Butt-vest, Size S: Taken!

In a winter fashion rut? 

This magical article of clothing has the power to completely transform your closet. Made in the sweatshops of Shenzhen, it’s warm enough for a Winnipeg winter. With its soft fabrication, faux-lether panel, and gold zipper, it can make you look cute, juvenile, edgy, fierce, relaxed, sporty, sloppy, slouchy, or sk8ter gurl — take your pick! From a “little girl wearing pants under her skirt” to a seasoned professional of the night, ready to walk the streets (just add heels) — it’s your choice!  

So, whether you’re aiming for a look that is “unlike yourself” or utterly “you” — it’s all in the styling and your inherent qualities. In fact, this item magically transforms itself from “extra layer” to “micro mini skirt” depending on the person wearing it — completely irrespective of styling! 

It’s not just a piece of clothing — it’s a rock-solid, research-based INNER STYLE DETECTOR. 

The best part about this butt vest is that it is guaranteed to start a firestorm of discussion and debate on our favourite fashion forum! Wear it, and join your friends in a happy analysis of whether it works for you. Or not. 

Unworn, tags still on, only tried on. 
Originally $65 US (which means $80 CAN) — any price will be considered! 


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