Trying the trends and copying my YLF friends

Whoo hoo!!! 

Well, judging from today, folks, all I really needed was some retail therapy. I've been way too overloaded with work, travel, and crazy household chaos for the past 3 months to shop. But I had to go to the dentist today and on the way home I stopped at the mall. You know what happened there, ha! 

So, there will be more posts to come with stuff I tried on and am considering and would love your input about. 

These are just the fast fashion copycat items I returned with. Angie's blouse from today's blog post (and it seems there are others of us who have it too). And, Lisa P and Janet's older H&M blouse, which looked so great on me I couldn't leave it on the rack. Plus, I got a scarf to match. 

In all seriousness, it is probably past the "autumn" window for these colours but I know I'll wear it next year as well and it is toss in the washer and go. I had been dying to try the mustard and blue ensemble but couldn't because I had no mustard. Now I do! 

The pants, by the way, are the BR Sloan ankle pants. Love these, too. 

No Find any more for the exact top, but this pattern was very popular there for fall; Celia also has a dress in the pattern! 

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  • Runcarla replied 7 years ago

    Lovely colours, and soft/feminine drape.

    I spent lunch walking the shops and visited the newly opened ZARA at the Eton center.  Fall colours still very much in evidence and it seems coulottes or full legged coulottes on all the maniquins!

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    That's exciting, Carla! I had wondered when that store would finally reopen. I hope they have more room/ are more organized there now. Also, super excited about culottes. I bought a pair online but (strangely) had to try the size down; those are on their way to me. 

  • goldenpig replied 7 years ago

    You two could pass for sisters so it's no wonder you look fabulous in the blouse too! Love both of them. You look so great in blue and mustard tones.

  • replied 7 years ago

    Huge thumbs up from me Suz. Lovely choices for you. I'm glad you're getting the chance for some 'me time'.

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Great tops for you Suz!

    Just out of curiosity, did you notice anything wacko with the sizing on the Sloans?  I have a pair here ready to return... I have several pairs of  Sloans, so I know my size... and these navy ones were much smaller than my others.  Annoying as I got them on a 50% off coupon, and those don't come around very often.  I wonder if it was a one-off or if they've changed things. 

  • Peri replied 7 years ago

    Love both, but the blue and gold one especially! No wonder you couldn't leave it behind, great find!

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness. Did you get a scarf in the same fabric as the blouse? I LOVE that, Suz. Very Retro and different. A twinset YOUR way. You look beautiful in your new blouses. It's fun to buy pretty printed blouses in non-shirt shapes, isn't it. 

    Perhaps you're joining me for a short ride on my Retro Futurism journey - Aida is with us too. FUN. 

  • CocoLion replied 7 years ago

    I think they look great on you, the lot!  My only words of advice are, make sure they go with your warmer layers.  I know CA is not cold like your CA (or is it CN?) but I do need warm sweaters and jackets for inside this time of year, as we keep the temps at 65.

    ETA -- The matching scarf and top is inventive!  Now I want a set too.  Off to investigate.  Hope I didn't put too much of a "damper" on these blouses with my layering advice.

  • Beth Ann replied 7 years ago

    Love these printed tops!  They are unique and bold, but rich and elegant, too.  Well done!

    Glad you got to play for a bit!

  • Aida replied 7 years ago

    GREAT tops on you Suz, both of them. That pattern with the matching scarf is sooo good on you. And now I want one too :D Glad the little bit of retail therapy did it's job and I'm sure you'll enjoy both of these blouses. The dark one could work in spring, too, since it's sheer so hopefully there'll be wear for it sooner rather than later.

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    Love your new tops!  I'm glad some retail therapy helped you feel a little better.

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    You are on the roll, girl! The blue pattern blouse is gorgeous on you (no wonder of course) but the rust one is very good too. I have a theory that not "our" colors suddenly are more wearable when they are in a pattern...You look great in both!

    Hmm, I wonder if my feeling in the slump is because I did not have any retail therapy for months...:-)
    Love both blouses to the point that I am planning how I can sneak into H&M at my lunch break tomorrow...

    Do you take appointments for a bit of retail therapy in person? :-)

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Heheh, Sveta, we definitely need to book a retail "spa" session together!! I agree with your theory about patterns, by the way, and I think Angie says the same. Actually, this high-necked blouse has caramel and rust, yes, but the rust can also look almost burgundy (or there are burgundy bits) and there are other tones also, so it would probably work for many different people. 

    Thanks for the kind wishes, Sara, Peri, Natalie, Diane, Aida and Beth Ann. I really did need some "me" time, I guess. 

    Denise, no damper at all!! I totally hear you and would not have bought these if I didn't have layering options. Of course I can wear camisoles underneath for one layer. I can also wear both with my black tux jacket, my blue blazer, my dark denim-and-leather jacket and my white leather jacket. The rust/ black one goes with my blush leather jacket and probably my taupe leather jacket, and the blue one will also work with the taupe leather. Both go well with my burgundy cashmere cardigan. The blue one will work with my winter white sweater pullover and my pale blue cashmere pullover. They will also work with various navy/ ink sweaters already in the closet.  The rust one might look cool with my berry pullover. Both will also look good with my navy/ black peacoat and my cranberry wool coat and they both go with my black raincoat. 

    Phew!!  Satisfied?  ;) 

    I am nothing if not practical.   ;)   At least with my fast fashion buys. To tell the truth, I'm a lot less practical/ sensible when it comes to the big purchases. I fall in love with the fabrication or the cut and just forget about when or how I'd wear it! 

    Angie, I got a scarf in the same pattern as the blue top. The fabric is actually a bit different but they do work together if I want to create a high neck for that shirt (which has a sort of Nehru collar). Or I can just wear the scarf with a plain ink or navy or white top. I really like scarf variety when I am travelling, in particular. Sometimes I bring only solid tops but I feel like I'm wearing something different if I switch up the scarf. 

    Elizabeth, I will check what size I ordered on the Sloans. This is my first pair, actually. I had an orange pair in my usual BR size but I sent it to Ms. Mary because I knew I wouldn't wear them after I bought them. I might have ordered petite in these ones -- I'll take a look. 

  • Jaime replied 7 years ago

    Squee! I have a confession - I also bought that blouse after Lisa posted it. It was perfect to wear on the plane, but I don't have a picture - perhaps I should try to copy your copy!  You look fab in both tops - believe me I would be tempted to try other one too if I had more neck. I can't wait to see your other considerations. Love the pants with "our" boots too!

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 7 years ago

    The blouses are gorgeous on you, Suz! And I'm having a little chuckle at the name of the H&M one--"Wide Blouse"?? Yeah, let's all get one of those, right? Good thing it's cuter than the name implies.

  • Bijou replied 7 years ago

    These are beautiful and what a bonus that they can be machine washed.  That is one of my pet hates, dry clean only blouses.

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    You look fantastic! I love the H&M blouse and matching scarf. Hmmm....I'm going to the mall tonight (to look for a fascinator to wear with a dressy outfit tomorrow), and H&M is right there....

    Retail therapy is my favorite kind of therapy :)

  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago

    OMG, Suz I just put the same blouse-only in the leopard(the same  you linked) in my online shopping bag at H&M. Would you mind asking me the length (front and back, from shoulders on yours?)as I would not tuck, rather leave it over (esp for pants).
    BTW the blue print is SO SO SO gorgeous on you!!!!(think Lisa has the same, too) and with the ruffled one you are exactly Angie's twin!!!
    Love when that happens:-))

  • viva replied 7 years ago

    Ack - I love the autumn-toned blouse so much; that neckline is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you. But I'm confused (or maybe I'm just not that strict). Do we really stop wearing autumn colors when autumn is done???

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    Ha, no, Viva, of course not! We can wear them whenever! 

    For me it is a mood thing. I am more in the mood for the mustards/ rusts in the fall. And since they are not flattering on me on their own, their wearability is quite limited. That's why a print is a great option -- it stretches their season (combined with my neutral  or pop of colour toppers) and makes them more flattering to me. 

    These colours would suit you better (the rust top anyway) so you would have a longer seasons with them. But I bet you wouldn't be in the mood for them in the spring or the summer anyway. 

    Lyn, I'm off to measure for you. 

  • viva replied 7 years ago

    Got it. Thanks Suz. :)

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Wooohooo, what a great idea, Suz. I look forward to seeing your blouse + scarf outfit. Instant turtleneck. 

  • Eliza replied 7 years ago

    Suz- See why that is high happiness factor retail therapy. Beautiful colors for you and way to work in mustard a la Suz. Just stunning. I have those Sloans in dark blue (ink or navy?) and black.  Real work horses here as they dress up well, yet are great paired with a more casual top.

    Nice that you had time for to make these great choices. They are just the things to play with your other wonderful pieces. 

  • Janet replied 7 years ago

    Hey, blouse twin! :-) Great pieces, and you wear them both to perfection.

    I like the H&M blouse so much I actually brought it to TX with me, thinking it might be part of my Thanksgiving outfit. Well, actually, since I bought that same print in both cuts, I brought both with me, but the weather is cooling off enough that I'm not sure I'll get a chance to wear the short-sleeved version. So I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who bought TWO pieces in that print!

    That high-necked style is so wonderful on both you and Angie. Glad you did the copycat thing!

  • Sveta replied 7 years ago

    Confession time! After seeing this blouse on you Suz (as well as Angie of course) I succumbed and DID pop into H&M during my lunch today and bought one too! I wish it was a bit longer on me but it should work at least  for tuck or semituck. The fabric is very nice and seems to be breathable which is my main concern for polyester.
    I also wanted to try on the blue printed bluse (because I am such a lemming) but unfortunately the biggest available size was 4 :-(

  • Astrid replied 7 years ago

    Love both on you, but the pattern of the first one has my heart. Sometimes you just need to add one or two new pieces to make the whole wardrobe feel like new!

  • Colette replied 7 years ago

    The blouses are beautiful, I see why they came home with you! And a bonus matching scarf is so fun. Now I must stop in an H&M. 

  • replied 7 years ago

    Just love 3,4 on you.
    With the weather we've been having this blouse with a leather jacket would be perfy right now.

  • jenanded replied 7 years ago

    I love all of these on you!

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