Need a wardrobe reset!

I would love some assistance and thoughts and I'm going to pack two problems into one post. 

First, I've just done my spring closet edit. I'd actually have liked to have removed more than I did, but I began to worry that I was getting rid of things I might need. This isn't my entire spring wardrobe -- I have a few items that should be in custom finds but are not. I have a faded denim jacket, a navy tube skirt, a casual navy sleeveless knit shift dress, a Kamalikulture jersey sheath, a few more tops, and a bag or two. But this is pretty much it. 

Some of these items are spring only (so I will use for the next month or so) and some are summer only. Right now, I'm feeling as if I have a hodge-podge of stuff that makes very few interesting outfits.

I do have some crossover items which are in the main wardrobe as well:

I need a wardrobe refresh/ reset, but I am not sure where to begin! (Apart from footwear, which is a definite need -- I had to let go of 5 pairs of worn out summer shoes, so need to replace at least a few of these.) I feel as if I need a conceptual direction or something to guide my shopping and thinking. 

Meanwhile, this weekend I have to co-facilitate a conference in the city. I am moderating a panel and need to look professional. My fallback is always my navy blazer so I will wear that, no doubt. But I can't wear it for the whole weekend. :)  And I need to partner it with something. 

And, just to complicate matters, I go directly from this conference to Vancouver for several weeks. So I will need to pack, and I don't know what I should bring! I will be mostly casual on that part of the trip but I will have a few "date night" events -- nice restaurants, probably. 

The good news is that I will have lots of time for big-city shopping while I am there. I intend to bring my larger suitcase and shop. :)