WIW: Hero and Purchases

Ok. I still don't have my new mirror, but I do have a new phone with a much better camera that makes better adjustments for the light. Yippee! More photo participation soon! 

I have not bought much this year, but I did buy this linen shirt from M&S earlier in the spring and it's been a real wardrobe hero this summer. Wearing with my old CoH Elsa jeans, which I still love, despite or maybe because of their lower rise. Honestly, this is not the most flattering cut to my short-legged self but it is the most comfortable. 

New Yucatan 2 sandals from Ecco, bought on ultra sale. I have the (much higher quality) Yucatan originals for hiking and on my commuter bike (with flat pedals, don't worry!) and decided I liked the fun colour of these enough to justify, since I can wear them on my suburban walks that take me into light trails as well as on the bike, or bring them on those trips where you don't get space to take a lot of shoes but need something a bit rugged, a bit fun. (Some of my other sandals are not secure enough for that). With the lug sole trend, they fit in. 

I also got, and love, the Ecco runners. These fit my Superfeet green insoles and are going to be great walking shoes for fall and then again in spring. Also bought on substantial discount during a flash sale. I find these a bit narrower in the instep and forefoot than some Ecco shoes and that is helpful to my medium volume foot. 

This colour is "hibiscus" and it works perfectly with the shirt. Speaking of which, when I wore this the other day, a hummingbird literally tried to land on me! It was very exciting! 


All things old, nothing new: easy tube skirt outfit

Nothing's new here, everything's old, and that's ok with me. 

Not the best photo but best I could get. I am on a short trip to the mainland for the first time since October!! Yippee! But the weather is hot and dressing needs to be easy. 

Earrings: Nickel and Suede 
Top: Zara
Skirt: One of the famous tube skirts
Sandals: Sorel, the newest thing here at a year old (and barely worn due to pandemic.) 


WIW: Date Night!

Mr. Suz got his second shot! To celebrate, we went out for dinner for the first time in about a year. BC is slowly reopening. Yippee!

It felt amazing to put on REAL CLOTHES for a change and to be out in the world!! Social distancing and masking remain in effect because it will be some weeks before most of us are double vaxxed. The rollout feels slow compared to elsewhere,  but on the positive side, it is very organized, everyone is super kind, and uptake across the province is extremely high. 

Nothing new and nothing fancy here, but I did get a compliment from a complete stranger on the dress. :) 

Said dress is several years old from NAS (waving to Angie, my dress twin). 
The jacket is a consignment find from Paul Smith -- I love it so much. 
Bag is Rebecca Minkoff, aged to a fine patina, LOL. 
Shoes are Earth or some comfort brand. They went the distance; I walked a ways in them. 
Earrings are from Comrags, by a Coast Salish artist, and part of the proceeds benefit an Indigenous resurgence fund. 

I got my hair cut last week. This is my second cut with this stylist. He went shorter this time and more textured. With the right product I can get it to stand up in some fun ways. I think it will be good for summer. 

Bonus shots of Victoria Harbour, which was beautiful and quiet tonight. 


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Fluidly tailored: #1 and #4 mashup

I saw the post before I got dressed, so here's my mashup of #1 and #4. 

The top is a portion of my mother's Land's End twinset, the one I bought her and that looked so gorgeous on her. I saved it after she died and wear it quite regularly, especially this part. But I need to juxtapose it with something less sweet -- hence the denim jacket with distressing. 

Jacket is one of my first purchases on YLF. Still going strong. Shoulder fit is neat and it is cropped but it is not at all tight. 

The skirt is from Comrags. It's hard to tell, but there are stripes of pink, purple and lighter blue/grey in the navy background. The style is interesting -- it has stitched down but asymetrical and wonky pleats. It's just slightly "off-kilter" -- a person not looking carefully might not notice. 

Anyway. A little pattern mix for the fluidly tailored set today. :) 


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Simple, plain, minimal, with GAP gauze shirt

Definitely nothing fancy! But since I wore this yesterday and Janet has just reviewed the GAP gauze dress, let me review the shirts. 

I got 2, a pink and a white. I thought they'd be good to keep the sun off in the garden when weeding. 

  • The gauze is multi-layered so quite thick and not see-through. You can wear without a cami. 
  • Soft. Can probably go without ironing if you are not a super-polished dresser and could certainly be packed and used for a beach cover up.
  • Fit is typical GAP -- on the large side, but I took my usual size. 
  • Cut is neat at shoulder and loose all the way down.  
  • Cotton, so it is cool -- but because of the layers, perhaps not cool enough for the hottest, stickiest days. 
  • Hem is hi-lo, a bit shorter in front. 
  • Popover style with gathers at the yoke, but it buttons all the way down..
  • Feels a bit "romantic." 

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Pixie-lated again

Fab friends! I finally got my hair cut after SIX months!!!! 

Yes, I waited that long. But the good news is I now have a new hairdresser in Victoria; I think he did a pretty good job and feel happy with it. Of course, I'd feel happy with anything at this point! My hair was such a mess. But I got a compliment on the cut from a stranger in the first half hour -- usually a good sign. :) 

Nothing fancy on the clothes front, and nothing new except my (duplicate) white sneakers. 


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Casual striped top

Not original, but this is right up my alley and I happened to match the blog post. 

Full length mirror in darkness so photos a mishmash of what I could grab. Haven't worn a jacket to work from home in ages but this one is comfy and I haven't worn it much in recent years. 

Will have to change later to garden! It's going to be a warm one here. 


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January purchases: Thanks to the forum

OK, so now I have a full length mirror at last but the light is terrible! I need to figure this out. Meanwhile, I've overexposed a bit so you can see. 

My main goal, anyway, is to show off my new purchases, with thanks to several forum members. I got both of these on sale. The Blondo Cayla boot in burgundy patent is a fab addition to my closet, and now that I can walk for half an hour in my neighbourhood (with great care and deliberation....) I get to sport these babies! My smaller size fit perfectly, even with a partial insert for plantar fasciitis. They are going to work really well for me. Thanks, SarahDB! 

Then, the RM Julian in gunmetal nylon. Janet owns this one and I had been coveting it for ages. My leather Julian needs to be dyed (it is irreparably stained but still in great condition otherwise.) It's also a bit heavy for my new sporty lifestyle. The nylon bag is wonderful. I think Christina also has this one, and Sterling was instrumental in getting me to try the nylon version as well. I now have 3 Julians, one leather and 2 nylon. The gunmetal nylon is more substantial than the cobalt one and I prefer it. But the cobalt is fantastic in the summer for a pop of colour. Next on my list, red, and then to dye the pale grey one. 


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WIW: Zella pocket legging and Icebreaker Quantum hoodie

Well, since I tore my meniscus, and spend hours of every day in physio, biking, and now "practice" walking, pretty much all I wear is gear. Today, ta-da! -- I just happen to be wearing two items featured in Angie's blog post. :) 

I really like the Zella 7/8 pocket legging. It's the one I reach for most. The regular length leggings are mostly too long for me and I have to turn them under, but I also just like the way these ones fit. 

And the Icebreaker hoodie is a really great colour for me. (Not that this photo really shows you -- sorry. I have the mirror now, but the set up is poor for light. Will have to work on that.) 

I got mine on considerable sale this spring from Icebreaker. They have excellent sales several times per year. 

Not shown: knee brace. ;) 


Eating my words, and unexpected gear crossover

So, you know that velvet shirt I wasn't too sure about last week? 

Um...I have worn it no fewer than FOUR times this week already! 

Who knew I needed a cozy-luxe shirt? Apparently, I really did. 

Meanwhile, these BR pants, beloved beloved beloved but starting to show a bit of wear (mainly because I had to have a zipper replaced on them and the seamstress did not do an impeccable job, in my view) have suddenly become my new best friends -- for my bike rides!! Yes! Stretchy, warm, easy to layer over tights, and if not windproof, then darn close! 

Not only can you wear gear as fashion, you can now wear fashion as gear! 

ALSO: Full length mirror!!! YAY!!! 

On another, less happy note -- I have reinjured my meniscus simply by doing my physio. So recovery is set back. SO frustrated with this!! I was doing so well, but one of the exercises she suggested aggravated things and it is almost back to square one. She does say this is common with meniscus injuries and just keep (carefully) plugging on with what I can do. So....