Zara: dresses and skirts up for review

Thanks for your help with the Zara jackets. Now it's time to review a few dresses and a skirt/ top outfit, plus a Massimo Dutti skirt that, uh, had some issues. 

First up, the cotton dress Angie got. Blue and white. It's a beautiful lightweight breezy cut with coverage. I intend to keep unless you see any issues. 

The rest is probably going back, but I'll show and review for those who might be interested. 

First, another cotton dress. I knew the colours would likely be too warm but I do sometimes tire of my endless blue and white palette in summer and wanted to try it. The fabric is very much like the previous dress. It comes with a silly self belt that can be tied in an okay way by doubling it, but I think it would also work with a cognac belt really well. And it can be worn beltless for a loose, waist surrendering look. 

Mr. Suz says it makes me look very pale in person, though I don't think it's too bad in the photos here. All the green in the background maybe amps up the contrast and cools it down a bit in the pic. In any case, I trust him. So back it goes, but it might work for someone else. 

Then, a blue and white shirt dress. This is just like a dress I had in the late 80s! But the self belt is an awful vinyl -- feels so cheap, and while I think it looks quite nice in these photos, in person I was not happy with the slit up the front, or the quality. 

Next, a skirt and top combo. As you can see, the top is too tight. This is one time when I should have listened to the warnings about its fitting small -- the size up is not available any more. What you can't really see too well is that there is a silver metallic thread running through this. It's knit, and the skirt is lined. 

Although this pale grey/ silver can be good for me, I think as an entire outfit it washes me out (despite the metallic glitter in real life). It would be better in a more medium grey with metallic -- pewter, maybe? I also think my cat's claws would make a mess of it really fast. Which is too bad, because the skirt could potentially be a really comfy work-from-home to casual at home glam piece. And quite cross-seasonal. 

You can also see the cute silver ankle strap shoes here. I think I am sending these back as well. They are not leather and while not bad in terms of comfort, considering -- I think I can do better. 

Oh -- and the Massimo Dutti skirt that they mistakenly sent in XL!!!  Nice enough, but not fab, even if it were my size. NEXT

I value any thoughts you may have on all this and I hope the reviews may be helpful to others. 

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  • Angie replied 7 months ago

    Suz, let me be the first to award you a very biased KILLER for our gorgeous navy and white 100% cotton Grecian dress! LOVE it on you!

    I like the earthy dress too! Fun to see you in those colours for a change. It reminds me of your Boden skirt. I like it worn loose and belted. It is not as good as the blue, and I hear Mr. Suz .......

    The two-piece silver grey dress isn't "the one".....but I like the concept for you! #12 has ultra elegant potential. Too bad about those awesome silver shoes :( 

    Goodbye inferior quality striped dress and linen skirt! 

  • Irina replied 7 months ago

    The white and blue dress is perfect!
    I also love the skirt set on you but I love the grey shades, so I’m biased. 

    I think the set is great, can be easily dressed up or down and looks modern. 

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Angie -- you are so right about the resemblance to the Boden skirt! I think it's better kept away from my face, so I can enjoy the skirt and send back the dress. 

    Irina, if I could get the top a size up I might be more tempted to keep this set. It's meant to fit loose, like on the model, but this feels too fitted for my current preferences. 

  • Dee replied 7 months ago

    Yep the blue and white dress is lovely on you -Queen Blue.
    I’m afraid the orange patterned dress kind of overwhelms you though, wise to send it back.
    I too love the idea of nice summer weight blue and white striped dress but sadly if the quality isn’t there, its no fun to wear.
    Oops on that  oversized skirt.
    The 2 piece skirt and top is very elegant, too bad the top is smaller than expected.

  • Vildy replied 7 months ago

    heh  we should all look so "bad" in our clothes. :D

  • LJP replied 7 months ago

    I quite like the orange patterned dress and think it just needs to be shorter . I think you’re safe to pass on the rest , as you’ve already mentioned . I keep seeing those silver shoes on social media and have been tempted but feared the quality was probably not quite there .

  • suntiger replied 7 months ago

    I like the 2 piece silver set especially, maybe the larger size will return? I would have thought the striped dress would be a slam dunk for your style, but if poor quality- next! First dress is a keeper, second isn't bad, but I like the first one more.

  • Jenni NZ replied 7 months ago

    Suz I just adore the silver set on you. Are you sure? You look like a princess in it!
    At least stalk the larger size top?

  • Sal replied 7 months ago

    I think you have made the right calls. Love the blue and white dress -
    Stunning! The earthy and the grey two piece are close but I think you can do better.

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Fascinating the love for the silver set! Well, the medium top has just come in, so I could re-order it. The only issue. is that I think I'd then lose the return window on the skirt, so I will have to debate. The skirt is a piece that might work on its own anyway. 

    Appreciate all the input. I really think the warm-coloured print dress could be a great option for someone warmer-toned in complexion. It's quite versatile in terms of styling possibilities. 

  • Carol replied 7 months ago

    I love that grey Zara set. Great structure. I could see it with a baseball cap at the ballgame, or hanging out at happy hour.

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Ok. I'll order the Zara set with a larger top and see how that works out. The skirt is the right size, so no problem with that. 

  • LJP replied 7 months ago

    I didn't look closely enough at the Zara 2-piece because it seemed so pale but upon second inspection - haha- it really is a nice set !  I quite like it with a high-contrast jacket, as you've shown. Hope the bigger top is the ticket.

  • Suz replied 7 months ago

    Lisa, it IS really pale and I think it does wash me out a bit, and needs contrasting items to work as well as it could -- but I need to take a look with the right sized top just to be sure because I think it could be versatile and useful. I also need to think really hard about the cat destruction quotient on it. But it costs nothing to look at it, so why not. 

  • CarolS replied 7 months ago

    LOVE the blue and white dress, and I think the two piece with the right sized top and right accessories could be amazing! 

  • Christina F. replied 7 months ago

    Dress twins! You should definitely try this one, which you asked me about. If I can get a chance to get pic of it on my trip, I will share. 

  • Glory replied 7 months ago

    You have some lovely items. The first dress is fab on you. I also really like the light knit skirt and top. Hopefully the size up will be great. I think you would get tremendous use out of it.

  • Ginkgo replied 7 months ago

    My favorite is the two piece silver set — doesn’t wash you out at all, you look stunning in it!

  • slim cat replied 7 months ago

    Love all the dresses on you - so good ( wish it would work for me that well ;-)  )! 

  • Olive Green replied 7 months ago

    First dress is truly fab on both you and Angie. The two piece silver/beige is also fab, a scarf or necklace or third piece away from being a very Suz piece. Sleeveless looks good on you. 
    The skirt looks worth reordering in a much smaller size?
    Nodding along to considerations of dressing for animal management. 

  • Tanya replied 7 months ago

    Love the first blue patterned dress on you, that is a no-brainer!  I am also a fan of the silver knit set on you, which is so pretty with your hair.  I am glad you will be trying a size up.

  • Jaime replied 7 months ago

    Love the first dress and agree the striped dress looks excellent in the photos - but I hear you on the quality. Anything silver also looks amazing on you - something to keep in mind!

  • Zaeobi replied 7 months ago

    That first navy & blue dress is a no-brainer! If you get tired of blue & white though, there are lots of other colours I could see you looking great in for warmer weather:
    ~ grass green, like my green Zara dress (it's 'Marilyn' print also comes in sky blue)
    ~ a saturated lilac (frosty purple)
    ~ a nautical red (with straw & stripes!)

    This is why I like to keep extra accent colours up my sleeve for warmer weather, lol :P

    The silver set is interesting - in some lights it looks pale enough to be slightly warm toned! So I'm wondering whether Mr Suz sees something in the orange dress that we can't clock from over the screen...?

    As for kitty claws, I guess you'll have to ask yourself whether the two-piece set would really be worn for something *really* fancy (so you'd put it on & head straight out the door) or whether it would realistically be used more for 'smart casual' situations (like hosting at home, where cat claws lurk) lol :P

  • Minaminu replied 7 months ago

    love the outfit with the perfecto!

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