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I went for a casual supper with friends from Vancouver tonight. The restaurant has fantastic food and beautiful décor but it is unpretentious, and my friends tend to dress way down . (They are litigators but wear mostly sweats and yoga clothes except when in court.) They are also huge cat lovers. 

My outfit  — less dressy than I'd have chosen if on a date alone with Mr. Suz or out with other friends, but more dressy than these friends ever go --  followed today's formula: wide crops and short jacket. I chose my La Canadienne heeled boots again because they make me feel so grounded but also give an element of swagger. I wore an Equipment silk shirt with a conversational print of Siamese cats in honour of my friends. And my sparkly red scarf. 

You can see the cat in the print more easily in the photo of my watch. :) Although it is very subtle, the cat has blue eyes and the pants have a blue line in the check. 

Excuse the need for pressing on those pants -- I fixed it before we left! :) 

Amazing meal and it was so fun to go out! 

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  • Glory replied 11 months ago

    What fun to go out says it all! I love that you took time to think about wearing your cat shirt because your friends are cat lovers.

  • jussie replied 11 months ago

    Great outfit. I also like the fact that you used a warmer coloured scarf with the cool toned outfit, it punctuates things nicely. And some swagger, from the boots, is of course worth its weight in gold!

  • slim cat replied 11 months ago

    Looks fantastic on you! Silk shirt with cats now on my wish list ;) !

  • Star replied 11 months ago

    You look super cute and stylish.

  • Bijou replied 11 months ago

    Lovely, you had me with the cat shirt! I have this issue with friends who work in very formal jobs, they really want to dress down on the weekend, when I want any excuse to dress up.

  • The Cat replied 11 months ago

    Love it all.

  • suntiger replied 11 months ago

    You had me at cats- and cool color combo! I'm with Bijou- dressing down is no fun!

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    KILLER on trend, and nailed the outfit formula :)

    Suz, you were an early adopter with those gorgeous pants and wear them beautifully! One of my faves on you. Fab to see the moto come out to play - and I remember the amazing cat blouse! Tanya has one too. 

    I love the way you nonchalantly and elegantly drape your scarves. Signature for sure.....

    I'm loving the playful element coming through in your style! Socks, cats, pattern mixing, big pants, big earrings ......all worn with verve and sass.

    SOOOO nice to get out! We are getting out more too. Bet you had fun, and the company loved the cat blouse. 

  • Jenn replied 11 months ago

    You look great! I am often a step above my friends in dressiness too, but I'm glad everyone can choose what makes them most comfortable.

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    You look fabulous!  The pants and short jacket look wonderful together. I see that dressy. Loathes are selling well as people want to get away from the casual stuff they have been wearing.

  • CarolS replied 11 months ago

    Delightful pattern mixing, Suz, and a lovely elevated casual outfit. 

  • Dee replied 11 months ago

    Fab version of the short jacket with wide trousers, and especially love that kitty cat blouse too, I hope they took notice.

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    Thanks, all. Yes, my friends did notice the silk shirt -- it's a wonderful piece that I baby. It has lasted me many years already and I hope to have it many more. I don't wear it more than a few times a year at this juncture (I used to wear it much more often), but I would have a really hard time letting go of it. 

    It's been fun to bring out the leather moto again recently, too -- it didn't get much wear during the pandemic, to say the least. 

    People at this restaurant were all over the map in dress -- from a very dressed up woman on a date (her date was not so dressed up...) to my friends, who literally did wear sweatshirts! Next time I go there I will aim to go with Mr. Suz on a date so I can get a bit more done up! 

  • Lesley replied 11 months ago

    I love this whole look but man, I lurrrve the cat shirt...

  • replied 11 months ago

    I’m prejudiced because of the cats, but I just love this look so much!

  • replied 11 months ago

    Awesome! Wonderful pieces that played well together in a fabulous outfit. Love the blue weaving through :)

  • LJP replied 11 months ago

    Lovely outfit - and I appreciate how the moto is blue rather than the expected black .

  • Runcarla replied 11 months ago

    I’m such a fan of those JCrew pants…

  • Irina replied 11 months ago

    You look wonderful, I love these pants on you! 

  • Helena replied 11 months ago

    Fabulous and I especially love the cat blouse ... you do elegant gamine like no one can Suz!

  • Jaime replied 11 months ago

    I love the blue color of the jacket on you! Beautiful outfit all around, and I hope your friends appreciated your cat motif! Also you are inspiring me to try some bracelets, which I have but never wear.

  • Zaeobi replied 11 months ago

    You'll have to do a masterclass for us all on how you tied your scarf here - so elegantly draped!

  • Cardiff girl replied 11 months ago

    You look fabulous and l hope your friends appreciated you honouring them in your shirt choice!

  • kate replied 11 months ago

    You look great!  Would you share the name of the restaurant?  We visit from Seattle occasionally...and a good restaurant with a diverse dress code sounds perfect..

  • LaPed replied 11 months ago

    Ooh, that silk shirt is too cool! Siamese cats are the snazziest cats. :) 

    Drooling over the colour of your moto as well. What a gorgeous slate-y blue!

  • Suz replied 11 months ago

    I love that moto and really need to wear it more. It's from Massimo Dutti -- also years old but does not date! 

    Zaeobi, I literally threw the scarf on -- no master class needed! Wrapped it around once and maybe (?) looped one end through...It's a very forgiving piece! Tends to drape nicely whatever I do. 

    Kate, the restaurant was Saveur

  • lyn67 replied 10 months ago

    Wow, still love the cats blouse!!! lovely outfit with the blue moto, perfect rendition of Angie's blog! YLF, Suz!

  • Laurie replied 10 months ago

    Ok, the headline grabbed me for sure! This is such a fab outfit. I LOVE that jacket! And, of course, the cat blouse is to die for.
    This is such a great demonstration of the short jacket, wide pants combo - beautiful.

  • Jonesy replied 10 months ago

    I am so late to the game here, but this is such a fantastic outfit, Suz! So chic and so full of personality. Love, love, love the pattern mix, the pants, the blue moto, and the meaningful and gorgeous kitty cat silk shirt :)!

    It's so fun to go out again, isn't it?

  • Minaminu replied 10 months ago

    as a fellow cat lover, I love love love the siamese cat blouse!!!!!  

  • Zaeobi replied 10 months ago

    Ahh, I think that loop at the end is what makes it - I usually either wrap it once around my neck OR do the Euro knot (front loop), but it feels a bit 'uptight' sometimes.

    Combining the two techniques is a good idea - it still looks dressy but relaxed :)

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