WIW: Ever simpler, ever shorter

The title seems to encapsulate my style evolution this summer. I keep going more and more simple. And my hair keeps getting shorter. I have not requested it but my hairdresser seems to have decided on her own.

Sorry for photo quality; these are from the iphone and it is a very grey day here so lighting is not great.

Dress: Land's End. Not wonderful quality but a fun flippy style and very easy to wear.
Shoes: Reiker
Hoop earrings: gift from friend
Ma jong tile bracelet: some fun shop in Vancouver
Bag: Coach, thrifted

So...my question. Has anyone else noticed a style evolution this summer? If so, in what direction are you heading?

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  • Janet replied 8 years ago

    You look so awesome! Short hair really suits you so well.

    My summer style is feeling better than it has in a long while, but it's still my least favorite season to dress for. My rock'n'roll style takes on a bit more preppy or boho edge, depending on the day.

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago


    I'm getting simpler in style too, and it's hard to find pieces that are simple yet edgy/statement-y.

    Your hair is the ultimate statement piece!

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Shorter and simper is the right route for you.


  • replied 8 years ago

    I have a longer version (mid calf) of that dress in black, and I LOVE it! ;)

  • Kirti replied 8 years ago

    I love this dress Suz - the colour and the skirt are fab :)

    My summer style so far has consisted mostly of t shirts and shorts, since I have been home sick. But I have bought more dresses this summer than I have ever worn in my life. I just hope I can wear them while it is still warm!

  • Sylvie replied 8 years ago

    May I say that you have beautifully sculpted arms? Sorry, didn't even notice the clothing.

  • merwoman replied 8 years ago

    What beautiful lines on this dress - and on you! It looks playful and strikes the right balance between dressy and casual. Love your hair - short suits you to a tee.

  • qfbrenda replied 8 years ago


    I don't know if this is a style revolution, but I'm sure wearing dresses more than I have in a long time. They are so comfy for summer I could wear one every day.

  • Jem replied 8 years ago

    That dress is perfect! I love your haircut, too.

  • Laura replied 8 years ago

    Pretty! Is the dress burgundy?

    You are going shorter and I am going longer!

  • shedev replied 8 years ago

    lovely dress, looks great on you.
    lately Ive returned to a more edgy style.

  • K. Period. replied 8 years ago

    Suz, your pieces may be getting simpler, but your style is fantastic. You make simple so intriguing. Every time you post, you look amazing.

  • Gaylene replied 8 years ago

    All these discussions about how big a closet should you have and the need to wear your entire wardrobe have really made me realize I DO have very definite style preferences. I could never articulate it in one or two words, nor in a rubric, nor in a style "category". It was Jayne's "happiness factor" that really clicked in for me (BIG thank you to Jayne!).

    I'm happiest with clothes that don't demand too much from me. I'm happiest with clothes that have an edgy, architectural style. I'm happiest with incorporating only small doses of color and pattern into my outfits (I'm SO NOT a pattern mixer or ALGO). Being able to spend more time on the forum this summer has made me a lot more confident heading into fall. Who would have thought I had a style all along? I just need this group to make me realize it!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    Love this on you Suz - simple and short suits you perfectly!

  • Jamie replied 8 years ago

    Adorable! I love the dress on you and the shorter hair cut. I also love the color of red (is it a dark red?) on you.

    Same thing for me - my hair went even shorter when I got it cut on Saturday. It just feels right, and I'm loving it! As for my clothes, I want simple, but something that makes a statement.

  • Debbie replied 8 years ago

    Love the color of the dress on you. The total outfit from head to toe is perfection.

  • Ruby Tuesday replied 8 years ago

    Ever chicer, ever sleeker. You really do have wonderful style Suz.

    I don't think I have evolved my style this summer, someone neglected to remind the sun of the changing season :-(

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Thank you, everyone! I stepped away to get a pedicure (same colour toes as my dress now!) and look at all the lovely comments.

    Julie, you are a wonderful punster. And I am so sorry about your weather this year. It has been a strange summer in many places, either hotter or colder and wetter. And cold and wet does put a damper on style change. Although I am still hearkening back to that AMAZING faded shorts outfit with white shirt earlier this summer. That was a style icon moment.

    The dress is a dark, wine red. I'm not sure what they call it. It's not really burgundy. Maybe it's claret. Definitely a good range of colours for me, anyway - all the blue-reds work well.

    Gaylene, I couldn't agree more about Jayne's wonderful "happiness quotient" phrase. It has been very helpful for me, too. I don't know if I can articulate as clearly as you just did what raises my happiness quotient, but I've certainly been giving it some thought. Definitely ease; like you, I hate to fuss.

    Laura, your short hair is such a part of the "you" I know that I am really curious to see how it will look longer. It is always nice to have a change, so I understand.

    Merwoman, the dress really does strike an easy balance, and because it's knit, it feels like wearing a Tshirt. I'm not actually wild about the fabrication of it, but I can't deny that it works for summer-into-early-fall.

    Shabbychick - I wish I had your version! I would prefer the dress if it were longer. I wonder if they will make that available in the fall.

    Angie, blushing at the killer rating, and everyone else, thank you for the kind comments on the hair. It has lost some of its cool asymmetry and is more of a traditional pixie, but that's okay.

    And Janet, I really hear you on the difficulties of summer dressing. I miss my jackets so much in the summer.

    Thanks again, all. And oh - if you like the style of this dress I recommend you check out Land's End sale. I got this at a very low price when everyone was ordering the puffer coat six weeks ago or thereabouts. I ordered the petite version, FWIW.

  • Scarlet replied 8 years ago

    That dress is really sweet on you. Love the color!

  • rachylou replied 8 years ago

    You look so amazing!

    I've been moving towards skinny jeans/capris and what are basically culottes. Also, woven blouses with buttons. Mostly on the loose, easy side, but I'm wearing a tailored shirt today.

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    This look is marvelous -- very crisp and polished, yet comfortable and appropriate in many different settings.

    I've definitely struggled with dressing in the midst of an amazingly dry and hot summer, but I did just line up a style rubric for the first time, and I've also now experienced the difference that YLF can make in having a closet that works for me. My rubric:

    Form and Flow (balance of structure and softness/movement
    Energy and Easy (vibrant outfits that are still approachable)

    My style goals:
    More ease -- slouchy pants, Kate Hepburn pants, longer, softer jackets that still have some shape (form) and midis
    Mixing blue and black
    Mastering the best "rise" in pants
    Booties with color and oxfords for shoe wear
    Better quality in pieces that I intend to wear for more than a season or two

    Suz -- you look amazing! Hope this fall helps you fill some more of those wardrobe holes!

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Thanks, Scarlet. I guess you WOULD love the colour (LOL!)

    Rachylou, I would love to see your culottes!

    BethAnn, I noticed your post with your new rubric and the wonderful outfits you created using those guidelines for yourself. It definitely felt as if you'd taken a leap. Also, I love the way you've set out specific goals for yourself, things to try this coming season. I am going to have to copy you with that! Great idea.

  • jayne replied 8 years ago

    Suz you look so sassy and beautiful in the dress...hair! Really wonderful to see you post!

    Hmm, my summer style goal was to actually try to have a style in my summer casual wardrobe and not just fall into whatever I found in the drawer....I kinda went for a boho feel after a comment from Angie that put an outfit in that category. It works. I dressed more consistently, used a boho purse with sass of my own, and really enjoyed my clothes. I also figured out what I didn't enjoy/use by tracking myself. That was just an added bonus though of being aware!

  • MsMary replied 8 years ago

    So fab!! One of the things that makes your outfits look so wonderfully chic and put-together is that you have such amazing posture! You carry yourself like a queen!! And OMG those SHOES!!!

  • nancylee replied 8 years ago

    LOVE your short hair, Suz. And I love it even more super short.

    I think my style this summer has become ever looser and ever simpler....meaning nothing too fitted, no fussy details, and minimal jewelry. It's just too darn hot for any of these!

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Nancy, I've almost stopped wearing jewelry, too. I've worn the same tiny silver stud earrings every single day except for two (today being one of those) and I used to be a real earring girl! I'm surprised I wore the bracelet today, too - it's rare for me these days. And I can't be bothered with necklaces.

    MaryK, if you think my posture is good, it must be. After all, your son is a Marine, so you are an excellent judge! Thank you.

    Jayne, your "happiness quotient" has made us all so much happier. Thank you!

  • RunnerChick replied 8 years ago

    Suz - that is a great haircut. You look amazing, I'm fan of the simple too, and I think you really rock this look.

  • tarzy replied 8 years ago

    This is so fabulous. You seem to have really hit your stride, fashion-wise. You look so happy, too!

  • morethanbeige replied 8 years ago

    However you are evolving, you look fantastic. Your hair is TDF! Simpler and shorter totally suits you!

  • Erica replied 8 years ago

    You look so chic, and I definitely need to find a twin of your bracelet!

  • Zapotee replied 8 years ago

    I am blown away... That haircut....I really like the dress as well.

  • Lisa replied 8 years ago

    The shorter hair is lovely on you! I am finding this summer I adopted a formula I sport to work at least 3 days a week to combat the cold a/c...cardigan+t-shirt+tank top+jeans+closed toe shoe. The layering let's me unpeel when I go outside for lunch or after work but also let's me bundle up easily in the office. And I picked up a core set of cardigans with matching t-shirts for a matchy-matchy look or to mix up the outfit pretty easily by swapping t-shirts. It's worked like a charm all summer.

  • shevia replied 8 years ago

    I just love your hair like that and the side view of the cut is brilliant. I think summer sort of calls for simpler since there is a limit to how many layers or accessories one can tolerate, but your hair is an all season winner.

  • AJ replied 8 years ago

    Both your hair and outfit are LOVELY! That bracelet is so fun!

    I don't think my style has changed at all this spring/summer. I am wearing skirts more than I've ever have, but the overall look is still the same. We'll see what fall has in store for me.

  • glam on the inside replied 8 years ago

    Ooh - Etsy has lots of similar bracelets! You look wonderful, Suz.

  • ButterflyLady replied 8 years ago

    I love your hair, Suz, it suits your face and delicate features so well. That dress is so lovely on you, gorgeous colour and effortlessly simple.

    I definitely feel like dressing in a more ... 'flowy' and slightly hippy-ish way in the summer, particularly casual clothes. As Julie said, though, we haven't really had what you'd call a summer in the UK this year!

  • Jonesy replied 8 years ago

    Just joining in the chorus: You look fabulous! The dress is wonderful--love the cut (you rock a drop-waist!) and the color on you. I can totally see this working well with one of your denim jackets when the weather cools. Your hair is very chic and suits you beautifully. I can't believe now that you had a bob before :).

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