Another packing post

In the keeping it real tradition.... WIW for the last two weeks. 

I'm just back from a 10 day working retreat at a friend's oceanside cabin. Preceded by two days in Vancouver visiting friends. Activities included sitting on my bum writing or trying to write. reading, hiking in the woods, and swimming. Visits with friends included at-home suppers, watching butoh dancers on the beach, listening to the tail end of the folk fest. And more hiking and swimming. 

In other words, this was super-casual. 

No outfit pics because no mirrors. But I will say, I wore every item I brought (most more than once), I did hand laundry for undies and a stained top. It rained for a day and a half, so I did need the raincoat. I also had sun hat and sunnies, of course! 

I wish I had photos of the hummingbird on the branches of the old apple tree, the eagle snatching a fish from the waves, and the flicker who came up on the porch with me and initiated quite a conversation from less than a foot away. 


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WIW to crash

On Wednesday afternoon, I was on my way to meet JenniNZ when an SUV collided with me on my bike. 

Actually, that makes it sound like it was the driver's fault. It wasn't, or not entirely. If there was a fault, it was on both our parts, but honestly, I think it was down to road design more than anything. The street I was turning onto is extremely narrow— one lane—shared by vehicles going both ways and parked as well as bikes and pedestrians, and has low visibility due to a hill, lots of vegetation, and curves. 

I won't show the photo I took immediately after the accident lest I traumatize anyone, but I am not exaggerating when I say there were tire tracks (his) all the way up my arm and on my face.  It was that close. Or, rather, I guess I should say -- I got hit -- but luckily neither of us was going fast on such a quiet residential street and  he had braked and so had I, so the force of impact was as low as it could be, considering he was driving a massive vehicle. 

I fell hard on one arm and have some nerve damage in my right hand. On my left side, where his car hit me, I have a punctured lung but it is healing. I have some ugly bruises. And I bit hard on my mouth so I had to have stitches there. I have a fat lip and some light scrapes that will not scar. 

No broken bones, no concussion (I didn't hit my head), no internal injuries (beyond the lung), and -- believe it or not! -- my bike is actually ok! Not only that -- so are my clothes! My shoes got two very tiny marks that I washed off. My shorts didn't even get dirty when I fell. (How?? White shorts!!)  My top probably had some marks on it, but they didn't really show on the navy and they washed right out. 

The driver stayed at the scene and made sure I was okay. He even came to my home to check on me the next day. The doctors at the hospital could not have been kinder or more thorough. 

I was sad to miss Jenni but I am very grateful to be alive. I even managed a walk this evening.  :) 


Surprise set?

I am not sure if this qualifies as a "cute colour combo" but it reminded me a bit of the last outfit in that series that uses the same pattern for suit and top, except in different colours. Although here, I'm not playing with colour, the idea is related. I'm picking up part of the (rather busy, colourful, and already very mixed) pattern and repeating. 

This is an unmatched, surprise set. I was putting away this just-laundered Sandwich top when I noticed that it essentially echoes the white-teardrops-on-navy portion of the pattern that appears in my Boden pleated skirt. Could it create a kind of "matched" set? Bingo! 

An irony -- I bought this very-much-on-sale top as a way of getting free delivery when I ordered a skirt and another top from Sandwich earlier this year. Unlike the skirt (which I haven't even worn yet!) it has already proved itself a workhorse, just as its similar, sister top did last year. (Same general style, except the other top has a straight, not bloused hem, and is a different fabric -- woven vs. knit.) 

As usual, my apologies for the lighting...I do my best. 


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Drape and flow lite

I wore a version of #4 in today's blog post yesterday; and I'm wearing another version today (no pic, but skirt with cropped BR top).

The top in yesterday's outfit (very old, J.Crew) does not have the same degree of volume as in the example but I have left it untucked and loose in back and blousoned in front. Wore this for a Zoom presentation. 

Earlier this week, I wore yet another version with high-volume cropped  jacket for a lunch date. 

And yep, you read that right -- I've already worn the navy asymmetrical skirt THREE TIMES.  In one week. Yes, this fully illustrates my love for my newer items. But also --  this is the workhorse I did not know I needed. It's like an updated tube skirt. Casual (or dressy, as needs be!), easy, can curl up in it, has that little extra because of its shape. 


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Zippered tweed and wide legs

On my way to Vancouver for a few days. Wearing my version of today’s formula with zippered tweed, not as cropped as the example but fitted, and full length wide legs.

These are cropped on the model. ;)

On me they are longer than the new full length! But not truly floor sweeping. Still, too long for sneakers. Will need a platform sole of an inch.

Also pattern mixing! And wearing the thrifted leather coat to emphasize the 70s vibe.

Plus, notice the new bag!

ETA Finds added. 

Jeans are Paige

Bag is the gift of an extremely generous and Fab friend whose first name happens to begin with the letter "A." :)  I do not yet have a Find for it. But it is. lovely Furla satchel with crossbody strap (and a fun guitar strap that I also love.) 


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48 comments more ways than one

Finally, after nearly four months of waffling and waiting, I got a haircut!! (The reasons for the long wait are dull; suffice it to say, it wasn't my plan to wait so long!)

It might not look all that different from some previous cuts, and I suppose it isn't, really, but she cut more layers all over and also left a subtly disconnected longer piece in the back on one side. It's not that noticeable (the hair under and around is not shaved or anything) but it does add a bit of movement. 

It was very cold in Vancouver so I wore lots of layers! In this photo, I'm wearing a silk blouse, cashmere sweater, puffer jacket, scarf, and wool coat! 

All the darks are navy, not black. 

I hadn't worn this Club Monaco blouse for a long while. I still like it enormously. It felt a bit romantic for a post-Valentine's lunch with Mr. Suz before our journey home. 


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. . . And footwear choices

Tonight Mr. Suz and I are going heading out for a casual supper and some community theatre. (Our neighbour is performing). 

It's cool and NOT RAINING .We'll be walking a fair bit, and the restaurant we're headed to is a bit drafty. so I'm wearing . . . lots of layers! 

Denim shirt, grey checked trousers, dark red puffer jacket, silk scarf, lilac wool coat. I'll probably bring my burgundy hat and gloves for later on. 

I tried 3 footwear options. I haven't decided between the matchy double-plaid red ones or the black heeled ones. The black don't coordinate as well, but every time I put my La Canadiennes on I don't want to take them off! Plus, they are the warmest option. 


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And experiments with layered short & long toppers

The Boden stamp print skirt featured in Angie's post today arrived in my correct size and got its first outing on the weekend -- out for a meal, yay! It was cold, so I wore it simply with cashmere sweater, booties, warm tights beneath. Flashy earrings in lieu of other jewellery. 

I still don't have a long (midi or midaxi) coat so I experimented with toppers. 

In the end I went with the most conservative option, simply because I adore this Hilary Radley alpaca coat and it doesn't get many outings any more; I've had it since the year I joined YLF. So I think it qualifies as an "oldie but goodie." 

The vest alone would not have been warm enough but I wanted to see how it might look or feel with the skirt. Then I tried a short puffer, layering the vest over the puffer, or even under the puffer! Which (if any) do you like?

I struggled with bags. I really need/ want a navy or light grey structured crossbody, but that is a creature I do not own. I ended up wearing with my mustard bag, which was a fun pop of colour. 


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Whitebread Woman? Inspired by Kkards

I loved kkards' "vanilla girl" outfit yesterday! I had never heard of this trend/ aesthetic until I read her link. But I knew right away I could do my own version. This outfit is directly inspired by hers and is a near repeat of another I wore, but the changes (snakeskin boots, addition of belt) make it dressier. than my previous version. It's also closer to my inspiration -- one of the reasons I think kkards' outfit works so well is that the boots and belt tie in with her hair. 

This belt is one of two that "Santa" (aka Suz) left in my Christmas stocking. I love them both so much. The blue belt has been on repeat but this one has only had a few wears so far. It will come out a lot more in spring/ summer. 

Now, if I can just avoid spraying myself with pomegranate juice like I did yesterday when wearing my new ivory merino sweater! (Fortunately, it came right out.) 

Thanks, Kkards, for the inspiration! 


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With cats

I went for a casual supper with friends from Vancouver tonight. The restaurant has fantastic food and beautiful décor but it is unpretentious, and my friends tend to dress way down . (They are litigators but wear mostly sweats and yoga clothes except when in court.) They are also huge cat lovers. 

My outfit  — less dressy than I'd have chosen if on a date alone with Mr. Suz or out with other friends, but more dressy than these friends ever go --  followed today's formula: wide crops and short jacket. I chose my La Canadienne heeled boots again because they make me feel so grounded but also give an element of swagger. I wore an Equipment silk shirt with a conversational print of Siamese cats in honour of my friends. And my sparkly red scarf. 

You can see the cat in the print more easily in the photo of my watch. :) Although it is very subtle, the cat has blue eyes and the pants have a blue line in the check. 

Excuse the need for pressing on those pants -- I fixed it before we left! :) 

Amazing meal and it was so fun to go out! 


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