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Once again, apologies for hogging the forum. This is the last one for today, I promise! 

And it may be moot, because given the love for my new sheath dress, maybe I should wear that and be done with it! It would certainly be the easier option, even if new footwear is required. 

Anyway. Thanks for all your expert help with the fuchsia suit and the footwear for my occasion. 

Alas, the battle is not yet over, for I still need a top to wear with said suit -- unless I am to go topless. 

 Several of you have already offered suggestions, for which I thank you. I have followed up on some. Others were unworkable because the item wasn't available in my size, wasn't available in Canada (or couldn't be obtained quickly enough) or wasn't the right style for me. I don't wear scoops or wide or deep Vs or deep cowls; I know some of you asked me to show a little skin, but honestly, Angie will back me up on this. It's not really a question of modesty (though I am relatively modest). 

It's more out of figure flattery concerns. The neckline that would look elegant and pretty on someone more generously endowed or with a shorter neck and/ or longer hair looks distinctly unappealing on me -- particularly as I age.  I don't want to make people think about cadavers instead of caviar as we sip the champagne, if you get my drift. 

Let me share with you what I've done, discovered, and attempted thus far. Please note, pants are not yet altered in these photos (or IRL, either!) But I am hiking them up a bit in some pics. 

Brick and mortar: Exhausted all options in home city including consignment.  Found nothing. 

Spent 1.5 hours power shopping at Yorkdale and hit all the usual suspects. Tried on numerous shells of various kinds -- none fit properly. 


The Bay, RW&Co, AllSaints, Le Chateau: Strike out.  

Inge suggested that one and I'd already ordered it beforehand. But alas…it is terribly itchy, shows my bra straps, and hangs too low with its high low hem in the back. I couldn't even bear to wear it long enough to take a photo!! Back it goes. 

Pic #1 says it all. 

There is another Zara top I liked but which is not yet available. 

Ditto for J. Crew, where this looked promising but won't ship until too late:

Club Monaco: 

Pic #2, 3, 4.

 Hubby liked this one, but he has not seen the rather astronomical price tag for what is essentially a T shirt. Having said that, it's a very comfy T shirt and I quite enjoyed wearing it for my various try-ons with shorts, etc. 

Pics #5- 10  

This one is a sort of camo print with sequins. Absolutely gorgeous diaphonous thing. But -- needs a cami. If worn without a jacket, the cami shows from the side, which seems sort of tacky. Also, it is very expensive. 

I've also ordered this AT silk shell. 

A kind YLF friend offered to get it for me and forward so I don't have the astronomical shipping fee. My hesitation with this generally well-reviewed top is that a few people say it runs big. In which case it may not fit. In fact, not a single AT shell fit me properly the other day and I tried on many in smaller sizes than the one that is on my way. So I really have my doubts.  Others say it is very sheer; also not fab. It's possible that if it arrives in time I could have it altered. 

Banana Republic: What I may order. http://bananarepublic.gapcanad.....=558278003  (Maybe too sweet?) 

 I also found a couple of potential options online at Mango. What is their quality like? Anybody know? 

On the other hand, I could stop searching for now, and simply go with the dress. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, and again, thanks for reading this far!

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  • Peri replied 7 years ago

    Suz, you know why I'm no help? You look gorgeous in all of them and even more gorgeous in the dress. I'm in awe. Maybe others can help you narrow it down.

  • krishnidoux replied 7 years ago

    Suz, Mango is not top quality. It's really a hit or miss in my experience. It's not the bottom low, but it's less quality than Club Monaco for instance. It's a bit like Zara I think.

    Here's an idea: How about having your top altered along with your pants, so that it really fits you? Take any of those top shown above and have it fitted to your body... it could cost less than a new top and end up looking even better.

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    #2 to 4 looks fantastic Suz - I love the neckline on you & the way the shoulders fit - worth paying for imo :)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    LOVE the fit of the top in #2 - #4. The shoulders and under arms are perfect and to me, those are the areas that can either make or break a sleeveless top. This one is perfect IMHO. It's unfortunate the price tag is so hefty - do you think it's a piece you would wear a lot thereby bringing down that CPW? I can see it working with so many of your bottoms - tube skirts, shorts, portobello skirt, white jeans, slouchy trousers...

    ETA forgot to add that I'm not crazy about the top in #5 - #10. Although pretty  and I imagine would be even lovelier IRL with right reflecting qualities, etc., I really don't like the fit. To me it's a deal breaker if I can't wear it on its own because of the underarm fit.

  • replied 7 years ago

    The second top is a winner I think!

  • citygirldc replied 7 years ago

    4, 5, 10  are my faves. The color is fabulous on you.

  • texstyle replied 7 years ago

    What Shannon said. :-)  It would really be hard to go too wrong but I think the armhole fit is a key point in the decision.

    I know you'll pick the right one for you and yoiu are going to look spectacular Suz - what a great outfit!

  • Mia replied 7 years ago

    Whoo boy do I love 5-10.  

    Of course it's the most expensive cause it looks so amazing.  The cami show thru does not bother me at least in the photo.  There are so many layered tops out there right now that do this intentionally. Given what you have invested in the outfit so far maybe it's not too much of a stretch? 

    I really love this outfit but I love the dress too.  Maybe do like Miucca Prada says she does and have your options and decide last minute what your heart tells you?  I think a famous actress did this on Oscar night too.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Of course I love your idea, Mia!  :-) 

    But seriously, this has jump-started my long non-existent formal wear capsule. So I am not at all sorry. Nor am I against spending a little to have two fabulous outfits ready and waiting for the right occasions! I think it's money well spent, in the long run. 

  • donnat replied 7 years ago

    2-4 is really nice, the sheath dress is also killer.....

  • shevia replied 7 years ago

    I like the one in 2-4 and basically agree with what Shannon said. It might be worth the money because it would be super versatile.
    I am extremely unimpressed with Mango's quality. I am sure it is hit or miss but whenever I browse through it I come out empty handed because everything looks cheaply made to me. I think it is more H&M quality (although H&M sometimes has pleasant surprises) than Zara (which is also very hit or miss).

  • bj1111 replied 7 years ago

    even if you go with the sheath, you will still need a shell with this fab suit, just not so urgently.  but, why not perseverate  and get something that you will really love to complete this outfit.  

  • bj1111 replied 7 years ago

    ETA: go with the camo.

  • carolbee replied 7 years ago

    The second top is the one. Is it expensive or EXPENSIVE!!!! You will need a top for this suit regardless, so as others have mentioned think about the cpw rather than the price tag itself.

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Thanks, everyone. I'm very grateful, Krish and Shevia, that you filled me in about Mango. The prices made me think it might be like H&M. (Some of the stuff looks fun on the website, though...I found crossover slouchy trousers. Where else are you going to get that at a low price point in Canada right now?) 

    Seems as if opinions are mixed about the tops here. And no wonder. I can see advantages to both. Or neither! I guess neither is the "perfect" top for this event, but both could be good, and both could have uses outside the event, although the camo/ sequin one would get a lot less wear given my usual run of activities. 

    Hmmm. I am heading prettty fast toward the sheath dress, at this rate! 

  • MsMary replied 7 years ago

    I love 2-4.  Gorgeous!!!

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    My fav is #5 - could you wear it with a shorter cami? If not, I would either have #1 altered along with the pants, or bite the bullet and fork over the cash for #2 - that one appears to fit perfectly.

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    The camo is my fave. I think the young/trendy print helps keep the look from getting too old.

  • Hil replied 7 years ago

    I really love the camo print. To me, it reads evening and edgy at the same time and I think it goes so well with the fuchsia suit!

  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago

    I think both of your Club Monaco choices are stunning!  The sequin top is more festive, but given the price, and the fact that you would not wear it all that much, I recommend the jacquard shell.  It is not just a t shirt IMO, I think you would get a lot of mileage from that top and you will feel FAR more polished in it than in a tee.  Just by popping it on with jeans shorts, you will feel more chic.  It looks like a great, versatile top.  Is it also machine washable?

  • kkards replied 7 years ago

    l love the camo. i think it has the dressiness to complete the outfit, but its not overwhelming. i understand about the cami showing, but i wonder if you are really going to be taking the jacket off?

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Totally late to this party, but I wanted to chime in to say I LOVE the camo CM shirt.  Gorgeous!  But you look awesome in all of these (well, except maybe #1 :) ) and in the dress... so great that your options are coming together!

  • missvee replied 7 years ago

    If you want the "wow factor" then the sequinned camo print wins hands down.
    I like the easy, layered look with the cami underneath, and I think you could wear this more casually with white jeans and metallic sandals. Or a white skirt and a jean jacket. If you're really undecided, then forget the suit for now, and go with the dress. It's lovely too.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    I love #2 to #4! High five, Mr. Suz :)

  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago

    Wow, Suz, your seath is absolutely fab, I have seen it (and not commented on it, yet) right now! But if you want, the fuchsia suit will do it either fab. Love love love the 5-10 top with it, it's the trendiest hi-low and dressy slounch ever!:-) I think will worth the money, even if cami is peaking out underarm. Maybe you can alter somehow going up with the side seam a bit more? And, what if you put on a lurex/sequinned cami or so under, to look it even more intentional? :-)

    (2 and 4 is also looking good!)

  • Parsley replied 7 years ago

    Opinions seem to be divided here, don't they?
    I like the one in 2-4, but I LOVE the one in 5-10, and don't find the cami to be a problem at all.

    But the bottom line is that you will look stunning in either one!

  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    2-4 seems the best choice. Even if it's expensive , you will probably get that cost per wear way down wearing it with various things. I love the camo top but CPW would be very high. If Mr. Suz says anything about the price of 2-4, you can show him that it's much less than what you could have spent.

  • sarah replied 7 years ago

    I like 2-4 best - sorry about the pricetag : (

  • Zapotee replied 7 years ago

    I really like the sequined top.

  • harmonica replied 7 years ago

    2 and 4. Love that the fuchsia suit is coming out to play!

  • Inge replied 7 years ago

    My vote also goes to #2 to #4, Suz. It adds just the right amount of subtle textural interest, the fit is fab, and the top is stunning. Love your earrings here too.

    I'm sorry to hear that one Mango top didn't work out. Their merchandise can be hit or miss, but still worth checking out (they regularly have nice belts too, for example) as the prices are very reasonable.

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