Think Pink? J. Crew jacket

Check the second thread -- sorry -- found a way to get the pics bigger. 

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  • Sara L. replied 4 years ago

    Maybe it's the length?  It seems longer than your other jackets, if I'm remembering correctly (I admit though, that I'm not one of those people that remember other people's wardrobes very accurately, unlike some lucky members of the forum who seem to have photographic memories).  The pictures are sort of small so it's hard to see details.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Oh bother. I can't make the photos come out in regular size. UGH. 

    Well, what can you do, right? 

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Sara, it's not longer than my Reiss or my taupe suit jacket -- but in general you are right that I do a bit better with a shorter cut due to my short-leggedness. Longer jackets shorten my leg line too much. 

    The Reiss obscures the problem because it has a very nipped in feminine waist so the length doesn't matter. (Plus it's navy and I usually wear with darker bottoms). 

    The Tahari is a lovely lean princess shape that somehow works as well. 

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 4 years ago

    I think the key to whether you keep this lies in a bit more experimentation with several outfits.  You seem to have some questions regarding it's versatility and color and the only way I know personally to solve that is to try it with several things and see indeed if it works in my wardrobe. I think the color is divine!  

  • Tanya replied 4 years ago

    The color is divine on you and the fit indeed excellent.  I think it all boils down to how you feel in it, Suz.   If you are having doubts and they are not because of the bright color, that should tell you something, right?

  • Tina replied 4 years ago

    My vote is a clear keep! I love the colour on you and it looks good with the pants you're wearing, that's one outfit:-)
    It's such a happy colour, you will be reaching for it in the dead of winter is my guess. The fit looks good to me. Only you know if you will, ultimately, be intimidated by the brightness. You will not be blending in when you wear this jacket, at least not in our Canadian winter.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    (I commented on the other thread). 

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