I've nattered more than once on here about being a bit tired of my skinnies and tube skirts narrow on the bottom fallback silhouette. Yes, I need to wear skinnies in winter when the weather is truly awful. Yes, tube skirts have been a literal godsend to me at times. But a person does get tired of the same old, same old. And while I managed to get one great A-line summer skirt last year and 2 nice lightweight culottes this year, I just retired my two wide leg jeans for reasons of fit/ wear and only own one pair of winter culottes. I was really in the market for new trousers and also very open to updated denim. 

A side note: In the past three very stressful years I've gained about 13 pounds. The good part: I can wear some V-necks! I fill out my tops and bras! I could even consider a wrap if it were the right one!

The bad news...I do need to wear a new size on the bottom. I used to wear a 26 and now I wear a 27 in most jeans. 

Anyway. Here is what I tried, what I bought, and what I'm stalking. 

I tried the Madewell Emmett windowpane pant. I'd say these TTS. They are a super fun pant and I'm tempted to go back for them. You can see them on Angie in one of her posts. Unfortunately we forgot to photograph them on me. They were really comfy. They'd be good for someone whose winter is fairly mild, I think, because they are mainly cotton. I wasn't sure I'd reach for them beyond September in my climate and you have to commit to the pattern on the bottom. 

The VB Gemini crop pants were sold out in any size that would remotely fit me but I tried on a really large size just to get the sense of them. GORGEOUSLY made pant, wool, and lined. Super comfortable. A slim but not tight tapered fit like a classic cigarette pant. Very flattering. I am strongly considering these if I can find my size. The pattern is very adaptable -- you could pair it with many different colours. 

The EF boyfriend jean was a surprising hit. I bought a 2, which means they run large, as is typical for EF. They are high waisted but not overly high. If you bought them in your regular size you'd get a baggy BF fit. They are not too tight on my calves but fall nicely. They have some stretch but still feel substantial. And they have white stitching! That's what made them for me. Combined with the grey cuffs, this detailing works well with my hair.

The Madewell high waist slim wide leg button fly is terrific. I had to go up to a 28 in these -- so if you have curvy thighs, size up! They are a more substantial feeling denim, not very stretchy, with a certain amount of heft to them. They'll be a great winter jean. And I don't even have to hem them! They are a bit longer than the length Angie typically recommends but we experimented with them and actually agreed that they looked best as is. So that was easy!

Wild card for me -- something I would not even have tried without Angie -- the Paige bootcuts. These are amazing! Super stretchy (which I usually hate, but didn't, in this case), very streamlined and extremely comfortable. These are the only jeans we got a photo of -- you can see them hemmed for flats here. They are TTS, 

I really wanted to try the Perfect Vintage Madewell side slit jean. Alas, not available in my size. I will be stalking. 

I also wanted to try a fun pair of Halogen tie waist pants but there were none in anything like my size and on consideration, I'd probably find the belt annoying. So that is that for now. 

Happy to answer any questions if I can. Sorry for the paucity of photos -- we really tried but there is a lot of thinking and talking going on in the fitting room so we got a bit distracted. I will show you styled pics as soon as I can. 


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This one will be very brief because I have almost nothing to say. :) 

I really wasn't in the market for tops or knitwear unless the sale turned out to be an incredible knitwear bonanza. 

That's the emotional part of this process for me. I do go in with ideas about what I don't really need or want, and also ideas about what I'm looking for. But I also play it by ear. Last year I didn't know I was going to buy two dresses, but I did. The sale had some good midi-length dresses and that sort of set the tone. I got dressier booties and shoes to go with the dresses and limited my casual purchases more than usual. 

This year, while I didn't buy any tops, I did try on a few fun items from J. Crew that I may go for later on. The stars t-shirt is adorable. The Breton is a very boxy square cut with dropped shoulders -- it has a distinct 80s feel to it. I really liked it but don't need it immediately and I know J. Crew has good sales of their own. 

Angie also showed me some knit tops she is recommending. Her GORGEOUS peplum (which tempts me but I have to step away because I really don't have a need for this right now). But also, in the cheap and cheerful department, these Halogen ribbed tops, which come in a couple of colourways. They feel like cotton but I think they are actually a blend of some kind. 

She also showed me a few V neck blouse-type items and a few other knits, but I'm afraid I can't offer much insight. I'm sure she will have more to say in her roundup. 


Footwear reviews and observations

Footwear was our last stop. My only real need this year was a pair of casual boots to replace my worn out silver Elodie platform Chelsea boots. I may make one more purchase, but more on that later. 

As with clothing, plaid and animal print were everywhere. Weatherproof and casual boots and booties are great, and the sneaker selection was fabulous. The sale also includes some great sandals and sandal booties for those in warmer climates. 

I tried on just a few pair of boots/ booties and some sneakers. 

The Pikolinos are "stinking cute," as Angie said, and really comfy. Also very lightweight. I was tempted but felt I only needed one of this type of item and I was completely smitten by the Paul Green tartan lace ups.

I've never owned a pair of Paul Greens but have wanted to for a long time. These are pricey for me, even on sale, but are such a fantastic statement item that I couldn't resist They sing to my late 80s/ early 90s retro fashion gene, without any of the weight of the original Docs. AND they zip up the back so no need to fuss with laces. So there is that. They go by a different sizing system (not US and not EU, weirdly) but anyway, I got the smaller of my 2 sizes. 

I also really loved their sister boot -- the moto buckle up -- but honestly, 2 pair would be overkill. 

The SA brought us the gorgeous taupe Aquatalias to try. Angie said some of her clients found them too narrow. I did not -- for me, they were TTS for Aquatalia, which does run narrower than some brands but not too narrow for my average width forefoot and medium volume foot overall. You can see on Angie they are a gorgeous boot. But they wouldn't work for anyone with a wide or higher volume foot. 

For fun I tried the grey Adidas -- I needed my larger size for those because they run short. They are really cute but I didn't really need them. 

The sneakers at the sale are terrific! Especially the Eccos. They are really featuring those this year, with quite a spread and lots of colourways. I am a longtime Ecco loyalist so I am tempted to get another pair -- I am on my second pair of white Ecco 7s and on my second pair of 8s as well. But I can wait for that. They will go on sale in Canada, too. 

Angie also pointed out quite a lot of dressier flats that she likes. They were too flat for me even to contemplate due to my own fussy foot issues so we just sailed by them with a friendly nod and wave. 

Yesterday, I decided against buying any Blondos at the sale because I can get them cheaper in Canada. But I'm tempted to go back (or order) the Elvinas in snake. I have these boots already in black and taupe and both were absolute workhorses for me last year. I don't know for sure if they will stock this fun colourway in Canada and it might be worth my while to buy now. This print would be brilliant with my hair, and I already know the boot is superb on my foot.

Thoughts? (She says, clearly seeking an enabler!)


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Coats and jackets

First up, coats and jackets. I was actively in the market for: 

  • a great pea coat or military coat and/or trench (not black), 
  • a coat to wear with midis in winter, and 
  • a utility-type casual rain resistant coat to replace my beloved J. Crew utility coat. 

I might be able to eke another year or two out of that coat if I get it cleaned and then re-wax it. I'm just not sure, because the canvas is starting to wear. It has been a total workhorse for me. 

I was actively not looking for leather jackets or puffers. 

As for jackets, I was hoping for a fun plaid, not Black Watch (since I have one), and I'm always on the lookout for ways to add red. 

ETA to add fit notes for those curious. 

I really wanted to try the VB Harriet red plaid -- but it is completely gone. For comparison I tried on several sizes of another of her jackets. It wasn't exactly the same cutaway style (the Harriet looks a bit shorter) so it's difficult to say for sure, but anyway, right now in VB, I seemed to be between sizes -- the smaller size felt a bit snug and the larger size looked better but something felt a bit off with the proportions. Probably the stance was too low in that size. 

I will still stalk Harriet to see if I can try it on, and would consider it. It is pricey for me even on sale, but this is the kind of thing I'd wear into the ground if the fit was good, so it's still worth considering if I get a chance. 

The red double breasted coat is beautiful quality for the price and "my" true red. I tried Angie's on -- it was a size too small. Alas! There are none to be had anywhere now in any size. So I will stalk it. Christina asked about fit -- I would say it is fairly straight through the hip but not ridiculously so. 

I took home the water resistant moto detail coat. It's a really good casual item. I loved the hardware on it, and it has a nice cozy faux fur lined hood that is removable. I'm not 100% sure I will keep it, though. I need to try it out with some outfits and consider the wear level of the J. Crew. Might make sense to wait another year. On the other hand, the price is right, and as Angie pointed out, the slippery fabric would repel cat hair. :).  I got the S in this coat. With added weight, these days I'm sometimes XS and sometimes S and this time I needed the S. 

Although I wasn't in the market for puffers, I tried on a few by Bernardo. I tell you, that Rachylou knows her business. Bernardo makes great puffies for a moderately cold or damp/chilly climate. They are not really up to the rigours of Quebec winters, but they are super for more moderate climates or for people who are mainly wearing them in and out of their car. I liked the fit of both the long and short and both colours were sophisticated and flattering. They seem TTS to me. 

Surprisingly, the dark red or mulberry or whatever you call that colour looked good on Angie as well as on me. As did the green. Good hardware and waist fit on those coats. The only complaint I had was that the zippers were not two-way. That is pretty much a deal-breaker for me when it comes to puffer coats. But if it is not an issue for you, and you need a puffer, give these a chance. 

For fun, I also tried on some lightweight coats and long line jackets. The zebra coat was super fun -- almost a "swacket" -- a lightweight item with some stretch, not a true lined coat but something to wear as an indoor topper or on days with a slight fall nip to the air. It looked terrific with my silver hair and I quite liked it. But I didn't think I'd wear it much, plus, as Janet pointed out, the fabric seemed likely to catch and with a cat in the household...

The Summit version was also fun -- not quite as flattering to me as the VC, I think, partly because of the collarless style and partly because the white is "brightening" for my complexion. 

The double face wool Black Watch pattern coat was gone or it would have tempted me. I did try the star pattern coat and it felt like a lot of coat to me -- a bit overwhelming, but the 80s vibe was fun. It's very lightweight -- more for fall than winter (even in my current climate) and not lined. It lacked side entry pockets. For some that might be a bonus but my hands always look for those pockets. Note that many of this year's coats lack side pockets, including the red midi coat I'm stalking. 

The shawl collar blazer is gorgeous for the price and really fun looking, but not my colours with the gold hardware and yellow. It will be stunning on Angie

The Topshop red and white check was adorable on, and fun, but I wasn't completely at home in it, though the fit was very nice. I had to size up 2 to 3 sizes larger than my typical box store size and larger even than my designer size. 

The Madewell oversized denim jacket was really cool, but I didn't feel ready to make the styling commitment. Angie thought it looked good with what I was wearing, but it felt proportionately "off" to me and I figured I would need more time to consider the look. 

The 1 State Windowpane ruched sleeve blazer felt like a winner the second I put it on. There's a bit of stretch to the fabric and for me it seemed like a really easy item to wear. Considering the VB wasn't even available, this seemed to fit the same yen without breaking the bank, and the fit might actually be better for me. 

The wrinkle? I had promised to avoid black items. And this is called "deepest black." Ha! Well, I could be in denial but I swear the black looks more like deep ink! Laid next to black jeans it looked downright blue! Anyway, I took it home. (Shhhhh). ;)

I also tried on and really liked the long line jacket (same company). I needed a larger size in this to accommodate my hips, and while I really liked it, it wasn't quite up to the standard of the jacket on me. So I passed. I might reconsider, though. 

I also really liked but ultimately passed on the little Chanel style bouclé jacket. It looked really good, but I didn't feel I needed it. 

Angie's aviator jacket was so much fun and a great red for me. But it felt a bit too long and narrow through the hip and there was no two-way zip. Plus, I didn't want pleather or leather, so that was out. 

I also tried on a few pleather jackets for fun -- they came in nice cool blush tones and pale blues. But again, I wasn't in the market so they stayed behind. 

To summarize (at last, you're thinking!) I'd say this is a really good sale for mid-range and inexpensive coats and jackets. The higher range stuff was mixed, and some of the best sold out immediately, so I couldn't examine it. The overwhelming themes were plaid, double breasted, colour, animal print, texture. The mood is fun, playful, statement-making. 

Given the sell-out rate of some of these items, I actually wonder if the whole marketing plan for the sale differs from previous years -- there is so much *less* online than I seem to recall and stock in the flagship store at least seemed to sell out very quickly.  But they do re-stock and some items will come back in, so it's worth continuing to look if you are curious. 

Finally -- my non NAS related disappointment -- Angie kindly brought her Hobbs trench for me to try on for size. We determined that I needed a size up from her and I went back to order it immediately. But (sob!) -- no more Saskias in navy with white stitching. And none in my size on the UK site period. I will have to wait for another year. Sigh...


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Shopping with the Pro: Part 1

This is the fun photos post! I'll follow up with some individual reviews of items that I tried and some general sale thoughts in separate posts. Onwards! 

1. Sale mayhem just before my arrival. I had never visited the flagship store. It's much bigger than Vancouver's store (which is also quite large) with much better selection and options. It was busy in store but extremely civilized. Of course it helped that I was travelling with a Queen and supported by her retinue. :)  Seriously, though -- "busy" does not equal Filene's basement madness. Just a lot of shoppers. 

2. The Queen herself -- without shoes. Because I stole her shoes to wear them myself in 3. Trying on jeans. 

4. Selfie fun. 

5. Long Rag & Bone jacket for anyone who wants to see. 

6. Halogen bouclé. 

7. 1 State windowpane jacket. 

8. Our lovely assistant takes a pic.

9. Topshop jacket.

10/11. 1 State longline

Footwear department try-ons -- more information to follow. 

22/23 -- the amazing Annagybe! Check out those shoes...

24. What I got -- or am hoping to get (some items not available, more to follow.) 

Below are Finds of items I tried on/ considered/ looked at and talked about with Angie -- I have more information on all for those who are curious and throughout the day will be writing separate category posts to help shoppers! 


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Dress Challenge: 2 new ones

I ordered from the Rack. I almost never do because returns are a pain where I live, but I thought I'd give a few items a try. 

Here are the dresses. What do you think? 

First up, Angie's (and Jane's) Free People dress, marked down considerably so a real steal. I like it a lot! (She says that like she's surprised when it was an Angie recommendation. Duh!!) It needs a good steam out of the bag but I think the fit is right and It seems easy to wear. Do you like? 

Next, a Lafayette dress in linen and cotton. This one was on major mark-down. A more expensive dress to begin with, so more expensive than the Free People on sale as well, but we are talking quality. 

Is it too "ticking stripe" do you think? I actually like ticking stripe, but you know what I am saying. The quality and fit are gorgeous, I have to say. Beautiful fabric and finishing. 

It's quite long on me, though, so really needs a bit of a heel. And maybe too "work-like" for someone who works from home? 

(I make it sound as if I don't like this dress, but actually, I really do.) 

If I keep, these will replace a Topshop dress and one of my worn out Boden dresses. 


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The Return Cycle. Plus a couple of keeps.

The good news: I only added 2 new items to my wardrobe vs. a possible 8. Mr. Suz can take back his words about "more clothes???" and my bank account will leave me more for the NAS. 

The bad I have to take it all back and I don't have the PJs I sorely need

Showing try on photos and some reviews: 

The shimmering plaid midi is a lot of fun and a really nice skirt. The pleats stay flat, unlike many of these skirts, so I thought it was worth a try. The colours are a blend of some cools and dominant warm tones  out of my usual range, so I thought it might make a fun semi-wild card. Fit is great. Comfort level high. It needs a steaming out of the bag, but I get the sense it would travel very well and dress up or down. 

But...I just don't love it enough to keep. I have my new cropped wide leg pants and culottes, plus last year's Liberty skirt, and possibly a few new dresses (if those work out). So I think it's going back, along with the tee. 

I love the white sleeveless shirt but it's a size too small. This type of shirt used to be my go-to in the 90s and I would love an update! But I think it's all gone in my size now. Oh well. 

I'm keeping the funny little denim shell. It's trapeze style with a tie at the back -- those kinds of things usually feel too fussy for me, but this one seems okay. It's super cool (temperature-wise) due to the cut and can be worn tucked or untucked. I think it will be a useful casual item. 

Also keeping the Collection silk shirt -- 3 of my best colours in one silk shirt, on substantial sale = no brainer. 

The PJs -- this was a case where reviews were right. The fit is just plain odd! Too bad, because the quality is nice and I need these!

The jeans. Well...I'm not crazy about them on me. They're good quality. The seamed wide legs are nice thick denim. Fit is pretty good -- maybe a tad snug. They'd need to be hemmed (no surprise.) But I'm just not crazy about them.

As for the straights, I feel the same. Fit is fine, quality fine, and the side stripe is really fun. But I don't want the distressing.

TBH, my glory days of denim were the slouchy skinny or slim BF. That's the denim silhouette I still love best, and feel I look my best in -- though I'd like it in a higher rise than of yore. Will be keeping my eyes open for that holy grail and sending these ones back. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for a slim BF with a higher rise -- I'm all ears. 



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Knotted top w. flared skirt

Here's my version of today's outfit! I took a very old boat neck J. Crew linen tee and knotted it at the waist. Pulled on my skirt. C'est tout!

Easy outfit formula. We're going for Japanese food with friends this evening so it should work. 

These J. Crew tees date from my first year on YLF. They are a fluid fit, not as current now as back then, but cool, and knotting them brings them into "current" territory. 


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Oops! Someone went shopping...

Well well well. Just a few fine weeks ago, I wrote a review post.  I listed the (few) items I'd purchased (apart from gear) and reviewed successes and failures.

Then--ooops! I went shopping! Frustration at my summer dress situation and closet boredom hit -- and the results represent a distinct interference with at least one of my stated start-of-year goals, below. (Hangs head in embarrassment..)

In my defence, I haven't even received most of this stuff yet, so I may be making a lot of returns. But really. Right before NAS, too. What was I thinking?

Even if I keep all of this, I'm not over budget (because most of this was on significant sale) and I retired 16 items due to wear, fit, or other issues, but did I really need more stuff? Debatable.

Anyway. In Finds I show what's still on order for consideration, excepting a couple of much needed pairs of summer PJs.

Now let's look at my stated goals.

1. Continue to wear outfits that are: Modern, Classic, Vivid, Practical, and Playful.

I think I'm doing quite well with this. Some of my summer outfits feel softer (with the addition of olive and pale lilac wide crops) but the silver footwear and jewellery amps those up.

2. Spend time reflecting on how I can reconcile my “trendy” style persona with my ethical aspirations. Shopping for statement items (and even some essentials) via consignment is one way; patronizing local and/or ethically conscious designers for essentials is another. But what about wardrobe churn? I plan to set aside a weekend just to research, and another weekend to reflect on it and make some plans.

Ummmm. Not yet. Need to set aside that time.

In the meantime, I will continue my more-or-less intuitive style of shopping — editing out what’s worn or doesn’t fit or doesn’t please me and adding as I see fit, just observing my patterns without judgement.

Have been doing the intuitive shopping thing (obviously!) but need to think about how and whether it is working.

3. Revisit the idea of a work-from-home “uniform” that does not include jeans-- given my recent worn out pair! Looking at these Everlane pants (in Finds) - anyone know them?

Still shopping for and buying jeans. ;)  

4. Revamp/upgrade my gear. I got out of the habit of regular workouts for most of the year and want to inspire myself to get. back into them.

I did this in January during sales. Very helpful.

6. Have fun with fashion!! Continue to check out Vancouver's fab consignment stores. Play with colour (esp. RED) and generally have a good time.

My luck at consignment this season was nil. I did frequent the stores but found nothing I wanted or needed. I do keep my eye out for red everywhere, and I have been having some fun. :)


You say palazzo, I say pizazzo...

Dear YLF, I'm not sure if these count as palazzo pants, but surely they are close. 

Outfit 1 includes the Zara linen pants in Angie's roundup. I adore them. Easiest things in the world to put on and for me, the sagey olive is a bit of a wild card. 

I actually wore them twice on my long conference weekend. Once as here, on Thursday night, and once as you've seen them before, with the Aritzia top and a different scarf and my denim jacket. It was (as usual!) FREEZING in the workshop/panel rooms. Brrrr. Scarves to the rescue. 

I also wore these pale lilac "culottes" which seem to have a bit of a palazzo vibe, though maybe the length is wrong.  I promise I don't always wear this top from J. Crew, but I do have to admit it's incredibly useful to me. Lightweight cotton, not see-through, pretty pattern. 


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