts about the sale and looked at all of her picks - as a means for figuring out what looks I might have wanted to emulate from stores here.

    2016 - I still think you all are crazy * . I haven't ordered, mostly because I'm simply not motivated enough to go the extra mile needed to find those things here in Canada. It just doesn't matter that much to me. I did hopefully score a pair of those cropped black knit flares from a member who was going to return them, but would not have bothered to order them myself.  I looked through Angie's picks in categories that interested me (accessories, shoes and bags - as a point of reference for my own shopping plans).  

    *please note sweetly sarcastic tone 

  • JAileen replied 4 years ago

    When I first found YLF, I was mystified by "NAS." I honestly didn't know what that acronym stood for. Then a few years where everything I was interested in sold out by the time it opened to the public. This year I got a Nordstrom card! I bought a lot of stuff. My husband is not alarmed because I tend to return at least half of what I order. I'll definitely return at least half because I bought several things in more than one size! While we were in Seattle, four large boxes were delivered to my husband's office. Today I placed another order. So with the box that came last week, I'll have a minimum of six boxes.

  • Windchime replied 4 years ago

    This is a fun thread, Suz! Here's what I recall of my NAS experiences...

    2013 I stumbled across YLF in late August and completely missed the sale.

    2014 I dipped my toes into NAS water with the purchase of a Joie grey turtleneck sweater and a Caslon black drapey tee. Both are still in rotation in my wardrobe.

    2015 was the year I added three grey items during NAS: the Vince Camuto reversible poncho, the NYDJ ponte pant, and the Cole Haan perforated sneakers. As I said, all were shades of grey (!) and all were worn many, many times and will be again this year.

    2016 A low in general for me this summer--beyond the NAS-- is the difficulty in finding bottoms that fit. To get the waist, hips, and length right all in one item seems close to impossible. I ordered an Angie top pick pair of trousers, and they fit me beautifully but are too short, to my great disappointment. But I'm loving the Adidas Pavao shirt and also am very excited about the gorgeous cobalt plaid Pendleton coat.

  • carter replied 4 years ago

    How fun to see all the pics of your wins!

    My first NAS was purely happenstance in 2007. I was shopping for a dress to wear to dinner the night before my wedding. The SA had me traipsing through stock rooms and using make shift dressing rooms. I ended up buying a burgundy dress that I decided was too body con for a 43 year old bride-to-be (later sold at consignment), two pair of very high heels (worn one time each), a clutch, which I've started using again, and an evening bag I love but rarely get a chance to use. Adding to the confusion...I wasn't allowed to take any of it home with me. I had to go back to the store a week or so later to pick them up. That was cutting it awfully close to my wedding.

    The next NAS for me was 2008. Same SA. I bought a high-waisted skirt which looked totally ridiculous on me, given that my waist is at the base of my rib cage. Eventually donated. I also bought a CE dressy cardi that I still like but rarely find it cold enough to wear such a heavy sweater. Finally, I bought a burgundy handbag that still has the tags on it. It's survived several purges because I keep thinking...maybe the year. So, maybe this year!

    Then nothing for several years. 

    In 2014, I bought my first two pair of booties, then promptly had foot surgery and couldn't wear them until 2015. I can't remember what else I bought that year.

    In 2015, I ended up with two amazing pair of EF pants, a couple tunic-length sweaters (one of which I haven't had a chance to wear yet), the floral Halogen sweater that still has the tags on it, and a Vince knit top that I gave to my daughter.

    The jury is still out for 2016. Of 13 items that have come so far, I have 2 definite keepers, 2 maybes and 9 returns. I came home from my pre-select appt with two bras and a sleeveless top. 5 or 6 items still on the way. Hoping for 2-3 more keepers and then I'll call it quits for this year.

  • marianna replied 4 years ago

    Oh my brain is too jumbled to remember sequentially. I was raised on the West Coast (Cali) and the NAS was something I grew up with. I remember shopping it with my mom way before I ever joined YLF.

    I believe my first NAS with YLF was in 2009 - I remember buying some flats with a zipper bow. Otherwise, I have many memories but wouldn't know what year! I worked at Nordstrom for about 3 years and those were fun NAS years for me too - although employees can't preselect and I had to wait until the public sale to shop. But the employee discount was nice!

    Overall I've had really good experience with NAS thought the years! Some great memories. Nothing bad comes to mind.

  • shedev replied 4 years ago

    I have a great history with NAS. So many workhorses.
    2012- watched from the sidelines, was taking care of my dad across the state.
    2013- Navy Caslon hoody, Steve Madden Burgundy leather
    2014- Jolt tartan, HL Villous blue, Zella move,
    2015- HL Villous black, Guess utility coat,
    2016- !st attempt lost. trouve col shoulder sold out. Comparing sizes for Vince hoody

  • Keix replied 4 years ago

    2012 - The year that I signed up for a Nordies card in advance of the sale. I was stuck in rural Illinois for the summer and really needed some retail therapy! I didn't keep anything significant. I think this was the year of Sam Edelman python booties? I ordered them but didn't like the way they looked on my feet.

    2013 - I shopped NAS Early Access in-person at the wonderful San Francisco Centre store, with the help of an SA from Lingerie who introduced me to my still-beloved Natori Feathers bra. I also bought a petite Bernardo black moto leather jacket and black suede Munro booties (the same ones that Suz has, I think), which are still worn today. In fact, I just got the Munros back from the cobbler because the black dye was wearing thin in spots.

    2014 - Nothing significant again, besides refreshing my bras.

    2015 - Still not much, except an Angie-pick Leith cardigan. More bras.

    2016 - Bumper crop! Two pairs of shoes, burgundy tunic, burgundy jeans (a HEWI), and possibly the Trina Turk coat (haven't gotten to try it on yet). A larger budget does make winners more possible, it seems.

  • Elizabeth P replied 4 years ago

    Given its 1120, and I have to get up in exactly FOUR hours to fly to montreal for a synchronized swimming competition, I'll keep this short:

    What Peri said.

    See, short! Seriously, almost the exact same experience. And I think almost the exact same items! Last year anyway. Actually nothing has arrived yet from this years purchases, so I'll have to post about this year, later.

    Bonus shot of DD12, my little "flyer", doing a run through their routine today. Proud mama :).

    Now time to try to catch some z's

  • Lisa replied 4 years ago

    I've been with YLF for over 6 years now and have shopped NAS every single year with varying results:

    2010-I had no clue what NAS really was, curious I went late one night after work.  I was able to shop the sale early, without a Nordie's card.  I happened to show up at the last day of the tents still being in place and the sale was opening the next day anyway. I picked up a pair of tall knee high grey boots from Cole Haan that I wore out, they were awesome boots.  I had a few other nice picks from that year, but I returned them and kept the grey boots.

    2011-I knew what NAS was and I randomly shopped with no plan. I know I kept some pieces from this year but I couldn't tell you what they were now and none of them are in my wardrobe anymore.

    2012-I tried to shop NAS for ALL my seasonal shopping.  It did not work, and I ended up returning everything.

    2013-I used this year to purchase investment pieces.  I still own the Theory sweater I picked up this year.

    2014-Another year that I picked up an investment piece, ironically another Theory sweater.  And I splurged on Paige jeans which I still have today.  I also still have a tan twill blazer from Vince Camuto, this brand fits my broad shoulders perfectly.  I also started a new way to shop NAS this year.  I purchased a lot online and then sorted through everything at home where I have my whole wardrobe to work with.  Also the online selection is far better than my local store.

    2015-Same as the previous year, I own many of these pieces today, including Pleione tunics (adore those with skinny jeans) and Caslon layering t's.  The one difference is, I did not purchase an investment piece this year, nothing caught my eye.

    2016-This year is still to be decided as many items are on their way to my home.  But so far, I adore my new cropped boyfriend jeans and sandal booties.  And coming home to a stack of boxes feels like Christmas in July.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    What great replies! Thanks for humouring me. It seems we've all had our ups and downs with this sale.

    I remember you buying booties at that sale and then the foot surgery -- gosh, no wonder you can't remember what else you bought!! But last year you had a great haul. I do think mistakes and "not worns" go with the territory here. I had a few late returns myself last year. 

    Windchime, it must be so frustrating to look and look for pants that are long enough. It's not as if you can go without!! But I'm glad you love your grey items. They love you back. We grey -haired ladies need our bookending wardrobe staples!!

    JAileen, I'll bet this sale goes down in history as the one you visited Seattle. Or maybe you'll do that again next year, too, now that you've had a taste of it. I like your husband's attitude. Mr. Suz needs to take lessons. :)

    Lisa, we are crazy!! I hope we're sometimes crazy like foxes. But it is a bit of a nutty time. No question. 

    Columbine, I hope your dress works out!! But I warn you -- this can get addicting. 

    Peri, that was hilarious. The 3 stages of NASing at YLF. We could do a blog post. Last year you did so well. Waving to scarf twin. :) 

    Angie, it sounds like you and Carter had a similar experience in the stock rooms! That is so bizarre!! I wonder what they were thinking. The tents would be a big improvement over that, for sure!! 

    Traci, you are doing brilliantly this NAS and it is nice to have you around. 

    Crackers, I admire your taste! (Especially seeing as how I have ordered several of the same items.) I am SOOO glad you have had a blast this year. It's been really different for me, too, being able to get some of what I want right here in Canada. MUCH better than the past. 

    Staysfit, for someone who is relatively new to NASing, you have done better than anybody I can imagine! What a gorgeous wardrobe you are creating. 

    Donna, I am loving your choices so far. They're amazing. 

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Columbine, almost forgot -- the booties are by Munro, called Robyn. I think they are still available. Very popular. I still wear mine, although not as often as the first two years I owned them. 

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Lisa, I've followed your sales experiences with great interest. I remember how you carefully chose some investment items. It's nice to know that some things are still in your closet. Same here. 

    Elizabeth, your daughter looks amazing, and good luck!! I look forward to seeing your new things. 

    KL we have some of the same items (right down to the underwear!) and it seems as if you did really well this year. 

  • Barbara Diane replied 4 years ago

    2014 was my first NAS. I purchased a much loved and used expandable Longchamp. I finally gave it a pause this spring; it still looks new and will go back in use later in the fall.

    I also bought another of one of my favorite things, an Alexis Bittar skinny tapered bangle. When I find it again it will be in rotation again.

    2015 I purchased Alexis Bittar earrings, pave earrings, and Sam Edelman suede fringed booties. The booties upgraded/modernized my look. I've worn the earrings a bit.

    This year so far I'm keeping my Skagen watch and the Gabby Skye blue dress for sure. I love the watch, it is like the mommy watch to my baby Seiko I've had for a very long time. I look better than I thought I could, and still like me, in the dress. My first pair of leggings, to fill a wardrobe hole.
    I have many more possibilities at home and I have some Angie's picks on order. Time will tell how many of them I keep. 

  • columbine(erin) replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply about the booties, Suz. Wardrobe budget is used up for the time being, but I'm interested in getting booties sometime. I hadn't really warmed to the idea of wearing booties and dresses til lately, but am starting to like that look. I really like the way these open in the front, seems very leg lengthening.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    And my legs need all the help they can get, Columbine!! That's why these are the booties I tend to wear most with dresses if I do that. 

    Barbara Diane, here's hoping the rest of your order gives you as much joy as the new dress. It sounds as if your puchasing has been measured and smart. 

  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    This is a fun retrospective, Suz.
    Two items immediately come to mind as longtime favorites from NAS: Classiques black and white wool tweed pants, and Halogen gray leather peplum jacket, both shown in the same outfit in photo 1. They are from two different years.
    Then there are the Donald Pliner tall boots I bought in two different years, same style in black and in olive (photos 2 and 3).
    I recall agonizing over a Kooba bag, which I ultimately did not get, and which I think was a good decision (photo 4).

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Sharan, so interesting. I remember all of these. The first purchases share the quality of being beautiful high quality classic clean lined "backbone" type of items that would have been hard for you to make. (Well, no doubt you could have made the pants, but.) 

    The boots are fabulous enough on you to duplicate for sure. I recall our discussions about that and the enabling I did. :)

    As for the bag, looking at it makes me think of my current bag dilemma and the probable answer!! :)

  • Aquamarine replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Suz. I remember all your photos/outfits!

    I have been a haphazard NAS sale participant as well as a YLF lemming (I have that Tory Burch dress). BUT, this past year I have made a concerted effort to identify wardrobe holes AND have kept a running list of items I want/need each season. So, this NAS I made an effort to shop for some of those items. There is a growing stack of boxes in my mud room and once everything arrives, I will see what works and doesn't work. But it feels good regardless to finally have a NAS plan.

  • Mochi replied 4 years ago

    I just remember having fun in the fitting room, posting K/Rs in real time and getting immediate responses. The urgency, lol! I think that was two years ago.

    I remember the first mention (to me) of NAS--around four years ago. It must have coincided with the time I first joined YLF. It seemed like this crazy, inscrutable mass social movement. Everyone was so excited. I remember this pink boucle jacket that must have been a top pick--everyone was modeling it. I was still trying to figure out YLF, much less NAS :).

    I did buy things in the subsequent years, but not much and nothing super-memorable (though stuff was nice and needed, for sure).

    I still didn't buy a lot this time; perhaps I never will. But I finally feel like I know what to target and what's worth paying for, and I'm very happy with two of the pieces, and probably will grow fonder of the other 2or 3 or do as I adapt them to my fall wardrobe.

  • Cococat replied 4 years ago

    I hadn't been a YLFer for very long when the NAS came up last year. I was fascinated. In fact, so fascinated that I bought 2 pairs of the Halogen studded t-bar flats (blush and black) and had them sent all the way to Oz. it was such a risk because I have difficult feet and it would have been too expensive to return them.

    They were such a success. I wore them often. I'd actually forgotten about them until I saw Goldenpig wear then in a WIW recently. I need to start wearing them again.

    I behaved myself this year as I have spent a bit travelling, and then there was the Rick Owens jacket...

    I love seeing what everyone orders. :)

  • Colette replied 4 years ago

    Last year was my first official NAS. I've always been a Nordstrom shopper but never got into NAS. I could never even think about fall clothing mid July. But YLF slowly changed that. I was still skeptical but I dived in. I have to say I was really happy with all the purchases I ended up keeping.

    -CE Released Hem Jeans-way out of my comfort zone but I loved them. Still do. Wished I would have listened to Angie and sized down two sizes but I had them altered. Lesson learned, listen to Angie!
    -Aquatalia Moto Booties-total wild card purchase. LOVE these. Wore the heck out of them.
    -Classiques Moto Jacket-I had a moto jacket on my list and this toned down version seemed more me. Plus I loved it and the fit was great on me. After trying a few different jackets, they all had some sort of quality issue so I ended up returning it and gave up on it. Until I stumbled upon it at Rack for an amazing price in my size. I didn't wear it as much as I should have, the whole saving it for good thing, but I plan to wear it all the time this year.
    -Brahmin Purse. Loved this but ended up exchanging it for a similar style below in finds, that was not included in NAS. Still love this and probably might not have tried this brand if it weren't for NAS.
    -Zella leggings-great gear item worthy of repeating.
    -A Bunch of stuff for my SO. He gave me the side eye when I offered him fall pieces to try in July but indulged me and enjoyed everything.

    This year I had a list and a plan but went way off script. Still waiting on boxes to sort out all my keepers and having fun on the forum. :)

  • Author Linda replied 4 years ago

    In my first couple years as a YLF lurker, the NAS thing mystified me. I watched, but didn't engage. I was stuck in "what's the point of being stylish now?" My life had changed quite a lot and I was still sorting through that change.

    Then in 2014 life changed even more but that change resulted in losing lots of weight, which was unexpected but nice, though I now had really baggy clothes. I was looking at a closet filled with ill-fitting jeans and tops, and excellent but dated suits, silk, and jackets, all of which look ridiculous when sitting around the house or going to visit family. No doubt about it: the wardrobe needed a makeover. I started small. I bought a few new things based on YLF reviews, though I bought them after the sale, which was lame. I was still hesitant to spend on myself.

    2015 was my first NAS, because by then I'd dropped three sizes, purged all but three jackets, a cashmere cardigan, and a pencil skirt from the old wardrobe, and had only two pairs of jeans and three tops for casual wear. During the course of shopping for summer, I'd found Nordstrom's excellent, so when NAS rolled around I thought maybe I could pay a lower price for F/W things I'd buy anyway. 

    So of course I bought too much.

    2015: Best NAS purchases were EF knit pants (black and charcoal), a Vince sweater, EF booties, and a Tahari leather jacket that still is my favorite topper. Some of the items I bought didn't work out very well and I either returned them or gave them away.

    2016: My weight having bottomed out for now, I needed fewer items this year and narrowed my wish-list. My keepers include Aquatalia booties, Vince cardigan, a Halogen cardigan I love, and some layering tees.

    I can see myself using NAS in the future for high-end statement garments, footwear, or maybe a great winter coat in addition to filling holes or updating essentials like those layering tees. 

    Also, reading everyone's reviews is so much fun, even when the items are totally wrong for me. Sometimes, though, I just have to order one for myself because it looks like it might be just right...

  • replied 4 years ago

    I'm chuckling at all the tales of "confusion" and "CHAOS" and "crazy, inscrutable mass social movement"s, and clueless SAs, and tryons in dirty lumber mill bathrooms! Lol!

    For my part, 2015 I didn't pay too much attention but followed along with the Vince lemming dress threads.

    2016, I *think* I'm getting the Mackage leather jacket and La Canadienne boots. I returned the Triny Turk wool coat and the TNF puffer because I really would prefer a swing coat and the puffer was the wrong colour on me.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh, I love these stories. Thanks for indulging me! I remember so many of your stories and moments of triumph (and angst). 

    Smittie, no! After showing us how well you layered with those pieces, you're taking them back? I'm heartbroken. ;)  But not really, because I know you'll look amazing in the Mackage jacket. That's real Montreal style. And the boots I am still tempted by, myself. I should see if they still have some in stock. 

    Author Linda, I love your choices and what an amazing story. I identify with some of your successes and failures, both to the items and the reasons. It takes a while after life change and significant weight loss to figure out a new direction.


  • Suz replied 4 years ago


    You‘ve been one the most enthusiastic and successful NAS participants of all in the past two sales. I love many of your choices. And your reviews have helped us all so much here. It’s amazing how much we learn even from the “failures.” Maybe especially from those.

    Coco — i LOVE those shoes! So brave of you to risk the ordering. It’s hard to know in advance. I hope you bring them out again to play soon.

    Mochi, I absolutely recall your getting into the fray a few years ago. You have found some good pieces and also learned a lot about what styles work for you. Didn’t you get a leather jacket at one sale?

    Aquamarine, you have that Tory Burch? I’ll bet it is gorgeous on you. What a lovely dress. If I’d had a need for it I would have kept it. Can’t wait to hear what you wind up with this year.

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    NAS is hit or miss for me in terms of whether I find anything I like, but most of the things I've kept have turned out to be winners.

    2012: my first NAS!  I didn't know about it prior to YLF as there is no Nordstrom within easy public transit in Boston, so I rarely went there.  I bought my Frye Veronica boots that I still wear, and that I had been wanting for some time.

    2013: don't think I bought anything this year.  I think I tried a couple of pairs of boots but was unimpressed.

    2014: got the Halogen floral lemming sweater and my KUT faux leather front jacket (the find below is taupe but mine is black), both of which I still love. 

    2015: I kept nothing but socks and a lingerie bag this year.

    2016: I haven't decided for sure, but I'm most likely keeping the RL anorak (weird fake lining and all), the Pikolinos Andorra booties, the Topshop blouse, and the Caslon jacket.  Plus my favorite workhorse sports bra.  I did not expect that I would keep so many items - this is definitely my best purchase:return ratio for a NAS.  I also would have ordered and kept the RL trench but found it cheaper elsewhere.  Most of these items are things that I had been looking for anyway and with the exception of the topshop blouse are fairly classic items.  That's a theme with me and NAS.  I usually look for workhorse and classic items rather than trendy ones as at this point I still have no idea what trends I want to try come fall. 

    ETA: I still do the bulk of my NAS shopping online. I have never been to a preselection, although I have walked through the regular NAS sale in the store a time or two.  (Including a quick walkthrough with Angie and co in Seattle!  But I didn't buy anything... )

  • anne replied 4 years ago

    I haven't read all the comments and have never bought anything from NHS. ..but the top and skirt from your 2013 visit are going strong down under and I wore them 2 days ago!

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 4 years ago

    Oh, this is fun.  I have easy access to actual Nordstrom stores, but shop mostly online anyway.  It's just easier for me.

    2012 was my first year - Sam Edelman petty booties, Blondo tall black boots, Halogen plaid skirt.  I may have passed the skirt on, but still love the two footwear choices.

    2013 - returned one Classics Entier tweed jacket that did not come in petites but I gave it a try anyway.  Ended up with a different tweed jacket by Halogen, a black leather/ponte dress, caramel heeled booties, a knit bomber jacket, and a caramel leather skirt.  Still wear all of them.

    2014 - returned a 2 piece Topshop dress and some track pants; kept Eileen Fisher silk pants, a burgundy floral print dress, a navy ponte/ leather dress, a black leather shimmer coated jacket. Still wear all.

    2015 - returned 2 dresses; kept a green lace dress, an Equipment plaid silk dress, Cole Haan sneaker oxfords, tall caramel boots, Topshop navy topper, a poncho, couple pair of Hue leggings, and navy ankle strap pumps.  Still wear all.

    2016 - started out with just some layering cami-tanks and sports bras.  Now have the items below either in my closet or on the way, arriving today and tommorow.  Karen Kane sweater and the plaid leggings are definitely keepers. The Nic and Zoe dress I had to resize, hoping it works because I really loved the material. 

    Yeah, I do really well at this sale.

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    Ooh, Linda, I want to know more about the plaid leggings! 

  • replied 4 years ago

    I really never get that hipped up about any sales.  I like to hunt for my little treasures.  So I just wait for the NAS things to go to the rack and buy them at an even more reduced price. Everyone is always having a sale.  You know the one day sale at Macy's that is every week.  LOL

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    OMG, Linda, did you HAVE to post those leggings and the Nic&Zoe dress? I find both incredibly tempting and I don't even like leggings!! Holy moly. 

    You have done very well this year and other years in the sale. It sounds like you've got some workhorse items. 

    Diana, waving at my sports bra twin!!! I've mostly gone the route of filling wardrobe holes and stocking up on undies and classic backbone items, too, but the "frills" and wild cards I have bought at the sale have been among my most successful purchases, it seems. 

    One story I didn't relate was how I bought and returned the Aquatalia sweeties (or similar) in 2013, only to regret not keeping. I snapped them up in 2014, and they were total workhorses that year and last year, to the point where they are almost worn out, and I was really hoping I could replace them this year -- but no such luck! 

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 4 years ago

    Suz and Diana - the leggings are so great (except when trying them on in the summer heat).  Honestly my first thought was these feel like wool without the itch.  They are going to be soooo cozy in the winter.  Nice and stretchy, soft, fairly thick but not bulky.  They have little slash pockets on the front, so fashioned to look like pants but on me at least will be worn with a long top (like the Karen Kane pictured).  They are pull on style with an elastic waist. What else would be helpful to you?

  • skylurker replied 4 years ago

    The NAS posts turn my mind toward F/W planning in July - which is neither a good nor a bad thing.
    F/W sound like science fiction, until this NAS business and it suddenly feels real.
    Pulled out my Winter trousers yesterday out of the closet to assess fit : the YLF NAS effect.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Not having seen them, and reminding myself that I never actually like leggings on my own body, is what would help. :) 

    I'm seriously going to look those up. 

    Linder, I think you're right (certainly you're right about the constant sales!!). But I am finding it more helpful than I had expected to shop early for the season. 

  • replied 4 years ago

    This is the first year I shopped the sale, and I bought just a few things--brands I'm already familiar with. I want to give Nordstrom a closer look and familiarize myself with what they have to offer. Is there a Nordstrom in Philly? I'll be going there in August, and if my DDs decide they want to browse stores, I may put it on my list if it's convenient for our schedule. We'll only be there for the weekend, though, so our time will be limited.

  • AviaMariah replied 4 years ago

    You all have a much better memory than me.  I can't remember when I actually started shopping NAS but I do think it was after I joined YLF.  I scrolled through my finds and included what I think were NAS purchases.  I have gone from *buying all the stuff* to trying to focus on good quality basics or maybe a higher end piece here and there.  
    I just received most of my boxes in the mail today so I will be having a try on session at home tonight.  My favorite purchases from the past would have to be the Vince sweater in ink and Aquatalia boots in my finds. Those KUT ponte pants and Via Spiga booties have also been workhorses.

  • Author Linda replied 4 years ago

    BC, there's a big Nordstrom at the King of Prussia mall, which is in the Philly metro area. And there's a new Nordstrom Rack downtown. The mall is huge, so the shopping is fine. :)

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    Thanks, Linda!  I guess my big question is about sizing... I have this gut reaction to size up on all leggings because I don't like things to be super tight but this can make things be saggy.  On the other hand, with the plaid pattern, I wouldn't want them to be TOO stretched out either so that it would distort the pattern.

    True fit says Medium for me (I am a size 10 on the bottom) but my other Hue leggings are a Large.  Hmm... maybe I should just order both sizes.

  • replied 4 years ago

    Thanks, Linda. I'll see if we can work some mall shopping into our plans.

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 4 years ago

    Diana - I usually wear an 8 for pants (but as you know, sizes vary from store to store) and I got a medium, which is my usual Hue size.  I think the fit on these is a bit bigger than most of my other Hue leggings, though.  Safer to try both sizes, but very probable that medium will work for you.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    So glad to see this enabling going on....  :) 

    AviaMariah, you have one of my most envied NAS closets!! Many our our picks are the same. I didn't end up getting most of the items you got, or I got and returned, but the one I kept (the Aquatalias) would have to be my most worn NAS purchase ever. 

    BC, you chose some items in beautiful colours that look delicious on you. 

    Skylurker, it's amazing to think that the effect even crosses oceans. I do think there is something good in getting us planning ahead. Because it stays hot here until the middle of September, I tend to have my NAS fun, and then not think of autumn clothing at all again until probably the end of September or beginning of October. Because of NAS (and previous years, of course!) I have enough to wear in the bridge season and I can start thinking about the Loooooooooooong Canadian winter ahead of me then. 

  • Diana replied 4 years ago

    OK, i just ordered both sizes of the plaid leggings.  And now I really need to stop.  At least until the next great thing I missed shows up in this thread. ;)

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Hahah, I know -- super tempting, Diana. 

    Anne, I am SO touched to learn that those items are still working well for you. I loved that top. LOVED it. And I knew the colours would glow on you. Which they do. And your weather means you can get so much more wear from both skirt and top. I wore the sweater a lot but the skirt not very often, due to having such a casual lifestyle. For working in an office it makes more sense. 

  • replied 4 years ago

    Thanks, Suz! Can you tell I'm trying to brighten up my wardrobe a bit?

  • Cerinda replied 4 years ago

    It's such a blur.  Noteworthy was the pre-YLF year I un-retired, built a whole office wear capsule, and then went into academia.  Aargh, what a waste of money!  Or last year's wildcard that wasn't.  Shoes and bags are historical successes, though. High hopes for this year.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Crossing fingers for you, Cerinda! 

  • goldenpig replied 4 years ago

    How fun! I don't remember everything I bought at NAS but since I have my YLF blog I could pull some representative outfits from the archives.
    1. 2011. My first year at YLF and NAS and I joined because of Angie's NAS list. This was my "signature outfit" and I built my demure bombshell style persona around this outfit. I still have this outfit up as my avatar, maybe it's time for a change 5 years later?!
    2. 2012. Didn't get much, just a Zella jacket and pants. Still have these.
    3-4. 2012. Didn't keep these, but couldn't resist copying the silly model pose!
    5. 2013. Oxblood leather L148 jacket and shell and Halogen tweed skirt. Still have all these but not sure I wear the jacket enough to justify the cost!
    6-11. 2014. This was definitely my year at NAS! Also was the year of plaid and lace! Went hog wild. I still have all of these too.
    12-13. 2015. The year of the lemming dress!

    14-16. 2016. Exploring my UWP side. The year of puffy jackets and casual black and silver.

  • Chris987 replied 4 years ago

    This thread is fascinating, not just because it's about NAS but it seems a lot of people find workhorses,

    This was my first year, I have had a Nordstrom card for a few years but never paid much attention to NAS until I joined YLF a few months ago.

    2016 - I was a bit burned out from spring/summer shopping, but never want to ignore a good sale, so I ordered a sweater and skirt, both which were quickly returned because I didn't like the quality of the sweater or the style of the skirt. Not a big deal, I'm still going through a major wardrobe transformation. Bought  5 pairs of black booties intending to keep one. I have returned 3 and kept 2 to continue mulling.  I have been in a store since I ordered and saw how they were set up for NAS and I might try placing an order and going into the store to try it all on next year....I think it might be less delivery/return hassle to do that assuming that a year from now I have a much better idea of what I want.

    Angie your story about your first NAS reminded me of a local Boston institution that closed quite a few years ago. It was called Filene's Basement and is a great story.  (There was also a regular Filene's, a much loved department store, one of the many regional US dept stores that no longer exists). FB was one of the first discount stores in this area, they started off with a marked down price, then dropped it every week. You could see all the weekly markdowns on the price tag and once you got used to the system you could predict how and when the price would continue to drop. DH scored some gorgeous expensive suits when he was in grad school and walked by it every day in downtown Boston.

    Anyway, routine shopping at FB was always an adventure, because they had no dressing rooms, were usually packed with people, and some of the clothing was folded into piles that got messed up quickly. My grandmother supposedly was great at using her elbows as wedges to push through the crowds (so my Mom tells me). A guy I used to work with LOVED to tell the story of witnessing a bra-less woman whipping tops on and off right there for all to see. They sold wedding dresses once a year, it was a super madhouse that made the local news every year. Brides and their attendants would tear down the doors and run in... "people grabbing ,fighting, pushing, and screaming" just like your description of your first NAS Angie!

    One of my returns was a top pic  EF that was really nice just too high a heel for me. (giving myself a little credit for occasionally choosing things that end up being top pics...I consider that a sign of progress! )

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Chris, that is hilarious. I remember shopping at Filene's Basement. My husband's mother was crazy for the place and he used to shop there all the time as a young man. Even after he moved to Canada, he would make treks down there to buy stuff and I went with him a few times shortly after we got together. I scored a really great blue leather bomber there in the early 90s, as well as some lovely silk shirts and a few other items. 

    Natalie, I love your retrospective. You have bought some beautiful, beautiful things at NAS. Do you think you are changing your palette more from autumnal browns toward black and grey overall? 

  • Chris987 replied 4 years ago

    Suz thanks for the that you shopped in FB! 

  • Jeanie replied 4 years ago

    That's a great overview Suz.  What great pieces you have bought!  Two years ago I was new around here and greatly in need of a wardrobe update.  I was too new to understand what all the NAS madness was about....Ha Ha! Last year I scored  some Aquatalia Boots and probably more that I don't remember.  This year I feel I have plenty of clothes & no budget so I and am looking just to buy what I need.  I am also a bit underwhelmed by the sale this year...except the shoes and I just don't need anymore shoes.  So this year I simply bought one Chantelle bra! 

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Jeanie, a bra is a good purchase at this sale. I have bought one, also! And Aquatalia boots are also winners in my books! 

  • goldenpig replied 4 years ago

    Love Aquatalia--I have burgundy patent rain boots and they always elicit compliments whenever I wear them. 

    Suz I love your stories. You have gotten amazing finds. I often see things that look great on you and Angie (I think you must be body doubles because you always look great in stuff that Angie wears!) and sadly don't work for me either (darn R&B gilet!) but I am super inspired by your style nonetheless! I think I am moving more toward grey/black/silver, but I still have a lot of pretty colors in my closet. I guess I have to indulge both of my personas!

  • tulle replied 4 years ago

    Can't help noticing that you look more sophisticated every year!  I always avoided NAS--sales like this make me anxious for some reason.  I guess I prefer end-of-season sales because they give me lots of time to decide what I really want, and bargains on expensive items can be outstanding. With most things I'm willing to take the risk that it may not be there when prices go down.  This year, though, I jumped at something I saw in the sale:  the Halogen petite cascade- front jacket in navy/black herringbone tweed.  It arrived today, and I love it:  excellent quality and easy fit, with an elegant, not too voluminous, asymmetrical drape.  Best of all for a petite, the sleeves are exactly the right length!  The tweed is not heavy or wooly, and the sleeves are very fitted, so I will probably wear this as a more polished alternative to a cardigan, alone or under a heavy coat, with black pants or jeans. A great buy, too, so maybe next year . . .

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