Outfit Lab: shirt & shell. ETA changed!

We are enjoying unusually warm temperatures here so I thought today might be a good day to experiment with the roomy shirt and shell combo. 

But I don't think it is working particularly well here. 

For reference, I'm wearing an older cotton cable knit shell from Winner's. It's not exactly "boxy" but it is not super fitted, either. I'd call it relatively fluid fit. 

Underneath I am trying my Pleione mixed media top (one of my NAS shopping mistakes, but we will get to that in another post). On me, this is a very roomy top. But it is fluid so it drapes. 

I'm also wearing my Ann Taylor leopard print pants, which I pulled out of the donate bin. These pants (bought, stupidly, in petite) are an extremely annoying neither here-nor-there length. I had them let down to the last possible fraction of a cm. but they are still too short for regular length. And now they're not real "ankle" pants, either. I keep wanting to get rid of them but I absolutely love them at this time of year for comfort and the fun pattern. So I end up wearing them each fall and then putting them away. 

Note: the outfit is not uncomfortable at all. I'm not tugging, pulling, or otherwise feeling fussy about it; it's more the proportions and visual look I wonder about. 

Onwards to the analysis. 

First with the vest at regular length. 

Next with vest cropped a bit -- this I achieved simply by rolling the welt under. 

Next with pants rolled a bit. 

Next with pointed bronze Donald Pliner booties instead of the almond toe Munros. I could also use my black booties or my ink blue Zaras (though those ones need a trip to the cobbler). 

Next with oxfords. 

I dunno. Scratching my head about this one. Does my eye just need to adjust or do I have to do something different here? Is the vest not boxy enough? 

ETA: So, now it's warming up even more and for comfort, I'm actually wearing #6!  May add my Kenneth Cole cardigan (AKA my other NAS mistake) later this evening when it cools down. But for now, sleeveless is fine...) 

It interests me how I revert to my uniform of the semi tuck and pants whenever in doubt...


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WIW: Because great minds...and all that


My jeans may not be boyfriends, but I am wearing them rolled, BF style -- and they are Kut from the Kloth. (Angie is spot on about the quality of the denim.) Plus, they are white.

My shirt may not be plaid, but it is checked. 

My booties may not be stunningly gorgeous Prada chelsea boots (be still, my beating heart!!!) but they are super comfy plush and the dark red of the season. 

This is my early fall uniform, too. And it is what I wore yesterday! 

And beside it, today's variation. 



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WIW: To and after the memorial service

Today we went to a memorial service for a colleague of my husband's. The weather is disgusting -- 12 degrees (brrrrr!) and pouring rain. And oh -- guess what your over-eager editor did a few weeks ago? That's right, she "retired" her one and only LBD. True, it was looking old and exhausted. True, the fit had never been very good to begin with. (It was a donation from a friend, not a purchase.) But but but...who knew there'd be a memorial to go to this week? 

It was a sad and sudden death. DH is feeling very blue. :(  

I hope the outfit I wore was sober and serious enough not to offend. First outing of the Trouvé blazer. 

When I got home I immediately went for colour and some added warmth. The scarf is the famous MaryK "magic" scarf. You may not see it here but in addition to orange, it even has tomato red in the mix! 

This poor scarf is torn, wrinkled, ravelled, and has definitely seen better days. But I can't give it up because it is just so useful! 

I didn't actually wear #4, but will when it gets even colder here. :) 

ETA: If Tanya feels like an errant student for being one day late with her ensemble, imagine how much trouble I'm going to get into for submitting a full two weeks after the date! ;) 


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WIW: Parsley made me do it

Okay. I can't really blame her. The sweater was already in my shopping cart. But when I saw Parsley model it with white jeans after Labour Day, I knew it had to be mine. The sale arrived. Complete with free shipping. I pounced. What can I say? Dark red and I go way, way back to some of my very favourite childhood outfits. And anyway, I returned that cashmere cocoon cardigan....

Here's my shameless copy. 

Meeting my poetry group tonight .The weather turned just today. And it's supposed to go down to 7 tonight! I'll be walking, so just in case, I also brought along a dark red, white, and light blue scarf that I happen to own. In tartan!! 

In light of the fashionable footwear thoughts today, do you think the Report booties date this too much? They are SOOOO comfy. But they have a pretty short season in my world -- late spring and early fall, really. When it's warm enough not to wear hose/ socks tights but not too warm for jeans. 


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Which kind of boot....ETA update

Or, is the question moot....

(Sveta tells me that 6 pm won't take a Canadian credit card, so some of what ensues may be quite beside the point...)

I'm in need of a short, easy on, easy off boot or bootie for very casual days and inclement weather. I'm looking for the type of thing you just pull on at the door if you need to run your kid out to her lesson or dash to the corner store for something. The type you wear if it's a grey, damp weekend and you're going for a pub lunch followed by a walk in the park that might involve traversing some sidewalk and some gravel and some grass. 

I used to wear Blundstone chisel toes for this purpose. But my daughter absconded with them!! :) 

And in fact, they were always a bit wide for me and loose. I have problems fitting UK or AU sizes of shoes as a rule and seem to do a bit better with EU or NA footwear. 

My Aquatalia Sweeties (in Finds) will fill some of this role, for sure. But, knowing me, there will be times when I want something easier or perhaps shorter, or maybe  more casual -- something. (Not sure exactly what I'm trying to articulate here, LOL.)

I've been looking at a couple of possibilities at 6 pm. (I may not be able to order from 6 pm, but let's consider these in the abstract anyway.) 

Option A: Sara from la Canadienne. Viva has these. They come in leather or suede. Waterproof. I wear la Canadiennes well -- the last is good for me. High quality. And I love, love, love Chelsea boots. Beyond all measure love them. They're right up there with my absolute favourite clothing items of all time. In other words, these would become an instant wardrobe workhorse. 

Possible cons: I already have a refined chelsea boot -- my Stuart Weitzmans. (Sorry, no Find as I cannot "find" it online any more -- it is Pic 1.) Which would mean that I'd be splitting wears.

True, the la Canadiennes are not as refined....and the SW's are not weatherproof...but they are awfully similar. And...black. And...are these too refined and dressy to do the job I want? 

Option B: Haley . Similar advantages, with the addition of being available in a nice "moka." I've seen this colour and it's a greyish dark brown, cool toned. Also, the brogue detailing is kind of fun. 

Cons: Maybe a bit too rugged for me...but it is casual and that is what I want, after all.  

Option C: Helen. I don't have a combat style boot, the colour would be great for me, it does zip up the side, and it's adjustable with the laces. Might be a fun styling option for me. 

Cons: The zip might make it feel a lot less simple and easy than I want. Yeah, I know, it's no big deal. And yet, when you are rushing out the door...Meanwhile, I have tried on lots of combat style boots in the past and always ended up putting them back (except the Doc Marcies which were more like Victorian lady boots). Why? They felt obscurely too "rugged" or "hard edge" for me. However, none of those boots were taupey brown. All were black or charcoal. 

Assuming I could even try any of these, do you have thoughts about which might be best -- or any better ideas or leads? 

Thank you! 

ETA: I stopped by my local seller to try the Blundstones. Sure enough, the size I used to wear is far too big even with an insole. And the SA informed me the only thing I could do would be to move to a kids' size because nothing was available in women's in smaller. They had the kids' boots that Lisap mentioned in stock. But not in my size. I tried them and they were too small. She informed me I needed a half size up and it could be ordered. 

So I came back to look online and it seems the SA at my local store was wrong. In fact, there is no half size up in the kids' version. (I'm sized out). However, there IS a 3.5 in the chisel toe. So now I'm considering whether or not to order. At least I know my true size. 


J. Crew Schoolboy query: ETA decision made - not ordering now

I had wanted the Smythe houndstooth jacket at NAS. It wasn't (then) available in my size. It has since come back into stock in my size but at full price. Which I'm hesitant to lay out, especially with addition of taxes, duties, etc. 

I'm hoping to find a patterned jacket this autumn, and houndstooth is a huge favourite and deep love of mine. 

Would this jacket worth a try? I know the fit is pretty good on me, or at least it was in the older version; admittedly, I have not tried on this year's model. 

Free shipping today and 30% off are tempting. Plus, no more Austerity August....

OTOH, I could also wait to see if Zara comes up with something fun a little later on. I always know I can get a decent fit there and the price is right for fast fashion. 

This is more of a mid-ranged piece that I would hope to have more closet durability than a Zara piece.