Trying out some Top Seasonal Trends

A week of outfits in which I get to wear some new (and older!) NAS purchases and also play with the trends. 

In #1 I'm ticking off tartans and lengthening the rise (though these culottes are not super high rise, they are "higher.")

#2/3 shows the new Kut Donna tartan skinnies -- so comfy, even if I'm "off" most skinnies! Ticking off tartans, lengthening the rise, releasing red! 

#4 animal print accessory and maximal my way with the pattern mix. Super casual at home day. 

#5 lengthen the rise, add structure (the gilet).

#6/7 nod to western wear, tick off tartan, add structure. 

#8 enjoy animal print, release red. 

#9-11 maximal my way (pattern mix), wear flats and low heels (actually, all of these are low heels but these are flats). 

#12 an unexpected animal print (whimsical), wear midis, release red. 

Other trends I will/ can embrace: play with puffers, flirt with florals, add a wild card. I'm unlikely to wear much in the way of earth tones but if I could find the right cognac shoe or bag, I'd go for it. Long blazers are difficult for me with my body type but I do love them so if the right one (with enough waist definition/ structure) were to jump into my lap, I'd give it a whirl. I may consider full length boot cuts but I'm not in a rush for those. They're too infrequent a wear to sink a lot of money into. I love 60s, 70s, and some 80s style so always look for items that echo those eras and could even go vintage on a few things. 

Thanks for looking! 

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  • abc replied 9 months ago

    I love them all. You're a master of proportion and dressing your body. The trends and updates are fun additions.  I love the ones with the pops of red!  Your coats are really nice, too.  Lovely set of outfits, as always.

  • Jenn replied 9 months ago

    I love how you integrate new trends into your wardrobe so seamlessly. The tartan blazer is especially fab on you.

  • Sterling replied 9 months ago

    You have beautiful clothes and you are wear them so well!!!!!  

  • Angie replied 9 months ago



    Fun :)

    You have never looked better, Suz. KILLER all round. My faves are #1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 12. Colour palette is tight, flattering, and gorgeous on you. You've got it going on, girlfriend. A true TRENDY CLASSIC. 

    I LOVE #12. AMAZING, and so 2018. That's last week's outfit formula too. 

    Thrilled you't enjoying West Coast shoulder climate. It's going to continue for while. Milk it! 

  • torontogirl replied 9 months ago

    One's more fab than the next. I LOVE you in that berry red color, and those blue boots are so luxe!

  • Barbara Diane replied 9 months ago

    My favorite outfit is the dress one, followed by the other red cardigan one. Lots of great outfits.

  • jill58 replied 9 months ago

    You have a wonderful cohesive wardrobe and everything looks great on you.

  • Cardiff girl replied 9 months ago

    You look fantastic in all these outfits but my standout favs are the boden dress with the red boots and cardi and the leopard with the red cardi.l guess I really like that red cardi on you!

  • Mirjana replied 9 months ago

    WOW, all are beautiful on you.  My favorite is dress #12, amazing and then #4, #5, # 7 and #8. It is really hard to choose favorites.

  • cjh replied 9 months ago

    Lovely outfits, and I especially love the new red tones you’re adding. Wow all around.

  • Sara L. replied 9 months ago

    As usual, a great selection of outfits.  I really love #8 and #12 with the long red cardigan.  So dramatic!  

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Thank you all for your kind compliments. 

    I LOVE the Boden dress. It is a long version of the Penny from last year that I got on sale this summer. It's all cotton and very easy to wear. Much like their Phoebe summer dress. 

    On that note -- anyone know of a dress this season that has a similar cut/ fabrication? Or anyone have any great casual Boden dress recommendations for the fall? I don't really need a dressy dress but would wear a casual dress or skirt into the ground. 

    Red definitely suits me and it also photographs well. The long cardigan look has been really great for me. As Angie pointed out in her blog post, it's excellent for those who work from home. But I also think the long lines suit me. That's why the gilet, though more formal and structured, should also work now that I have the weather for it. 

    I'm also spoiled for choice with footwear now and what a thrill it is! I have several waterproof options for rainy days and several rugged options for cloudy, muddy, or even snowy days, and then a bunch of options to wear in nicer weather. I'll do a post about that soon!

  • torontogirl replied 9 months ago

    Suz, is the black and white animal print top under the red sweater a t-shirt? Or a blouse? Must troll your finds ...

  • Christina F. replied 9 months ago

    I can't even pick a favorite. You're killing it!

  • Runcarla replied 9 months ago

    So glad you are posting WIW's again. Your hair looks great! Have you found a new stylist?

  • suntiger replied 9 months ago

    Yay for the new climate letting you bring out the gillet and fun booties! And of course, red is your color :)

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    So much fabulousness in one post ! I agree that you are a master at dressing for your body type and lifestyle - I really admire that . I too noticed your hair looking a little different - longer ? Regardless , it too looks fantastic !

  • Paula B replied 9 months ago

    Number 8 is just adoreable!!!! I love long cardigans and jeans/leggings.

    You look super hun,XXX

  • Suz replied 9 months ago

    Thank you all for the compliments, as always! 

    Carla, Lisa, re my hair -- I have not found a new stylist and this is a grown out mess. ;) I think I know the salon I want to try, just have to book with them. Soon!! 

    Helena, the animal print is actually a lightweight knit top (silk and cotton, I believe). It is a DVF top purchased at NAS in 2013! Angie used to own the same top but must have passed it on. It's actually blush, white, and black leopard. Mine is still in pristine shape but I didn't wear it a whole lot in Ontario -- it often felt wrong for that climate. It's perfect for fall and spring here. 

    Anyway, as I said, I seem to have luck purchasing statement items that have wardrobe longevity as a rule. This was pricey for me then, even on sale, but has turned out to be a good purchase. 

  • Colette replied 9 months ago

    Wow Suz! You look so good. They are all my favorite and ditto what everyone else said.

    Also, I have that Halogen cardagin in the summer weight fabric and LOVE it. It’s so versatile. You definitely wear it better but after seeing you look so fab in the red I must admit I’m tempted.

  • Janet replied 9 months ago

    Wow, you are looking more fabulous than ever these days! I can’t even pick a favorite look, but I’ll give a little extra love to 5, 8 and 12. You look amazing in red!

  • Nomad replied 9 months ago

    I love them all, but especially the outfits that include plaid, red, and leopard. I bought those same Donna tartan skinnies, and I'm stealing some ideas from you... :)

  • Brooklyn replied 9 months ago

    Super! I can’t pick a favourite.

  • Aquamarine replied 9 months ago

    Great outfits, all of them. My favorites are 1 and 7, but it’s really hard to choose. Cold weather dressing is so much more interesting because of all the layers.

  • jussie replied 9 months ago

    So STYLISH! I especially like red and silver on you. But they're all fab :). I like how you're giving a nod to the trends. 

  • lisa p replied 9 months ago

    You inspired me to wear a long ( really long ) BR merino wool cardigan to work #2 today , and it got more than a few compliments . I felt quite fab in it ;) I bought it a few years ago and have rarely worn it - finally have the right environment for it .

  • shevia replied 9 months ago

    Love this post! The Western belt is such a brilliant way to nod to the trend while maintaining your own style. Textbook example of how to incorporate trends like a grown-up (at least in my book :) )! Crushed silver looks fantastic on you. I also really like your duffle? coat. But it is the big picture of your style that is so fun to see!

  • krishnidoux replied 9 months ago

    Wow Suz! Fantastic! I am in love with all your looks here. And I really like how your kind, warm, imaginative personality shines through here. There is something very personal about these outfits, and also artsy and understated. 

  • kkards replied 9 months ago

    WOW....FAB...well done! 

  • lyn67 replied 9 months ago

    I adored the western look from yesterday(6/7) and now I love  its aditional looks(8/9) too! Whimsical animal dress with aditional red blocks is stunning! Love the JCrew downtown field jacket, too, but my new fave is now  the nr 1(with the distressed  denim culotte styled so chic), wow!  

  • RobinF replied 9 months ago

    Wow, great looks! It is hard to pick a favorite but I have to say #8 really jumped out at me - totally love it. Love the red with animal print top, gorgeous.

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 months ago

    Oh, fantastic Suz!  I love every one, well, to be honest (as I think you'd want me to be) with the exception of #4, I don't find those proportions as flattering as the rest.

    This is funny... I was really struck by the scarf in #9, esp as a pattern mixing option, and it wasn't until I looked at the finds that I realized I HAVE THAT SCARF!   I haven't worn it yet :)  AND THAT TOP!  Then I looked closer.  I have ALL of these items shown below. Most the exact, one pretty darn close, one same different colour.  so yeah... I think I'll be taking inspiration from this post!

  • Laurie replied 9 months ago

    Falling in love all over again with #7!   The backpack, the crushed velour! I'm drawn to your reds - that is a wonderful compliment color to your palate here.  I think #8 is the one that jumped out at me the most in this series. Wonderful, all!

  • Angie replied 9 months ago

    ENJOY your thrilling "new" footwear options. Fun shopping that closet :)

    Maybe try Sandwich for a similar dress. 

  • Kari replied 9 months ago

    I love this, especially 4, 5, and 9. It’s hard to tell what the new-to-you trends and items are from the photos alone as they just seem very YOU.

    Looks like dressing for the west coast suits you!

  • rachylou replied 9 months ago

    Good stuff! It strikes me how well chosen your items are. They can do a lot!

  • texstyle replied 9 months ago

    4, 6, 7-8 I esp. love but wow, what a great selection of outfits. And your hair - looks fantastic. I even ordered a pair of metallic sneaks to try - haven't received them yet.

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