Wet coast style observations

Hi, all. I've been in my new Vancouver residence for 9 days now and so far, so good! We had gorgeous weather the first week but the rains have now arrived in earnest. Luckily, I've lived here before so am up for that particular fashion challenge. 

So far, my wardrobe has not been much on my mind because I'm dealing with house set up. But yesterday I was downtown and made some mental notes about Vancouver style. 

  • Sneakers reign supreme on all ages. Fashion sneakers or regular. The occasional Blundstone or hiking boot offers a hint of variety. 
  • Athleisure retains its hold here. Also, lots of gear and technical fabrics. 
  • Black, black and white, and denim are the dominant colours. 
  • Lots of Kate Spade and MK bags on the younger women. 
  • Those who don't follow this pattern truly stand out. Yesterday a man dressed entirely in pale blush pink walked past in the rain. Pink Converse, pale pink jeans, pink shirt, pink jacket, pink umbrella. Definitely captured the attention! 
Bonus pics: John Fluevog's witty response to the NY Times. And, my cat has adopted an Elizabethan ruff to prevent him from catching the plentiful birds in our garden. 


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Another mini-capsule.

I'm off on a sad errand, to see my aunt before I leave for the west. She's just been diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer and is in palliative care. 

My travel capsule below....plus my white Wittner sandals. 


1901 in Navy

This is not a keep or return. This is a hem or don't hem. I'm keeping it and am REALLY TEMPTED to order the red as well. Has anyone seen the red in person? True red or tomato? 

Gorgeous fabric. Fits great -- very slightly on the loose side. I did not order petite and that turns out to be a good thing because the waist is in the right place for me in the regular, despite my very slight short-waistedness. 

It could use a press. It came crunched up in a plastic bag. 

Light is poor today and the humidity is intense but I did my best to try a few styling options for summer into fall. 


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Coincidental coordination

I just happen to be wearing a version of today's blog post outfit for my work from home day!

My top is not exactly "cropped" but it is on the shorter side, especially in the front, and swingy. (Very hot and humid here today so I need something cool!) Top on its 3rd season. For those who count, at least 30 wears. ;)  The contrast level is mixed because of the pattern. The dark blue relates to the skirt and the white and light blue offer more contrast. 

My skirt is a below the knee tube skirt, ancient. Well over 100 wears at this point. I am a bit bored of these tube skirts but can't get rid of them because they are such closet essentials for me -- nothing entirely takes their place. (Find is charcoal but my skirt is navy.) 

Flatform Fitflops in a low contrast silver. Because, heat, and I'm home doing chores. 

I wouldn't say the proportions are leg lengthening at all but I think it is JFE, even with my relatively shorter legs and shorter than average calves. I'll probably switch out to my EF sandals when I go out for lunch. A different flatform. 


EF Tilda

Today's blog may be all about lengthening the leg line in flats, but here's another way. Heels! 

I ordered the Tilda in black and it has just arrived. WOW, it is the perfect heel for me. Lovely soft suede. Perfect width in front. Perfect alignment with my rather high arch. Extremely stable heel. Criss cross straps keep it on. 

The chunky heel makes it look a bit retro to my eye. 

It is honestly so comfortable that I am tempted to order it in another colour as well! 

Not styled at all -- just tried them on with what I'm wearing today. Please ignore conspicuous tan lines on feet! :)


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First order arrived. Pics added!

So far, I think I have some keepers. 

1/2. ML dress. Gorgeous drape and swish! A nice weight jersey, easy to wear yet extremely elegant. Lined up top. Very well made for the price point. Angie said TTS but mine seems a little bit on the large side. It might depend on body type modifiers. My regular size fits, but generously. I can't wait to wear this one! Mr. Suz gave it a thumbs up. It reminds me a bit of a similar style floral Betsy Johnson dress he bought me in the 90s, so it's a bit romantic. :)

2. Carie bootie -- fit is a bit long on the foot and as usual it's loose on my right heel, but there is no such thing as footwear that does not flip flop on my heels. With socks there's no risk of blisters. Comfort is excellent for me -- very stable heel and lots of cushioning inside. The fit on my calf is no problem. I might need to add an insole for support. Gorgeous sapphire colour will work with my wardrobe and I love the snip square toe. Do you think the ankle fit looks okay? 

5/6. Kuts -- mine say DONNA. They are higher waisted than my old Dianas -- not an ultra high waist, but mid-high, reaching my navel. VERY stretchy ponte fabric, stretchier and more "legging" like than I ordinarily prefer, and yet still substantial and comfortable and a great fit in my regular size. They will replace my old Kut Mia plaid skinnies which were very low waisted. I'll wear these for work-from-home wear (I kid you not, they are as comfy as PJs!!) and tucked into my tall boots in rainy weather. I think they look better in person -- Mr. Suz was a big fan right away. 

5/6 Zella hoodie -- I sized up for a slightly more oversized, slouchy feel since I will wear primarily as loungewear. It's unbearably itchy in the heat and humidity but will be perfect in cooler temps. Lovely subtle textural knit on the front and lighter weight than my other cashmere lounge sweater. Gorgeous navy.

6/7 Treasure & Bond scarf -- lighter weight silk than last year's Hinge scarf, but still substantial. The pattern is great with my hair. Also, don't you love how the spot on my bathroom mirror makes it look like I've added nose jewellery? ;)

Camisole, bras, undies, smartwool socks-- all replacements for worn-out ones. I use the sale to refresh this capsule every year. Not shown, but all keepers. 

Thanks for looking!


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What I've ordered so far...what I'm still considering

So far, I've ordered a pile of basics (undies and bras) plus a dress, a scarf, a sweater, a pair of pants, and booties. (Finds 1-10)

I am also really interested in a few additional items and debating. (Finds 11 onwards).  I would love (as usual!) to update my jeans. I had to retire a bunch of knitwear and while I know knits are not great this year, I'm open to considering some. I'm also considering Angie's 1901 dress. I will be living in a more temperate climate for at least this coming year and it might be useful. 

I'd also love a great waterproof jacket. I do own a terrific J. Crew waxed cotton field coat (that needs re-waxing) and a water resistant trench and a waterproof bright pink jacket that is definitely showing wear and sometimes feels a bit...mmm. GEAR for everyday wear. I like this Barbour option...but also love, love, love the Ralph Lauren quilted jacket even though it is not waterproof. I would wear that baby into the ground.  

The Blondo booties are there because...waterproof Chelsea boot!!! YEAH!! (I have my wonderful pewter Elodies, which are not waterproof but are very hardy -- but I wore the soles down on those something fierce last year and need to conserve them!) The EF pump is there because....pointy/almond toe, straps but not straight across Mary Jane, covered heel and do-able height (for me) -- stable -- and I do not own a single dressier winter shoe. Only summer ones. 

Would love to hear thoughts from those who have seen these items, reviews, recommendations for those I might have missed. 


NAS considerations

I'm collecting up a storm but have not ordered yet. Basics (as always -- undies/ bras) and some loungewear items are on my list. Other serious contenders (so far)....


Summer outfits

A few WIWs -- some you've seen, some you haven't. Comments and critiques welcome but not required. :)

These date from May and June. Wearing my Boden dresses all the time. I wear Phoebe, Emory, and Eleanor once per week each -- at least. 

11-14 are from a conference in Toronto in mid-June. I stayed at an Airbnb that was owned by a therapist in training. Loved her little puppets. 


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Art Challenge: The Balcony 2

I confess, this one was really easy for me. I'm letting our dresser and floor stand in for the reddish-brown tones here....I like the way the delicate silver sandals and the geometric blue and white pattern echo the whites and blues and also the bridge and balcony. 

Conveniently, this happened to be the only thing I could have made myself wear today. It is very hot -- 33C or something today but felt like 43C with the humidity. Mind you, I am NOT complaining. This winter was so hard on me, and I am glorying in the summer heat, even with no AC. Mind you, I do have some new blisters. No shoes are safe in this weather if you're a dedicated walker. Sigh...

Anyway, this dress is by Comrags, a wonderful Canadian designer. I bought it last year. Very lightweight cotton like a seersucker -- doesn't show the wrinkles and is very cool because it is loose on the body. Sandals are on their third season. Earrings by Nickel and Suede. Artisan bracelet, ring from Iceland. 


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