White Jeans Season

With apologies to friends in other parts of the world, we've had a week of fabulous weather here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am grateful for small things.

I don't have a full length mirror and can't get my DSLR set up for photos at the moment, so can't take photos. But I can give you an idea of my outfits via Finds.

Not going anywhere (except for walks). So everything is casual as can be.

Outfit 1: BR wide legs (white); BR gingham shirt; BR cardigan, Ecco sneakers (outside shoes).

Outfit 2: Same jeans, J. Crew western shirt, White Eccos, 

Outfit 3: Same jeans (yep, I got 3 days out of them before wash!); leopard blush sweater, white Ecco sneakers, red cardigan, red scarf.

Outfit 4:  White Gap GF jeans (rolled), LL Bean Mariner, new Sorel sandals (comfy/ springy soles!), butterfly print scarf. 

Outfit 5: Chelsea 28 crops (very old -- now my gardening pants because they are stretchy/ comfy). LL Bean Mariner; Fitflops. 

Nothing special, to be sure. But I love wearing my white jeans again! It's not that I refuse to wear them in winter so much as that they don't feel right with the light. The minute the sun endures a bit longer is the minute I want to wear again. 

I really like the BR wide legs. They might be generously sized but work for me with my long rise. 

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  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Your white jean looks sound wonderful. I am wearing PAIGE white jeans today, but it will be their last wear as they don’t stay up and I can’t wear a belt. The butterfly scarf must be stunning with a striped tee.

  • Firecracker replied 12 months ago

    I love these outfits, Suz. And great minds think alike: I just got a second pair of white jeans and have been wearing mine recently, with the sunny weather. I think part of the reason I don't wear them in winter is that I prefer to wear mine with lighter colored footwear, and in my case, that is my sneakers.

  • MsMaven replied 12 months ago

    I look forward to seeing your jeans outfits. I suspect your photos will give me some good styling ideas.

  • April replied 12 months ago

    Ugh - our pool got opened two days ago and this morning it was 29 degrees here.  Yes, Fahrenheit. 

    But glad to know someone is feeling white jeans, Suz!  

  • Karie replied 12 months ago

    Sounds like you’ve worn some fab outfits this week, Suz!
    We’ve had snow the past two mornings. It’s been gone by 11 a.m., but still ...

  • Teresa replied 12 months ago

    I agree, I keep trying my white jeans in winter but they don't feel right until the sun shines in the PNW, for me anyway.  We're having a glorious stretch of weather, enjoy!

  • Helena replied 12 months ago

    Fab Suz, a beautiful capsule of finds. I can't wait for white jeans weather!!

  • replied 12 months ago

    Glad you are having fabulous weather in the Pacific Northwest. YAY Canada. 

  • Runcarla replied 12 months ago

    You are killing me with the sandals!  I wore wool socks, a puffer, and gloves for my urban ramble.  Wanted to wear white jeans, but it wasn’t happening today.  Squeeze all the juice out of your beautiful weather.  I know it will not be long before we are sharing the joy.

    What I saw.  Old homes that planted a few squill.  100 year later....

  • lisa p replied 12 months ago

    I WANT those sandals . Switching back and forth between the 2 Nordstrom sites is driving me crazy . Anyways - I have my white jeans all ready to go , but waiting for street cleaning to be done and just another , say , 2 weeks before I wear them . It’s absolutely all about the light for me too -and we are just not quite there yet .

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    We need a SUZ SELFIE :)

    Wooohooooo, Suz! Go Team White Jeans! I'm doing a happy dance! I know you wear all of these looks with verve and panache. Simple and stylish. Your palette, and yummy for you. 

    YAY! You got the Sorel sandals! Take pics...

  • shevia replied 12 months ago

    So glad you are having nice weather. It makes a difference. Looking forward to your getting a mirror :) !

  • Bijou replied 12 months ago

    Fabulous combinations, and definitely say winter is over and welcome in spring. Well fitting white jeans always seem to be highly elusive for me. I have only white skinnies that are OK. I love how fresh and polished a great pair of white jeans look. I love your styling inspiration.

  • Cardiff girl replied 12 months ago

    We ve been having great weather here too,makes a difference even in these strange times.lm sure that you looked your usual fabulous self even if casually attired.
    Runcarla ,those squills  are a beautiful sight.

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