WIW: Mirroring Karie Mirroring Blair

Yesterday Karie posted this fabulous look: 


My socks almost fell off. (And yes, I was wearing socks; it is still very cold here!) 

Because guess what I was wearing? Exhibit A and B, below! 

I had never seen Blair's outfit.

By the way, this qualifies as fitted over slouchy. :)

I'm wearing Denise's plaid pants for the THIRD time in less than a week...go Team Wear!! 

Shirt: Halogen
Sweater: Theory
Belt: Fossil
Pants: Hinge
ALMOND TOE Booties: Stuart Weitzman (Go Team Pointy Toe!)
Socks: Smartwool
Bag: Danier
Coat: Hilary Radley New York
Specs: Bevel 

Is there anything I am forgetting? Oh, yeah. Smile: Somewhat forced due to a very tough week. :(


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WIW Ankle bone length pants + boxy over boxy

So...these jeans are my J. Crew toothpicks. I sized up for a bit of slouch. They are supposed to be ankle length -- on the models they hit way above the ankle. But on me, they hit and just cover the ankle bone. This footwear is a bit of a problem with them -- they want to catch where the neoprene ends on these Zara booties. Otherwise, I really don't mind them at this length. They work a bit more easily with my other booties and I also wear them with a pair of leopard wedge heeled pumps sometimes (in different weather).  In that case I guess I am bending Angie's guideline because the pumps are not toned to the pants. But the dark spots in the leopard refer to the pants and the lighter background complements my hair, so (to my eye) that seems to work. I like them less with some of my other footwear like sandals, white sneakers, etc. 

Also trying boxy over boxy again. This is a very natural feeling trend for me. I am wearing the Amber Sun colour block "sweater" (waving at Thistle, who will snort with me on that one) along with a Brooks Brothers shirt that ClearlyClaire sent me. 

How do I love this shirt? Let me count the ways. It is not a super crisp fabrication, but softer, a sort of brushed herringbone. It is looser in fit than my other Brooks Brothers shirt. It is soft white vs. optic white. I can see why Claire may have given it up -- it would probably feel too warm in the Arizona climate a lot of the year, and for me it is definitely a fall/ winter shirt. But Claire, if you are reading, thank you again -- it has become a quiet wardrobe staple, always there when I need it. 


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WIW: Boxy shirt under boxy sweater + plaid -- thanks to CocoLion & Angie

This outfit is inspired by Angie, made possible by CocoLion. When Denise offered to send me these Hinge plaid pants, I jumped at the chance. They arrived late yesterday and I couldn't wait to put them on! They fit perfectly, with lots of slouch, yet I can just keep them up without a belt. Denise and I are pretty much the same height, so the length is spot on, also. And on a miserable, hideous raining, sleeting day when I have to give a reading of my work plus Q&A via videoconference, they are comfortable, fun, and an incredibly fresh boost to my winter wardrobe. 

But what to wear on top? 

Bingo! Angie's blog post answered. Here's my outfit. I tucked the tails of this shirt in because I didn't like the proportion/ drape with them out. 

Thank you Denise and Angie! (And also Rae, for spotting the kitty blouse, and Claudia, for helping me get it. Best impulse purchase of last year.) 

Leather sleeved denim jacket: Lucky Brand
Sweater: Zara
Shirt: Equipment
Pants: Hinge
Shoes: Zara

ETA: Update. At lunch I got salad oil on my sweater. Boo! Fortunately it will wash out. Here is the updated version with my BR sequinned sweatshirt. 


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WIW to match the landscape

The other day I went for a walk. #1 is what I saw.

#2 is what I wore the next day to mimic the landscape. Um...at least while I was indoors. Couldn't wear the jeans out on my walk that day, alas, and had to change, or risk making myself a complete mess. 

But the photo shows how fitting pastels in winter are -- at least in my part of the world. We tend to dress in darks in winter -- and obviously, there are practical reasons for that. But really, it can be very refreshing to mimic what we see. And the practice calls us to attention in a good way. I may -- and I do -- complain sometimes that winter is dull and grey. And sometimes, it truly is --- but obviously, at least on some afternoons, it is not!! 

This outfit is really just a version of #3, which was in turn an attempt at #4, Angie's classics and pastels ensemble. :)

I was much taken with Ornella's series of landscape dressing posts a while back. Thanks for the inspiration, Ornella -- and Mother Nature! 


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K/E/R: Collection cashmere (speaking of navy & grey & oversized...)

Okay, I need your help on this one. 

Along with my other J. Crew items came this sweater. I sized up because when I ordered a Tippi in my regular size I had to send it back -- it wasn't fluid enough for my taste. 

This one, however, is cut the opposite way. I should have known. 

When I first put it on, I thought: No way. It's definitely tent-like. But wow, is it comfy. The sleeves are actually the right length, which is quite unusual. 

I got it for an amazing price, less than half of what it says on the website now. The quality is stunning. The kind you don't (or I don't) often see nowadays. And certainly not at this price point. 

What I need to know is, should I return, exchange, or keep? I have to pay return postage by the way, to exchange or return. And there are none left in this colour in a smaller size. There's a lighter grey with citron, and a sort of pinky brownish colour they call "acorn" -- not sure how that would look on me. I think it skews too warm. 

1: Front with legging jeans & boots -- the easy styling.
2. Tent-like side view. 
3. VOLUME!!!
4-5: with denim skirt, reprise of an earlier outfit.  
6: another styling with black skinnies and booties.
7-8: Trying volume on volume on for size. 

9: Added back view for reference.

Note: I do not at all mind surrendering the waist. Showing my shape is not a real priority for me. 

I would love your considered thoughts on this. Thank you! 


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WI(will)W: Here, kitty, kitty...and column of white

When Diana alerted me to this silk blouse from J. Crew I hit the buy button just before they ran out. Apparently it's popular. (But they have re-stocked). 

How could I resist? Last year's Equipment kitty print shirt is one of my favourite items. I don't wear it very often in our current weather conditions, but I love it. 

And this one is blue and white, and more abstract, and a different style. It's also (as it turns out) a slightly lighter weight silk. I love that the print is not easily identifiable. It's a popover style that could also be worn tucked or semi-tucked. It works with white and with some of my blue denims and should also work with shorts or my VC navy tube skirt. It's not truly styled here - just thrown on with my white jeans to show it. 

While I was on the J. Crew site I also ordered this V neck superfine merino sweater on super sale. I avoid V necks as a rule because while I love them and think they suit my angular face shape, hairstyle, and shoulder line, they don't do my neck/ chest area any favours when worn bare -- especially wide ones like this. But layered with a tee, cami, or with a button front shirt, I think this will work well for me. The quality and colour are superb. It's very lightweight, so a spring and summer sweater -- not warm enough for now.  

Thanks, Diana, for the heads up -- and so excited to be K. Can Period's shirt twin! 


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WIW and What I bought: HEWI, Mixed Media, and (shhhh) BLACK

Finally managed to cross the border to pick up my packages today. Would you believe I ordered this stuff on December 31 when Angie suggested we refresh our knitwear -- and couldn't go (on account of weather, work, or both) until just now. 

I ended up sending back a lot of what I had ordered. It just didn't appeal to me any more and/ or the fit was not great. That's okay. Money in the bank for spring! :)

Here's what I wore, and what I kept. 

1-2: the cross border shopping outfit. Complete with puffer. On a sunny day like today, I love this colour. On a cloudy day, I think I need a brighter one. Next year's purchase!

Wearing my Kut plaid pants, a Theory merino t-neck (it is NAVY) layered over a knit top, Fossil belt, La Canadienne boots, and Lole puffer. 

3.  HEWI: taupe jeans!! I found these on ebay for a great low price. My first ebay purchase. Citizens of Humanity Racers in Nomad. I love this cut -- it is skinny but not calf sucking and full length on me. The fabric is 98% cotton and 2% elastane -- it's a very comfortable mix that feels like real denim. Not too thin and stretchy. 

4-8 Pure Amici colourblock (neutral-block?) cashmere sweater. It's a copy of the Vince one from last year, I guess. Love this. Nice relaxed boxy fit with a hi-low hem - longer in back, and the trendy extra-long sleeve. It will replace my too-itchy oversize GAP sweater. I am sure I will be wearing it here for at least another 5 or 6 weeks. 

7-9 Lucky mixed media Sabrina jacket with leather sleeves. I admired Angie's mixed media jacket so much that when I saw this at an excellent price, last one in my size at the Rack, I jumped. I really love the leather sleeves - the length is perfect, the leather is incredibly soft, and it's easy to scrunch. It's a bit longer than my other denim jacket, and a darker wash, so I feel justified in the purchase. 

I'm not sure about the buttons or rather snaps. Mr. Suz found them a bit "fussy." They are a coppery bronze hue. I'm wondering if it might make sense to try Karymk's trick with a Sharpie on them. Thoughts? 


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What style of bag looks good with a puffer coat?

Thistle's bag post this morning raised a question for me. 

In this miserable winter (there's a blizzard out my window...AGAIN...as I write...) I have hardly worn my wool coats at all. The last time I got to wear my red wool coat was December. It's been my grey puffer coat Every. Single. Day. Along with some grey Kamik snow boots. 

I'd hoped to purchase a new bag this fall, and I did get one -- a light taupe Tiganello shopper. It's okay. I don't hate it. But it hardly sets my world on fire with its beauty. It was available, practical, a good neutral for me and the right size in a good price. So I snapped it up, hoping I'd find something more inspiring later on. 

That hasn't happened. Meanwhile, the light taupe looks sort of awful with my puffer coat (which is blue-grey) and isn't all the easy to carry with the coat, either. 

But when I stop to think about it, I don't even know what kind of bag DOES look good with a  puffer coat. Do you? What do you think works with what is basically a big knee-length parka?